By Scottie
Cheshire, Ct
Callaway used balls
December 2, 2013
I am very happy with the used balls. They are performing as I expected & can not tell any difference between them and a pack of new Callaways
By Phillip W
East Lansing MI
Recycled are the way to go
October 16, 2013
For a golfer who likes to get out and play a lot, but does not want to spend an arm and a leg for a dozen balls, or for someone who loses a lot of balls, buying recycled balls are the way to go. I prefer to buy recycled, only because I do not notice much of a difference anymore, especially with the recycling process. Plus, you absolutely cannot beat the price.
By Tyler Levis
Atlanta, GA
Can't beat the price
August 30, 2013
The balls might as well be brand new. Couple faded sharpie marks and random company logos, but the ball is still well worth the price. I bought 3 dozen of these and they should last me the season (depending on how many I have to give to my girlfriend who is just taking up the game). Will definitely buy these again. Note: This is less of a review of the ball itself, but more the used condition. (I personally like them, but everyone has their own opinions)
By Federico Gonzalez
Miami, Florida
Great Condition
August 5, 2013
They look and feel like new
By Lewis
Wilmington, DE
Great price great looking balls!!
August 3, 2013
They look so close to new balls I couldnt tell the difference! I will buy them again!
By dan
new orleans
what else can you say
August 1, 2013
Great balls for a great price.
By Mick
Orchard Park, NY
Callaway Used Warbird Golf Balls
June 7, 2013
Tough to tell they were used!! As always, another great value from Scratch!!
By vincent Ruberto
callaway golf warbird used golf balls
March 14, 2013
used the balls on the week end great balls.
Prosthey seemed to go further than the other brands i used
By wes stoddard
Boise, Idaho
great early spring ball
March 2, 2013
great price for a early spring ball...
ProsPrice was great for quality ball
By Larry
Baldwin, req
Great Value
May 28, 2012
I recently purchased these for my golf club and the ball is a great ball for all level golfers at a fantastic price of $8.99 per dozen, wish I could get more!
By Matt Menapace
Stow, OH
Great product at amazing price
May 1, 2012
Nothing to complain on at all. Couldn't be happier
ProsPrice and performance
ConsNone to this point
By "Gunny"
Tifton, Ga
March 28, 2012
Most enjoyable to watch the ball as in travels down range
ConsThey don't float
By Susan Zagauer
North Port, FL
Great balls!
March 26, 2012
Giving these for a prize at our golf tournament everyone loves the Callaway!
ProsEverything! Great price too!
By Malcolm
Lennox Head, Australia
Nice Feel
February 19, 2012
I have found these balls to have a lovely feel off the driver and also around the green - good feel for those short irons.
ProsFeel Price Short game
By Nate D.
Denver, CO
Good Balls
February 6, 2012
These are not too bad. Not the feel a good striker likes, but for practice rounds and saving some dough...I'll hit "em.
By Mitch
Melbourne, Australia
great balls
February 5, 2012
Absolutely flew off the club, I will be investing in some more of these shortly!
By Piston 23
Callaway what else do you need to say
February 5, 2012
Good feel of the club Great feel for the put
ProsPrice Feel
By Benjamin
Sycamore, Illinois
Super Deal
February 4, 2012
Got these for free with my purchase, not sure how they will perform but the price was definitely right!
By Andreus
Jamestown, NY
Not a bad ball at all.
February 3, 2012
I've played these a few times but didn't see why they would justify thirty dollars a dozen. They aren't bad by any means. Got them through Scratches weekly "freebee with purchase" program. My freind uses them and he enjoys them, so I gave him my free dozen.
Prosgood all around ball
Conswouldn't pay thirty bones a dozen
By Dave
New Zealand
February 3, 2012
Great bonus value
By Joe Layman
Whispering Pines, NC
Warbird Balls
February 3, 2012
Not the best but certainly not the worst
ProsGreat distance
ConsBall flight too high for me
By Jamie
Great Value
February 3, 2012
Got these free with order. Decent balls, but certainly a lower end ball in terms of performance.
ProsFree Callaway
ConsNot much feel or hold on the greens.
By James
Hinesville, Georgia
February 3, 2012
I have hit many different balls, this one is the best so far, especially when used with the Callawy Drivers.
By Jim
Durham NC
Great Outing Prizes!
February 2, 2012
I buy a ton of prizes each year for our association's charity golf outing and the deals from RBG are always well received and help to keep our budget in line. Thanks!
ProsGreat name-brand prizes for our outing!
By William
Latrobe, PA
Great price for golf balls
February 1, 2012
Nice balls - at a great price.
Prosprice and quality
By michel
Long and soft
February 1, 2012
Boring trajectory with spin around the greens.
Proslength trajectory spin
By Joe
Weston, FL
February 1, 2012
Got these freee with my purchase. Gotta love RBG. Haven't hit them yet but for the price they can't be beat.
By Rakesh
Manukau, Auckland
December 30, 2011
Great ball at a very good price
ProsGood feel
Great ball!
December 9, 2011
Hard to buy a bad ball nowadays and this is an example of that. Good feel and distance, but the!
ProsFeel Distance Value
By trevor black
gore . new zealand
Go along way.
December 5, 2011
A extra dozen golf balls on my order , areal bonus.
By dog-knee
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Not bad
December 3, 2011
A decent all-around golf ball. Could spin a little more off the face of shorter irons.
By Sam Stillitano
Sydney Australia
Golf balls
December 3, 2011
Got this item as a free gift tell you now not many places give items like that away Thank you Rock bottom Golf
ProsThere are no cons when they are a gift
ConsIt's all good
By S. Clary
McKinney, TX
above average ball for $$
December 1, 2011
solid ball with good distance. Not a great feel around the greens.
ProsNo additional spin so shots are straighter Not a bad price for the quality of ball
Consno feel around the greens
By John
Great Price
November 23, 2011
Good balls for a great price.
ConsToo hard.
By Mick
November 22, 2011
Fair ball like the taylor made much more
By dave
St. Johns NL
Far has the eye can.
November 22, 2011
Far has the eye can. The Warbird flies.
Pros The Warbird flies, and made my game bitter.
By Malcolm
merrimac QLD
November 20, 2011
good feel ,soft off the club ,good ball
By Will
Trail , BC,Canada
November 20, 2011
great balls , good price
By andrew
Rosedale, Auckland
Of all the balls I've hit, it's one of them...
November 18, 2011
Not as hard as some cheaper golf balls - but lasted OK, except when trees came into play...
ProsIt's a golf ball!
ConsThey didn't come back from the water hazard when I whistled for them...
By Steven
Macomb, MI
Long and straight
September 8, 2011
Nice ball from the Tee and around the green. Better than most two piece golf balls.
ProsPrice, low spin
By Kuda Dog
Honolulu, HI
OK, when they were cheap.
August 30, 2011
I got them only because they were 'free' with the purchase of my new Diablo Tour Edge driver a couple of weeks ago. With the additional shipping charge, they only ended up costing me about $3 for the box of 12. I didn't mind them so much off the tee, but literally after the first wedge, they started to show signs of shredding. So now they are designated as 'volunteer' balls, ie., balls that I send on a mission from which they may never return.
ProsThey were 'free', or almost free. And they feel pretty good off the driver.
ConsThey fall apart rather quickly once struck with a wedge.
By Jim
The price is right
August 25, 2011
Got these balls for free with another purchase from Rock bottom, can't beat it! I've used them before and are good balls for the price, especially when they're free!
Prosgood all-around ball
By cameron
gold coast australia
August 24, 2011
great ball for a mid hanicaper like me
Prosprice feel
By Doug
San Diego
Can't complain about free balls
August 23, 2011
Not my regular ball but since they were free...what the hey
By Steven sayers
Sydney, Australia
Great looking balls with a soft feel
August 23, 2011
Feel great!
ProsA real distance ball with a soft ball feel around the greens
By Raymond
Bod, Nordland
It's a ball
August 23, 2011
Good enough ball, if you are a beginner. It will do the job for you, whatever that means. For me, it feels a bit "hard" and with a lack of feel....
ProsThe price
ConsNo feeling
By keith
canberra australia
superb golf balls
August 22, 2011
i think the callaway warbird is the best golf ball when putting on the green , its the only ball that runs true for me
Prosthe price , you cant buy three golf balls in australia for that price
By bogeyman
Singapore, Singapore
Balls came free! no complaints....
August 21, 2011
Great job Scratch!
By Leon
Timaru, sth canterbury
Not the best callaway ball but good price
August 17, 2011
Wouldnt buy these again but for the price they are a good deal, I'd just prefer a softer ball
By golfgal
Sioux Falls, SD
Good feel
July 29, 2011
Nice balls for the price.
ProsSolid feel when hit
By Bob
New Zealand
Warbird ball
July 29, 2011
A good medium priced ba[[
ConsHard feel off the club
By bryan
good performance and great value
July 29, 2011
the warbird is my favourate golf ball. the price offered by rock bottom golf is one of the lowest I can find.
Prosgood value for money
By Ryan
Winnipeg, MB
Couldn't be happier!
July 29, 2011
For the price you pay here, you'd be lucky to get a sub-par brand but for less than $1 a ball, you get a Callaway! This ball added distance to my drive and they've been consistent across all my clubs. What a deal for a quality product.
ProsDistance and consistency.
By Jody
July 29, 2011
Great balls, price is unbeatable!
Prosprice feel of the ball
By Richard
Perth , Australia
Top ball
July 28, 2011
Great value for your mid range golfer
Allentown, Pa
A Well Rounded Golfball
July 28, 2011
All in all, a decent ball to play. It goes far off the tee, lands well with irons, and is soft around the greens. It also has a pretty durable cover. You gotta love the RBG perks, because I don't know if I would have ever tried them otherwise. Very good quality and value.
ProsWell, they were free, but even if I paid for them I would not have been disappointed. They turned out to be a good quality ball.
ConsThey hit a little shorter than the balls I was previously using.
By Stuart
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Warbird balls
July 27, 2011
Great value for money @ $20/dozen, can't really go wrong and they are all round and white so must be good.
By D OKeefe
Pearl River NY
callaway warbird balls
July 27, 2011
solid product
By Paul
columbus, oh
awesome ball
December 12, 2010
great distance and awesome feel to the ball as well
By matt
Horsham, Pa
Great Balls
July 6, 2010
Hit straight and added distance to my tee shots
Proshit straight
By Tony
Gladstone, Qld
Callaway quality
July 5, 2010
Good quality golf balls but what else would you expect from Callaway.
By Joel
philadelphia, PA
Good Ball
June 20, 2010
These are a quality ball for not too bad of a price. I recommend for golfers like me who maybe get out to the course every once in awhile.
By Kellie
Farwell, MI
Great ball
May 1, 2010
My 12 year old has added 10-15 yards to his drive with this ball, was hitting a Nike Juice about 270, Hopes to break 300 soon. It's his favorite ball.
ProsHits straight
By John
Addison, Texas
Quality Golf Balls.
April 30, 2010
Excellent Golf Balls.
By Ads : )_~
NSW, Australia
Best wet weather ball around!
April 29, 2010
If you want distance, accuracy & confidence off the tee, feel around the green, spin when you need it & a ball that lasts especially when the weather is wet or overcast, then this is the ball you need! I normally use Taylormade Burner or Titliest balls when its warm & dry conditions. When the weather is moist & especially when the ground is soft I use these Warbirds as they tend not to PLUG into the soft ground as much as the previous balls mentioned. Not to mention the price! No brainer! Ads : )_~
ProsExcellent wet weather conditions ball. Wont plug as much as other balls. Has a soft feel around the greens & spinable! I sometimes get up to a metres of back spin on soft or soggy greens! Most balls plug in same conditions!
ConsI find I lose about 15 metres in comparison to the Taylormade or Titliest balls

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