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By wedge
August 15, 2014
Took these wedges to the course. Could not get any sound contact with them. Very unhappy....... Clubs seem to have a clicking sound on contact almost as if I were hitting a rock.
By Alex
Point Roberts, Washington
Fantastic Wedge For Price
July 29, 2014
This has an excellent set of wedges for the price. You can barely buy 1 wedge for the price of 3 with other brands. Nice grip and good grooves. Compared it to my Cleveland RTX 588 and it was performing well against it!
ProsPrice Quality
By Rickles
Great set
July 23, 2014
Great all around clubs. First shot with the 56 ended up 4 feet from the pin!
By Patrick
Athens, Ohio
Cheap wedge set
July 23, 2014
Work as expected. Have all the wedges at one low price.
By Aaron
Colfax, WA
Great wedges!
July 18, 2014
Used wedges and they are great. All three are great to use around the green.
By Luke
lompoc California
No Better Wedges For The Price
July 16, 2014
Im not a great golfer (95 is my best round) but even I can tell these wedges are a bargain! Was playing a vokey 60* and these have the same solid feel. The weight is perfect for keeping on line and provoke a confident stroke. I also found that I can back the ball up a little more consistently than I could with the vokey
ProsFeel weight price
ConsNone so far
great price
July 15, 2014
play as well as all others
By Brandon
Cookeville, TN
Great Set, Great Price
July 14, 2014
These clubs were a bit hard to use for me at first, but once I played with them for a while I love them. My short game has drastically improved. I love the color scheme.
By Mike
Denver, CO
Good feel
July 1, 2014
I like these wedges a lot. I can't tell the difference between the sand wedge and my old cleveland sw.
ConsThe finish seems to be wearing off pretty quickly.
By S.C.
Great clubs with a classy look
June 30, 2014
Bought all three wedges, 52,56,60 recently. Like them all and the variety in distances they allow me to confidently hit now. A little heavier than other wedges but have a nice bounce to them and good spin control.
ProsPrice Look Feel
Consa little heavier but easy to get used to
By Ric Bouch
United States
Good value
June 30, 2014
This set is good for high handicappers and the price is right
By Cory
Great set
June 23, 2014
Solid set of wedges. Feel good and you can't beat the price.
By Dave
Chico, CA
Good for the price
June 16, 2014
So far the performance has been decent. Good around the greens with the lob and 56, but the 52 gap wedge does not carry as far as my Vokey by about 5 yards. At the price, tough to complain even if I only play two of the three clubs. A little worried about the finnish right now as I have had these for about a week and it's already rubbed off the face some.
By Jeff
Kaysville Utah
Great set of wedges
June 13, 2014
So far so good. I've only played one round with these so far but they have a great feel to them and look.
By Eric
ephrata, PA
June 5, 2014
I have been golfing for about five years now and I could never find a wedge set that fit and fell as amazing as these clubs did def. recommend adding to the bag for the short game.
By Ronnie
Lynnwood, WA
Very impressed
June 5, 2014
These wedges worked great considering the price. I'm not sure how quickly they will wear but so far I love the clubs!
By Dave Raney
Columbia Station, Ohio
Ray Cook Wedge Set
June 2, 2014
Excellent wedges every bit as good as the top brand names and you can beat the price. Also the delivery was a day earlier than expected. As always very pleased with the quality of the merchandise from Rock Bottom Golf and my first choice when it comes to golf equipment.
By John L
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Very Nice
May 30, 2014
Still need to dial in the exact yardages but the clubs work great.
By George
New York
Price is right
May 26, 2014
Price was right, Clubs have great feel to them, They have great loft to them, there just easy to hit
Consno cons
By Eugene
Louisville, Ky.
Great Wedge Set
May 25, 2014
This wedge set is very nice. For me, the weight is great, and the price on sale super.Great
ProsGreat quality wedge sett
By Mason
Columbus, OH
Can't Beat deal on great wedges
May 20, 2014
This set of 3 is a gift to my golf game, the tooled grooves really help me keep those short pitches/chips from rolling out. I was a little skeptical when I saw the price for these 3 clubs, wondering how good they could possibly be for so cheap (basically 3 for the price of 1), but I thought I'd give them a try, at worse I'd be out $60.... These are great wedges.... great feel, great grips and just enough bounce for me.
Prosgreat price, great feel on contact
Consfaces are a little small, took a few rounds to get used to
By Frank
Lake Forest, CA
Good Clubs
May 19, 2014
I like the look and feel.
Prosgreat price for good clubs
By Samuel
New England
May 18, 2014
Bought these to have a backup set to bang some around my yard. After a day I put them in my bag and my Vokeys went on Craigslist. These are better wedges for me. Some people say they are heavy but the weighting seems perfect and only helps me keep them on line in tall grass and such. Best golf deal I have ever gotten. Seriously. Buy these. You will not be disappointed!
Proswell made decent grips great weighting nice finish
Consfinish wears a little fast
By Nes-T
Marine City, MI
What a deal!
May 15, 2014
This wedge set is way worth the $. Looks and feels like some name brand wedges. I love them.
Prosfinish shape/style/looks playability
By Ian
Hendersonville, NC.
Must-have addition to my bag!
May 15, 2014
Great clubs for $50!! Needed these to work from 100yds and in, as my iron set ends with PW. Clubs look and feel great, love the no glare finish. Now I just have to get my golfing buddies to buy their own damn set...!
ProsI somehow have even accidentally managed to get my ball to spin occasionally when lucky enough to hit it on the green!
ConsNone, so far...
By Nate
Yes sir
May 15, 2014
These are great little wedges. Dropping my handicap all the time.
ProsPrice can't be beat
By shin
quality wedges
May 14, 2014
quality wedges for the price. well balanced and good style
Prosgood style amazing for the price!!
By Gerry
Ormond Beach, Florida
Solid deal...
May 12, 2014
I do have to say, I have only got to hit them once on the course. I bought them because my wedges are getting worn & I can see where I am not getting the spin I use to get. I use Pro V's, so it isn't that. I can't afford high priced irons, so I thought it would be worth trying. I like the weight of them, but the faces are smaller then what I am use to & the sand wedge is smaller in length, which is weird & was hard to get the feel for. Is this normal with this sand wedge?
ProsLook, weight
ConsShort sand wedge
By Kurtis
Southfield, MI
Excellent wedges!!
May 9, 2014
These wedges are superb. They helped me get closer to the cup and helped with my scoring. They even have good control from distance and spin control is OUTSTANDING. I highly recommend.
ProsSpin control
By Tyler
Great for the price
May 7, 2014
I had been looking at getting a new sand wedge- I had been using my TaylorMade 320 sandwedge that came with my iron set. Due to the head becoming loose and never liking how it chipped, I decided to get the 3 Ray Cook wedges. Since purchasing my chipping and short game has gotten much better- still dialing in the distances but overall very happy. The finish may fade but that is nothing that concerned me as I have played with an old PingZing black putter that shows the same type of wear from use.
Prosgreat price, seem to be made well
Consnone yet
By Bill
Philadelphia Pennsylvania
May 7, 2014
Just purchased these wedges and couldn't be happier. Been out a few times since and my short game improved Drastically. Especially since all I had before was your standard pitching wedge. Great for those in between shots. Quality clubs for a great price!!
ProsGreat price! Good weight
ConsNone yet
By Jerry
Love these clubs
May 6, 2014
Shipment came within a few days and the clubs are great.
By BruDog
Solid wedges
April 23, 2014
These wedges are a bit heavy compared to some others, as other reviewers have indicated. They are solid wedges though for the money. I'm glad I bought them.
By Tim
Fresno, ca
Great value
April 19, 2014
I needed a set of wedges and these where exactly what I was looking for!
By Lee mahoney
New zealand
Sweet trade great product
April 17, 2014
Once again sweet deal
By Jeff
Great Buy
April 3, 2014
Improved my short game tremendously. Never used anything but a pitching wedge before....3 different angles of approach now.
By Adrian
Tucson, Az
Great feel
April 2, 2014
These wedges are easy to hit and have a great feel and for the price its a steal. Recommend to anyone looking for a set of wedges.
ProsPrice, feel, large sweet spot
By Peter
Edmonds, Washington
Very Nice Wedge Set
March 29, 2014
Just added these to my bag and love the sleek blade design. It's known that your short game is where you make and break your round, and these wedges can be a big part of that
By James
Mineral Wells, TX
March 28, 2014
These have to be the best feeling wedges I have ever used. Very forgiving, great grips, and great looking.
By James
Good to finish out your bag
March 26, 2014
These clubs feel good and perform well enough, especially at the price point. Consistent results. There is a little offset to them and the factory grips are a little small feeling even for standard size. All-in-all these work well enough for most of us and the 50-54-58 better fits the gap from today's PWs.
ProsQuality Feel
ConsGrip Some rust if you aren't diligent in cleaning
By Zach
Magnet , Indiana
March 11, 2014
Great price and pretty good clubs
ProsGap fly 125 for me
ConsBounce is too much at 16 on sand wedge
By Mike
Look nice
February 26, 2014
Can't wait to hit them in the spring if it ever gets here.
ProsI like the shaft
Consnone yet
By Adam
Fort Wayne, IN
Good feeling and consistent
February 6, 2014
These have a good feel and are consistent between clubs
By Derrick Fair
San Diego California
Great inexpensive set of wages
January 29, 2014
I receive my clubs on time, they were in wonderful condition wriapped . I have enjoyed playing with them what a great set of wedges great price
ProsGreat price, great equipment
Conswish I would have them shipped overnight
Good degree range
January 23, 2014
Good feel. Ball has a nice release
ProsGreat value for 3 wedges.
By lr
good price
January 18, 2014
Practice seems OK, can't wait to try on course
By christopher lewis
January 17, 2014
Look good and well put together . Haven't been able to hit them yet due to all of the snow we've had in Ohio the last few weeks , but will add to this review once I do.
Prosprice , look , build quality.
By Dennis
Lincoln, NE
Not so good
November 14, 2013
Looks like I'm about the only one who doesn't care much for these. I found them heavy with a bone crunching feel.
ProsLow cost
ConsHeavy Very, very hard feel
By Len
Holmen, wisconsin
3 wedge set 52-56-60
October 27, 2013
Seem to work just fine, my first year playing so just learning how far and how to hit all my clubs.
Prosnice clubs
Consjust me game
By Kirk
Auckland, New Zealand
Wonderful Wedges
October 21, 2013
First time I have used Ray Cook clubs and am really enjoying these. Slightly heavier than what I have been use too but I am finding I can use that to best advantage as I am getting better control.
ProsNice clubs and lovely feel. Cannot beat the price.
By Jim
Good wedges
October 18, 2013
Good wedges for the beginner to the moderately experienced
By Jeremy
Great Value!
September 11, 2013
Fills a need for 0-90 yards out for me. Shots get up in the air fast and land soft. Highly recommend.
By Jonathan
Niagara Falls Canada
Amazing wedges
August 28, 2013
I was a little worried at first getting these wedges. I have been playing scratch golf for years and last year had my bag stolen and had to replace everything. I miss my trusty rusty wedges but didn't want to spend $200 a wedge. Saw the price and thought I would try them out. They won't let you down. You get the desired spin from them and the ball comes off so true. And for $80 you get 3 essential wedges for yardage from 125 yards and in.
ProsThe spin. The feel. Not one bad shot with them.
By Jim
Midland, MI
Great clubs for price
August 24, 2013
I was looking to get a sand wedge and a new pitching wedge. Saw this set and thought I would give them a try. I have golfed with them 3 times now, and like them more each time I use them. Great value. Nicely made clubs
By Tom
3 wedge set 52-56-60
August 24, 2013
Never had a full set of wedges, just used a standard pw, but have used other golfers wedges to see how I liked them. Bought this set, great price, and am amazed at how this has helped my short game. Others have tried these wedges and they do like them and have told me I made a great buy. .
ProsEase of use
ConsMy game
By Josh
North dakota
August 8, 2013
I was a very good high school golfer in texas, years ago! I walked on to a major texas university and became their # 1 player . Between life and career my golf habit went away. Twenty years later i have started playing again and have absolutely fallen in love with these cheap ass wedges!!!!!!! They are a very good wedge. Great feel and weight, i have played the clevelands and vockeys, these COOKS are just as good!!! Buy them!!!!! For the money there is not a better wedge!!!!!
ProsGreat face, feel and playability!!!!!!
ConsNone yet
By John Harwood
Sacramento, CA
August 7, 2013
The Ray Cook club set looks very cool and they work out nice. My short shots are easier to make.
ProsGreat looks and workmanship.
By John Garner
Pennsylvania, USA
Ray Cook Wedges
August 1, 2013
I found the Ray Cook wedges a great bang for the buck. Easy to swing, the first time out I was able to card two pars with approach shots using one of the wedges. As a senior, I've opted for using the 52 & 56 degree wedges [gap & sand] while retaining my pitching wedge from Adams. I find that using the 52 or 56 degree wedge at a short distance using an "arms only' swing to work for me.
ProsEasy to swing, good control. Weighting of club works to give a smooth swing through the ball.
ConsThe 60 degree wedge was less useful for me.
By simon
New Zealand
great wedges
July 30, 2013
good weight no need for a sand wedge
By Jeff
P.G., UT
Great feel and Control
July 26, 2013
These iron have really improved my short game. I am consistently closer to the hole with every shot. For the price I was not expecting much, but they are very good quality and I believe I will have them for a very long time.
By Brian
amazing quality for the price
July 23, 2013
These wedges have instantly improved my short game. Great balance and feel as well as super looks.
ProsLook and feel
By Randel Currie
Durant Oklahoma
great wedge set love them
July 22, 2013
I like the 56 degree getting out of sand bunkers a lot better than my old club, and the 52 degree is great for me around 75 to 80 yards from the green. they all feel good when you hit with them.
Prosthey are easy to hit , I like every thing about them
By Randy S in SC
Columbia, SC
Solid wedges, great value.
July 21, 2013
I have been playing Cleveland 900 tour action 56/60 wedges for a while, so I was looking for something to replace them without paying $100 a stick. Out of the box, they were well wrapped. Very nice looking clubs, the finish looks the same as the gun metal Clevelands. I have played 2 rounds with them and they do hit well from the fairway. From around the green the 56 with its large bounce (16) did not work for me very well. I am used to the lower bounce so I would have to play a bit with these wedges to get used to it. Overall they are 4/5 stars for me, mostly due to the high bounce. Also, they are a bit heavier than the Cleveland 900s. Grips are fine. I will probably sell them and get a tighter lower bounce wedge(s). Great value but I am too used to the lighter and tighter wedge. I am a 14 HC.
ProsWell built, attractive looking wedges. Solid hits. Great Value.
ConsA bit heavy. High bounce at 16.
By Sam
Marion, Ohio
July 20, 2013
So far so good. The lob wedge is easy to hit & rolls nicely.
ProsEasy to get up.
Richmond, VA
Can't go wrong for the price
July 19, 2013
I finally changed out my collection of mismatched wedges for a nice clean set of Ray Cook's for $70. Only played two rounds but I like the feel of these clubs from the grips all the way to the weight of the heads. Actually got the ball to hop and spin for the first time in a long time. Between these and my new Wilson Staff Di11's my handicap is moving in the right direction. If you're looking to replace your wedges you don't need to look any further or pay double the cost. BC
ProsGrip Weight Easy to hit and control
By Brad
NE Arkansas
Great wedges
July 8, 2013
I was really needing to fill the gap between my PW (48*) and Sand(60*). These wedges fit the bill nicely without breaking the bank. They are a great set of wedges for the price and have helped me with control around the greens.. I actually have preferred hitting them over my Clevelands.
Pros-Great feel -Nice control
By nick
guymon oklahoma
July 2, 2013
great price for the set. wedge grips are excellent. love the matte black finish it doesnt glare. lil hard to get used to the 60, but overall very good set of clubs
By Chip
Quality Product / Great Value
July 1, 2013
For the price you can't beat this set of wedges. Great grips, quality construction, and solid look.
ProsLook great, quality materials, great grips
By James
For the money they are as good as it gets
May 31, 2013
These wedges have great feel to them, and great spin control. They perform well for both chipping and pitch shots as well as full length wedge shots. The set of three was under a hundred dollars so they are very cost effective. I would recommend these wedges to anyone from single digit to high handi-capper.
ProsSpin control Great price
ConsSlightly heavier than some other wedges
By Andrew
Unbeatable value
May 20, 2013
These are really nice wedges and a great price for a set of 3
By Mr. Hopkins
Canajoharie, New York
No Regrets.
May 16, 2013
I bought these clubs to fill out my bag and replace some random wedges I bought on eBay. Good decision. Clubs are evenly balanced with a solid weight and feel. They have excellent grips and generate good backspin. Versatile shot possibilties from out in the fairway or around the green. Just let the club do the work.
ProsSolid construction Well balanced Handsome
By Jacques
Great Wedges
May 11, 2013
I have had name brand golf wedges but theses Ray Cook wedge work for my short game better than a dozen other wedges that I have in the garage. The 56 with the 16 bounce work fantastic for the Phil Rogers, one wedge short game system around the greens, the bounce rely works well slide under the ball and gives me a high soft lob and very little roll. It's has taken 5 storks of my last 6 rounds. work on tight lies heave rough.
ProsJust what I need
ConsNothing all good
By Jason Bramblett
Winder, Ga.
Pleasently surprised
May 1, 2013
I replaced my old ram wedges with these new ray cook wedges. The first thing i noticed was the grips, awesome looking and great feel. The milled face improved my accuracy on chips and helps me get spin on longer shots. Way better than my old ram wedges. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because I've never used a $150 wedge, who knows, it may be even better.
ProsGrip, milled face, accuracy.
ConsNone yet.
By James Lapp
Ray Cook Wedges
April 25, 2013
Iam very impressed with the feel and spin I get with these new wedges.
ProsThe feel and control
By Brad
Katy, TX
Nice Wedge Set
April 15, 2013
I feel like these wedges are just as good as any other brand out there for a good price.
By Greg Gainey
North Carolina
Great Wedge
February 9, 2013
I've used a much more expensive brand for years and these out performed them by quite a bit. I'm going to get them customized but for the money you just can't beat Ray Cook.
ProsGreat feel.
By warren
irving, texas
great wedges
January 11, 2013
I am very happy with these clubs.
By B
December 18, 2012
3 quality wedges for $80.00!!! Look good and work just as good as other more expensive ones.
By Bill
good deal
December 1, 2012
good value, face is a bit smaller than other wedges I own, and it is also a bit heavy. Other wise the feel is solid, grips are solid, well built and is a great buy for someone just starting to mess around with higher lofts besides a pitching wedge.
Prosgreat value, solid build
By Dustin
Fairfield, CA
true distance
November 21, 2012
For what you are paying for three wedges, I would highly recommend. True distance, comfortable grip for the few rounds I have played with them so far.
By phil
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Great Wedges
November 18, 2012
it took probably 2 or 3 games but these are great wedges for the money and found the grips great
Prosfeel weight easy to hit consistent yardage
Consdid not have any dislikes
By George
Great Clubs---Great Value
November 4, 2012
The Ray Cook wedges are very impressive. The ball flies well off the face and stops fast on the greens. Had pricier Calaway and Cleveland wedges in the past and these are better and less money. Have placed several orders for a variety of products and your service and prices have been excellent.
ProsGreat feel and look and the ball flies well and stops quick.
ConsNothing to dislike

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