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By Gary
Farmington, CT
Beautiful Club
February 23, 2015
Lovely club to play with and gives great option when below other wedges
ProsSmooth connection and nice finish.
By Justin
United States
great pw replacement
November 26, 2014
This club is perfect for me. Came with the hi Rev shaft
ProsSpin and feel
ConsA little smaller than I thought but I'm getting used to it
By Justin
Sweet stick
November 15, 2014
Love the grind, bounce is perfect for soft conditions or as a secret weapon for long explosions, ridiculous price from scratch, grip and shaft are fine, give the grip a little water and a wipe down and it feels like a golf pride tour velvet.
By Dan
Plymouth, NH
8620 Wedge
November 13, 2014
I bought this club as a replacement for my pitching wedge. When I saw that low price on such a high quality brand, I scooped it up right away. The club has become one of my favorites! I love the feel and spin I get on the ball, and the digger bounce provides me with better quality strikes overall. However, let it be known that it is not the most forgiving club out there. If you're a decent ball striker, pick one up! Couldn't be more happy about my choice to pick up a Scratch wedge.
Prosfeel, spin, looks
Consnot extremely forgiving
By Ryan
Raleigh, NC
Sctarch wedges are awesome!
November 5, 2014
Just picked up one to replace my P wedge, now will keep an eye out for the other lofts in my bag. Sweet sticks!
Proslooks and feel.
By Justin
Love these
October 26, 2014
Purchased my 3rd scratch wedge from Rock Bottom. These are the real deal. Prefer them over vokeys and clevelands feel great.
ProsFeel is good. grooves in the face add to my mental image of spin around the greens
ConsShafts that are available are not the best but will work for my skill set.
By Wasb
Central Maine
Nice club but needs to be fitted to the golfer
October 21, 2014
In the bag...for good
October 8, 2014
The digger driver model for digger drivers.....makes chipping ezzzzz. Love this wedge.
Prosgreat value, great spin, great wedge
By Junius
Orange Park, FL
Precision Wedge
July 29, 2014
I didn't really need a pitching wedge because I had one with my set of Callaway irons. What made me purchase this P wedge by Scratch was my love of the 3 Scratch wedges (gap, sand, and lob) that I previously purchased. Sure enough, after playing this Scratch P wedge, I took my Callaway P wedge out of the bag and inserted the Scratch. Scratch makes a high quality, silky smooth instrument that precisely does what it is supposed to do and with great feel and sound to match. If you know what your swing type is, buy the most ideal Scratch wedge for your swing type and let the smiles begin when you attack the flag with confidence. Yep, I love Scratch wedges. Best kept secret in golf equipment.
ProsDialed in for swing types High quality Great sound upon contact Great feel Precise distance control
ConsSmallish head
By Greg Eason
United States
Great wedge
July 12, 2014
I am really glad I chose to by this wedge. I love the way it feels when you hit the sweet spot. There is very little vibration, and it travels true. It stops on a dime, and should help me lower my scores.
ProsLooks Feels Sound Playability
By Sundtee
Elanora, Queensland
Mint Wedges
June 29, 2014
Get your hand on whatever wedges rockbottom have left cause my brother wish he could get more. He absolutely loves his one
ProsSleek head Good grooves Different bounce/grind options
ConsGrip is a bit standard No guarantee what shaft you'll get with it
By Short Game
dress up your bag
June 25, 2014
nailed pin first shot from 108 yards but ball was cut by grooves.
Proscrisp shotmaking
Conscuts balls, non conforming grooves
By Scott Mueller
Lakeland, FL>
Scratch Golf 8620 Milled Chrome Wedge
June 21, 2014
I purchased the 47 and 53 Deg Scratch wedges to replace brand new Vokey Wedges that I hade a very hard time hitting. These wedges appear to be a little lighter then the Vokey. The lesser bounce on these wedges was what I needed. I have nothing but compliments for these clubs a have not had a mishit yet. The clubs are handsome in appearence and feel great.
ProsVery easy to hit.
By Michael
Waelder, TX
Tough to beat
June 20, 2014
Can't beat this wedge for the $
ProsLooks good, swings good
By David
Stamford, CT
This club has some bite
June 15, 2014
This club can spin it with the best of them. I like the simplicity of the design as well. A great balanced wedge at a great price.
Prosbalance pricedesign
By Rob
Cincinnati, OH
great wedges
June 11, 2014
A solid wedge that looks great and has amazing performance. Controlling wedge distances better than ever, and provide a good amount of spin.
ProsLooks Performance Spin Milled face
By brad
Pretty club
June 10, 2014
Cannot believe the pricing on this club. Such a great PW.
Prosbeautiful at address.
By Josh
Lancaster, PA
Nice looking club
June 8, 2014
I am still getting used to the specs of this club. The bounce is different on this club compared to the one this is replacing.
ProsLook Feel
By Bradley
Birmingham, AL
June 2, 2014
This is the best wedge I've ever used., Great turf interaction, feel, and consistency.
By eddie
murrieta, Ca
very nice wedge
May 29, 2014
I have been to the range twice with this wedge and have notice the distance and flight path is consistant. The head of the club feels heavier and the score lines are deep (high quality look)...the milled lines are more pronouned than my ping wedge and have shown resistance to wear. Overall a great club.
ProsGood feel, nice deep score lines and milling
By dern
United States
nice club
May 26, 2014
haven't played it a lot yet but has felt great
By Sean
Chicago, Illinois
good club
May 19, 2014
Played once with the clubs so far and I'm pleased....shot to the green have alot of spin and stop on a dime. Only complaint is the grips that come with the clubs are not good...I immediately regripped them.
ProsLot's of spin Look good
ConsGrips need to be replaced.
By Rich
Northern NJ
Love it
May 16, 2014
I bought a 47* to replace the pitching wedge that came in my set because I prefer my wedges over any other club in the bag.
By gilbe
Love the wedge
May 14, 2014
this is one of the best feeling wedges that I have ever hit, this wedge has a real soft feel & great biting action when the ball hits the greens
By Buz
Great wedges for the money but....
May 12, 2014
First off, head is made in the usa. High marks for that. Love the feel and spin. Well made feels like high quality. What I don't like is that you don't know what shaft you will get. I think as a oem product, you should know what you are getting. In my case I ordered the digger driver 53 and 60 degree wedges. I got the shafts with no shaft band so I'm assuming its the fst shaft. And ferruls dont match the picture. Shafts are slightly pitted right out of the box but don't get me wrong, for the money these wedges fit the bill. Grip is ok. Overall I'm very pleased. 4 stars for quality head made in usa, would have been 5 if the shafts were of the same quality and not hoping you get a good shaft.
ProsUsa made head Great feel Nice milled face Value Quality head Good bounce options
ConsThe shafts
By Glenn
West Jordan, UT
Solid feel
May 10, 2014
Right out of the box, this club felt buttery smooth. The mount of spin I can put on my balls is unprecedented. Beautiful club.
Philadelphia, PA
Great Wedge
May 3, 2014
Love these wedges, excellent feel.
By Uncle Gee
Scratch Golf Wedges
May 2, 2014
I play with 3 Scratch Golf wedges. 50*, 53* and 50*
ProsVery solid, good spin and distance control. Will be the only wedges I will ever use from now on!
By Richard
Davenport, IA
Love these wedges
May 1, 2014
I bought a 56 and 60 degree wedge. The custom grind for your swing really does make a difference. These wedges have a very clean, classy look and put exceptional spin on the ball.
By Craig
Kingwood, TX
Scratch Wedge
April 28, 2014
Great wedge for the price. Performs as well as my Vokeys.
By Gary
Northridge, CA
Great 58 Wedge
April 24, 2014
Great wedge, I have 58 with steeples shaft. Hits ball very high and soft. Club is well balanced
ProsGood workmanship, classic style wedge, like the FST stepless shaft in club.
By shawn
detroit, mi
Great wedge!
April 22, 2014
i picked up a 60* and have been sticking pins with increasing regularity. It does everything i want a wedge to do except for drop it in the cup. There might be a little operator error there though.
By Budd
Hailey, Id
April 22, 2014
Wonderful weight and shape. Couldn't be more happy.
By dustin
kimball, ne
Best feel of any wedge
April 14, 2014
These are amazing. Soft with lots of spin !
ProsFeel Spin Gorgeous
By dustin
kimball, ne
Best feel of any wedge
April 14, 2014
These are amazing. Soft with lots of spin !
ProsFeel Spin Gorgeous
By Geoff
Scottsdale, Arizona
Local High-Quality Brand
April 11, 2014
This was a gift for my teenage son and boy did he smile when I gave it to hime for his birthday. Perfect gift and he hits it very well and the ball grabs the green! This is a local brand to Scottsdale but I would put it against any of the well-know brands in competition. Great price and service from RBG! Thanks!
By Paul
oak lawn, Illinois
Love Scratch Wedges!
April 11, 2014
Scratch wedges are some of the best in the business. If more people tried them more would play them because theyre as good as anything on the market. The grooves and milling are awesome and this wedge can spin it back with thr best of them.
ProsEverything. Bounce options turf interaction
By Paul
oak lawn, Illinois
Love Scratch Wedges!
April 11, 2014
Scratch wedges are some of the best in the business. If more people tried them more would play them because theyre as good as anything on the market. The grooves and milling are awesome and this wedge can spin it back with thr best of them.
ProsEverything. Bounce options turf interaction
By Peter
Windermere, Florida
April 8, 2014
This is one of the cleanest, simplistic looking wedges I have ever seen and they feel great. Beauty and performance is a great combination.
By jason
Atlanta, GA
Great Wedges
March 25, 2014
This club completes my set. These are the best wedges I've owned, and the price here is ridiculous.
By Shannon
Solid feel
March 25, 2014
I bought the wedge (48 degree) to replace one in my set, very solid club, great feel.
By Ray J
Vallejo Ca
great spin
February 26, 2014
The club puts good spin on the ball and lets you stop the ball on a dime. Great buy, great club!
ProsSpin, nice finish on club. Good balance for greater club control on short pitches.
Consnothing yet
By dmcinc
United States
February 25, 2014
Solid club. Highly recommend.
ConsNot very forgiving
By Suggie
Very Good
February 17, 2014
Very quick shiment and good price! Satisfied well.
By Bird Hunter
Boca Raton, FL
Best Kept Secret in Golf
February 3, 2014
First and foremost you must know your swing type (specifically the amount of bounce) before selecting one of these Wedges. Despite the perfect construction, if it doesn't match your swing it won't perform for you. It took me a good amount of trial and error with multiple wedges before i found my optimal bounce but now that i have that i can swing freely. That being said, this is an amazingly well constructed club. Whenever you hear someone describe a club as being "buttery soft" this is what they're talking about. I can feel the soft 8620 metal compress and grip the ball and my max swing speed tops out at only 95mph and I rarely get to that speed with a wedge in my hand. I had these on my radar for a while but never pulled the trigger and now I'm glad I did. I only wish I did it earlier because there a less options available now in my set up. The club does appear more compact at address but when I hold it up next to my Cleveland wedge it is almost identical. The compact look at address may scare off some but once you swing it you will be very pleased. Super service from rockbottom as always and I hope this review helped.
ProsPerfect Wedge
By Rob
Outer Banks, NC
Best Wedge I Have Used
February 1, 2014
I'll tell yaya I have owned wedges from every manufacturer but never a scratch wedge until now. I couldn't be happier. The feel and control of these is amazing. The blade length from heel to toe is a touch shorter and gets thru the rough very easily. And off of tight lies the spin is incredible. I can work the ball hi or low and make it skid once then stop or release a bit. Truly the best wedge I have tried.
ProsLook Feel Control
ConsPossibly a little harder to use for beginners You don't know what shaft you will receive
Temple City, CA
Scratch Golf-8620 Wedge
January 17, 2014
Good feeling of handling. Club head is somewhat small though.
ConsSmall head
By George
Austin Tx
Great club for the price
January 6, 2014
Took a couple of rounds to get comfortable with the small head. Very versatile around greens.
ProsGood looking and performing club
ConsGrip okay but re-gripped for my preference.
By Sean
san jose, ca
14* Bounce
December 15, 2013
I have been looking for a high bounce 60* for a long time and this one is it. First off all Scratch wedges look great at address, but most importantly it plays great in the wet weather!
By David Cook
Emerald Isle, NC
Fantastic wedge!
December 5, 2013
This is an excellent wedge. I believe it is just as good or better than the vokey models, which previous to this I swore by. You cannot beat the price offered on Rock Bottom either - even cheaper than eBay.
ProsGood tacky grip Solid confidence inspiring look Many different bounce/sole options
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
Like it more than my Cleveland
December 4, 2013
Like the milled face. Feels like it glides across the turf better than my Cleveland rtx.
By fred
san Francisco, California
November 3, 2013
These were an instant upgrade over my prior wedges. Heads are small. Didnt take too long to get used to. Rips the cover off the ball.
By Chuck
Great Wedge
October 30, 2013
It's a great wedge. I am replaced all my wedges with Scratch wedges
ProsFeel Spin
By Bill
Raleigh, NC
Sweet wedge
October 29, 2013
I got the 47 degree cast wedge. Small head and soft feel for cast. Exactly what I wanted at a nice price!
ProsSatin finish. Small head. Low bounce. A good fit with my iron set, '90 MacGregor VIP, that was missing a PW.
By JayRiley
Buhl, MN
Great Wedges for Price
October 22, 2013
Recieved my wedges (8620 DS 47,53,58) the other day and they look great! Can't wait to get them out on the course. The head is nice and compact, and they are aimed towards the better player. I might have to snag a 50 the next time these go on sale!
ProsCompact Great feel
Consfor the better player
By Steve A.
Southern, US
Great Wedge
October 22, 2013
Outstanding Wedge at a great price. Great Spin and excellent feel. Ordered a 56 first and loved it so much i ordered a 52 and a 60.
ProsLooks great, hits great, price
ConsPure grips are not great. Might work for some just not for me.
By R.W.
Chicago suburbs
Great product
October 21, 2013
Awesome product at a great price.
ProsGood quality at a great price.
Conscheap stock grip. will be replaced asap.
By Bob
Great Wedge
October 21, 2013
Solid feel and great balance - better than my Cleveland CG15.
By OhioGolfDude
Bellbrook, OH
Getting used to it!
October 18, 2013
Took me a round or 2 to get acquainted with this wedge, but now I realize it will do whatever you ask it to! High flops, approach runners, sand blasts - whatever you need, it performs!
ProsHits all the shots I need Simple understated look
ConsShaft not labeled Grip could be better
By flonflon38
ceux que j'attendais
October 8, 2013
Un rapport qualité prix incomparable
Prosrapidité de l'expédition
Consles frais de douane...
By flonflon38
ceux que j'attendais
October 8, 2013
Un rapport qualité prix incomparable
Prosrapidité de l'expédition
Consles frais de douane...
By flonflon38
ceux que j'attendais
October 8, 2013
Un rapport qualité prix incomparable
Prosrapidité de l'expédition
Consles frais de douane...
By Br
Adelaide Sa
Scratch Wedges 53 & 58
October 5, 2013
These are fantastic. I am a 1 handicap golfer in Adelaide South Australia,and while my course is a bit average in condition coming out of winter here these clubs have performed terrifically in the two rounds used to date.Lucky for me the guys at the Rock supplied both with same shaft but i change grips to my own preference.I have played for 37 years & never with a better feeling & bite stopping wedge.These are a performing bargin. Brenton
ProsTerrific feel & stopping ability , price was a bargin as they are not in Australia.Excellent product finish.
ConsGrip supplied too thin,you will need to adjust to your comfort or change to what you like
By Greg
Winnipeg, MB
Great Wedge Heads
October 5, 2013
Very impressed with the quality of the wedge heads I picked up the 47 and 53 d/s. Everything else about the club seems to be a little cheap from the ferule to the grip...... including the shafts which on the 47 is a True Temper Dynalite Gold and a stepless something on the 53. Grip alignment marks on the 53 face the ground when you hold the club.........
ProsNice heads for the price
ConsGotta spend some cash to get the ferules, shafts and grips changed........
By Bryan
United States
Fantastic wedge
October 4, 2013
Great wedge at a fantastic price.
ProsGreat feel. Really grabs the ball.
ConsSmall head takes some getting used to.
By Tatu
Excellent wedge
October 4, 2013
53* and 58* wedges with 10* bounce.
ProsBounce and sole design is perfect. Easy to open face for lob shots Good feel. Best looking wedges so far.
ConsDon't know what shaft you get.
By Mats
SLC, Utah
nice head, meh everything else
September 29, 2013
I bought the S/S in a 50 and 60. The heads are nice, but everything else is disappointing. The grip is terrible and not aligned, for a premium wedge made for the "discerning golfer" this is an absolute letdown. Also, one grip was noticeably weathered. The shafts were a step less shaft. I also saw some blueing on the hosel of both my wedges which leads me to believe that the original higher quality shaft was pulled and a cheaper one was put in and quickly assembled by someone with little skill, which would explain the gross grip misalignment. I bought these on a deal of the day for a little under $40, so I think 4 stars is fair and can afford new shafts and grips. Probably will go with Cleveland, Vokey, or Cally wedges in the future.
ProsThe heads are nice, very playable. They look good at address and I like the grind on the 50* S/S wedge.
ConsGrips and their alignment are a joke, very misaligned. Poor club assembly and blueing on the hosel. Step it up Scratch golf, this is really unacceptable for a tour inspired, boutique wedge and never found in other brands (cleveland, vokey, cally, etc.).
By cho
montgomery, al
so sexy club
September 28, 2013
By Ariss
Midlothian, VA
great wedge
September 25, 2013
I had 47, 53, 58, beautiful design, very high quality. With the low price that RBG ask for, it's a great buy for me.
By SW Ohio
United States
Great value on an Outstanding Wedge
September 24, 2013
Nice grind. Got the low bounce versions for a sweeper/slider.
By Russ Porter
Dieppe NB Canada
Beautiful Club!
September 24, 2013
I have played 3 rounds with this club and it's been killer from inside 80 yards! I even spun one back about 10 feet from 65 yards out! Never did that before in my life! The milled face and the precise bounce combine to make each shot crisp and controlled. I am a sweeper/slider and I had trouble with other wedges simply because the bounce angles didn't fit my swing. Well, that problem is now history with this beautiful Scratch club. It looks sexy, and hits the ball about 5 yards further than my CG14, probably because now I make good clean contact. Rockbottom Golf was great as always! I highly recommend this wedge!
ProsNice weight Looks Feel Gives player confidence Quality construction
ConsI just wish there was a grip option. The grip is very good but it's standard size and I use a mid.
By Duke
Sweepers Buy This One !
September 23, 2013
Highly recommend this iron as a great buy! I'm a 2 Hcp and this club features a great face grind that imparts just enough spin without cutting my urethane balls. I will add other lofts in the near future.
Prosclub head weight and face milling incredible price point
Cons grip is not equal to club quality - replaced to match my other irons
By Jason
September 23, 2013
VOKEY has got nothing on these precision instruments. Fantastic feel, amazing looks. At half to a third of the price of the vokeys makes this a no Brainerd.
ProsAlmost everything
Tinley Park, IL
Awesome Wedges
September 15, 2013
I have purchased this wedge in both 56 degree and 60 degree with 10 bounce. These clubs feel great and the milling in the club face allows for more spin on the ball that you didn't think you could do. With the 10 bounce wedge, you can easily check up the ball and I highly recommend these wedges. Bought the wedges when they were on sale for $50 and that is an absolute steal.
ProsGreat feel great spin on the ball and check-up ability
Conshaven't found any cons yet
West TX
So far, so good!
August 23, 2013
I just wish that both wedges I ordered from RBG had the KBS tour shaft and matching ferules. The 47 is perfect, but the 53 looks cheap. Cheaply chromed stepIess shaft with no shaftband and a short black ferrule. I only rated 4* because I've only played them today, and can't attest to durability. First off, these babies have some weight to them, and put a lot of stank on the ball. I was drawing back the 47 10-15' today on firm West TX greens, which is good because I was hitting it 10-15 yards further than my Adams CB1 PW. Was gaming a 52 Nike VR forged, and while it had good feel didn't provide much action. The 53SS is easily 10yrds longer than the Nike. Can't wait to get a few more rounds in to get the distances dialed in. Oh and change the horrible grips out. Would love for RBG to swap me out a proper 53 with the KBS shaft and black and white ring ferrule.
ProsHead is finished great! Love the KBS shaft in one of these. Great feeling wedge.
ConsHate the shaft in one of these wedges. It is stepless, and cheaply chromed with no name. Already shows a little surface rust?? RBG needs to put some packing in the shipping boxes...
By Mike K
Dearborn, Mi
Small head but great proformance
August 16, 2013
I love the club, it has a beautiful balance... And and even better feel when you connect...
Pros-great balance -groves are nice and tight -custom feel
Cons-small head not for newer players
By kevin
Back Spin like a Pro.
August 7, 2013
This club is one of the best back spinning wedge i've ever played. Wedge feels very soft for a casted iron. If you are playing on a fast hard green then this wedge is a must. I highly recommend it to single to mid handicapped players.
ProsGreat bite on the green
By Springer
Yuma, AZ
Great Wedge
August 5, 2013
I bought this to replace my TaylorMade replaceable face wedges (that aren't very replaceable anymore since they've stop making them). I first bought a replacement 56 degree sand wedge and fell in love with the club. It felt very solid and forgiving. I was able to get much more spin on the ball too, due to the excellent machining on the face. After two weeks of using the 56 I replaced my 60 degree lob wedge and haven't looked back since. Both great clubs and excellent craftsmanship! It is also a premium to be able to order the type of wedge in the configuration you prefer.
ProsWorkmanship Solid feel Price
ConsA grip option would have been nice but the stock grip will suffice for now.
By David
Murray, KY
August 5, 2013
No complaints at all. Beautiful clubs that play as well as they look, even in the hands of a hacker such as myself. Started with the 50 and 56, will be adding a 47 and 60 to the bag soon.
By billyki
Mt. Pleasant, PA
Great wedge! Great value!
August 4, 2013
Don White does it again! This wedge is gorgeous. After doing a simple and quick fitting on the Scratch Golf website, I purchased a 56* with the Sweeper/Slider grind. Couldn't be happier. I was a little sceptical about it being cast, not forged. No worries. It doesn't lack anything in the feel department. My favorite attribute of this wedge is the size of the head. It is very small and I feel it forces a more controlled swing and ensures good center-face contact. The milled ABC face provides great spin (both full shots from 100 yds in and delicate greenside pitches and chips) while not shredding the cover. Next purchase will be a 52* S/S. Love this wedge. Would recommend it to most.
ProsOutstanding spin without destroying ball cover. Multiple grind options help to fit your swing. Compact head promotes controlled swing.
ConsSome players may not like the compact size of the head.
By R.
Great replacement for a PW!
August 4, 2013
This wedge was purchased as a replacement for the graphite, senior shaft, cobra S-3 max PW that I lost and it has improved my short game considerably. Now I would like to replace the sand wedge as well and I just need five points to redeem the $25 gift certificate, and I am hoping this review will do that.
ProsI found out I don't need graphite senior shaft to get 110 yards, the 47 degree steel shaft works better and with improved accuracy.
ConsDoesn't work very well digging the ball out of the sand with 47 degree loft and 10 degree bounce.
By UncleAl
Shelby, NC
A solid pitching wedge
August 3, 2013
I bought the 47 degree to replace the pitching wedge I had been using for years and glad I did. With the exception of the grip, the club is a solid performer. It's a bit heavier than my old club and that's what I was looking for.
Prossolid feel looks great at address
Consinferior grip
By Jim
San Antoniop, Texas
Scratch golf wedge
August 2, 2013
Beautiful wedge, the amount of spin is just fantastic stops on a dime, liked it so much I bought the 53 deg wedge. great craftmanship. Con= very cheap grip had to replace it right away. but I love the feel of the club!!!!
ProsCraftmanship outstanding
ConsCheap grip
By Ryan
Stillwater, MN
Great Wedge
July 24, 2013
Performs well, great price.
By Frank
North Stonington, CT
Great Club
July 24, 2013
Beautiful looking club. The club head is a bit smaller than what I'm used too but this club is used for short chips and getting out of the sand green side.
ProsGreat Looking Digger/Driver is a great description. If you swing like that it will have great results
ConsSmall Club head, not quite as confident at address than I would be with a clunkier head.
By Ben
Great feel
July 23, 2013
Very solid and good feel.
ProsClean sight lines Feel Responsiveness
ConsGrip Lie angle
By Richard
South Carolina
Great Club
July 22, 2013
Forged feel at the cost of cast.
ProsNothing bad to say.
By Richard
Looking for some lob help!
July 6, 2013
I just purchased this club, and while I'm not proud of my short game, this club is making me a believer by getting me closer when I need that high and soft approach.
By jeff
awesome club
June 30, 2013
Great feel and good grip! I'm sure to buy another to add to my collection! 53°
ProsGrip Craftsmanship Clean look
Awesome spin
June 29, 2013
For being a cast iron and not forged, it surprisingly has a nice feel and spin rate. I've played a number of rounds and there are no dings or scuff marks... Seriously strong material
By Chris
Halifax, NS
Scratch sand wedge
June 29, 2013
Played 2 rounds. Great club. Digs out of sand nicely.
ProsNice look. Nice forged feel.
ConsDisliked paying $30 for shipping plus another $22 for import and excise taxes.
By playnine
scratch 53 wedge
June 26, 2013
the balls will bite with these wedges
By Jeff Anderson
Conroe, Texas
Great clubs for the price!!!
June 24, 2013
I got the 47, 50, 53 and 60 degree and put DG s300 w/sensicore and they are wonderful clubs. Would highly recommend.
By Brian
Seattle, WA
True hit every time!
June 19, 2013
Got this for free with a $100 purchase, and its the better than the two clubs I bought in the purchase. Great feel, good bite, and easy to judge distance on approach shots.
ProsAccurate Price
By Mark
Washington, DC
I like it
June 16, 2013
Good feel, good balance.
ProsSame feel and performance as Vokey
Consgrip is a little slimey
By Don C.
St. Charles, MO
Beautiful wedge
June 12, 2013
Clean simple lines. Lots of loft and bounce options. Solidly made.
ProsEverything Great price.
ConsInconsistent shaft and grips amongst wedges.
By Steve
Tupelo, MS
Just "Scratch"ing the surface
June 6, 2013
I have enjoyed the soft feel of this club. The tear drop shape which is similar to the vokey has given me good spin also.
Prossoft feel and shape
By mike barnes
June 5, 2013
Had this wedge for three weeks and 5 rounds. This is the perfect club for i was a cleveland guy. Not any more. Thanks for the good wedge and good price will buy two more!
ProsGood spin Good distance control Durable.
By Nori
Dillon Montana
love them!
June 5, 2013
Had heard good reviews, decided to give these a try. Top quality workmanship, excellent playability. Am replacing my Titleist Volkeys with a set of these.
ProsSeem to work better for me than any wedges I've played. Precise, solid feel, good spin. Performs well with open and closed face.
ConsGrip is small in diameter and doesn't appear to equal the high quality of the rest of the club. Minor issue as I will regrip to match rest of irons.
By Jim
Awesome club
June 2, 2013
Great for sweeper
By Kory
North carolina
Great club
June 1, 2013
Great looking club. The look goes along way when your standing over the ball. Performance for the price is unmatched. Buy it
ProsPerformance Price Looks
By Seung
Keller, TX
Classic headshape
May 31, 2013
Classic headshape and the grooves are very nice. Club has a good headweight so easy to reshaft.
By Jay
Detroit michigan
Nice wedge
May 16, 2013
This wedge feels a lot better than my pitch wedge. I replaced the grip and love it!
ProsNice soft feel when u hit the ball.
ConsSlippery grip
By Nathan
Sandy Eggo, CA
Unique club
May 15, 2013
Only hit it 1 time during the entire round, but loved that one shot... It is a little heavier than most clubs, but I like that. This club puts the "in" in spin...
ProsWeight, spin generated
ConsGrip isn't the best
By Adam
Baltimore, Maryland
May 15, 2013
The best PW i have ever used!
ProsSmooth Great weight Nice grip
By Andrew
Superior Wedges
May 14, 2013
I traded in my pitching wedge for the 47 Degree, and it's great. I would recommend these wedges, especially to those with cavity back irons. Much better feel and no loss of distance.
By Brad
Warren, Ohio
Great Wedge
May 13, 2013
Got the 47* pitching wedge to replace my set's pw. Got this for free from Rock Bottom with my order, so the price waa fantastic. I love this club, it feels great when struck well on full shots and the sole grind allows me to hit a wider variety of shots than my set's pw. This is a players club, the head is noticeably smaller than my Vokey wedges, so this may not be the best wedge for a high handicapper.
ProsGreat spin and feel, works the ball nicely, very accurate, great price
ConsSound isn't the best on full shots
By Troy
Zanesville, Ohio
Sharp Looking Wedge
May 13, 2013
This wedge passes the eye test, my 47 degree is a good replacement for a pitching wedge.
By lee mahoney
new zealand
May 13, 2013
great nice club
Prossweet club
By Chuck
sharp club
May 12, 2013
I haven't hit it yet but love the weight and feel. Hoping it hits as good as it looks!
Proslooks weight
Conslow quality stock grip
By Chuck
sharp club
May 12, 2013
I haven't hit it yet but love the weight and feel. Hoping it hits as good as it looks!
Proslooks weight
Conslow quality stock grip
By Harrry
A tour quality club at a Wal-mart price,
May 12, 2013
This Scratch wedge is terrific. I play a lot of different wedges because of course differences where I play. When you need that 120 yards and the lie is on a hard surface this club gets it done. I've used it over 20 times during different rounds and it has put the ball where I wanted it and stopped it right there. A STEAL at this price.
ProsSpin control, Great from hard pan our low grass lies.
By Tim
Christchurch, Canterbury
Great spin
May 11, 2013
Great freebie with an order. Amazing control around the green and the milled face is perfect for extra ball spin.
By Edd
Lacey, WA
These wedges are awesome
May 7, 2013
These are great wedges for an even better price. They are long with nice feel around the greens. Also you can get a lot of spin without chewing up your ball.
ProsFeel Look price
ConsMore loft options
By Josh
great wedge
April 25, 2013
clean look, great spin on the ball
Proslook and spin
Consgrip is slick
By Wayne
Abingdon, VA
Quality wedge at great price
April 24, 2013
Purchased 50, 53 and 58 degree Scratch wedges. Able to spin the ball very well and they are effective in greenside bunkers as well. You don't have the choice in shafts when ordering but at the price I paid, it isn't a big deal. Grips are just ok but you can change that easily. They also have a classic look. One of my regular playing partners purchased Scratch wedges recently from RBG and he is equally satisfied with his purchase.
ProsQuality Looks Performance
ConsGrips are average.
By Glenn
Christchurch, NZ
Scratch Golf Wedge
April 14, 2013
Great club, has good ability to spin the ball even if you are not a low handicap golfer.
By Joe
Asheville, NC
Should've tried these sooner.
April 10, 2013
Easy summation: My 588's gave me confidence, but the Scratch 8620's affirm that I know what I'm doing. The smaller heads on these wedges at first made me hesitate, but I soon realized I was hitting the sweet spot on every stroke- maybe as a result somehow? I don't know, and I don't care. I love 'em. The random shafts are fine even though I had already decided to replace them prior to ordering. I'm very happy with this purchase. And for the price they simply cannot be beat.
ProsFeel Performance Looks Value
By Ted
Mid Atlantic
Can't touch this wedge at the price
April 8, 2013
At half the price of competitive wedges from major brands, this is a no-brainer. Some of the best worksmanship you can find. Dont be fooled by the fact that it isn't played by tour pros - its a small company and pros would rather get paid big $ for endorsement deals with big companies. One of mine came with a tapered shaft and one came with a stepped shaft. They don't leave the labels on so I have no idea what they are - assuming KBS and DG. Also, stock grips (pure) are very hard so I replaced with tour velvets. All in all best wedge for the money by far.
ProsWorksmanship, grinds that are geared towards swing types, great feel, smaller head than competitors
ConsMix-n-match shafts, hard and somewhat slick grips
By Matt
Wedge with great feel
March 31, 2013
I got this 47 degree wedge to replace a broken P wedge in my iron set. Got the "sweeper/slider" bounce because I'm not a big divot taker. That turned out to be the right move. I love everything about this wedge except for the grip.
ProsPlayer look/feel. Plenty of spin
ConsPlastic feeling grip
Clemson, SC
Great wedge
March 29, 2013
It's the best wedge. I strongly recommend this.
ProsAccuracy, Balance
By Rusty
Portland, OR
February 28, 2013
More than adequate from bunkers and absolutely superb from turf. No wonder the tour pros love these! Now, you can have a wedge in your bag that is ground to suit your swing, just like the pros. And at an RBG price.
By Bobby
North Carolina
Under Valued
February 21, 2013
Great wedges with awesome performance. Love the small compact head.
By cg
good product
February 21, 2013
Have not had a chance to play with it yet but looks and feels great
By Keith
Round Rock, TX
Best wedges I have played!
February 10, 2013
These wedges are the best I have played. Lie and loft were as advertised and the Scratch system of matching club to swing is right on. Lots of options to fit every style of short game technique. I just wanted the heads and I put new shafts in the clubs.
ProsGreat look, Great feel, great fitting system, exceptional value!
ConsPw and sw had the same shaft and the gap and lob had different shafts. Great if you just want the heads, but problematic if you are looking for continuity.
By David
Myrtle Beach, SC
February 9, 2013
Great club for the price. I took the advice of other reviewers and replaced the grip before hitting it. Have played many rounds and had a few driving range sessions with it and love the feel of the ball off the club face. RBG has been a nice find for golf and other deals.
ProsPrice Feel Looks
By Jason
Norther Utah
Perfect Wedge Combination
February 6, 2013
I bought the 50*, 53*, & 58* wedges and have loved them. Great feel and great control. Also produces great spin from 130 yards to next to the green. I've played Vokey, Mizzuno, and others, this is the best wedge I have ever played.
ProsBang for the buck. Stops on a dime control. Great feel.
By Larry
Great wedge! Thanks.
January 23, 2013
Just what I was looking for to fit between my existing clubs. Thanks.
By The scrambler
Pinehurst nc
Very nice wedge!!
January 21, 2013
Replaced my old vokey with this wedge first round out spun it back 2 1/2 feet never done that before. Can really attack the pin with this club because it will stick even hard greens!!
ProsGrooves,simple looks
ConsIf anything I'm going to replace the grip
By Tony X
Lawndale, CA
January 14, 2013
great wedge at a great price fast ship... pinch it close
By Tommy
Los Angeles, CA
Solid old school wedges, compact & solid, esp. for the price!
January 11, 2013
Recently picked up the 50, 53, & 58 D/S wedges during the 24hr sale. Received the 50 & 53 in the dynalight shaft and 58 in the DG shaft, which was random and unexpected. The shapes are old school pear shape and compact. I didn't like the light shafts initially on the range, but performed well on the course, especially with full swings and paired nicely with my Nike VRS forged irons w/ NS shafts. Very nice height, true distance and lands soft, with manageable spin. I tried the 58, but went back to my Vokey, because I realized I'm too used to the heavier feel of the Vokeys for chipping and short approach shots, but don't like them as much for full swings. Overall, definitely recommended wedges, especially the 47-53 PW & GW replacements. The D/S bounce is perfect for my swing and I produce a nice & even landing strip divot.
ProsPrice, looks, performance, feel, swing weight/balance
ConsRBG doesn't tell you which shaft you'll get; spin is good, but not as good as Vokey, Mizuno, or Clev.; cheap grip, feel is great for cast, but no where close to a forged do I miss my forged Titleist "ELK" wedge from the 90's!
By damon
south dakota
nice wedge
January 10, 2013
I like the looks and feel of this wedge.I haven't hit outside yet but played a round at a sim and was pleased. The head is a little small for me but overall is a solid wedge.
Proslooks feel
Conshead size small
By austin
dallas, tx
Awesome wedges
January 3, 2013
The grinds on these wedges make it so versatile. I can open it up for flop shots or keep it square for half and full shots.
By glenn husted
December 3, 2012
By Yipmeister
November 27, 2012
This is the 4th Scratch Wedge I have in my bag. Fantastic feel and control.Drop and stop ball action. I highly recommend these wedges. For the price point cannot be beat. Esthectically pleasing clean simple "old-school" styling. Get one you will not be disappointed. Soft feel actually to me, better then their forged wedges.
By Mike
Atlanta, GA
Great feel/touch/feed back preferred by skilled golfers
November 19, 2012
I purchased the 47 degree with 10 degree bounce and the Dynamic Gold 300 shafts. Great feel/touch/feed back but a slightly smaller head and a little harder to hit than my TaylorMade TP wedges. It probably has to do with my lack of ability as the club more closely resembles a muscle backed forged tour wedges than my TaylorMade wedges' more cavity backed design. Otherwise, the sole and set up of the club is almost identicle to the TaylorMade TP line.
ProsGreat feel/touch/feed back. Conventional look and offset.
ConsNot very forgiving for miss hits.
By Buz Barlow
San Diego, California
Why buy Titleist or Cleveland
November 18, 2012
These Scratch Golf wedges are fantastic! Classic club head shape, great swing weight, and a bounce you pick according to your swing. I have a 50 degree gap wedge and a 58 degree lob wedge in the driver-slider bounce and they are perfect for my type of swing. Why spend a hundred or more dollars on a wedge when these Scratch Golf wedges are just as good as a Cleveland or Titleist?
ProsClassic shape, nice milled face, and, of course, the price.
ConsThe grips were a bit thin for my hands. I replaced them with Lamkin Crossline full cord grips and now the clubs are perfect.
By Brad P.
Great Wedges
November 12, 2012
These wedges have such a clean look to them. Great feel for cast iron. The dynalite gold shafts that came with them launch the ball great for my swing. I love the look and performance of the grinds. Coming from cally x forged wedges and vokey spin milled and these are my favorite wedges as far as look at address, feel, and performance (performance based on variety of shot making ability). I'd recommend these clubs to anyone that wants to improve their short game.
ProsPrice Look Performance
By Mark
Best wedge ever!
November 10, 2012
I can honestly say that I have a "little" wedge habit! I own them all - you name the wedge, and it is probably hidden somewhere in our house - in the normal places, like the garage and attic, but also under the couches in the den, living and family rooms! The Scratch wedges are the very best I have used! From distance consistency, to dead-on shot line accuracy, to the ability to hit shots that just stop immediately when they hit the green - there is no better wedge on the market! And the ridiculously low price - have you checked out the price from the Cave? This truly is a "no brainer" purchase!!!
ProsFeel, accuracy, ability to spin the ball, fantastic looks and the price from Rock Bottom Golf cannot be beat!!!!
By drew
newington, ct
Heck of a deal
November 8, 2012
Best wedges on the market.....i play a 47 52 56 60 and bent a 60 to 64.....great grinds, great feel, sleek look
By JD, Too
Bryant, AR
The Lob Wedge I needed...
September 28, 2012
I was in the market for a new lob wedge when I found this little beauty during one of rockbottom's awesome sales. I'm really into this wedge. It feels a little bit heavier than some of the other wedges I've owned or tried, but that's not a bad thing. I'm pretty strong, so a little weight is good for me. I don't always get the spin I'd like, but I think that's more of a product of the way I hit the ball sometimes rather than a drawback of this fine wedge. I am needing a new sand wedge and plan on getting one that is the same brand. Now THAT is a recommendation of the highest regard.
Prosthe weight---because of my strength the grip---because it feels awesome(Pure grip)
By Dennis
North Reading, MA
great spin but poor grip
August 23, 2012
I bought this wedge to fill a gap in my bag and it performs extremely well. I also own a 54 degree vokey wedge and the difference between the two is small if any. I was surprised by the weight of the wedge because it seems to be a little more top heavy compared to others, but I don't think that is a con. The only con is the cheap grip that may appeal to certain players based on preference.
Prosspin, design, visual appeal
Conscheap grip
By Michigan Matt
Just what the doctor ordered
August 19, 2012
58 degree Digger Diver wedge. Good club. What I was looking for up here in Michigan Shaft - True Temper Dynalite Gold. Grip - Pure Grip made for Scratch.
Prosprice milled face
By Curt
youngstown ohio
great wedge
August 17, 2012
outstanding club looks great and has a lot of bite on the greens from 100 out
Proslook feel bite
Conslength - much shorter than i would like
By Eric
Chicago, IL
Great wedge!
August 16, 2012
Good looking wedge, the feel is very crisp, the sweeper/slider grind fits my swing well. If you are in the market for new wedges, these are the winners. Excellent price too
By Dave
Grand Rapids, MI
Very Nice Wedges
August 16, 2012
Recently got the 50 and 58 degree Scratch wedges. After 5 rounds, I am very happy with them. Distance and dispersion have been consistent, and they provide enough spin to stop quickly on the green. Nice weight.
ProsConsistency Spin Weight
By Mike
Port Richey, Fl
nice wedge
August 13, 2012
Have only used the club one time, however it gives me the distance I wanted 70-90 yards and is very forgiving. I have not hit a bad shot with it.
Prosdistance and user friendly
Consnothing at this time
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
Scratch Milled Wedge
August 11, 2012
Tons of spin generated with these wedges. Scratch is overlooked for Vokeys and Clevelands, but they perform as their equal. Give them a demo when you have the chance--they are definite quality, top performing wedges.
By Christopher Medel
Troy, Mi
56 degree 10 degree bounce
July 28, 2012
The Scratch 8620 is a very sexy looking wedge. The feel is unbelievable. I added two pieces of lead tape and gained about 7 yards on a full shot. Be careful, the face produces a ton of spin on the ball. I was filling the grooves with ball cover on the range the first two times I played with this wedge. It is definitely staying in the bag for now. Fantastic wedge overall.
ProsFeel Look
ConsGrooves cut the balls a bit too much
By lee
Bakersfield, Calif
| Scratch Golf- 2010 8620 Milled Chrome Wedge
July 27, 2012
This Pitching wedge is exactly what I have been looking for. Very accurate easy to use puts the ball where I want it every time.
ProsPuts a lot of spin on the ball so it checks up and will reverse on the green. Last round I played with this club I shot a 79 at River Lakes golf links in Bakersfield Calif.
By Mike
San Diego, CA
Great wedges
July 25, 2012
Replaced my old vokey with a 56 degree and added a 60 degree. Both are awesome, 2 hops and stop everytime. I can now fly it to the pin and know that I won't go rolling off the back. They are a little smaller head but it hasn't bothered me in the least. At first the grips seemed sort of cheap but they are softening up a bit and get tacky. I still may replace them for some winn grips. Overall they were a great purchase.
Prosfeel they bite clean look
Consgrips seem cheap
By Bryan K
Fargo, ND
Wow. Just wow.
July 20, 2012
I used to be a very good wedge player. It's all I ever work on. I just loved my old wedges, too. They were the old style grooves, and I had a ton of control over them. Alas, after several hundred rounds plus dozens of hours on the practice greens, I found that I just wasn't getting any better. In fact, I was regressing. It didn't occur to me until just recently that the reason for that might just be because the grooves on my old wedges were wearing out. The reason why I decided to get the Scratch wedges was because I wanted to narrow the gaps between my wedges a bit. I play a 47* pitching wedge, so I went with 3* gaps...50, 53, and 56. Scratch was the only company I could get that through. And after reading several reviews and finding these milled wedges on sale here at rockbottomgolf, I decided to give them a try. First of all, I was worried about no longer carrying a 60* wedge in my bag anymore. That worrying was all for naught. The feel of these wedges is so awesome, I know immediately how far the ball is going to go the second I hit it. It's going to take some work narrowying down the distances, but I'm confident it won't take long. What I like best, though, is how well I can control the roll. I alternate between wedges on short chip shots based on how much roll I want to get, and I have found that combining that attribute with opening and closing the club face, I have a lot of freedom to create a lot of different types of shots. These wedges did not fix my tendency to occasionally hit a chip shot fat, but they sure do work great when my swing is true.
ProsGreat control Accuracy Great feel
By Vince
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Great Wedge
July 17, 2012
I was looking around to purchase a sand wedge for my bag. I was trying to decide whether to just buy a cheap wedge or cough up around $100 for a higher end wedge. I came across the scratch wedges on RBG and they are the best of both worlds. High quality wedge but not expensive. I received it on time and took it out on my first golfing experience with my girlfriend's father. I use to struggle with bunker shots but with this new weapon in my bag I was hitting my best bunker shots ever. I can not recommend this wedge enough.
ProsBeautiful club Nice grip
ConsSmaller head than some other wedges
By Andrew
Forgiving wedge
July 17, 2012
Great feel and easy to hit
By Mike
Los Angeles
Very nice looking wedge
July 15, 2012
I like these wedges because of their classic clean look. I took them out to the course for the first time today and I would say they performed quite well. It would have been nice to get the forged version, but these milled ones will fit the bill until I get better. Just note that the milled ones are from China, and the forged ones are specially made in an old world Japanese steel forger. I give 4 stars for their classic look and affordability. I notch 1 star for it's slight lack of quality craftsmanship that you may be used to with your Cleveland wedges.
ProsClassic and clean look Affordability Good performance
ConsSlight quality drop off Grip feels cheap
By Fast Eddie
So. Cal.
Quality Product
July 15, 2012
All of my wedges are being phased out of the bag as I replace all of them with Scratch. Nothing checks up like these!! Nothing!! They have made me a better player, period. I'm Sold.
ProsPerformance Price Looks Variety
ConsThey check more than you expect on shorter chips, getting used to that...
scratch 50* wedge
July 12, 2012
only have used it once so far but hit it well
Prosvisually appealing... clean, simple design. club head looks good standing over it.
Consthe grip... definitly going to replace it. the one it comes with is too hard and gets slippery with even just a little sweat
Southern California
July 9, 2012
These are some awesome wedges. I have to say, the loft and soft bounce generated by the 56 and 60 is amazing. There's just something truly satisfying about finally being able to hit a towering ball that lands softly, regardless of where it ends up. These wedges go on sale every so often, I highly suggest you buy yourself a set!
Sacramento, CA
Beautiful Wedge, great results
July 8, 2012
These wedges bite like there is no tomorrow. Shots sit and backspin with full shots and chips. Great, workable, wedges. Bought the 50,56, and 60 degree wedges and am selling my Clevelands. These are MUCH better. Make sure you get the correct grind to match your swing type.
ProsGreat Spin Easy Workability Clean Look
ConsChews up Golf Balls as grooves are sharp!
By Doug Weir
Venetia, PA
Just what I was looking for!
July 4, 2012
Our greens have been very dry and fast this early summer. No one has been able to stop the ball on short approach shots. That's not the case now. I have saved numerous shots with this wedge.
ProsThe ability to stop the ball on a "dime".
By Brian
Best wedge for th money
June 30, 2012
Great wedges, they have the looks and feel to give you confidence. My short game has improved dramtically in a week with these wedges.
ProsLooks Feel
By Petro
Cleveland, OH
It's a good wedge for the money
June 27, 2012
Love it
ProsBall jumps off the club
By Marvin
Buford, GA
Solid wedge
June 25, 2012
The wedges feel and look great! The only downside is the shaft selection - you get one of two shafts, so if you order a few wedges, as I did, they may not all have the same shaft. Otherwise, the wedges have excellent feel. Thus far they perform better on 3/4 shots and touch shots rather than full shots. Overall and excellent purchase.
By Eric
South Carolina
Great deal. Misleading advertising.
June 24, 2012
Bought a 50, 53, and 58 in April. While I understood that the shafts may be different, I was not aware that with those different shafts I would also be receiving different heads. 2 of the heads had grooves legal for competition while the 3rd came with the old box grooves.
ProsGreat wedges.
ConsGrips were ok. I immediately replaced them.
By don
love these wedges, great spin, look and feel.
June 24, 2012
These are great wedges that feel great in your hand and inspire confidence at address. I picked up a set for my bag and have them dialed in for distance.
Prosgreat look and feel great spin even with a distance ball nice grip
By Jim Sanderson
29 Palms, CA
Best Wedgws
June 24, 2012
I'm a deep divot taker, these DD wedges are the best I have ever hit.
ProsNice wide sole with the correct bounce.
By desertgolfer
Boulder City, Nv
June 23, 2012
I have never been a good wedge player until now. These wedges stop on a dime!
ProsStop quickly. Good price.
ConsI little heavy if you are used to playing with graphite shafts in your irons.
By Dean
I'm a Convert!!!
June 22, 2012
I absolutely LOVE the Scratch Wedges!!! They are, in my opinion, not only the best looking wedges, but feel amazing to hit. I'll be ordering a couple more!!! At $70 shipped, there's NO Better Wedge!!!
ProsAppearance, Performance, Cost
By Bryan
South Carolina
good wedge dont like look
June 20, 2012
the wedge creates alot of spin with the milled face but i personalty didnt like the set up of the face
By Bogeyman
60 degree/0 bounce
June 18, 2012
lowest price,with free shipping special as part of "Deal of the day"
Prosgood "bite"on wedge shots,easy to hit from bunkers
Consfeels a bit to lite,not as heavy as usual wedges
By Scott
Berkeley Ca
Great Wedge
June 15, 2012
Classic shape, crisp feel. So many loft/bounce combinations. Good overall wedge.
By Mn Snowman
Up North
Great wedge, great price.
June 15, 2012
Puts a lot of spin on those chip shots around the green.
ProsI like the quality of American workmanship that went into making this club.
By Joe in Bermuda
June 15, 2012
Just received my wedges last week (50*, 56* and 60*) and love each of them. have Taylor Made RAC wedges for the last few years, just kept replacing them. decided to branch out and I am thrilled I did. ball bites (slight chew to ball) and wedges feel buttery. For the price it is a steal.
ProsFeel Look Set Up Price
By kevin
wellsville, ny
great wedge
June 9, 2012
Best wedge I have ever played. Very impressed by scratch.
By Anthony Dutton
Adelaide, South Australia
Awesome wedges
May 29, 2012
After using many different wedges, I came across Scratch Wedges with there different grinds...once i found my grind which suited my swing and bought them in 47, 50, 56 and 60 in the 8620 model i have never been happier with any golf mishits due to the grind, super looking club head, awesome grip. Only thing i did was put KBS hi rev shafts in as didnt like the True Temper shafts....but simply put do yourself a favour and get into these wedges!!
By The Nak
Brook Park,Oh
Quality club head
May 27, 2012
These are some of the best wedges you can buy but I believe they originally come with a KBS shaft which was replaced with a dynamic gold to liquidate these clubs. The difference in shafts is around 10 grams which is why these wedges are around a D7-8 swing weight. I have one in 53 & 56 degree but it's obvious the balance and feel are not the same. Still with a little tinkering these wedges are worth the price.
ProsClassic shape sets up great to the eye & these wedges can stop it on a dime.
ConsDowngraded shaft from original oem.
By Rkp
Extremely awesome wedge.
May 22, 2012
Best wedge I have ever played. Replaced my Cleveland.
ProsControl Spin Price Look
By Ed
Chicago, Illinois
May 21, 2012
These wedges are superior for the price. They check up on the greens exceptionally well. Very easy to hit.
ProsPrice. Ball control.
By Chris
Los Angeles
Beautiful Club - Watch for Damage
May 21, 2012
Great price for the wedge. It has a really cool milling to the face and it really does what it says in not chewing up the ball but still giving great spin. I've never been able to stop the ball on the green like I have with this wedge. Only thing that wasn't perfect was a small dent in the sole that was present when I unpacked the club for shipping. No effect on performance, but the club wasn't perfect. Also, I was luck and got the dynamic gold shaft on this one while a second scratch wedge I got from RockBottom had the Dynalite gold. Not a big deal for me, but something to be aware of when you order.
By michael
tifton, georgia
Great club!
May 21, 2012
Great wedge when used in proper application. The bounce factor is precise with this 56/10 and perfect for packed bunkers and close tight lies!!
By Robert
Los Angeles
You need to really figure out what type of swing you have
May 20, 2012
I'm a sweeper slider, but i cannot get the ball to spin for the life of me. All other wedges I'm getting great spin. With this club it lands, bounces, and rolls, rolls, rolls, FORWARD. I've tried changing my swing style, but it's not worth it. Selling it and getting a different wedge. These clubs are great if you can get it to work for you. I just cant make it to work with my swing. I dont think i'm a sweeper slider even though i hardly take any divots with my wedges. The sweet spot on this wedge is near the hosel .
Prosgood finish, looks clean.
Consno spin, too much forward roll.
By Andy
Austin, TX
Retired my Vokeys
May 15, 2012
These wedges are simply fantastic. Great feel; great spin. I love Bob Vokey, but Scratch has him beat.
By Rudy
Huntsville, Alabama
Some of the best wedges I have used in many years
May 14, 2012
My new 53 and 58 degree Scratch Golf 8620 Milled Chrome Wedges impressed me since I got them out of the box. The clean lines and traditional shape caught my eye inmediately. I have been very impressed with the feel and the performance of both wedges, I am using this 58 degree much more frequently than my old one and getting great results. I have found my new favorite wedges.
ProsClean lines. Traditional shape
By Ross
New Zealand
Good wedge
May 14, 2012
Have played 3 rounds. Getting used to distance but so far so good.
By Jason Moore
Frederick, Maryland
Absolute the best wedges I have ever used
May 14, 2012
I putty placed the Vokey wedges in my set with these. The course I'm a member at has firm fast greens and these wedges are perfect!
ProsThe feel, look and playability
By Brian
Eldridge, ia 52748
Scratch 58 degree
May 13, 2012
I have only played 2-3 rounds with this club with an 11 handicap. I replaced another 58 degree with Scratch wedge. The distance with this club is the same as my old club. It is probably the most used club in the bag. I have noticed that the cover on my balls are nicked up because of sharper grooves on this club.
ProsThe consistency of distance from shot to shot. I use this club from 80 yards in.
ConsThe head is a little small although I have not had any miss-hits as a result of the smaller head.
By George
Northern California
Buy this wedge!
May 12, 2012
I am currently a 25 handicap, and these are quite simply the best wedges I have ever used. I have tried Cleveleand CG15's, Taylor Made ZTP's (the non-replaceable face ones), Heavy Wedges, Ping, and Vokey wedges. The way that Scratch offers the clubs by sole grind options makes it very easy to get the correct wedge for your game without have to pay $50+ for a fitting. These clubs have actual S300 shafts! So if you really want to, you can actually take a full swing with these wedges. Also, the ABC grooves live up to their name. When I take a full swing, I can still use the ball on the next hole. The one thing that people might not like is that the heads are smaller than most other wedges. One last thing, this is the second set of these wedges that I have purchased. Now I have them in both of my golf bags.
ProsEasy to find correct sole grind Real golf shafts instead of wedge flex Grooves that don't eat the ball simple appearance
By Bobby
Houston, TX
Great Value, Better Than All the Major Brands.
May 12, 2012
Clean look, tons of spin. The grip that came with it wasn't the greatest (not bad enough that you have to re-grip), but it did have this unpleasant rubber smell at first.
ProsGreat Look! Feel Spin
Twin Cities
Flat-Out Can't miss deal (steal)
May 12, 2012
Played the 2010 8620 for a while...loved them, fell victim to the thought that I needed forged wedges again, bought T-11's, liked them...but went back to 8620...and got a new set from RBG...IMO, the best wedge that can be played...for under $110. I've played most Clevelands, Vokeys, and Mizunos....for me the head size/shape and feel (even in a cast head) of the Scratch is un beatable.
ProsHead size / shape Milling Amazing spinnnnnn
By Jonas
May 12, 2012
Nice wedges
ProsAs expected very Nice
ConsLie where Way off.
By Corey
United States
Better then my Titleist Vokey wedge
May 10, 2012
I purchased the 56deg / 10bounce to replace an old 55deg sand wedge. I have used for about 3 to 4 rounds now so I'm still getting used to the distance control, but I really like it so far. Has very good bite, more so then my 60 deg vokey wedge. I wanted it for 80 to 95 yard shots and it's great for that distance, but I started using it close to the greens to chip with, and it has better feel then using a PW, or my 60 deg vokey. Classic look too. Really like it.
ProsGood bite Good distance control and feel Looks nice
ConsNothing so far
very good wedge
May 3, 2012
this is a wedge that is heavier than mine but it plays well in Texas where the ground is hard. around the greens it has brought my short game back to where it was a few years ago.
Prosit plays well from around the greens and is solid in the fairways
Conswish it had a grafite shaft but otherwise it is great
By Nathan
Great club. Classy look
May 2, 2012
I have be very happy with the shape and design of this wedge. The milled face also produces a consistent ball flight with great spin.
ProsLook Shape
By B. Dunn
Oceanside, CA
Best wedge I've ever owned...
April 30, 2012
I just bought this earlier in April. Now it's on sale for $20 less than my purchase price. Buy it while you can. It's the best wedge I've ever owned. Better than my old Vokey, better than the Cleveland that was left and lost on the course. This was it's replacement, and I like it better.
ProsDigger/Driver version fits my swing perfectly Consistent results every swing Great club at this price
ConsI missed out on the current deal.
Hudson, FL
Great looks and surprising feel
April 23, 2012
I originally bought the 56 to give it a try. Most sand wedges have to much bounce for me. I was very pleased with the Slider Sweeper model. I liked it so much that I purchased the gap and lob wedges. They have a really soft feel for a cast club. The smaller head complements the blades that I play.
ProsThe low bounce of the Slider Sweeper model is perfect for my swing.
ConsCan't think of anything. They've earned a place in my bag.
By Roger
Los Angeles
I can't imagine I'll ever play another wedge.
April 23, 2012
I've played Cleveland wedges for years, but on the recommendation of my son-in-law, who is a 1 handicap golfer, I decided to give these a try. I feel safe in saying they are the best wedges I've ever played. I can't imagine I'll ever play another wedge. I have a 7 handicap and the strokes I lose ach round tend to be on shots close to the green. The wedges are helping me out a lot. Highly recommended.
ProsGreat feel, beautiful appearance, nice grip, and I like the 53 and 58 degree lofts Scratch offers.
ConsNo negatives.
By Vern Haynes
Cypress, TX
Scratch Golf 56 deg sand wedge
April 21, 2012
After using this new Scratch sand wedge, I've found escaping traps to be easy again so I just retired my Vokey to the closet. Love this new club.
ProsStops ball well, well balanced club, extremely easy to hit and goes farther than my old 54 deg Cleveland.
By V
Scratch 8620 50* and 58*
April 17, 2012
The Scratch 8620 wedges are a great deal and perform as well as the $100 wedges. Scratch offers many different combinations of loft and bounce. I have only played 2 rounds with these wedges, but they feel great.
ProsSolid feel Great performance Many options
By Brett
Sarnia, Ontario
April 16, 2012
Love the look and feel of this club. As per usual delivered on time and at a great price by Rock Bottom Golf.
Proslook and feel
By Nicholas Zellmann
Great wedges
April 16, 2012
Best wedges I've ever had, vokey who?
By Michael
Scratch wedges
April 16, 2012
These scratch wedges work great for me. As I get better at golf, I think I will eventually switch to the forged version. Got a great deal on these though from rock bottom!!
By Jeff climie
Augusta Ga
Really soft feel and control
April 15, 2012
Soft wedges great around the green
By Joe
Atlanta, GA
It's great
April 15, 2012
I like it.
By Major
Gilroy, CA
Nice wedge
April 15, 2012
Nice look, lots of spin
By Dan
April 15, 2012
The 53 degree head is much smaller than anything out there. the length is a bit long too, about the same length as my pitching wedge.
ProsPrice, crisp
ConsRandom length, random shaft, small head
Chicago, IL
slightly mis-represented
April 15, 2012
ordered a set of three Scratch 8620 wedges- each one came with a shaft that is about 1/4"+ longer than standard... which is not really a huge dealbreaker, but more a pain in the rear, as I will have to remove the brand new grips, shorten each shaft, and then re-grip. if you have nothing but time on your hands and like this sort of thing, than this may be a good deal for you. oh, and also the shape of the 58* seems odd to me, not exactly as "traditional" as I expected the shape to be. the 50* and 53* have a more "standard" shape, albeit the head is much smaller than usual.
Prossemi-reasonable price, but you always get what you pay for...
Conswill have to take the time to shorten the shafts to standard length and spend money on new grips. It would have been nice if Rock Bottom had mentioned in their listing that these wedges are 1/4"+ longer than standard.
By Grover
Gold Coast , Queensland
Good Purchase
April 12, 2012
I was in the market for Titleist Vokey or Cleveland 588 wedge and sand wedge. I happened to read many reviews on the Scratch Golf wedges and the reviews gave them the thumbs up. Therefore, I went for the Scratch wedges and they have performed on the course above my expectations.
ProsGood weight and balance. Low price. Good feedback. Nice look.
By Shaun
Used once, very pleased so far
April 6, 2012
Got the 47* digger/driver. I have had issued getting the ball in the air recently. After one round I can say even miss hits that would have normally been sculled over the green turn into decent shots. Probably saved me 5 or so shots versus my old adams wedges. I am gonna get another on probably 60* to use around the green.
ProsGets ball up, very forgiving
ConsTouch around the green
By Vinh Nguyen
Norman, Oklahoma
Great wedge and great service!
March 30, 2012
I was a vokey lover till this wedge. I saw this for a great price and had to snag it. This wedge is a clean looking work horse. The milling on the face gives plenty of bite and the grinds scratch puts on their wedges are perfect. Might be picking up another one!
ProsClean simple look. Great wedge grinds. Aggressive milling on face.
ConsPure grip isn't that great.
By Carl
Hickory, NC
awesome wedge! awesome spin!!
March 17, 2012
great wedge for every level of golfer
Athens, Georgia
March 16, 2012
Great Wedge! Played Vokeys for 10 years. Doesn't chew up balls at all. I am now a Scratch man!
By Nate
Scratch Wedge
March 9, 2012
Great Wedge. Classic look and design. Top quality.
By Gary
Baltimore, MD
Great Wedge
March 9, 2012
Great wedge for $60. Can't beat it.
ProsClassic look.
By Doug
Ashburn, Va
Great Wedge & Price
March 8, 2012
Love the look and feel of this wedge. And for $60 what a deal. Better yet, I can stiop and back it up like a spin mill but without chewing up a ball. So I'm now saving money on golf balls.
Proslook feel stops doesn't rip up balls
ConsI didn't buy it a long time ago
By Vern Haynes
Cypress, TX
I love the way the club sets up so it instills confidence in me.
February 28, 2012
I bought the club as I needed a gap wedge. I figured for the price I couldn't go wrong. After playing with this club for several rounds, I now believe I not only bought the club at a great price but I have a club that I have extreme confidence in. I am considering replacing my other Cleveland sand wedge and Titleist lob wedges with Scratch Golf clubs.
By Jody
Scratch Wedge
February 27, 2012
Despite the smaller head...this wedge performs well and it is a quality piece of equipment.
ProsSmaller head
ConsMilled and not forged
By ryo
Awesome wedge...awesome price
February 26, 2012
You can't go wrong with this wedge.
By Glenn
Just a great wedge for the price
February 15, 2012
Even though the head is smallish I'm still hitting it well and to get this for under 50.00 counting shipping is just amazing . Thanks scratch !!
ProsQuality price & value
ConsThe head is a little small but you will get used to it .
By Doug
Red Bank, NJ
Scratch Golf 2010 8620 Milled Chrome Wedge
February 15, 2012
I got the one with 50 degrees of loft and 7 degrees of bounce. What I like the most is it's a little longer than my other wedges and has a solid feel when you take a shot with it. Very handy for shots requiring a club between your pitching wedge and your normal sand wedge.
By ibbotson4
Great Wedge
February 15, 2012
Bought this wedge for my 15 year old son to replace his old Nike wedge that is now illegal. By the way, he picked this club out after reading reviews on many different clubs. He thinks this club is wonderful and a great value...He loves the feel of it too. He hasn't been to play as much as he wants to yet because the Arkansas weather hasn't been very accomodating.
ProsFeel is better
ConsClub head is smaller than his old Nike
By Richard
February 15, 2012
came quickly
By Roy
Saint Marys, GA
This wedge is great
February 13, 2012
I recently upgraded from the Pure Spin wedge to this one. I was worried as nothing really compares to the spin you get from the coating on the PS wedge, but with the first swing on the Scratch...boy I was sold. I have the 47*-1*, 50*, 53*+1*, and the 58* and these are really some of the best wedges I've ever owned. Even friends with Cleveland and Vokeys give me a second look once that ball hits and sticks. Yesterday I was 103 yards from the first cut of rough on a side hill lie and still managed to back the ball up about 20 feet or so. I only wish the heads were a tad bit larger as I think they would inspire more confidence. The head is very compact and can throw off some golfers.
Prosspin feel clean classic looks
Conshead could and should be a little larger
By Steve
Tulsa, OK
Scratch Golf Wedge
February 7, 2012
I like this wedge very much. The head is smaller in size than other wedges that I own. It is a good quality iron with a nice clean look. It does have a harder feel to the face than I prefer but works well on both short and full shots.
By Rod
Fresno, CA
Great feel
February 4, 2012
Bought the 56 and 60 and loved the feel and performance so I bought the 47 and 50 and now have 4 scratch wedges in my bag!
By sixa
Excellent wedges
February 3, 2012
I ordered a 50 deg and a 58 deg to try out, and I am VERY impressed with the quality and design and playability of them. I just ordered the 56 degree for sand play and of course now they are on sale for a lot less but hey, I'm not upset. The milled faces of these are great, it is very easy to put lots of spin on the ball. I backed a ball up about 8 feet on an approach shot with my 50 degree, which worked well since i hit it a little long. My grips were both on logo down, so I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be that way.. I got two dynalite gold shafts, hopefully my 56 will match.
ProsQuality Looks Playability
By Chad
Austin, Tx
Best Buy
January 27, 2012
Great looking wedge at a great price
ProsSimple look, great sole grinds
ConsDynalite shaft-- I knew I had a chance of receiving one based on item description.
By tommyn808
great feel
November 25, 2011
love the weight and feel of this wedge it has help me gain confidence in my short game would recommend
Prosthe weight and feel
By Dave
Dade City, FL
Super feel with great spin
November 25, 2011
I bought a 58 degree wedge for shots inside 80 yards. This club performs excellently and was a great value for the money.
ProsThe trajectory, feel and spin.
ConsThe head could be slightly larger.
By Tony
Napier, Hawkes Bay
Spin Spin and more Spin
November 17, 2011
Played first 18 with my new 56 sand wedge from Scratch, love it already. Feel is great and either chipping or lobbing it results in the ball stopping where I wanted. My grip too is on backwards but as its just the Scratch label on the wrong side it didn't worry me.
ProsFeel Control Spin Spin
ConsGrip a bit thin (personal thing though)
By Robert
Redondo Beach, CA
Love this club
November 6, 2011
It was between this club and a vokey. No regrets once i purchased the club. Only problem i had was the grip was put on backwards. Im dealing with customer service on this issue, once i have more details ill update this comment
Prosgreat spin easy to hit very balance
Consgrip put on backwards
By Greg
Scratch what a great wedge
November 3, 2011
This wedge looks great at set up really puts a lot of spin on the ball.
Prosgreat spin easy to hit great looking wedge
By Ryan
New York
great wedge for the price
November 2, 2011
bought for bunker use after gouging my lob wedge in less than ideal bunkers. stays clean and makes solid contact. good spin on greens
Prosprice durability
Conswould've preferred a darker finish option
By Brett
United States
Beat out my tour issued vokey
October 21, 2011
I purchased the 56 degree version of this wedge. I received it earlier this week and was able to take it out on the course for the first time this morning. I bought it to play around with while I decided what to do long term since my tour issued Titleist Vokey wedge was worn out after a number of years of play. I hit this wedge better than I ever hit my Vokey. Its the real deal.
Prosfeel bounce finish
By bogeyman
Singapore, Singapore
Feels good... Look good
October 7, 2011
Hope the SW perform good when I take it out this Sunday for my game!
By jerry
washington, ill
60 degree wedge 8620
September 28, 2011
just got this item today and had to try it. I love this club so happy i got it. love the control highly recommend it.
Prosthe back spin
Consthe handle
By Drew
Waldorf, MD
Scratch Wedge
August 18, 2011
Although I am still getting used to my wedges they do exactly what they are supposed to. I was hitting a lot of fat shots with my previous wedges because the bounce was too high. I am a slider/sweeper and having the right wedge for your swing makes a difference (haven't dialed in controlling distances yet but it won't be long). I initially picked a 56 degree and went back for a 60 degree from Rock Bottom. The fact that I made a second purchase says it all. Also, if you are into classy, clean lines Scratch wedges are for you.
ProsLooks Pure grip has a great feel No more fat shots
ConsGetting used to smaller head
By Leon
Timaru, sth canterbury
July 30, 2011
Better than a vokey What else can I say?
By cf
stafford, texas
Need a few more rounds with it....
July 19, 2011
Only played with it once, felt good, the head was a little smaller then I envisioned. But I think it helped my score.....79!
ProsLooks and initial performance.
ConsHead is a little small.
By Robert
Pensacola, FL
Love this wedge
July 12, 2011
Wedge is everything it is advertised to be. Replaced my Snake Eyes EV 11, which hasn't been out of my bag in years! Definitely worth the current asking price ($79.99).
ProsFeel Weight Look Setup Grip (Pure grip fan here)
By Trent
South Carolina
The best!
July 6, 2011
Great club, swithced from cleveland to this.
Proseasy to hit, forgiving, smooth
By Tristan
Fantastic wedge.
July 2, 2011
Scratch 8620 wedges are phenomenal wedges. I've played a number of wedges, including Titleist Vokey wedges, and these are equal to, if not better than, the Vokey wedges. The custom grinds really make these clubs great.
ProsCustom grinds. Milled faces. Feel.
By Nick
Columbia, MO
Best Wedge Award
June 10, 2011
This is an unbelievable wedge. I was always a vokey spin milled guy until I got a hold of this bad boy. IMO it not only performs better than any wedge I've hit, it has the best feel of any club I've ever hit. Highly recommended.
By Jason Thompson
Columbus, Ohio
Love it
June 9, 2011
Best wedge I've hit. Milled face is fantastic.
By Stuart
Gilroy, CA
Great Wedge
June 1, 2011
Beautiful club performs very well
ProsClassic look Doesn't eat up the covers off of balls
By Jason
March 25, 2011
I had Titleist Vokeys - which were great wedges. But I am a digger with my wedges. I take monstrous divots. The Digger/Driver grind on the 53 and 60 made them much more effective for me. And at this price? What a bargain!!!!!!!
ProsAwesome wedge - fit for my swing.

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