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By Jim Hannigan
New Jersey
Nike golf balls
June 23, 2014
Too bad these items are no longer being produced by Nike. Alas, been replaced by RZN. But these are very good. Longer and straighter, at least for me. Luckily RockBottom had some available and I stocked up. Dealing with RockBottom was a pleasure and I will definetly use them again.
ProsLong and straight
ConsNone as far as I'm concerned.
By David
Venango, PA
Best at this price
March 8, 2014
This is a previous version of nike's premium ball, but at this price there is nothing better..Really!
By Mark
Northern Va
Top line ball at half the price
August 6, 2013
See no difference between the Nike and the Titlest Pro V1X
By jody
dayton, ohio
great ball great price
August 4, 2013
Its a fine golf ball. Great spin on the greens. Can't beat the price.
By James
Tulsa, OK
Good deal on great golf balls
July 23, 2013
I'm not a great golfer, but decided to get these when they were on sale. I had just been using a mix of different balls every round, and must say it's nice to use the same ball for every shot. I really have no complaints, and as a novice golfer I can't tell difference between these and Pro V1's...
By Bob
Above average
July 22, 2013
Good golfball at a Great price. I would rate these just beow a ProV1. Cant beat the performance fo rthe price
ProsGoo distance Great control
By Bob
Above average
July 22, 2013
Good golfball at a Great price. I would rate these just beow a ProV1. Cant beat the performance fo rthe price
ProsGoo distance Great control
By Roger
Good ball.
July 22, 2013
I'm a senior golfer. I don 't to hit it as far as other balls. Has nice feel and does putt well.
By aj
the woodlands, tx
Great price
July 20, 2013
Good balls
By Ron
St. Louis Mo
July 14, 2013
The price is right if your a long driver it's great
By Dan
Northern Virginia
Hard as a rock
July 9, 2013
I bought these from Sports Authority last year, and while I think they are fine with my irons and woods, it feels like hitting a stone with my driver. I probably have a 105-110 mph swing speed, so I didn't think it was my inability to compress the ball, but it might be. Also, the sound it made off the driver hurt my ears. I wasn't the only person who felt this way about the ball, so I'm a bit surprised there were so many decent reviews.
ProsGood cover, good spin with irons and wedges.
ConsHard feeling with driver. Very loud sound with driver.
By Timothy
As good as a prov1x
June 17, 2013
Great with Driver and Irons. As good as Prov1x around the greens with the wedges
By Radders
Watford, England
Great Balls of RZN !
May 30, 2013
i have played with pretty much all of the top quality balls over the past 30 years and i think the Nike 20xi & 20xis are the future in overall performance for the modern golf ball.
By Joseph
Philadelphia PA
Nike 20XI Golf Balls
May 29, 2013
Perfect for my game
By Steve
Minneapolis, MN
Long and Straight
May 28, 2013
Really can hit these balls a long way without giving up accuracy.
By Ed
Fremont, CA
Great ball, I hit it a mile!
May 7, 2013
Need I say more.
ProsBalls seems to explode off my driver head Low spin, ball stops on a dime on the greens and I like this
By jono
Wilmington, NC
great balls
April 19, 2013
big fan of these and the discounted price now that they are "last years model" is awesome. bought 6 dozen personalized and hopefully wont lose them too quick! great control and spin
By Robert
Edgewater Park, N.J.
Birdie ball
April 13, 2013
Again shipped very fast. The ball is very good off tee. Great feel around greens.
ProsGreat feel around greens
By Elkanah Crockett
Valdosta, Ga
The best Golf Ball
March 12, 2013
These are the best balls that I have ever hit to include ProV-1s. I enjoy the feel around the greens and well as the flight and distance. It makes them even better to be able to get them personalized.
Prosdistance and overall performance.
By Bev
Rothesay, Nb
Love These Golf Balls
February 27, 2013
I first started using these balls last season and saw an immediate improvement in distance and feel; they are great!
ProsFeel and distance
By Bill Ryan
New york westchester
Great balls off fire
February 22, 2013
great price Premium golf ball
Proscouple of months ago were 45_ dollars a box great distance and control
By Mike
I prefer Nike
February 9, 2013
I typically use Nike and prefer their product. If you want a pro spin on the green. Use this ball.
By Daniel
Rochester, MN
Great control and really nice distance
January 7, 2013
I hit my longest drives with these and gained 5-10 yards compared to my usual vapor speeds and vapor blacks. Ball is pleasant to hit although perhaps a bit harder than some other ones and gives great workability on the green given that it is a distance ball.
By julie
new zealand
November 19, 2012
lovley ball
Proslong ball; soft around greens, takes a hammering
By Brian
Great ball
September 10, 2012
I switch between these balls and proV-1x. Very similar in many aspects. This ball provbavly has a little straighter ball flight. Both 20xi models feel about the same off the face. More of a firmer feel than a proV.
ProsLong, durable, good feel off of clubs and putter, great price, greenside spin
By Jason
Baltimore, MD
Great balls, great price.
September 4, 2012
I switched to the 20XI-X earlier this year after playing Titleist Pro-V1s for several years. The reason I switched was that I found a Nike One Tour D ball (I live next to a course) and decided to play it one day and shot a great round. I really liked the ball and went to pick up a box and found out that they were discontinued. So, seeing as how the 20XI-X was the next closest thing available I decided to try a box. I have since shot the lowest scores of my life using this ball (maybe a coincidence, maybe not). The ball seems to be very hot out of heavier lies which I like and has great distance. Only negatives are that being the distance model it can feel a little hard off the tee and doesn't spin as well as the Pro V1 on the green.
ProsGreat price. Long distance. Very controllable. Hot out of heavy lies.
ConsHarder to spin on the green than a Pro V1.
By jason
united states
like this ball a bunch
August 27, 2012
its long and it spins well around greens and on half shots
By Timbo
Madison WI
Nice Balls!
August 19, 2012
Nice Balls!
Prossome of the best ball out there for cheap.
By peter
better than the Nike One Tour D
August 15, 2012
better performance than the Nike One Tour D
By Charlie
Good Ball
August 9, 2012
Good distance, good spin, but has a harder feel than Pro V1.
Prosdistance and spin
Conshard feel when putting
By Corey
Quality balls
August 4, 2012
These balls will stop and spin on greens for you . Good distance
ProsSpin and feel
By Lachie Burn
New Zealand
August 1, 2012
Just what I wanted
By Carl
Chadron, NE
Awesome Balls!
July 31, 2012
These balls come off my club head like rockets! Great feel, increible distance, and very nice from around the green. Played a round with my friends last week and I was asked if I had been taking lessons. My short game was never this good. Ball checks up nice!
ProsDistance, control around the greens, and feel
ConsMarks up pretty easy
By Jason
Columbus, OH
My Favorite Ball
July 30, 2012
Best ball on the market in my opinion. The only one that comes close is the ProV1X. Now that the price has come down on the Nike it's a layup in my opinion.
ProsDistance, Spin
ConsPrevious high cost
By Nathan
Brisbane, Ausrtralia
Excellent balls, amazing control and great to putt
July 30, 2012
You can really feel these balls off the tee and the feedback from the putter is great
By uwgb
Balls are great
July 21, 2012
Definately can tell a difference between these and cheap balls. I will probably continue to buy these, but might try the 20xi-s instead.. The reason for 4 stars is because the customization. First time I put it through the ball wash, it all smeared. Now I didn't care all that much because it's only a penny, but I was expecting better.
Prosbetter spin, longer straighter drives
Conscustomization smeared when washed
By Aaron
Great ball
July 20, 2012
Great ball
July 19, 2012
By James
San Francisco, California
Great deal on a good golf ball
July 18, 2012
Great ball at a great price!
By jaykoceniak
Nike 20xi
July 17, 2012
love them..great distance
Prosthe distance
By Andrew
Great ball
July 15, 2012
I think there is more technology in balls than clubs these days, these are long and straight
By Don
West Milton, Ohio
July 14, 2012
Good ball but I like the nike black vapor ball alittle better, seems to be alittle softer and distness wise about the same...
Prosgood distance
Consalittle too hard for me.....
By Nick
July 12, 2012
This ball reacts great off the tee and around / on the green!
ProsConsistency, distance, and absolute control!
ConsThe price - but you get what you pay for!
By jay Koceniak
Holbrook, massachusetts
Nike 20xi
July 10, 2012
great!! love the distance on drive
Prosdistance off the tee and the price
By NoNamesPlease
Doesnt scuff easily
July 8, 2012
Compared with a Pro-V1-X, this ball plays similar with better durability.
By RP29
Freehold, NJ
Great Golf Balls!
July 5, 2012
Stopped using tour balls a few years back since I wasn't utilizing the spin and would rather have the distance. Saw the price for these at Rock Bottom was only a few bucks more than my distance ball and figured why not. Especially since they are usually $45 a dozen. Awesome ball. Absolutely explodes off the driver. And can really control it on the greens. I can really go at pin as opposed to hoping I get the right amount of release.
ProsJumps off driver. Easy to control spin.
ConsMight scratch a little easier than the average mid range priced ball.
By Keith
Austin, TX
Great ball, better value!
July 1, 2012
I have played this ball before at $45 per dozen and it is an awesome golf ball. i am a scratch player always looking to improve my game with an eye on cost and value. I would highly recommend this deal to higher swing speed players looking for distance off the tee and control into and on the greens.
ProsLong off the tee. Control around and on the greens. Great price and value.
By mike
not to bad
June 29, 2012
I was told that these balls were better than the prov1x that i played before. They are very close but i will be switching back to the prov.
ProsDistiance feel
ConsNot to much to dislike.
By kinsey
Wash D.C.
Not a ProV1 or Penta
June 27, 2012
This ball is very clunky feeling to me. But still playable. I wonder if the tour pros play this same ball? Or do they have a custom version.
ProsGood around the greens
ConsNot up to a ProV1 or Penta standard.
By Russ
Southern Cali
Drive it longer
June 26, 2012
Plays as well as PV1X and at rock bottom prices
Proslength and feel
By Bonequark
Good Balls
June 24, 2012
Great price from RBG, so I was happy. But honestly I think the Nike Tour One D spins as well and goes as far as the 20XI-X. Unfortunately, I can't find any outlets for the Nike One Tour D. But still a great purchase from RBG!
ProsStrong length and good short game spin.
ConsNot significantly better that the Nike One Tours
By Ryan
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Great golf ball
June 1, 2012
Amazing product, will give you the results you are looking for. Best prices online, can't miss deal
ProsFeel Distance Performance Price Durability
By nathan
love these balls
May 30, 2012
belive all the tech guff about the new core these balls are great. long from drive i get back spin from irons into the green which i never have and check and stop with wedges these are now in my bag and RBGs price is unbeatable very happy scratch is stocking these
By Kevin
Austin TX
Excellent Golf Ball
May 25, 2012
Tee to Green couldn't ask for any more.
By Sang
Gambrills, MD
Good ball
May 23, 2012
I like the new Nike ball. It responds well around the greens. It is great off the tee.
By Paul
Elyria, Oh
Good Ball
May 18, 2012
have used them for a few rounds and found these are very good. Not as spinnable as a Prov1, but pretty darn close. Distance is very good. They do get scuffed up easily, so durabiuty is about a B+.
ProsFeel, Distance
ConsScuff easy.
By jim jenkins
Glenbrook, nevada
Love em!!
May 9, 2012
Tried these babies out for 4 days at Mesquite with the bros. As advertised, they did NOT spin excessively off the driver. They stopped and spun on all 4 different surfaces we putted on. The low price sealed it for me. I will be coming back soon.
ConsI would like to custom order specific numbers
By Conor
Baltimore, MD
great buy
April 19, 2012
Great price.
Prossolid feel on the greens and off the tee.
Consnothing so far
By Jim
Not a Titleist
April 16, 2012
I tried these based on reviews. Having been a Pro V fan since inception I am not impressed with the Nike.
ProsNo loss of distance.
ConsNot soft enough for chips and putts.
By Justin Finger
Durham, NC
Solid Golf ball
April 12, 2012
Golf ball has a very solid feel, it is a great ball to hit the driver with and it feels great coming off the putter.
Prosfeel, distance, control, durability.

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