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By John
Manassas, Virginia
Great balls
May 11, 2015
Great balls. Soft feel, but much like all balls, they will get lost. 
By chris
Centreville, VA
Easy on the pocketbook.
January 14, 2015
Love to golf, hate to lose balls. Found the Nike Mojo to fit the bill. Soft with good spin and does last several rounds before going into the "shag bag". Like the idea I can have a pretty good ball at a fair price and still have some wager money without a lose (lose) Sunday outing. Like the emblem on the cover which helps me stand out from the Titliest crew. Balls do make the difference if your a high handicapper. Less spin, the better distance North not East or West. Nothing wrong with having some "MOJO" in the bag and in the cup undefeated par.
ProsSoft feel, reliable
By Robert
Westbrook, Maine
Love em
March 16, 2014
great feel
By Aaron
Granger, IN
Great price
March 10, 2014
very nice balls at a great price
By William
Pine City, NY
Get your MoJo!
October 7, 2013
I bought the MoJo's for a tournament door prize. Great price for a decent ball.
ProsGreat price and nice for tournament prize or a gift.
By Ray M.
Wanted to try them out!
August 27, 2013
Very nice golf ball, didn't hit them bad and good roll on the greens but I still prefer the Nike Crush or the Bridgestone e6
ProsGood feel of the club, nice roll on the greens
Conslow distance off tee
By Tim B.
Jacksonville, Fl
Reliable Ball
July 30, 2013
Good distance. Very reliable ball. Great deal for the quality of this ball.
By Phil
Good ball -- GREAT value
July 30, 2013
Not a bad ball and at less than $1 each it's hard to go wrong!
ProsFeels good on connection - nice track with solid contact
By Josh
Coudersport, pa
Great Flight
July 23, 2013
hit straight and long
Prosnice look and feel
By Greg
Mojo balls
July 11, 2013
Most economical golf ball for the money.
Prosbesides it's fun to say that's my mojo
By Kris
North Dakota
Great for the money
July 7, 2013
Best value out there if you want long hitting golf balls
By Keith
Ft Lauderdale, FL
June 18, 2013
In my opinion Nikes best ball for distance and with a phenominal price.
ProsAwesome deal, great golf ball.
By Kirby
pittsburgh, pa
June 6, 2013
these have to be my favorite golf balls. i found a single nike mojo while playing on a local course and fell in love with it. had to buy more incase i have a bad day. LOVE EM
By Dan
Carlow, Ireland
Great value golf balls
May 23, 2013
I'm a great fan of the Mojo balls, as they genuinely seem to combine distance & feel, while also being great value. Have had this opinion confirmed by others I given them too, including some better than scratch players.
ProsDistance, feel, quality
By Keith
Manchester, CT
Good quality for the price
May 16, 2013
My wife LOVES these golf balls. Good distance and she really likes the "star" alignment aid. Very durable and good for beginners. Not for someone looking to get more spin or touch around the greens, though.
ProsGood durability and distance
ConsHard cover does not create spin
By David
Stamford, CT
No longer made... why?
May 15, 2013
MOJOs are not longer produced by Nike so get them while you still can! They came out with the PD Long with is supposed to have less side spin, but it still isnt the same as the original Mojo.
ProsBall off the Tee Great for low-mid swing speed. Get the ball in the air.
Consthey dont make them anymore.
By Chris
Lockport, il
May 15, 2013
i love these balls and like that the personalization is fairly cheap! great feeling ball!
By chris
hot ball cool price
May 5, 2013
great ball for the price
Prosgoes far soft feel
By Brendan
Washington, DC
Nice balls
May 1, 2013
It's a pleasure playing with these balls. Very unique in their design so they are easy to spot on the course compared to other players' balls. Plus you can make infinite references to your mojo. As far as how they play, I'm not going to pretend I can tell any difference between them and any other I play, but they seemed pretty true.
ProsDesign Mojo Price
By Adam W
good ball for the price
April 28, 2013
Not a bad ball for the price. They do get scratched up a little more than other balls though.
Prosprice Quantity
Cons easily damaged
By Ed Miller
East Aurora New York
April 24, 2013
just a good ball
ProsI got a little more distance which is always nice
By Brian
Geat Golf Ball
April 23, 2013
I am not one that buys into I need what everyone considers the best golf balls. I purchased these on a recommendation from a friend. I have hit this ball as well as any other ball I have tried. I also like these because I rarelly see anyone else playing them. Easy to find my ball on the course. For the price this will continue to be my ball of choice. Hope nike does not stop making them. I have not gained or lost a stroke using these balls but I have saved money which means more of it for rounds of golf. Only problem is the wife has stolen a few from my stash and likes them. Need a new place to hide my stash of balls.
By Tommy
April 17, 2013
Allow me to help educate some of you on the importance (or lack thereof) of the golf ball selection. This is directed to those of you who average say 84 and up per 18 holes. In MOST cases you just need a two piece ball. Nike, Callaway, Topflite, Caveman,......pick one. Sure, the balls will vary in softness. They will also vary in a point. Fact is - I average say 87-89 for 18 holes. A bogey golfer. Last year I used Callaway Warbird's I purchased from RBG at an incredible price and had my best year golfing to date. End of the year, ran out and used some old balls I had lying around the house. One ball I used was a NIKE MOJO that I had found 3 years earlier, in a creek, in march, in Wisconsin, that had been there all winter then spent the last three years in a bucket on my porch. I played 3 rounds with it, in December, before sailing it way OB. I shot a season best of 83 with this ball. Are you hearing me guys? balls really do not matter as much as you think. Here are the keys to ball success: 1. Find a ball you like the feel of coming off the driver, irons, putter and especially pitching and putting. 2. Distance between balls varies only slightly - take feel over a couple me. 3. Once you find the one you like - BUY A BUNCH OF THEM! They will not spoil. 4. You shouldn't have to pay more than $10 a dozen. 5. Don't get caught up in advertising hype or try to impress those you play with. If I find ProV1's I give them away. I hate 'em. Why shy away from 3 piece balls or the really expensive ones? 1. unless you can work the ball both ways, have the proper clubs to help with the proper spin to utilize the balls composition - you're throwing your money away. 2. Ever played with or behind the idiot hacker that is lucky to break 100 but will spend 20 minutes looking for his $5 golf ball? Don't be that person. At $10/doz or less you're under a buck a ball. Shank one....move on, who really cares? 3. Name recognition/stautus - who cares what kind of clubs you have or ball you play if they are not right for you. Some guys like to have a proline matched set of everthing - $5 ball - and if they shoot 104.......what is the friggen point? 4. 3 piece balls will spin more and if you have a tendency to push/pull/slice/hook - these balls will just compound the problem. I have 18 dozen of these bad boys in my closet and going to buy more. This way I can use this ball the next few years. I hate change and when I stick to one thing it increases my consistency which makes me happier on the course. Last thing - this ball is nike's equivilent to what I played in Callaway last year. Buy cheaper balls and play nicer courses. Good luck. ;)
ProsSoft feel Huge distance Consistent yardage Great for pitching and chipping Comes nicely off putter
By Dan
Mojo balls
April 8, 2013
Played with twice. Good balls
ProsGood ball for a good price
By Rob Wells
Chattanooga, TN
Gift giving
April 2, 2013
bought these as a gift for my 11 year old nephew he loved them and I personalized them for him his name, his hometown and unfortunately an awful Roll Tide on the side, makes my stomach turn
Prosvery good price and kids into them
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
Great value
April 1, 2013
If you loose a lot of balls on the course these are great for the money. By no means the best performing ball out there but plays well for how cheap the are.
By Fabio
Highland Village, TX
I love this ball!
September 16, 2012
Best ball for the price and they are very LONG!
ProsPrice Long balls
By Cody
Honeoye Falls, NY
Great Value
June 24, 2012
Unless you've got serious game and enjoy spending the money for the Pro VIs, these are a great value for balls.
By Matt
Perfect for any player.
March 18, 2012
These balls are great for any ability level. Lets face it we are not pros and you cant beat the price! More balls for less money...its a no brainer!
Prosprice, number of balls, quality
By Joey Sap
Hanover Township, PA
Fly's off the tee
March 9, 2012
Not only does this ball really fly off the tee it is surprising softer around the green then I expected. I would highly recommend this ball to anyone looking for a high quality ball at a reasonable price.
By bobby
Lewiston, ny
great balls for the price
March 6, 2012
Found balls to be very soft, but not overly long. Easily scuffed though. Will definately purchase again at this price.
Proscost, ball flight
By Lorie
Great for ladies
February 27, 2012
good feel and distance ball for ladies
Prosfeel extra distance
By Travis
Lakeside, CA.
Too good of deal to pass up...
February 12, 2012
Bought (a lot of) them for the golf tournament I put on. Great deal from Rock Bottom Golf, so I bought enough to be albe to drop a sleve in each golfers grab bag!
By Linda
golf balls
February 9, 2012
I love these mojo's ..use them every saturday
Prosgreat ball and price
By Charlie
Atlanta, Georgia
Good Quality Golf Balls
February 3, 2012
These balls play just as well as the noodles I previously used. they are plenty long and fly well. The alignment line on the ball is a great addition. Had no trouble holding greens. Great ball at a great price.
ProsSoft cover feel Alignment line on ball
Consno nike logo on he ball
By Christopher
United States
Can't beat the price!
January 23, 2012
I bought 16 dozen of these balls. I've used them before and know that they're soft and long. I couldn't believe the price when I saw the RBG ad! Then, as I often do, I sought out a coupon to add to thew savings! I doubt anyone can tough the price that I got these through on RBD! I wouldn't even bother trying!
ProsFeel Distance Price
By Rod
Sydney, AUS
November 29, 2011
Dirt cheap, hard with low spin, great for social rounds
By Naveen
Chantilly, VA
Nice ball for a very good price
November 29, 2011
Nice ball for a very good price.
By Keith
Long and straight
November 22, 2011
Nice ball for the price.
ProsPrice & Quality
By Randy
Batesville Ar
Best deal in golf
November 20, 2011
The price is fantastic and for a hacker like me hit just as far as the high priced balls.
ProsPrice Price Price
By Playing9
United States
Great Ball
October 18, 2011
I love using this ball on the water infested holes.
ProsPrice and has great flight on non windy days.
ConsThe logo is dorky lol:)
By Steven
Auckland, Papatoetoe
Good balls
September 13, 2011
Awesome price vs quality
By jon
batavia ny
I love scratches balls
September 12, 2011
the nike mojo's worked great. we used them as giveaways in a tournament we did. everyone loved them, and the price made it great for us.
Prosprice & namebrand
By Scott Henry
Gettysburg, PA
Nike Mojos steal the show-show!
September 8, 2011
Great feel and good distance for our JV players
ProsFeel and distance was a soft combo
ConsSlightly erratic in wind
By Jody
Mojo balls
August 24, 2011
Great price ball. Don't mind bang the odd one in the water at 77 cents a ball.
ProsGreat price
Consmight be a bit had for a good golfer
By felix
Cary, NC
MoJo your game
August 17, 2011
My friend let me use of these and they are Awesome. This ball hits-long, has good feel, and is easily controlled around the green and approach shots. and the cool design on the ball is a plus too.
By Esteban Pruneda
Brownsville, TX
Great piece of equipment to improve my game.
August 10, 2011
Great piece of equipment to improve my game.
ProsGreat piece of equipment to improve my game.
By Leon
Timaru, sth canterbury
Good price
August 5, 2011
Average ball but for this price who care's?
Prosgood price
By James T. Hubbell
Wimberley, TX
Great Price . . . very good ball - long and true.
July 28, 2011
I like these balls - very durable and long.
ProsBargain price - really good ball.
By James
New York, NY
Not bad for the price
July 20, 2011
I have played twice with these balls so far. They are a good quality for the amount that you receive.
By Nelson
Great Deal
July 19, 2011
Good ball for middle handicapper;extra distance and not too hard around greens.
By Andrew
Somerton Park, SA
Great value
July 18, 2011
If you play nasty golf balls you are really shooting yourself in the foot. Not everyone will find they hit Pro V1s well, as they don't suit everyone. I find these are a great long ball and don't spin too much, not great for a tour pro, GREAT for someone who is battling slice. These may be cheap but they are great value. I find them long and straight
By Alistair
Norfolk Island
Helping play it safe
July 14, 2011
Adds a bit of extra distance to my game, along with some good control on those approach shots that i had been lacking.
ProsGood distance gained
By Devin
Vancouver, BC
Fantastic Buy
July 13, 2011
Great ball! Even better buy! Love the 4 dozen for 36 bucks. Steal of a deal would recommend this product to anyone looking
ProsPrice Feel Quantity
By Kyle
Clifton, NJ
Awesome Balls!
July 11, 2011
I love these balls!
ProsContains a nice line to line up your putts Great look Flies off the driver!!
By Chris
Santa Cruz, CA
Great deal
July 4, 2011
Great price
By Dante
Pottstown, PA
I shot my best score ever with these balls.
June 23, 2011
These balls helped me reach my best score.
ProsSticks great.
By Jim Cunningham
Lake Elsinore, CA
Good Come on for selling the product
June 20, 2011
I have used Nike Mojos for quite a while. They perform as well as many more expensive balls at a lot less cost. To have that good of a sale is quite satisfying and will definitely keep me from buying more for a while.
ProsThey are durable. Have good spin and distance. As I stated they perform as well as many more expensive golf balls.
By Dan
Good price
June 16, 2011
This a good solid ball that I use often for the price you can't beat it
By Grant
New Brighton, Pennsylvainia
One of my favorite nike balls
June 7, 2011
Just felt right after my very first drive with the ball. love the name mojo. great price for a nice ball. rock bottom comes through ones again for me.
Prosgood spin for me great feel amazing price
Soft Ball, Great Price
June 7, 2011
Best ball I've used in this price range. Soft feel and good flight. Plus if I blast a few in the water I don't care.
ProsSoft feel Good Flight
By Cole
Long Balls
June 6, 2011
long & soft
By Matthew
Glastonbury, CT
May 19, 2011
I was given some mojo golf balls when I was running low last fall. Ended up loving the feel and distance I obtained with these golf balls. Just got back into the season finally and bought 4 dozen more because I like them so much. Will order again!
ProsDistance, Feel, Marker on the ball
By Lonnie
Thornton, CO
Not the best in the price range
May 15, 2011
So this is a cheaper ball by Nike standards, but there are just too many quality golf balls in this price range that perform better. Purchased a box primarily because of the neat packaging and quickly moved them to my shag bag. Hard feel off the tee limited spin on wedge shots.
ProsPackaging, Nike name
ConsHard feel, low spin
By Kaleb
Beaumont, Texas
Great Balls!
May 12, 2011
Great Balls for the price!
By Robert
Coventry, Rhode Island
Great feedback
May 11, 2011
I bought a few dozen of these for my golf league, just about everyone commented on how much they liked these Mojo balls. Distance off the tee with great feel off the short game clubs. For less than half the price you would normally pay, how can you go wrong...
ProsSoft feel Price
By robert
fort worth, tx
Good ball for the Price
May 11, 2011
I ordered 4 dozen of these looking for a ball with a little more distance, not only did I find a few more yards these balls are playable around the greens. Well worth the money.
Prosaffordabilty distance not too much side spin
By Justin
Oakland City, Indiana
still like callaway diablo hx better
April 28, 2011
I got a box of these not to long ago just to try them out wasn't worth getting. I have been playing golf for 15 years going on 16 and have used a lot of different balls over the years. The callaway hx do have a much softer feel to them and a little better ball flight than the mojo. The outside of the mojo has a lot harder feel to it than the diablo hx ball. I'm not saying don't try them just explore your options first.
Prosfeels too hard off the tee doesn't have as good of ball flight can't get the distance out of them
Consprice cool box neat name
By Art
Dubai, Dubai
some good looking balls
April 26, 2011
I enjoy playing with the mojo balls, they have nice distance and look pretty cool. at this price launching a few in the water is not a concern.
Sytlish and Good
April 25, 2011
I would not call myself an expert on being able to tell the difference between golf balls but I like the performance of these balls. Plus the style and packaging are top rate!
By Jack
Wellington, New Zealand
Best two piece ball on the market
April 25, 2011
Nike has come out with a 2 piece golf ball which has the best feel around the greens and off the tee with length common among Nike golf balls. These balls are also extremely cheap and I would recommend this to anyone who struggles with length or who searches for a pillow soft feel.
ProsDistance Feel Price Spin Control
By john
chicago, il
Good Durable Two Piece Balls
April 1, 2011
Durable two piece ball. Good distance ball.
By Kevin
Fort Worth, TX
Good Affordable Ball
April 1, 2011
These balls compress well and play good on the greens. The cost allows you to relax and not worry about losing an expensive ball.

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