4.5 Stars based on 100 reviews
By Eddie
Garden Grove, CA
Excellent Golf Balls
April 9, 2014
This is one of the best golf balls I have played.
By Brian
Beachwood, OH
can't beat the price
February 17, 2014
These balls are great for mid handicappers with medium speed swings.
Prosdistance spin control
By Derek
South Jersey
This is my GoTo
October 11, 2013
I play a couple time a week. I usually shoot in the mid 90s. I've tried a number of big brands, buying dozens of balls to experiment and see if I could settle on one particular ball. This is it for me! I get great distance off the tee without too much spin, so the distance is there. Had my personal best drive with this ball (295yd, marked with gps . . . I'll get 300 someday). No complaints with my irons/putter either, it's a quality 3 piece ball. I've played all the big brands and if some of those big brands had this price tag I'd probably play them but they don't. For the money, this is the best ball I've found.
ProsGreat performance @ great cost!
ConsNo complaints
By Adam
Taylor Made
October 7, 2013
Great hole ball! High launch and great feel!
ProsFeel spin Distance
By John
New Orleans, LA
Great ball and fantastic price.
October 6, 2013
This is an awesome 3 piece ball with a great balance between softness, distance, and feel.
By Chris
Glen Iris, Victoria
Fantastic value.
October 5, 2013
Great balls at an unbelievable price. Good distance off the tee and great feel around the greens, even for a high handicapper like me.
By Victor
Elmhurst, IL
Great feel, great spin, great value
October 4, 2013
I am a single digit handicap and I love these balls. They go far, feel great, great value. I bought 6 dozen that should get me through the next season.
By Double D
San Antonio
Distance and Control without the $$$
October 3, 2013
Love this ball, tried to buy RockBottomGolf out of stock. When they go away, I'll have to find another that can deliver the distance that I want plus the control like a Titleist Pro V around the greens. Since switching to these balls, my handicap dropped from a 13 to a 7. Can't argue with the numbers.
ProsDistance and control
ConsGoing away, have to choice another to replace them when they are all sold out.
By Steve
Ft Worth
Top end ball for a low end price
September 1, 2013
Plays as well as ProV 1 or other pro level balls
ProsSpin Control Distance
By Larry B
Los Angeles
Right Ball for the Right Price
August 27, 2013
Played them before and I'll play them again. For the mid handicap player, you can't go wrong.
By jason
knoxville, tn
nice ball for mid to low handicaps
August 27, 2013
thought it was a good ball, not the top of line stuff but close. good spin around greens and on half shots and feels nice off the putter
By Vincent
San Pedro
August 26, 2013
Love the tp3 pentas. Made the switch from prov1 and has same feedback. Great balls!!
By Kelly
Chicago, il
August 25, 2013
good balls
By Kelly
Chicago, il
August 25, 2013
good balls
Modesto, Ca
August 25, 2013
By Francisco Rivera
San Diego, Ca.
Taylor Made Penta TP3 Golf Balls
August 25, 2013
This is the first time I try the TM TP3 Golf Balls. I couldn't resist the price was offering them up. They are long off the tee and soft around the greens. I especially like how i can work them around the greens like other more expensive balls. Try them you cant beat the price.
By Steve
Love the TP3's
August 23, 2013
The is a great golf ball!! Love the price on Rockbottom.
By Rick
Columbus, Ohio
Great 3 piece ball, at 2 piece price
August 19, 2013
The subtle differences between hitting a 2-piece and a multi-layer ball are enough to save a handful of strokes on a round. These balls launch off the tee very well, and can stop on the green if you hit them right. And for the price, they're not much more than the Burners I've been playing.
ProsGreat price, explosive driver launch, good feel on the green
ConsNot as durable as other balls I've played, but that's what you get from a ball with softer innards
By Chris
Great Ball
August 9, 2013
Great ball for a great price, also a great gift idea.
ProsMakes those touchy shots around the green a little bit easier.
By John
August 8, 2013
Awesome balls, shipped fast!!
By Brian
San Mateo, CA
Soft and Long
July 31, 2013
Soft feeling ball with great overall distance. In warm weather this ball was worth one less club on approach shots.
By John
Austin, TX
Great balls
July 30, 2013
Great ball at a great price. One of my favorites in the Taylormade line.
Great ball, great price
July 24, 2013
I've enjoyed playing the TP3. I haven't noticed much difference versus the TP5.
By Nelson
Super Price
July 24, 2013
Top of the line ball that never quite made it with the pros. Nevertheless,a great ball for the price. Similar balls are far more expensive.
By Armando
Downey, Ca
Great price
July 23, 2013
Good 3 piece ball
By Roger
Good Ball
July 22, 2013
I'm a senior golfer. I don't seam to hit it as far as some other balls. Does play well around the green
Doesn't get any better
July 22, 2013
Excellent carry off the tee and good control around the greens. Can't ask for more!!
ProsThe ball behaves very well
The woodlands, tx
Good balls for the price
July 20, 2013
Can't beat this deal
By Lou
Dumfries, VA
Great ball
July 19, 2013
I bought one box last week. The ball perform very well off the driver and around the greens. Cover is softer than the pro v1. Its almost as long as the pro v1. Overall this is a great deal for the price. I will continue to buy the balls and use them this winter. I already ordered an ammo box.
Prosperformance around greens price
By Lou
Dumfries, VA
Great ball
July 19, 2013
I bought one box last week. The ball perform very well off the driver and around the greens. Cover is softer than the pro v1. Its almost as long as the pro v1. Overall this is a great deal for the price. I will continue to buy the balls and use them this winter. I already ordered an ammo box.
Prosperformance around greens price
By Chad
Good ball for the money
July 19, 2013
Decent ball for decent price
By Chad
Good ball for the money
July 19, 2013
Decent ball for decent price
By Chad
Good ball for the money
July 19, 2013
Decent ball for decent price
By Mark
great ball for great price
July 18, 2013
These are tour quality balls for as fraction of the cost. Unless you get your golf balls for free, be smart buy the previous years model for half the price.
ProsGreat spin for around the greens.
By Ralph
New Jersey
July 17, 2013
I am a 4 handicapper. I've played Titleist and Callaway for years. These balls hold up just as long and as reliable (direction and distance) as any other ball I've tried. I think you'll agree that the ball is a great value at nearly half the cost of the Titleist Pro-V.
By Chad
Saint Joseph, mi
July 13, 2013
They have great distance off the tee and soft for the short game, really nice balls
By Mike
Great ball for the price!
July 13, 2013
These balls are terrific and a real bargain at this price. They're a little longer off the driver than most, but still provide plenty of control around the green.
ProsPrice and performance
By jim
hartford ct
great ball for money
July 12, 2013
Nice feel to the ball
By Bob
Peabody, ma
Best ball for the price
July 12, 2013
Cant beat the way this ball performs for the price.... Soft feel and good distance. This is my new gamer!
By pradip
New Zealand
Penta 3 golf balls
July 11, 2013
Great ball, long off the tee soft feel.
By Al
Chula Vista, Ca
Great for the cheap prize
July 10, 2013
Love feel off the tee
By Stan
As an average player these balls have a soft core and therefore fit my game better than almost any other urethane ball on the market. I love the feel of urethane.
July 8, 2013
Quality ball at a great price. Hard to tell if the ball goes further,etc but I love the feel.
Prossoft ball with a expensive urethane cover at a great price
Consnothing really
By Monty
Randolph, NY
Excellent Ball, Better Price
June 30, 2013
Been playing poorly and did not want to pay $40 plus for my usual Pro Vs so I ordered these. I have seen little if any difference between these and the Pro Vs. I will be ordering more soon.
ConsI did not order more
By randy
good ball
June 30, 2013
great last years ball for the price
Prosgreat feel
By randy
good ball
June 30, 2013
great last years ball for the price
Prosgreat feel
By Steve
Long Island NY
Similar to pro v's
June 25, 2013
Great ball flight and good spin. Very similar to the pro v1's.
ConsOnly good for 1 round
By Henry
excellent value, distance, feel and spin
June 24, 2013
excellent value, distance, feel and spin
By Josh
Peoria IL
golf balls
June 20, 2013
Overall they we a good ball but did not get a very good flight out of them. Tat could easily of just been me. I am around a 15 handicap. Bad I know. But I did think they where a great putting ball, rolled straight and true
By Juan
Miami, FL
Penta Golf Balls
June 18, 2013
I like it too much, this balls are really soft
By Juan
Miami, FL
Penta Golf Balls
June 18, 2013
I like it too much, this balls are really soft
By Jason
New Zealand
Great ball
June 17, 2013
Fantastic feel,
ProsTravel well, and soft around greens
By Dave P.
Lockport IL
Good Ball
June 17, 2013
Good distance off the tee. Great spin and control around the greens. Was pleasantly surprised with this ball. It also holds up very well over the course of a round. Would compare it very favorably to Titlest NXT Tours.
ProsControl, Spin and durability
By Bill
Great Value....
June 16, 2013
Great golf ball, the logos are great and it arrived with the rest of the shipment
By Shawn
Dearborn, Michigan
Great balls, great price!
June 15, 2013
These balls perform very well and the price can't be beat. TM must be coming out with a new brand of ball very soon because the Penta TP3s play like they should cost about $40/doz. That's the only way fire sale prices could be justified. Snatch as many of these up as you can.
Prosdistance, feel, control
By Bill Davidson
Kelso , Washington
taylor penta golf balls
June 14, 2013
has good feel off the club face,, good distance and feels good with the putter,, like the feel all around
Prosover all a good ball, felt so good of the tee and puts well
By David
Mobile, Al
Nice Ball
June 14, 2013
Great price and a good ball
By Carol
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Love, love!
June 13, 2013
Love these balls, great feel and distance
ProsBetter distance
By Darryl
Littleton, Colorado
Superb Ball
June 7, 2013
Great distance off the tee, and great control around the green! One of the best balls I have ever played!
ProsControl and distance
By Arthur
United States
Great product
May 28, 2013
Can't beat the price for a great golf ball!
ProsAll the distance and control from a 3 piece ball you'll ever need.
By Mike
May 28, 2013
This ball has great feel and is very long off all clubs, especially the driver.
By Wayne Hall
Los Angeles
Can't be bettered !
May 27, 2013
Quick as delivery - hard to fault.
By dean
Great Ball, Great Price
May 16, 2013
Got these balls for my son. Excellent Price for a decent ball.
By Jason
Great Distance...Great Control!
May 14, 2013
More distance of the tees and better control around the greens. Balls jumped off the clubface!
By Sang
Gambrills, MD
Quality balls for the price
May 7, 2013
These hit long. They are soft around the greens. They are great balls for the mid hanicapper.
By Justin
Raleigh, NC
Great 3 piece Ball
May 4, 2013
this ball is great for its price range, i would say probably the best 3 piece ball out there. Much better then the NXT
ProsDurability Compression
taylorMade TP3 Golf Balls
May 1, 2013
First - great job by the folks @ "The Cave"! I received my golf balls - logo-ed - in less than a week! The balls are great - whatever you read online about spin, distance , performance, durability, etc is all true. And when you add The Rock's great pricing, you can't go wrong. TK
By Ben
Long Island, NY
Great ball and performance
April 30, 2013
I've used the TP3 for over a year now, and find that the ball has great performance. It is a 3 piece ball, despite the penta name. It has good stopping power with mid and short irons, as well as wedges from around the green. The ball flight is nicely controllable with your swing--high, mid, and low trajectory swings yield controllable flights. I used to use the ProV1, but with the TP3 at half the price, why should I? In addition, the TP3 has good longevity--I've used the same ball for 3 rounds now, and it is just starting to show some signs of scuff marks. The covering holds up well with sharp blows from wedges.
ProsGood spin and performance around the green Reliable spin and feel with the driver Durable cover
By Michael
Odessa, TX
Love them. Like them better than Z-Star and Pro-V1.
April 28, 2013
Good distance. Equal to Pro-V1 and Z-star but ball feels softer off the club.
By Mike
Vero Beach, Florida
Perfect combination of distance and feel
April 27, 2013
Good distance off all clubs, low driver spin and still gives me the ability to really pull the cord on the short irons when I want too. One of the best balls I've played, including the upper echelon.
ProsDistance, soft feel off the putter, perfect amount of spin.
ConsIts discontinued!
By Franco
April 26, 2013
Just as good as Pro V1 but much better price
By Dean
Auckland, New Zealand
Penta TP3
April 24, 2013
Feels as good as the TP5 but if you prefer the ProV then I wouldn't recommend these as not quite the same feel of the putter.
ProsGreat price for a top of range ball
By Big Don
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Great Ball Goes Bye Bye
April 2, 2013
The Penta 3 is a great ball for the mid handicappers - will never understand Taylormade's decision to give up on this ball!!!
ProsGreat feel and spin on approach shots.
By chad
st. paul
Great Value
April 1, 2013
These balls have urethene cover at great price
Prosprice quality
By A-Train
Muncie, In
Taylormade Penta 3 review
March 25, 2013
Great control, good distance.
ProsNice ball, Great value.
March 23, 2013
By greg wright
renton washington
March 23, 2013
i always buy my golf balls from the rock bottom great deals and always delivered on time.
Prosall Pros no cons
By Pierre Boisvert
Sunny Isles Beach
Good product
March 22, 2013
Nice experience and good feeling
By Gary
St Louis, MO
More Than Adequate
March 22, 2013
I shoot high 80's low 90's and I'm getting a little older so I don't like to spend too much on balls, but this is a great ball for the price. They are similar to NXT tour but might be just a touch softer.
ProsSoft feel, great around greens.
ConsMay mark up a bit easily.
By Tod
Stow, Ohio
Penta TP3
March 22, 2013
Love the feel when the ball comes off the face. Very close to the Pro-V in playabilty at 1/2 the price.
ProsQuality and price.
By Alan
Alcoa, TN
Very Happy!
March 22, 2013
The TP3 is a very good ball, made even better by the $19.99/dozen!
ProsGood Spin Great distance Perfect price
Los Angeles, CA
Best balls for the price
March 22, 2013
Just can't beat the price for new premium balls.
By richard
Good Ball
March 22, 2013
Good ball except for cold weather conditions distance not there.
ProsGood ball, great price.
ConsNot good for cold weather golf.
Houston, TX
Great price on really good ball
March 22, 2013
Very playable premium ball
ConsOK distance, but not a real long ball
By David
Great value for the price
March 22, 2013
I switched from Bridgestone e6 and was not disappointed. Distance/accuracy off the driver i felt was slightly better. Approached shots seem to have more spin to hold the green. Felt about the same chipping around the greens.
ProsPrice Great Spin Control from all irons
By Donald
Good eye catcher always looking for a good email deal
March 22, 2013
I like the feel, distance, and flight of this ball.
ProsGreat price on a truly great ball with distance and feel. A ball that fits my swing speed and durable
By Brian
Lafayette, CO
Great ball at a great price
March 14, 2013
Long off the tee but good feeling around the greens with wedges and the putter. This was a steal
ProsGreat price Long but soft
By Henry
Moscow, ID
Great ball
January 2, 2013
I really like this golf ball due to it's softness around the green. While I think that there are better balls I think that it's one of the best ones that you could get if you aren't ready to spend $40+ a dozen!
ProsSoftness Distance
By Hubsz
Penta is a top line ball
December 16, 2012
I really like the Penta, great action without to much spin.
By Garth
Christchurch, New Zealand
Taylor Made - Penta TP3 Balls
December 5, 2012
Excellent value for money. Excellent distance off tee with very good feel around and on Greens. 3 handicapper.
ProsExcellent value for money. Durable ball
By john
November 3, 2012
good ball good price
By Fred Meyer
San Antonio, TX
Taylor Made Penta TP3 Golf Balls
November 1, 2012
I am a high handicap golfer and the Penta TP3 is a great ball for me. It is very durable and when I put the right swing on it the distance is very good. It has a really soft feel off the irons and is very good around the greens.
ProsPrice, Feel, Durability
By Nev
Good balls @ 30% off
September 2, 2012
Top quality ball.
Columbus, OH
Great ball - great price!!
August 23, 2012
If u don't have 105 mph swing speed, skip the Penta 5 and go with the Penta 3. Great ball, great price and better than NXT Tour.
By David Harmon
Garden Grove , Ca
Good balls , excellent for distance and accuracy
August 12, 2012
So far I have not lost a ball. These golf balls are up there with Titleist.
ProsGreat for distance and good control
ConsThe only thing I didn't like is I was under the impression when I was buying these balls that they were the Penta 5 seam balls . These are only a 3 layer golf ball
By Phillip
Dickinson, ND
Not the worst but not the best
August 5, 2012
I normally play Bridgestone b330s balls but I tried these for a round, didn't like them much, didn't hit any cartpaths or anything but every ball I used ended up with nicks and marks in it.
ProsInexpensive Decent feel
By Mark
Alexandria, VA
Great golf ball
July 31, 2012
I have to admit, I usally prefer a Calloway ball, but I was very impressed with these Pentas. Firm off the tee box, and had great control on/ near the green
ProsPRICE! wont find them for that price in any store
By Bobby
Pioneer, Ca.
Good as It Gets
July 21, 2012
Great Ball. Durable but Soft.
ProsGoes where you hit it with not to much side spin in the wind.
ConsNot quit as long as Pro-Vs
By Andrew
Great value ball
June 16, 2012
Long and straight, still medium spin so can stop it. Great ball for the price
By kevin
wellsville, ny
good quality balls
May 30, 2012
great distance and improved my drive greatly. good for the price I paid
By David
Newton, Al
April 20, 2012
These are my gamer for this year and likely longer. Just enough spin to grab greens without coming back too much. One hop stop, and loong!! Grab them when in stock
ProsGood price Long, with just enough spin Solid feel
ConsNothing in last 10 rounds

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