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By Bart
Clearfield, ut
This putter is AWESOME!!!
February 28, 2014
if you like heavy putters, this is the putter for you. High quality putter, i benched my cameron for this putter.
Prosgreat feel
By Jason
Olean, NY
Cool look and color
February 21, 2014
very comfortable grip
By marc
Puyallup, WA
Roll baby roll
February 18, 2014
Super sweet putter, good weight, nice grip, and super low price
By Tom
South Carolina
Sharp putter
January 23, 2014
Love the feel of this putter. Ball rolls nicely off the face, easy to aim and control distance. Also like the click at contact. Nickel finish is great, and the price can't be beat.
ProsNice roll, no hopping at contact.
By Mark Davis
Sun City, AZ
Good putter
January 19, 2014
Liked the club and the way it performed. Did not like the grip very much. Will probably replace it.
ProsGood putter for the price.
ConsThe grip is not my favorite
By LeRoy
Great putter
January 18, 2014
This putter has just the right amount of weight and an incredible touch. Love everything about it but the ugly grip.
ProsGreat balance and weight.
ConsREALLY ugly grip
By Steve
Springfield, Virginia
Pretty Putter
January 16, 2014
During my mid-winter hibernation I have only used this putter on the carpet in my home. I like the grip, balance and sound upon impact. The 34" shaft is barely long enough, but I thought I ordered a 35". The club head looks like it has to be handle carefully to maintain the finish.
By Mike
West Chester, Pa.
The biggest improvement to my bag!
January 14, 2014
Great weight, excellent rollout and a real confidence builder. Like most golfers, I have an abundance of potters and drivers. This will be my last putter for a long time, the results have been just short of fantastic.
ProsI have never been as confident over the ball, more birdies and less double bogeys.
By John
Great club
January 12, 2014
Great price, fast delivery. Very well made club.
By dale
good cheap putter
January 11, 2014
I normally use a two ball odessey with fat boy grip. Bought putter for my old set for visiters to use. Feels fine for an inexpensive putter
By Eugene
Spokane, WA
Putter shown in ad was not delivered
December 31, 2013
I can not rate the putter. I was shipped a different model than shown online
By Michael
Do Not Buy This Product
November 7, 2013
The grip started ripping apart after 1 round of Golf. So I repack it for a return. I was very disappointed with the quality of this product
By Dacid
San Duego, Ca
November 1, 2013
This putter is the best putter I have ever used the weight is perfect.and the ball just jumps off the putter face
ProsGrooved face, Exceptional feel
By Fred
San Francisco, CA
Standard roller
October 11, 2013
Good immediate roll off the face. Feel is ok. The club is definitely heavier than average.
ProsGreat bang for your buck. You'll like it as much as some of the white hots out there.
By Michael
Great addition to my bag!
September 11, 2013
Was ready for a new putter. Have been using my old ping cushin3. Saw this at the rock while I was looking. Read reviews and went on other sites for reviews and price. ROCK BOTTOM ROCKS ON PRICE!. Have used it three rounds now and it hit very true to the roll and smooth! Well satisfied!
ProsBright colors!, wont miss place this thing rolls the ball flat and straight!
ConsCan't think of any!
By Andy
Mountain View, CA
Great Putter
September 7, 2013
Great club! Performs like a much more expensive putter!
ProsPrice, feel
By Ric
September 5, 2013
I bought the putter because I wanted one where the shaft was in the center of the putter, however I do think the grooves help my putting.
By Jerry
Sherwood, Arkansas
Overall I like the feel and quality
August 29, 2013
I had to replace the grip since the grip tore when I removed the plastic covering. Not happy about that !
By Dave
Dunedin Florida
The ball seems to roll better than my old putter
August 27, 2013
I rolled in a few 12 to 15 footers the first 18 holes I am very happy with the looks the feel and the price
ProsBall rolls well and the putter looks and feels good
By Ryan
God's Country, United States
Good feel and roll, awful grip/packaging
August 27, 2013
I have used this putter for three or four rounds. I love the feel and the roll when striking. It is just heavy enough to give a controlled back swing as well. I was, however, very disappointed when I got the putter from RBG. The grip was shrink wrapped. I did not want to cut the wrap off because that would cut into my grip as well so I peeled the shrink wrap off. This caused the outer layer of the grip to peel off with the shrink wrap. So before I even had a round in with this putter, I had to have it regripped. This was disappointing because I really liked the look of the stock grip. As far as the functionality of the putter, I am very pleased. I'm not too happy with the grip issue though. I'm sure I could have contacted RBG and they would have fixed the issue, but I was ready to play with the new weapon. Played the day I got it.
ProsGreat putter for the price.
ConsNever got to enjoy the unique grip color because it was damaged when I unpackaged it.
By Rob
great feel
August 26, 2013
I love this putter. I bought the shiny nickel diamond model. Ball ROLLS true off the putter head, as opposed to sliding and then rolling. I really putt with confidence with this putter. 4th round with this putter finally broke 80.. Putted out of my mind..
ProsTrue roll off of putter head. nice feel.
ConsThe plastic protective wrap that comes on the grip when new.. just peeled off the top layer of grip when removed.. less then 2 weeks and i already need to replace the grip as the rest of the top layer is peeling off..That is Ok, since the yellow and blueish/green stripe grip is as ugly as you can get..
By Bill
Manassas, Virginia
Hot putter - Hot Price
August 25, 2013
The GEL, is a great putter at a great price. Great balance and feel, ball rolls true every time. I dropped four strokes the first time I played with it. Replaced the grip with and oversized putter grip.
Prosprice balance feel weight
Conscolor of the grip -
By Bill
Manassas, Virginia
Hot putter - Hot Price
August 25, 2013
The GEL, is a great putter at a great price. Great balance and feel, ball rolls true every time. I dropped four strokes the first time I played with it. Replaced the grip with and oversized putter grip.
Prosprice balance feel weight
Conscolor of the grip -
By Billy
Conway NC
August 25, 2013
Great for a beginner. Does not even come close to upper level putters. Compare it to a Wilson or knock of but does look cool.
By Kangrapes
Smooth Straight Roller
August 25, 2013
The grooves do make the ball roll much smother and straighter. Had to get used to the weight but it does make the long putts easier. Had to replace the grip as the plastic packing stuck to it and peeled off the outside layer. Given the color and size, I would have replaced it anyway. The quality of the head is amazing considering the price. This is a great putter and given the price it is worth a try.
ProsDoes as advertised. Rolls straight and true with no bounce off the face.
ConsGrip and color.
By polekey
Harmony, In
heavy well balanced
August 25, 2013
I was putting with a Yes Tracy style putter. This putter is like it only heavier. Well balanced, rolls the ball good.
ConsGrip fell apart while pealing off the wrap.
By Mike
Campbell River, BC
Nice Putter
August 24, 2013
Nicely weighted and balanced putter. The only complaint is with the grip. Grip material began to deteriorate within the first couple of weeks.
By Ronski
Putter was a gift
August 24, 2013
Two rounds so far,so good
By Damon Crandall
Panora, IA
Wow, How much was it?
August 24, 2013
What an incredible putter for the price. Great balance. The ball rolls off the face instead of skidding. The grip was already torn on the back side before I took the plastic off.
ProsPrice and balance. Love the roll off of the face.
ConsThe grip is garbage!
By Billyki
Mt. Pleasant, PA
Rolls great!
August 24, 2013
What a deal! Got this putter for $20 a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. The weight of this was really nice. A little heavier than my Cleveland Classic and that's fine. Aside from from the flashy grip, the first thing you'll notice is how the ball comes off this insert rolling immediately. On longer putts I noticed there's nearly no skipping or skidding when you need to give it a good whack. The shiny nickle finish looks fine with the beautiful turquoise face insert. Only negative is that the grip on mine started to after only a few practice sessions. I can definitely see why this putter is #1 on the Asian Tour. Those guys use it because it performs. Not because they're getting paid by the big name club makers to use it.
ProsROLLS TRUE! Nice weight. Face insert and grip look gorgeous.
ConsGrip starts to wear immediately.
By Hutcho
Great Looking Putter
August 24, 2013
This putter sets up really well and has a good feel to it on both short and long putts. The groove technology seems to do what the manufacturer says it does by maximizing square contact through the stroke.
ProsGreat Look Great contacl
By Tom
Lima, Ohio
Nice Putter
August 23, 2013
This putter has a heavy head on it. It is easy to control because of the weight.
ProsHead weight
By Jon
Rare face balanced blade
August 23, 2013
it's rare to find a face balanced blade, which is great for those people who don't like the large unwieldy mallets but still have straight back-and-forth stroke. This head also feels quite a bit heavier than something like traditional Odyssey #2 blade putter, which helps prevent twisting at impact. Only negatives are that the metal grooved insert is not as soft as other inserts out there and that there is only a tiny line for alignment. I just taped a white stripe on top from back to front to improve alignment.
By Wedge
Putter DOES exactly what it is advertised to do !
August 23, 2013
Ball comes off the face of the putter on-line and rolls on-line where it is aimed .
August 23, 2013
By Bill
Great buy
August 23, 2013
Much nicer and attractive than I thought it would be. Heavier head steadies the club making it easier to start on line. Don't need to force anything. Graphics are not a distraction like I was afraid they would be. I made some very good putts and the ball does seem to roll better. This putter will be in my bag for a while.
ProsHeavy head. Nice headcover. Sits square to line; don't need to worry about facing target line.
ConsRegular size grip (but the grip itself is a good grip; tacky finish. I just dont like standard size putter grips) . I replaced with a super sized one.
By Rocky Bl
Good putter, great price.
August 23, 2013
I paid less than the published price for this putter. Making transition to non-tethered putter because of new rules.
By Franz
Woodbridge, Virginia
Gel Golf Putter
August 23, 2013
With my new Gel-Putter, I'm making more of my putts. Great comfortable feel and stroke with my new Gel-Putter. Thanks!!!
Cortlandt Manor, NY
Decent Putter/Horrendous Looking Grip
August 23, 2013
I purchased this putter because it was on-sale for $20 and wanted to try a center shafted putter and not pay an arm and leg for it. Upon opening the package, I was not overly thrilled with the grip; in fact, i hated it. It is light blue and yellow horizontal striped. I was further disappointed when most of the ugly grip peeled off when i unwrapped it. Further grip deterioration resulted from putting the club in and out of my bag. But, hey you get what you pay for and for $20 i really like how the putter strikes the ball. I purchased a new putter grip and re-gripped the club myself. Since then, no complaints. It strikes the ball well for the money and have liked the new center alignment.
ProsWorth the $20 i paid for it. Would NOT pay the $40 that it is currently listed for!!
ConsThe grip is ugly, cheap, and will peel off your first day out on the course... if hadn't already peeled off when you took off the plastic wrap. Do yourself a favor and buy a putter grip and water activated grip tape with your purchase. Which, in total, cost me $5.50 on here.
By Richard Lebel
Danielson, CT
Colorful Insert Putter
August 23, 2013
It's a good putter if you like a putter with a very heavy feel in the head. It's only 34 inches long which is a little shorter than putters I'm used to using. It's very easy to line up. The new grip was a very colorful blue and yellow stripe. Unfortunately it adhered to the plastic wrapping and part of the top layer stuck to the wrapping and came away with the plastic when I removed it. I probably would have replaced the grip anyway, so it just forcing me to do it earlier. I've only used the putter a couple of times because I haven't had a chance to regrip it yet.
By edwin meyer
fairport, ny
Not the best
August 23, 2013
balance is wrong for me it feels too heavy
By Joe
Nice club but the grips are of poor quality
August 23, 2013
Nice club but the grips are of poor quality.
By rob phillips
Perfect partner for my golf league
August 23, 2013
I bought this putter is for a prize in my golf league and it was awesome
By Nate
Dayton, Oh
Great for the price. Grip was worn out of the box.
August 23, 2013
Everything about this putter is great for the price. The grip is wrapped in cellophane, and when it is removed it removed some of the rubber grip. This was my only complaint.
ProsWeight, feel, price.
ConsWorn grip, the yellow and blue may turn some people off.
By Kam
New York
nice putter
August 21, 2013
Very stable swing
By Andrew
Geneva, IL
Good putter, not sure about colors
August 20, 2013
The mechanics of the putter are top notch. I don't prefer the styling or colors though. Still what matters is if putts fall and this putter can help you make that happen
ProsPutts true and stops skidding
ConsColors and style
By John
San Diego, California
Huge upgrade from my starter set putter
August 20, 2013
Immediately saw the difference off the face of the putter due to the sweet spot (which my old putter did not have). It did not take long for me to get used to it. I'd say the only downside I have is the plastic wrap on the handle if not removed correctly will tear the grip surface. Will definitely end up replacing the grip with a super stroke. Overall I'm putting with more confidence during practice at the local range.
ProsGreat feel of the face Extra weight for long putts
ConsPlastic wrap on the handle stuck to the grip
By Nollster
York, PA
Best putter for the price!
August 16, 2013
I wasn't even looking for a new putter when the email came about the big sale on these back in June. Snagged a 35" Sapphire and haven't looked back! I have more confidence in my putting than I ever had before. The weight of this putter is exactly what I was looking for -- heavy head, but plenty of feel. My pro swingweighted it at G-9!!! You won't find a better quality NEW putter at this price anywhere! The color scheme certainly grabs people's attention.
ProsNice, heavy weight Smooth swinging Great feel High quality construction
ConsNone -- I even love the funky colors!!
By Steve
Great putter
August 6, 2013
Absolutely love this putter. The bright white lines on the mallet make it very easy to line up your putts to ensure they are going straight. The extra weight helps with hitting a solid stroke. With the grooves on the face the ball never skids but seems to track towards the hole.
By Gary Haavisto
Brentwood, California
A must flat stick for the bag
August 1, 2013
I was putting with a belly putter and looking to change to traditional as my putting has struggled.THe first time out my putting improved the feel is awesome and the roll is true. good greens result in puts the way you invision them. pour greens are improved with a flat stick that promotes good roll of of the face of the putter. I would have paid full price knowing what I know now.
Proseverything, its in my bag to stay
Consnone yet
By Adrian
Santa Clara, CA
It works!
August 1, 2013
The groove face rolls the ball right away. The face balance (Sapphire) is perfect for my putting stroke. I just have to get used to the weight.
ProsExcellent price!
ConsFunky colors.
By George
Davenport, Florida
Good service
July 31, 2013
I was surprised when I opened the package with my new putter that the putter was missing. I contacted customer service and within 3 days I had a new putter in my hand. First experiences with the putter have been good and I am pleased at how quickly customer service responded. Thanks
ConsThe putting discs that were a freebee were missing but I felt that you guys had done a great job and maybe on my next order those could be included.
By Chad
Tacoma, Wa
Really Nice Putter for the Price!
July 19, 2013
I bought this for about $35 bucks during the independence day sale and what a deal. It is a great putter. The ball seems to have no skip or hop when you strike it. The head is a little heavy so I definitely recommend lots of practice. Not a huge fan of the colors of the Grip but you can replace it for next to nothing.
ProsHigh Quality Compares to the Best No hop or skip
ConsColor of Grips
By Steven
Tacoma, WA
Great Putter
July 18, 2013
This putter is a must have in every golfers bag. I have noticed a great increase in my putting. The GEL technology really works!! the only downfall is the grip. didnt last a round of 18 before it started peeling away. my buddy ordered the Ruby version and it looks to be a way better grip. i purchased the Diamond version.
ProsColors Weight Feel in your hands
Consgrip felt good but didnt last
By Paul
Albuquerque, NM
Solid buy, Great feel
July 10, 2013
After going thru 3 styles of putters in a year, settled on the Gel Ruby. I am a tall person so I extended the putter from 35 to 38 inches. First time out shot 99, was not used to the feel/weight. After some practice green sessions next time out dropped score to 86 on same course. First hole sank a 65 footer. A little luck but the putter was true and straight!! Was very skeptical at first, but now love this putter so much I bought a second just to have as a spare. And for the price you cannot go wrong!! Would highly recommend for the high handicapper as well as the Scratch golfer!!
ProsFeel Weight Sound on contact True spin on ball
ConsColor scheme of grip
By alee
worth a try
July 8, 2013
Def worth a try if ur looking for a new putter and don't wanna spend a lot of money. The GEL has good weight and a nice grip. Head shape is same as some much more expensive models and is solidly made.
ProsNicely made. Insert feels good
ConsThe color scheme is a little different.
By Mike
Rotan, TX
Great Putter
July 3, 2013
I struck a few putts on the carpet in my living room and the putter felt a little heavy. Took it to the course and hit some putts on the practice green still felt a little heavy but began to roll the ball pretty good. First hole that day sank a 18 footer for birdie and made another longer putt later in the round. Once I got used to the weight really rolled the ball well. Would recommend this putter to anyone.
ProsGreat sight lines. The grooves really roll the ball well. Great color scheme.
By Kirby
pittsburgh, pa
July 3, 2013
By Ron
Corsicana, Texas
Keeps a good line
July 2, 2013
Only played a couple of rounds with this putter and am still getting used to this style of putter (Ruby - Ping style). After a few adjustments the ball seems to be rolling better and getting better distance control than my old putter. Looking forward to putting an oversized grip on it.
ProsDistance Control Starts and stays on line
By Ken
Bowie, MD
True roll
July 2, 2013
Surprisingly, it performed as advertised: roll seems truer than conventional putters.
ProsBall roll
ConsUgly colors
By Keith
Nice putter
July 1, 2013
Bought this for my wife. She really likes it. Golf is a mind game and this gave her a little more confidence .
By Phil
good feel
July 1, 2013
Big improvement over my old putter, ball rolls well off the face and club has good feedback. A bit loud for my taste, but as long as I can hit the putts - who cares?
ProsFeel Price
ConsGrip colors
Great putter at a great price thatr olls the golf ball
July 1, 2013
I refuse to spend more than 30 bucks for a putter. ther eis no reason to. This putter face has grooves to roll the ball so it does not skid. It is truly a steal. Never spend more than this for any putter. The pros get theirs for free. be smart. If i don't like after a while so who cares? I must tell you you need a sense of humor witht the turquoise and yello grip but for 10 bucks you can get it changed. A great buy. I luv these guys.
ProsGreat weight, rolls the ball, great price
ConsHave to get usede to grip color.
By J. R.
upstate south carolina
This thing rolls
July 1, 2013
played a couple rounds with the saphire and man does this thing roll. I would recommend practicing with this putter before playing for money, but once you get used to the weight of the putter and the immediate forward roll.. its game on! Goodbye Ping putter, I have found a new love. Bought one for my brother right after I got mine.
Prosgrip, headcover, distance control
Consnot much
By Rjk26
Boston, ma
Great putter for the price
July 1, 2013
I bought this putter to practice with so I can start using a conventional putter again. Great putter for the price.
ProsPrice. Feel.
ConsHead cover and grip color were not my taste.
By Dan
hastings mn
Solid Putter
June 30, 2013
Feels great with good weight and comfortable grip.
By Brian
Marysville, Ohio
Great putter!
June 30, 2013
Does what it says. Ball seems to roll at contact faster and straighter. Well built putter, very solid. For the price you just have to try it. Putter is a little heavier than my previous one but I'll get used to that the more I play it. Almost feels as if you're using a blade putter with a mallet feel.
ProsWeight, feel and performance.
ConsColor but no big deal.
By Gov'na
Albuquerque, NM
Only two rounds, still puttin'
June 28, 2013
So far I have not been able to zero in on how to hit this putter since I have only played two rounds with it. It does seem to roll straight but it is much heavier than I thought so the speed of my putts have been an issue. It's not a miracle putter but I do like the feel of it. They do need to change the color of the grip and head cover, already got some digs from my golfing buddies about being a ladies putter...I changed the grip to a Winn just yesterday. I need more rounds to give it any better rating than a three right now.
ProsLook and feel, forward roll technology
ConsColor of the grip and weight
By mike
Feels great.......
June 25, 2013
Putter feels like a dream at impact. Very hard to align, something just doesn't look right. Might be me. It does put a nice roll on the ball. We tested a uphill into the grain putt and it bounced about half of my normal putter
ProsRolls the ball nice. Feels great
ConsVery hard to align
By Mars
Great value putter...
June 23, 2013
Easy to adjust to...just pick your accustomed style putter
ProsRolls right after impact
By Landon
Awesome putter
June 19, 2013
More forgiving puts, not to light and not to heavy. Love the colors and didn't have to break the bank for it. I saw it at a hole in the wall golf store and had to try it out. I saw a huge change in my game. I don't get to play very much and don't make birdies very offer but the first time I used it I had 4 in 18 holes. Highly recommend it to others.
ProsStyle, feel of the grip, and how straight it puts.
By Nicholas P.
So Cal
Ex Golf Snob
June 12, 2013
Being an ex golf snob who had a collection of Scotty Cameron, Bettinardi and Whitlam putters, these are pretty darn good putters. I've only had a few of practice sessions and 1 round under my belt but I did make 3 decent length birdie putts so I'm extremely happy. BEST $20 bucks I've spent on my golf game. All my golf snob buddies are impressed also. BTW, I got the Ruby, which is the Anser style. And I've removed all the ugly paint fill, new grip and my own headcover.
ProsFeel Distance Control
ConsColor Grip Headcover
By Tracy
Great Value.
June 10, 2013
A nice balanced feel for a blade putter. Ball seems to stay on true line when struck with in center.
ProsFeel and balance.
By Judy
Hudson, FL
Love it!
June 6, 2013
Had it for two weeks and came in second in a putting contest. My husband wished that he would have bought one, too. The ball rolls so smoothly. All you have to do is line it up and follow through.
By Tony X
Lawndale, CA
love this putter
June 4, 2013
love this putter, buttery feel, nice weight well balanced and my putts roll true true true. truly a good putter at a rediculous price
Prosweight balance true rolls
Consgrip color head cover
By Fuller Smith
Cullman, Alabama
Gel Golf- CNC Milled Insert Putter
June 4, 2013
Just an average putter.
ProsThe grip.
By paul murillo
phoenix arizona
gel golf milled insert putter
June 3, 2013
great putter. great price. equal or better than most other brands. try them your like them.
Prosrolls ball nice.
Consmaybe the color.
By Scott
great deal on a great putter
June 3, 2013
Rock bottom offered a great deal on the gel putters. I was impressed with the quality of the club and the quickness ofRock Bottom in getting the club to me quickly.
ProsQuality and craftsmanship
By Don Caw Caw
Placerville, CA
GEL Putter: Bold & Beautiful
June 2, 2013
I've been using conventional blade putter from Ping & Odessey since I started golfing 2 years ago. I wanted to try a heavier mallet putter and purchased the GEL because of its weight and grooved insert. It was shipped very promptly and when it arrived I was thoroughly impressed with its feel and looks. The head cover covered the putter head entirely and is easy to remove and put back on the club. The colors are a bold yellow and blue which match my Univ of California golf bag nicely. I've golfed with the GEL putter only once. It took me the first three holes to adjust my swing for the heavier mallet. But soon I was putting smoothly. I look forward to my next round and am definitely keeping it in my bag.
By Nolan
Grand Rapids, MI
An awesome putter! Great feel and great results!
June 2, 2013
Not knowing anything about Gel Golf before ordering this putter, I was a little unsure about how it was going to be. The quality of the putter is great and has a heavy, sturdy feel to it. I am very happy with Gel Golf brand putters.
By jm
awesome feel
June 2, 2013
Feels very solid for an insert putter, great weight that gives me great momentum in the putting stroke which helps with speed control and a square face through impact. It does roll as advertised compared to my current Mizuno blade. adds confidence to my putting game, could tell the difference first time on the practice green, ball keeps its line better and rolls to where you expect. I personally believe it performs like any quality big name putter, and for $20 This was a steal!
ProsFeel Accuracy Weight
By Pat Tantay
Temecula, CA
Great Soft Insert
June 2, 2013
When I got this putter and tried it on my carpet first, I felt the softness of the Gel insert right away and it felt reallly gooood!! I mean this has a great feel to it and for the cost of it, it's absolutely magnificent. Also the putter is heavy which I really love, you can't ask for more. Oh let me tell you about sinking the putts, I went to our local golf course here In Temecula, CA and tried it on their putting green and sinking those putts as it has been shown on their TV ads, it is truly telling the truth about it's technology. I was sinking a lot of putts as I get use to the CNC Milled Insert putter itself. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf, You're the CaveMan!!!!
ProsGreat Gel Insert
ConsDislike? I love it!!!
By Greg
Cincinnati, ohio
Gel Putter
June 1, 2013
The ball rolls very nice off the blade, I am happy with the purchase. I've played twice since getting it and so far like the results
June 1, 2013
By Terry G
Milled Insert Putter
June 1, 2013
Only had this putter for a short time, however, the first two times out using this putter I felt that I had better distance control and for me this is a key fundamental for my putting. I could actually see the ball speed forward off the club head. I would have given this putter 5 stars but have only had it a short time. It has met or exceeded all my exspectation of it. Don't let the brite blue and yellow grip put you off. It works well however a bit "flashy".
ProsPutts well. Good feel for distance. Medium weight. Positive ball roll off the insert. Nice quality finish. Very good putter for the price.
ConsNone at this time.
By michael wilson
leetsdale pa
roll true putter
June 1, 2013
good feel, good weight and good roll
June 1, 2013
By marty
Tinley Park, IL.
Gel Well
June 1, 2013
I was skeptical, but decided for the price, I would try the new technology. Surprisingly I retired my Odessey after playing with this club a couple times. I am more consistent with the Gel putter. I always get a good roll and am able to square the head and keep it square thru the putt. Good feel for distance. I consistently make 10 footers now with confidence. I still have a hard time believing that I found this kind of performance for such a cheap price.
ProsSolid sound and feel. Easy to square up. Consistent good roll.
ConsIt's hard to get used to the bright blue on the face and grip.
By Glenn
Burke, Vermont
Good putter for price
June 1, 2013
Played 3 or 4 rounds with this putter. Easily improved 4-6 strokes on the green from old putter. Decent feel and easy to put ball on line. Can't beat the price I paid thru RBG.
By Glenn
Los Angeles, california
Just right
June 1, 2013
Not too mushy and not too hard. The aluminum insert has a nice click when hit on the sweet spot . Great putter
ProsWeight, balance, confidence
ConsNo dislikes
By Chor
Burnaby, BC
Straight forward putter
June 1, 2013
I have to re adjust my putting lines as it seems it really rolls straight forward without break or little breaks. I had done 4 games with it and in general I think I will keep this in my bag for a long long time. Chor
By John
Scituate, RI
Rolls as advertised.
June 1, 2013
I like my new Gel Jade putter. I've only played one round with it, but I like the way the ball rolls off the face. I especially like the lie and alignment of this putter and the little bit of extra weight. It just feels good at address, and I think that will help promote a feeling of confidence. Oh did I mention, I REALLY LIKE THE PRICE!
ProsGreat price. Good feel at address. The ball rolls nicely off the face.
ConsI'm not a fan of the shinny finish.
By Andy
Simsbury, CT
Funky color scheme but great results
June 1, 2013
Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon period with this putter but so far, so good. It's a little heavier than some putters but the balance is good and the feel is nice. I don't know if the groove technology makes the difference or not but it certainly doesn't hurt and the feedback is good. At the price it was offered it was a no-brainer to buy but I'm experiencing better results than with putters many times the price. I just hope I haven't put the whammy on it by posting a good review.
ProsFeel, balance, feedback, price.
ConsIf anything, the color combination, but it's not really that bad. Someone asked me if it was a ladies putter.
By Don R
Princeton, NJ
Soft and true roll off the face.
June 1, 2013
Thanks for the extremely fast delivery. Nice putter for the money. Ball rolls soft and true off the face with good distance control. Everyone who tried the putter especially likes the soft and tacky grip that is incorporated with the club. I give the putter a good 4 plus stars out of five.
Prossoft tacky grip balance soft roll off face good distance control non glare finish
Great Value for great quality
June 1, 2013
At this price they are a steal. High quality club and headcover and a good feeling putter.
ProsGood quality good price.
ConsBright grip!
June 1, 2013
By Gary
Mechanicsville, Md.
Great Putter! Not crazy about the color!
May 31, 2013
So far has helped with taking putting strokes off my game!
ProsI like the forward spin, right from the impact!
ConsColor...Color ...Color!
By George
Nanaimo BC
May 31, 2013
Played my first round with this putter and 29 putts later it is a keeper. Great feel and weight.
By Bob Morris
Columbus, Ohio
Best putter I've used!
May 31, 2013
Received putter last week and played 2 rounds in the first 2 days I had it. I made more 12 - 15 ft. Putts than I've made in the past two years. I hadn't told my golfing cronies of my new purchase and they were commenting on my improved putting prowess. This is the best golf purchase I've made in years.
ProsI like the substantial weight of the putter and the white directional lines on the putter. Once you line it up you just put a good stroke onit and it rolls true.
ConsThe vinyl headcover is cracked and beginning to split after only two rounds. The putter is great. The headcover is not.
By Matt
May 31, 2013
I took a leap of faith in ordering this putter without first trying it. I did my research and I was encouraged by other reviews and, the technology review (on Gel Golf's website) made sense. For the price I decided to order (despite only one color scheme). I wasn't dissapointed. I've played two rounds and although there is an adjustment period, I have never had so many 1-putts. Those that didn't sink on the first hit, left me gimme's. I had been playing with an Oddessey White Hot Tour but it has now been replaced!
ProsStyle, technology, ease of use and and how easy to adapt
ConsNeed more color options
By Ted
Conshohocken, PA.
New putter.
May 31, 2013
I really like this putter. I have several, of which I have spent much more money but this one has the perfect balance and promotes much better roll. No more fear of the "yips" or long putts....Thank you.
Prosgreat balance, promotes better roll at a "great" price.
By Aussie ken
Well weighted to the heavy side helps keep putter level
May 31, 2013
I have had trouble keeping putter level and having a smooth follow through .the extra weight and shape has assisted in improving my putting stroke
By Mike
Las vegas
Great putter
May 31, 2013
Wish I had bought a dozen
By ezy23
Carrollton, GA
Wonderful putter
May 31, 2013
I recently bought an odyssey putter but didn't like the feel or the lack of control I had. I saw this gel putter, and decided to give it a try. The weight is perfect. The feel is amazing. The ball rolls truer than with any putter I have ever had in my hands. I love it.
ProsThe feel The looks The weight The roll
By "DL"
Maiden NC
Excellent putter
May 31, 2013
Been using a Ping 53 since77... Time for a change and thought that the GEL would work well... Being 5'-7" the 34" length works great... Excellent feel and balance... Highly recommend...
ProsExcellent feel and balance...
ConsNothing except the color fo the grip...
By darryl
great putter
May 31, 2013
nice feel, ball comes off the putter great, very nice look !!!!
By Randy S
Columbia, SC
Great putter!
May 31, 2013
I am a 15 HC and years ago was a 4 HC. I have been playing with an old Cleveland blade I bought about 10 years ago. Before that a Ping Zing 2. I bought the Gel on a 24 hour special price blowout. 35 inch version Jade style. 1st impression: Nice look, a dark grey metal. Putting around on the carpet it felt pretty good. I usually putt off my left toe. On the course: Made a 20 ft birdie putt on the front and a 10 ft par putt on 18 to clinch all bets. I did 3 putt 2 times but that was more of a bad read on the green speed. Shot 83 with a quad (sand trouble) and a triple (again sand). Great round for me. I am very pleased with the putter so far. The GEL website has a video of how it rolls the ball differently. I cannot tell for sure, but it does seem to roll better for me than the blade I was playing. Thanks, Randy
ProsGreat feel, nice look at address.
By Ed
Latrobe, PA
Nice puttwe
May 31, 2013
First day out of the plastic, this putter was great. A little heavier than my old putter, this club worked great. Smooth off the face. Easy to line up. I liked the tacky feel to the grip
ProsEasy to line up
By george
Mt. pleasant SC
nice roll
May 31, 2013
putter does give the ball a smooth roll, the heavy head helps get the ball to the hole
ProsI like everything but the style of the putter.
ConsI did not get the putter style I wanted.
By Jake
Great prduct, amazing price!
May 31, 2013
Best rolling putter I've ever owned! Especially for the price! Well worth rhe money, and shipping was crazy fast!
By Richard Cunelo
Mount Vernon, Washington
Good wight for good feel....
May 31, 2013
I've just used in on the putting green but the feel of this club is outstanding. I'll definitely use it this weekend.
ProsThe feel you get from its weight.
ConsThe color of the handle.
By Alan
Lake Worth Fl.
Great putter
May 31, 2013
Good sight lines help alignment to target. Heavy feel may please some but not others
ProsExcellent sight line, True roll
ConsSomewhat heavy feel
By Walter Mencer
Knoxville, TN
This is a Great Putter, I love the Look and Feel and it putts the ball very smoothly.
May 31, 2013
I love this putter, it has a great feel and I have putted so much better with it that I did with my old putter.
ProsLook and Feel and the way the ball rolls off the face.
By adrian haigler
orangeburg , s.c.
a good putter
May 31, 2013
this putter was a little heaver than my old one . i like the way the ball rolls off the putter face ( very little bounce ) i would recommend this putter to anyone having trouble getting the ball to the hole .
Prostrue roll off putter face
By W.D. Griever
Athens. GA
True Roll Putter
May 31, 2013
I bought this because of the fact that it said it would start the ball rolling sooner than a conventional putter. Previously I was using the Odyssey 2 ball mallet putter and was inconsistent with my distances so I thought it would be the answer. Upon getting it I ran my fingers over the ridges and thought "Cool! It just might work." I took it to the practice range and walked over to the green with it, dropped a few balls and started learning what it was all about. It felt like it did as advertised. It took a long time to get used to the extra roll it put on the ball which led me fo being tentative with it and still leaving putts short. I like the head and feel that once I truly get the hang of it, it will be a much more consistent putter for me. It was worth price, yet I'm not blown away with it to the point I would be glad I got it had I paid normal retail for it.
ProsIt does roll the ball a little stronger than my old putter which is a more realistic link to strike to roll ratio without losing any power to backspin and there's no "Skittering" sound on long hard struck putts. The price was great at $29 + shipping
ConsThe learning curve is steep. It's way too easy to over shoot the hole and that causes a more tentative stroke that then causes them to end up short. Serious toe weighting had putts missing right.
By Beerboy1953
Barefoot Bay, Florida
Love lt !
May 31, 2013
The putter is well balanced. Helps me swing through and gets the ball rolling not sliding. It rolls on the line I send it and my putts are so much closer if not in. Scores are dropping! I have the Opel , center shaft mount. It swings true for my pendulum type swing.
ProsBalanced good grip feel head cover ridges for roll
Conscenter ridges scratch, nick easily
By Dan
Wellington, FL
May 31, 2013
The putter has a good feel and the weight distribution is great. The grip is also nice.
ProsGrip Feel balance weight
By Bogeyman
Duncan, SC
Terrific putter!
May 31, 2013
A great all around putter. Encourages a smooth stroke.
ProsSolid feel, well balanced. Nice grip.
By Brett Parr
Childress, Tx.
So far, so good.
May 31, 2013
The ball comes off the face well, however I am putting a longer shaft and larger grip on since I am tall. I think it will prove to be well worth the money, as have all my other Rock purchases.
ProsStraight roll, good head weight, price.
ConsA little short shafted for me.
By Ross Kutisker-Jacobson
Toronto, Ontario
Gel Putter Review
May 31, 2013
A classic style putter with great feel. Though I have always preferred the classic feel this adds additional control and I feel provides much more feel than larger head putters enabling you to control weight on your putts.
ProsClassic head Top spin control Putt weight control Size and feel
By Fuzzy
So far so good.
May 31, 2013
This is a good putter. I have many putters, but this one has stayed in the bag since I received it and I have no plans on changing anytime soon. I am getting a very nice roll and the alignment aid makes me feel like I can make any putt.
ProsRoll, head weight, alignment.
ConsNot too crazy about the colors.
By Vic
Amazing putter for the price!
May 29, 2013
All I can say is wow! These were on the Asian and European tours and currently faded out but hey same putters those guys played but now in my hands for a lot less. Some really good designs with nice weight and did not twist on impact made this putter stayed true throughout the stroke. This to incorporate the roll face technology made this putter "fearless" and all you need to do is aim and pull the trigger. I'm an average golfer and sank 5 birds in one round and going to be hard going back to anything else. Can't beat the price, picked two other designs for self and a buddy for his b-day and he too is draining putts!
ProsWeights, balance, roll face, looks, design
ConsGrip worn off already but oh well...easy fix.
By Geoff
Churchville, PA
Fits my game
May 25, 2013
Putters and wedges are personalized items. One man's dream is another golfer's nightmare. If you like the standard Ping style off-set putter with a firm, but soft feel on the ball, give this one a try.
ProsSinking the putts
By Mr Bill
Billerica, MA
Face Balance Blade Putter
May 25, 2013
Excellent face balance blade putter. Rare to find face balance blade putter. Fits my stroke to a " T"
ConsCheap stock putter grip
By Alex
New York
Awesome putter
May 15, 2013
Nice weight and balance. My lag putting has improved greatly. Very nice feel when you make contact. Great putter for any price
ProsWeight. Insert feel
By William E. Boda
Escanaba, MI
Gel putter
May 13, 2013
Still getting used to this putter. I think it will be an excellent addition to my bag.
ProsThe ball seems to roll well off the face of this putter.
ConsI'm not a fan of the grip and headcover color.
By Chris
Hershey, PA
Great putter/great bargain
April 22, 2013
The putter has great balance and feel. I took it to South Carolina on a golf trip right after I purchased it. It took a couple of rounds to get used to it - I had been using a Rossa Monza Spider mallet. Once I did, I sunk long putt after long putt - never had so many "poleskis". I was also more consistent on short putts. Great putter at twice the price.
ProsBalance, weight and great looks
By Kevin
Nice Putter
April 16, 2013
CNC putter is nice and has a good feel

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