Nice 3 Wood and adjustable
May 1, 2015
Solid 3 Wood for your bag, adjustable, and good distance
ProsAdjustable Solid look
ConsDoesn't come with adjustable tool, though I already had one but if people don't have one they will need to buy it on their own
By Jim
CARMEL, Indiana
Great Fairway Club
April 26, 2015
Club arrived in 3 days, superb delivery! It was factory wrapped with labels. Club has a great feel and the adjustability is an added bonus for the fairway woods. Highly recommend this club!
By Mark
Tampa, FL
Great club at a great price
April 21, 2015
I'm a 35 year old just getting back into golf after a 12 year hiatus, and needed something to get me hitting the ball a bit more straight (distance is not an issue). I've used Taylormade and Adams clubs in the past and had good results with both. After doing a lot of research and looking at the price of the club here at rock bottom, I decided to pull the trigger. All I can say is wow. I hit one booming shot after another (until I got overconfident and tried to murder the ball a few times), and couldn't believe it was me hitting. Great look at address, nice sound, good weight, flies really far, and helps quite a bit on slightly off center hits - overall a fantastic club. Just note that it does not come with the adjustment tool, but that can be bought for around $7 on ebay.
By matt
spring, tx
Best Rocketballz FW made
April 19, 2015
Club has great visual lines/look. Very easy to adjust, to fit desired launch angles and face angle. Ball "launches" off of the face, and is very easy to hit off of fairways. Shaft is excellent!
Prosgreat performing club, which replaces my driver on most holes, under 420 yds long.
By scott
fairfield, ca
mis hits go farther than by burner
April 8, 2015
mis hits are great and if you flush one, 20 yrds farther
By Brent
Archbold, Ohio
Nice 3 wood
March 29, 2015
Only been out once with this club. Ball really explodes off the club face. Pleased with shots off the tee and fairway. Well packaged with no scratches nor blemishes.
ProsSteelers colors. Adjustable loft. Great 220-240 club.
By Kevin
Wallingford, CT
Great club
March 22, 2015
Came new in wrapper, excellent club for the money.
ProsGreat value.
By John
Roy, UT
Rocketbalz fairway wood
March 20, 2015
Great club easy to hit
ProsSolid club
By Steve
Joplin, MO
Great club
March 19, 2015
Nice low profile club head design, solid feel and very workable.
By Patti
San Antonio,TX
Great 3 wood
March 19, 2015
Awesome feel from the first swing and its adjustabilty makes it a great addition to any set.
By Eric
St. Louis, Missouri
Great club
March 19, 2015
Performs great
By Tim O
Buy it
March 12, 2015
Sweet great feel and trajectory. Flies high goes a long way and lands soft. Easy to control
ProsFeel, distance. playability forgiveness
By Chris
Baltimore, Maryland
Great Deal
March 12, 2015
This club is a huge upgrade from my old Burner 3 wood.
By Tom
Summerville , SC
Great Deal on a Great Fairway 3 Wood
March 11, 2015
This such a nice club and The price was unbelievable. Way to Go again Rock Bottom Golf
ProsGreat deal Great item..
By Jgreen
Louisville, KY
Great feel and control
February 14, 2015
Receivers my 3w a couples weeks ago and can't wait for spring. Excellent service an delivery was early.
By dennis
washington dc
I haven't hit is yet but I heard it is great!
January 29, 2015
Although I will say the amount of time it took to get the club from checkout to my door was super fast...1 day...and I just paid for regular ground shipping.
Prosunreal shipping speed
Consasking for me to make a comment on a club I bought in the winter
January 29, 2015
This club is the easiest wood I have ever hit and for me it is 10 yards longer than my previous wood.
ProsEasy to hit and sets up nicely.
By Nick
Bremerton WA
Well Worth the Money
January 27, 2015
Had this club for about a week. Played my first round with it. Only had one bad shot that hooked!!!!
ProsPrice Feel
ConsProperly setting up the loft
By Brad
South Dakota
January 23, 2015
Great club for the price.
By Ryk
Great Price
January 21, 2015
Product received in the dead of winter. Can't wait to get out on the course to test it out.
By Nick
Cincinnati, Ohio
Great club!
January 20, 2015
Great club, very easy to hit.
ProsGave me extra yardage.
By Jamie
Paihia, Northland
RBZ Stage 2 - 3 Wood
January 14, 2015
Great club, much better than my old RBZ 3 wood. Feels more comfortable, and so makes the swing feel a lot better!
By Frank
Savannah, Ga
Solid feel
January 8, 2015
good solid feeling club. Easy to hit off of less than perfect lies.
Prosadjustable loft is easy to custom fit to individual preferences
ConsNone I have noticed
By Walt
Just as advertised
December 30, 2014
This is a really good fairway wood and it's adjustable
By Rob
New York
Long Fairway Wood
December 26, 2014
Bought 13° adjustable and set to 11.5°. Hit it cosistent 255.
ProsTour quality and adjustability. Reach par 5's easy.
ConsNone as of yet. I recommend this club to any 15 or below handicap.
By Christopher
Milledgeville, GA
Great feel
December 24, 2014
Was playing with a hand-me-down 3 wood before. This club feels nice in my hands. Light-weight and follow through with on the swing. After making contact with the ball, hearing the clash, and watching the ball soar towards the green, I must say that this club is a great addition to my bag.
By Mark
Winter, Wisconsin
Northern Wisconsin
December 16, 2014
I haven't played the club yet, 1 foot of snow on the ground.
By Cory
December 13, 2014
What does #3HL or #3+ mean??
Awesome fairway wood
November 17, 2014
I have been using the Burner Plus 3-wood for a few years and was happy with it - until I tried this one!! A bit heavier club-head and higher loft, but man, does this thing take off! At least 15-20 yards further. I would recommend to anyone!
By joe
ss md
let big dog eat
November 5, 2014
hits as far AS a driver but w/ more control
By Bill
Bradenton, FL
Great Club
November 4, 2014
TaylorMade fairway metal is excellent. Great price on top of line product. Excellent service.
ProsGreater distance, better club control off fairway.
By jim modglin
normal, illinois
Excellent product at a unbeatable price.
November 4, 2014
I received my new item within 5 days of purchase. My first swings with this club were what I hoped, dead center with about a 5 yard cut and long, reaching a 540 yard par 5 in 2 with this club. I have since only hit 1 bad shot with this club in about 12 swings. All in all this club has been everything I have been looking for in a fairway wood.
ProsEasy to hit, ball jumps off the club face.
By gareth
new Zealand
happy as Larry
November 2, 2014
Very happy with club like the adjustments
By Mark
Great Club
November 1, 2014
Good solid club,i have been hitting the ball alot straighter,great shaft.
By Gary
Columbus, IN
Great club, Great Price!
November 1, 2014
Felt great with the first swing. Taylor Made and long go hand in hand.
By Rob
Columbus ohio
November 1, 2014
Hits great off the fairway have not played it off the tee but I'm sure it's gonna be great
By Jim
Spring Green, WI
Rocketballz stage 2
November 1, 2014
Love the club and fast delivery
ProsSeems to have a much nicer feeling than the older Rocketballz and R11
By john
United States
keeps the ball low
November 1, 2014
with the 13 degree and stiff shaft i get a low ball flight
Prosadjustable loft
By Warrendowns
Dallas, Texas
Good swing , good price , it improved my game. Rockbottomgolf, Rocks !!!!
November 1, 2014
Great club
By Mike
Raleigh, Nc.
Ten more yards and straight as an arrow!
October 31, 2014
I replaced an older callaway 2 wood with this club and gained ten more yards and upped my accuracy. T hanks Rock Bottom~!
ProsThe stage 2 clubs are the easiest fairway woods to hit I have ever used.
ConsStill not a huge fan of the white head personally, but it grows on you.
October 31, 2014
By Philip
Binghamton, NY
October 30, 2014
I have the original Rocketballz tour 3 wood and upgraded to the Stage 2 with the adjustable face. I'm hitting it 15-20 yards longer and with better control. Great price and fast shipping from Rock Bottom.
ProsBetter Feel and Performance
By John
Central Oregon
Great club
October 28, 2014
This is a great golf club. It's long and straight. I was looking for a 3 size wood head and a 5 wood loft. This fits the bill perfectly. I use it as a driver, it keeps me in the fairway without much loss of distance.
ProsLong, straight and high ball flight.
By Shane Stepp
Blue Ridge, GA
stage 2 faIraq 3 wood
October 28, 2014
Greatest wood I ever owned.
By Garry
Logan, Utah
Not Sure
October 26, 2014
I have hit a bucket of balls and played two rounds. Have only made solid contact a limited amount. I am sure just me. Disappointed that the face of the club looks like it has been through Hamburger Hill. Probably go back to my old wood
ProsShipping and looks
ConsFor the limited amount it has been used the face looks like hell!!!
By Collin
Daytona, fl
different but good
October 25, 2014
The club is heavier than non adjusting 3woods like my two year old mizuno. Take it out and practice at the range for a couple times. The range will help out getting used to the heavier club going through the swing path. Im not bragging, but im a 3 handicap; and I had issues getting used to this club the first round I played with it(wwithout practice first). Now i like it, and am happy I bought it.
ProsLower ball flight than my old 3wood and into the wind = more distance.
ConsHeavier than my old club and took some time getting used to extra weight.
By Ryan
Raleigh, NC
Bangin' club!
October 24, 2014
Hits great, looks great!
Proslooks and feel
Consnot a huge fan of the white head.
By Joe B.
Charlotte, NC
WOW - just WOW
October 24, 2014
This club replaced my Taylor Made Superfast 3 wood and what a difference. I immediately gained 20 yards in distance. The club is easy to hit and the ball just jumps off of it. I will now replace my 3 hybrid as well with a Rocketballz!
By Chris
North Carolina
Worth the money
October 24, 2014
Finally updated my fairway wood and this was the best choice. You cant beat the name Taylor Made, it has enabled me to reach the par 5's a lot easier. Rockbottom golf is the best place to buy golf supplies, if you don't see what you want, just check back often.
ProsPrice and the name Taylor Made!
By Tom
Los Osos CA.
Great club!
October 24, 2014
Great hitting club and ever a greater price. Just what was ordered and came timely, well boxed, warped and head cover. Should have been sent with the adjustable wrench and not to bag it would have come in. Over wise and gray deal.
ProsClean looks, hits great,
ConsBag with direction for adjustment should have had the wench included.
By Joseph
Williamstown, NJ
Great Fairway Wood
October 24, 2014
As soon as I got this in the mail I took it to the driving range and man did I see serious improvement. Very forgiving even with mishits. Great sound off the face. Easily added at least 20-30 yards off the tee. Great buy and would definitely recommend. Only reason this gets 4 stars is because it didn't come with a adjustment tool.
October 23, 2014
By James McDonald III
North Jersey, United States
Great price for a good club.
October 23, 2014
Love it.
By Ed Yee
United States
Bought it for my son and he absolutely crushes it.
October 23, 2014
I did change the shaft for him to a lighter and stiffer one, but he loves his new club.
By Ryan Buzelli
Sitting in the corner
October 22, 2014
First off, wood is nice feeling with good distance. Problem is it didn't kick my other wood out of my bag, so there it sits in the corner. The shaft is longer than normal, I could easily fix this but is it worth it? I don't really see any better attributes for my game.
ProsNice address, feels solid
ConsCouldn't beat my old wood
By Brian
St. Louis,Mo.
Fast and furious
October 21, 2014
Awesome fairway wood.the price was excellent also.i have been getting 200 yds. out of this club.
ProsLightweight shaft,performs very well.
By Jim
York PA
Great Club
October 21, 2014
I really like how light the club is in your hands. easy to swing. I saw immediate improvement in fairwood game over my previous generation Taylor made 3 wood. As a 16 handicapp I need to have a 3 wood that is more forgiving from various lies. I feel more comfortable hitiing this club from more lies in the rough than my previous 3-wood. I also have picked up aroung 10-15 yards over my previous club.
ProsEasier to hit from tougher lies lightweight added distance
By Dominic
Willits, CA
Great club
October 18, 2014
Explosive distance,
ProsPrompt delivery, club as described
By Jim
Blaine, WA
Great deal
October 16, 2014
Great deal on the 3 wood.
ProsCame with a head cover
ConsHad to buy a head cover from another website because the description showed no head cover- wasted money on another site
By Troy
Richmond, VA
Great club
October 5, 2014
Improvement over the original rocketballz tour 3wood in both feel and playability off the fairway. Really like the adjustable face/loft, I shift mine to both more square (I read it is set slightly open at 14.5 degree loft) and more lofted. Highly recommend and as always, fast shipping and quality item from rock bottom.
By Mark Chintella
Chehalis, Washington
Keep hookin it
October 2, 2014
Had great hopes but can't seem to hit this without a draw or even more likely a hook. A friend has the same trouble with his. We're both disappointed since I LOVE the Driver!
ProsWhen you catch it just right it flies but unfortunately for me that's rare.
ConsCan't do anything but hook this one.
By Ashley
Australia, NSW
Massive distance
September 25, 2014
I hit this 3 wood much further than my driver, either this club is great or I need a new driver
By Brett
Good Club, Good Price
September 24, 2014
Really love the club. Lost the headcover on the first round with it but that's OK. Thanks RBG for another great deal on great clubs.
By Denis
Goodbye driver
September 21, 2014
This club is so long and straight it has replaced my driver. Consistently hit it 270-285 Best club I have ever purchased
By Mark
great club
September 20, 2014
Right of the hop this club hit straighter and longer, is now the go to club. Great club.
Proseasy to hit and straight also.
By Charles
San Francisco
September 18, 2014
Bought this club to replace old Titleist 906f2. Much easier to hit and very long. Also hot feeling face provides quite a satisfaction when you flush it. Highlt recommended.
ConsGraphics on the crown might not be for everybody
By Ray
New Zealand
Great service
September 18, 2014
Very long club longer than my driver taylor burner
By Keith F.
Roseville, CA
Adjustable and easy to hit!
September 18, 2014
I like the set up and feel of the club. The alignment aid/ paint on the back of the club is really helpful in getting you on target. The ball jumps off the face and it is hard to mishit it. Easily adjustable if you had the tool (not included, I found out later)
ProsGood alignment aid and easy to hit
ConsDid not come with the alignment tool
By Bill
Anderson, SC
TM Rocketballz Fairway Wood
September 18, 2014
Really good wood -- had been looking for a 13 degree for a while and not only found one, but got it a a Rock price !!!
By James DeRubeis
Rocketballz Stage 2 Fairway
September 18, 2014
This is the 2nd RBZ Stage 2 club I have purchased...a hybrid previously. Both are more difficult to get airborne and feel very "stiff". I have stiff shafts in all of my other Taylor Made clubs. This is hard to hit
ProsHead shape and size
ConsSee above
By cooldude5560601
Austin, TX
TaylorMade for Me II
September 17, 2014
Great club, Adjustable head helps me get the ball up in the air. Graphite shaft more enjoyable than steel. And club head has a very large sweet spot compared to my adams hybrid.
Prosfeel and play is really good.
By Ralph
New Jersey
Great Club
September 17, 2014
I bought this club for tight driving holes and also long par 5s to get home in two. This club is versatile and gives you confidence. Which is half the challenge in this game :)
By Jack Anderson
Newport Beach, CA
When hit right, this 3 wood is soooh long!
September 17, 2014
I use this 3 wood only off the Tee on short par 4's and tight driving holes. I have already hit one 280+ yards. I was going to re-shaft the head with a high priced "custom" shaft, but decided that this shaft is very adequate for my swing and distance. Good club.
By Harold Guimond
Great club Great price
September 15, 2014
My new RBZ Stage 2 Fairway Wood club hits great and feels great. Have not made any adjustments to the club yet but the first time out was eye opening for me. I was amazed at how solid it feels and the distance was considerable longer than my burner. So far I am more than pleased with my new purchase.
ProsI love everything about it hitting, trajectory, the feel and it looks good
By Paul Damico
TheWoodlands, Texas
September 15, 2014
By Chuck
RBZ Stage II
September 13, 2014
HL 3wood one of the best fairway woods I have ever hit.
By John
Louisville, Kentucky
Incredible distance
September 13, 2014
The first shot was high and deep. It has continued to perform beautifully, and I compare it to other fairway woods I own. It is vastly superior.
By Jack
Spokane, WA
fantastic club!
September 11, 2014
easily 20 yards longer than my last 3 wood
Proseasily adjustable loft, good feel, easy to hit off deck , great distance
Consoccasional hooks & slices
By Aaron
Great fairway metal
September 11, 2014
I purchased this club as i had owned on already. The only difference between my old and this one is I went to a stiff shaft with a low face angle and it has worked out to plan. GRet club off th4e tee as well with a decent ball flight.
By Ray
Strong 3 wood
September 11, 2014
One of the strongest 3 woods I have hit
By Christopher
Manhattan, KS
Great Distance
September 10, 2014
Awesome club, great distance off the tee and off the ground. Sounds great and the grip on these Taylor Made clubs are very comfortable.
By Todd
Coon Rapids, MN
Great Value
September 9, 2014
This is a great club at a great price point. Great Fairway wood or for holes requiring a club between your long irons or driver.
By George
North Carolina
Long and Straight
September 3, 2014
Used it for the first time and was pleased. I had been having problems with my driver so I the 3. It was straight and almost as long or as long as the driver. The driver is now in time out.
Prosstraight and long
By Mike
Super long fairway wood
September 2, 2014
Been playing this club all Summer and couldn't be more happy about the length it has provided. Super straight off the tee and long. Would recommend getting the higher loft three wood as the ball is coming off a little lower than with my other three woods (stiff shafted as well).
By Nick
absolutely in love
September 1, 2014
I took a long time to find a 3 wood and finally pulled the trigger. This is my best club. I needed something for shorter par 4s and real long post 5s. I hit it about 280 of the tee and about 265 off the fairway and almost always have a nice little draw. The club feels amazing. Recommended for all.
ProsGreat feel Lost adjustment
ConsRight now, 0
By Kevin
Frederick, MD
Fairway wood
August 31, 2014
Great club! I crush this club. So much distance. I hit it as far as my driver.
By Greg
Solid Rescue Club
August 28, 2014
Good from tight lies, better from any kind of rough.
ProsHigh launch, low center of gravity helps promote getting through shots from any lie.
Constrack behind the crown can get clogged with dirt, grass etc. Can get a little tough to clean while playing.
By Daniel
United States
August 28, 2014
Awesome easy to hit, got the 3 strong.
By James McElroy
Follansbee, WV
Great club, great price
August 28, 2014
Used this 3 wood for the first time today and loved it The ball FLIES off the face. Love it.
By Locky
Perth, Western Australia
Great deal
August 28, 2014
This club was less than 18mths old from issue - brand new and at this price half of what I'd pay here ... great club.
By Steve
St. Paul MN
Best fairway metal I have purchased.
August 27, 2014
Just like the ad said, it's Rocketballzier. Very long and straight
By Chuck z
Not for me
August 27, 2014
Could not keep the club from slicing. I usually have a draw bias with my callaways.
By Amir
Chapel Hill
August 27, 2014
I dont write a lot of reviews and am a 6 index - so have played my share of golf and clubs. This club should be illegal. I've played two rounds with it and miss hit a downhill lie 210 last night- which is long for me. I pured on last week 245. Immediately sold my Exotics CB2 and Sonartec.
ProsLength, look, feel and sound
By Greg
Davie, FL
Great Buy
August 27, 2014
Great fairway wood. long and straight. great price as well!!
By Bern
Los Angeles, CA
Great Club
August 23, 2014
From the beginning the clubs felt very comfortable and balanced. It increased my drives by 18 yards on the # 3 wood and 15 yards on the # 5 wood from my old ones. I would recommend the 3 and 5 fairway woods. They are the best I have ever used. (For what it is worth; The covers are really nice.)
ProsGood Balance, Easy grips, solid sound on contact and increased distance.
By Bob
Easy to hit
August 21, 2014
Great club for the money, easy to hit and nice sweet spot. I hit it from short rough or on the fairway, catch it good and it's GONE!
Prosgreat value Easy to hit
By Luke
Indianapolis, IN
Glad I went with tour model
August 21, 2014
Really glad I went with the tour edition. After doing extensive research on the RBZ Stage 2 clubs, I went with the tour model with the heavier shaft (70g). At first, it felt weird compared to my light driver, but once I took it to the range a few times, I figured out how to swing it. WOW, the ball jumps off this club. Off the tee, I can get 240 easy and hit a few 260. And I only hit driver 275. Thinking about giving the RBZ Stage 2 driver a try as well.
By woodrow
Not bad
August 20, 2014
Pretty decent little stock #3wood. It's easy to hit off the deck and has a nice high flight. Unfortunately I can hit my 2 iron almost the same distance. So it's not super long, but it is pretty darn true every time. Good club overall.
ProsEasy to hit. Nice ball flight.
ConsNot very long.
By matt
Orlando Florida
great buy
August 20, 2014
Was in between this and a covert 2.0. Bought this one after a buddy bought the Nike. For the price why not. Needless to say that weekend we hit the links. On the range I was already sold. The RBZ launches great off the ground or tee. Want a draw no problem. Same with a fade. Want to crank one 280 plus it's got you there too. The covret didn't have the feel this did. More than happy. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the face scratches just by hitting balls. But my RBZ driver did that same thing oh well great buy.
ProsDraw Fade Distance Control
ConsFace scratches easily.
By Brett
United States
Hot faced! easy to hir!
August 20, 2014
I bought this 3 weeks ago and live it. I am hitting it off the deck almost as far as I hit my driver off the tee.
By Bob
Kansas City
Best 3 wood I've used.
August 19, 2014
I love this club. I hit it straight and long.
By Chad Davidson
Cleveland Ohio
Decent club decent price
August 19, 2014
I hit it far off the deck, but often not straight. When I do it feels great and makes most par 5s reachable
By Paul
United States
Great club
August 19, 2014
Got the tour edition and wasn't sure if it would more difficult for me to hit but club has been great. Can't compare to a previous 3 wood but when i hit it solid I get good yardage (220)
By Michael
Tyler, TX
Review for Taylor Made Golf- Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour Fairway Wood
August 18, 2014
I like it but still getting used to the shaft as I have been hitting the 15degree stiff Rocketballz stage 2 with a 60 gram shaft.
By James
Geraldine, New Zealand
August 16, 2014
This club is so easy to get the ball in the air from the fairway. Good and long.
By Riley
August 16, 2014
The club is an inch longer than normal which may through off your game. You make have to cut it down an inch and rebalance it
By Greg
Seattle, Wa
Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour Fairway Wood
August 15, 2014
I've had my new Rocketballz Stage 2 3wood for about three weeks. I have been pleasantly surprised with both its accuracy and driving distance. I would recommend it to a friend.
By mcbirdie
Pittsburgh PA
Great sexy club
August 15, 2014
This club practically plays itself. For a fairway wood, it's extremely easy to hit, nice ball flight, excellent feel. Love the irons too!
By Chuck
Goldsboro, NC
TM 3 wood
August 15, 2014
Still getting use to the club. Like the feel and looks. Has more length and weight Than my old 3 wood.
ProsLooks and feel.
ConsGetting use to the length.
By Scott
Hagerstown, md
Great club!
August 15, 2014
This club hits great and looks great, feel is very nice
ProsFeel and look
By Kyler
Ada, Oklahoma
Stage 2 Wood Rocks
August 15, 2014
I have only played a few rounds with this club and I have hit this fairway wood better than any other I have had before it. Also did I mention that it looks badass.
ProsTaylormade products are superior
ConsNot for babies
By Gary
The highly overtaxed state of Maryland
Solid as they come
August 15, 2014
I have been playing a RBZ Stage 2 driver for about a year and simply love it. I very seldom use a fairway wood and some days don't even carry one in my bag opting to use a longer hybrid. When the tour model of the RBZ went on sale I snapped one up quickly. I prefer the open face of the tour model and the flexibility to change lofts. Mine is the HL model and it presently is set at 17 degrees which really fills yardage gap I was looking for. Simply put this club is as solid as the come.
ConsDid not come with a wrench.
By Randy
TaylorMade quality
August 15, 2014
Had the club a couple weeks now. After a couple rounds with it it's still everything I expected.
By Andrew
Arlington, VA
Good Distance, Easy to hit
August 13, 2014
Have about 15-20 yds on my previous 3-wood. Nice smooth swing results in the ball jumping off the club face.
ProsGreat distance, lots of pop.
ConsStill struggling with control, but has more to do with swing than the club.
By Justin
Dayton, Ohio
Great Transaction!
August 13, 2014
Great club, great price & quick shipping!
By Jimmy Settlemyre
United States
great 3 wood
August 12, 2014
It hits a mile. Love it
By R
Great club, great price
August 12, 2014
Great stick. Much needed in the bag
ProsSmall head, powerful shot. Performs well out of rough
By Steve
Spring Hill, Florida
Stiff shaft feels more like a Regular
August 11, 2014
No problem with Rock Bottom golf. Merchandise arrived very promptly and brand new. But TM's "Stiff" shaft plays and feels more like a "Regular." Maybe it's because the head is heavier but the shaft is too whippy and very inconsistent and I have to play a fade because my usual slight draw turns into a diving duck hook. Great price from Rock Bottom but now I'm going to have to spend some more money on an extra stiff shaft.
By Eric
East TN
Sweet club
August 11, 2014
This club hits great. I would highly recommend for any player no matter the skill level.
ProsHits high and soft Looks good at address
By dave
lake waynoka, ohio
great club easy to hit and good distance
August 9, 2014
the 16.5 degree loft makes it easy to get the ball airborn
Prosgreat feel and looks good at setup
By Tom
Love this club
August 8, 2014
I hit this club so well that I no longer hit my driver. I use this 3 wood off the tee box.
ProsEverything about this club is a pro.
By keith sander
United States
Rocket club Rocket price!!!!
August 7, 2014
Fast ship, great price, and two of my buddies want one after they hit this Rock Bottom
By John
Tuscaloosa, AL
Great 3 Wood
August 7, 2014
First fairway wood I've purchased in years. Hits great, I was driving it further than my driver most of the time. I would definitely recommend this club.
ProsEasy to use Great looks
ConsNo wrench included
By Don
Birmingham, AL
great club!
August 6, 2014
I love this club. I am now able to reach quite a few par 5's in 2 shots. Would recommend this to anyone who is needing a good solid fairway wood.
Proseasy to hit good distance
By Bill
Knoxville, Tn
Great Club
August 5, 2014
This a straight hitting 5 wood. Distance is about same as my previous club, but straighter. It is a good mate to my 3 wood.
By Scott
Scranton, Pa
Great club, great service
August 3, 2014
Great club, great service from rock bottom golf!
By Ken
Great Deal
August 1, 2014
Have yet to play a round with this club yet but it looks great. I did however hit it off of a mat at a local golf shop. It felt a little long so I had it cut down a bit and regripped, feels fantastic now. Can't wait to get it out on the course.
ProsPrice Looks Feel
By Reis
Santa Monica, CA
Big distance even in the HL
July 31, 2014
Best fairway wood I've ever swung. I play a 4 wood and an extra wedge. So when I came across the hi launch 3 would with a the loft sleeve, it was perfect.
ProsAdjustable loft sleeve. Excellent feel off the face. Super forgiving.
By David Doyle
Wheatland, CA
great club
July 25, 2014
light weight, nice design, easy to swing
By John Robinson
Spring, Texas
Outstanding Distance and Control
July 24, 2014
I purchased the Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour #3 Fairway Wood with the hopes of not only finding something that I could count on from the Fairway, but also from the Tee on those shorter Par 4's where accuracy was more important than distance. Imagine my surprise when this club not only performed as I had hoped from the Fairway, but Bombed it off the tee as well! My miss with a fairway wood, whether from the fairway or off the tee has been a hook, but with its adjustability, I set the loft from 14.5* down to 13* which not only gave me some extra yards, but also opened up the face which allowed me to go after it without fear of the dreaded hook! Taylomade hit a Home Run with this club in my opinion!!!!!
ProsAdjustability to suit different players needs!
By David H
Great club!
July 21, 2014
I love this 3 wood. I can hit almost as far with this 3 wood as i do with my driver. It has some pop and puts the ball where i want it!
By Bobby
Seattle, WA
Excellent Fairway Wood!
July 21, 2014
I bought the #5 wood and immediately adjusted it to a #6 wood loft. It has very good head weight proportion. Not too heavy, not too light. I can feel the club head weight during backswing...critical for good shots. Shaft Length is just right, giving me plenty of confidence I will hit the ball with sweet spot. Every shot I hit with this wood has been very good. Easier to hit than my #3 HL RBZ wood off the deck. That #3 wood is very good off the tee when I need a draw, which I am not good at with my driver. Also good from rough with the big head. But from fairway, my #6 wood is a keeper. Will stay in my bag for a very long time. My set now is driver, 17* HL #3 wood, RBZ #6 wood, #4 & #5 Ping G15 Hybrids, #6-GW Callaway XF Irons, Ping 56* sand W and Odyssey Backstryke Sabertooth Putter 35". I am able to break 80 with this combo! Not bad for mid-70's golfer..I use regular flex stock graphite shafts for all except SW & Putter.
ProsVery easy to hit. Very good weight balance, not too heavy or not too light. One of the longest fairway wood for me off closely mowed fairways.
ConsNot in love with the white paint. I prefer dark paints.
By jose
Modesto, ca
July 20, 2014
Easy to hit, Love it!
By Jesse E
Mount Joy, PA
RBZ really launches!
July 18, 2014
Great club, goes far and feels great. I love the sound of a perfect hit!
Prosdistance price
By Lee
great club
July 18, 2014
It a great club n I am still work hard at hit it consist at the motion I am hit it 220-230yard
By tom
this 5 wood is the best "3 wood" I've ever hit
July 18, 2014
5 wood is as long as a 3 wood and easy to hit. Great club from tee or deck.
Proslong Forgiving Adjustable loft
By Dennis
San Diego, CA
July 17, 2014
RockBottomGolf had the best price. The new price was lower than many outfits that were selling the club used! The Club is great. The adjustable shaft can make the 5w I purchased change easily from a 5w to a 4w by decreasing the loft...or into a 7w by increasing the loft. Highly recommended
ConsRockbottomgolf does not include the adjustment tool
By Chad
Breda, IA
Is a little heavier than I thought it would be
July 14, 2014
Had a heavy fade on it the 1st few times, but have adjusted and hits a slight fade like I expected --is heavier than my old 5 wood, but all in all was an upgrade
By J.B.
Penn Hills, Pa.
Taylormade Rocketballz 3 metal
July 12, 2014
Like all Taylormade clubs this is a solid preformer, I've left it at the standard setting of 14.5, it's working quite well. After my league is over for the summer I will probably experiment with it at different lofts to see how it works.
ProsThe look at set up, feel at impact, the ball flight and R.B.'s price and service.
By Shawn Moberly
Bardstown, KY
LONGEST 3 wood ever!!
July 11, 2014
Since the day I took this 3 wood out of the box it has changed my game!!! It is long and straighter than my old 3 wood!! Good from the deck, good from the rough, great from the tee! I consistently hit this 13 deg more than 265 yards from the tee!! I love the design and feel of this wood as well. True Taylormade genius!!
ProsDistance, Versatility, good looks,
By J.T.
Columbus, OH
Great Club
July 11, 2014
I bought the 13 degree 3W and it's basically replaced my driver. My distance is about the same and more accurate. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good 3W at a great price. Fast shipping as well
By steve
Va Beach VA
great deal, great club
July 10, 2014
easy to work the ball and really long. also purchased to driver and 5 wood
Prosgreat looking club, nice balance, feel and sound
Consdidn't like to stock grip
By Scott
Houston, TX
Good Value
July 9, 2014
Solid club especially at a great RockBottom price!
By Bryce
Sidney, Montana
Great Club
July 9, 2014
Working very well so far, had a little trouble getting the loft of the ball right but that's what practice is for right?
By Frank
Macedonia, OH
July 9, 2014
I absolutely love the Rocketballz fairway woods and drivers. You can't go wrong with the prices at Rockbottom Golf.
By Nick
Awesome club!
July 8, 2014
This club is easy to hit and has a lot of pop. I hit it 260 plus every time. I would highly recommend this club, especially for the price.
By John
Pittsburgh, PA
Nice Feel
July 7, 2014
It feels great, but hasn't increased my distance at all vs my previous 3-wood. Still trying it out, though.
By Graeme
St. Catharines, Ontario
Great Performance
July 6, 2014
Swung this club a couple times at the local golf shop and it performed nicely. I would recommend getting the stiff shaft for anyone who likes to swing quickly, as the regular shafts had a tendency to get the hands way behind the ball. But it is a great performance over my previous Woods set.
ProsVery light club head. Stiff shaft for heavy hitters
ConsHigh ball flight
By Mike
Dunedin, New Zealand
July 5, 2014
I have only played with this club twice since my purchase, and already enjoy the added distance and feel of this Club.
By Robert
Rutherfordton, NC
July 5, 2014
Added with my driver easy to control gets good distance
By Nicholas
West Chester, OH
Club came with all the original labeling brand new! Great fairway wood for the price!
July 3, 2014
Increased my fairway wood distance about 20-25 yards or so. I'm a huge fan of the rocketballz clubs and recommend them 100%
ProsAdjustable, easy to use. Beginner friendly but good enough for the intermediate.
ConsAlthough the clubhead is glare free, it's very bright.
Sierra Vista, Arizona
RBZ 3 Wood
July 2, 2014
This club is great .I've had the RBZ three wood for few weeks now and i can honestly say it is the best wood i have ever owned. It is very playable in any lie, has great forgiveness, and flies forever. Go to a golf store and test it. You'll get instant feedback and in most cases find an immediate improvement. Great product and perfect condition and great price and fast shipping. As is always the case with Rock Bottom Golf.
ProsGreat forgiveness.
ConsMake sure that slot is cleaned.
By Ace
great club for a great price
July 2, 2014
I don't give 5 stars easily, so there is nothing wrong with this being a 4 star club. It arrived as advertised in a timely manner. I couldn't really ask for much more.
By John
Oakland, CA
Easy to hit
June 30, 2014
The club arrived well packaged and in full factory wrapping. I've kept a Callaway Warbird Strong Three in my bag for 20 years and vowed never to replace this gem of a club. I wanted to try some of the newer technology in metalwoods and at this price it was a no-brainer. I like the adjustable loft, the weakest loft truly gave a very high ball flight and cranked down I was easily besting my old Warbird by 10-20 yards. I haven't had enough shots from the rough with it to comment on it's ability to cut through the cabbage but I'm confident the low profile will work fine.
ProsNice graphics. Easy to hit.
ConsHated spending an additional ten bucks on the wrench.
By Scott
comes off like a rocket
June 30, 2014
Ball explodes off the face
ProsOptions with loft, etc.. explosive, don't feel the ball when hit solidly
ConsJust a bit longer than normal fairway wood
By Tim
Stunning wood
June 27, 2014
Great wood - fantastic upgrade from my Tour Burner. Highly recommended.
By Al B.
Columbia, Maryland
Pure it and it goes...
June 25, 2014
I took three 3-woods out to the range to hit balls. The Stage 2 Tour is not as forgiving as my other two (Nike Sumo2 and maxfli), but this is to be expected as this is a tour wood and the others aren't. Solid hits were decisively further than either of the other two. The RBZ stage 2 Tour feel is awesome. When pured, the RBZ stage 2 tour felt better than the others. The swing weight is a little heavier than I'm used to in a 3-wood, but it didn't mess up my feel. This is a great club. I'm almost worthy of it. If you don't hit a 3-wood well, then this club isn't for you. If you need forgiveness look elsewhere. If you want an explosive club to try to make that par 5 at your favorite course, then you found your club!
ProsSolid face hits Decent forgiveness Looks great at address
ConsNot super forgiving.
By Ben
Napier, Te Awa
Super Speedy
June 24, 2014
Awesome club! Great speed and power. Heaps of control and distance
ProsControl. Power. Speed. Distance
By Will
Riverside, California
I'm in love...
June 23, 2014
So far so good with this purchase! I needed a reliable fairway wood & got more than that! I told my buddy how much I got this club for & he instantly got the rock bottom site info from me & bought a LH taylormade burner driver! We're both really satisfied customers! Thanks again!!!
ProsAdjustable loft is an awesome option on a fairway wood! Shipping was super prompt & arrived 2 days before scheduled! Thanks Rock Bottom!
By Ryan
Vancouver BC
As advertised
June 21, 2014
This club is awesome I got the 13 degree which can change 1.5 degrees either way. I may ditch my driver
ProsLight, explodes off the club face
ConsNone yet
By john
wollongong australia
June 18, 2014
the club is excellent thank you, however i did not receive a key to adjust the club if i feel necessary in the future. could you please forward one.
By tim
vancouver, canada
great club with great price
June 17, 2014
great club with great price
By Andy
New york
Great club
June 17, 2014
Item came in factory packaging. Great price and service.
By Andrew Fernelius
United States
piercing trajectory
June 16, 2014
This club is awesome. I played a very narrow course and the low straight ball flight and excellent roll out shaved strokes off my score.
Proslow piercing ball flight.
By steve
cary, il
Nice club
June 16, 2014
Although I could not hit the club consistently well (I kept flaring the ball to the right), my son loves the club. Perhaps, I did not get the correct shaft option for my swing speed.
ConsDidn't come with the adjustable wrench (although a call to Taylormade resolved that issue)
By Matt
New Zealand
Taylor Made Golf- Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour Fairway Wood
June 15, 2014
Very nice club. Sets up great and very long. Can keep up with my driver with this club.
ProsLong. Forgiving
By Gareth
Christchurch, Canterbury
Always hits long
June 15, 2014
knew what to expect as this is my second RBZ stage 2 fairway wood. Hits as long as many drivers. I like the aesthetics, love the feel.
ProsDistance Looks Price
By Runner NE
Great club, great price!!
June 14, 2014
I bought the 5 wood last fall and decided I needed the 3 wood too. Longer than the Cobra I replaced and with loft adjusted down to 13 degrees, it's got enough distance use when my driver misbehaves.
ProsDistance, direction and price.
By mookie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
This Thing is Long and Straight…...
June 14, 2014
Just played this club for the first time today. Very impressed with how it performed. I had difficulty with my driver so I used the 3 wood on most of the par 4's and 5's. It was as long as my driver and very accurate. I also used it from the fairway a few times and it was outstanding. Very happy with this purchase.
ProsPrice and Performance.
By laird
lincoln ne
confidence club
June 14, 2014
this club has a hot club face and great looks - shots hit from dead center are smoked - great cave man price made this one irresistible for me
Prosgoos looking confidence club
Consshaft seems a little longer than my previous 3 metal
By Marty McClune
United States
Only kept it for a week.
June 13, 2014
Nothing wrong with the club. I bought the Tour model and the shaft is a 70 gram shaft and everything in my bag has a very light shaft. Club was fine, just that when I went to hit it - I felt like I was swinging a hammer. Good club, just doesn't match the rest of my set in ref to shaft weight.
By Charles
Andale, KS
Easy to Hit!
June 10, 2014
Easy to hit. Hits further than my previous 3 wood and have hit the greens from 250+ with this club. Definitely recommend.
ProsEasy set up. Price. By far cheaper than any other price I have seen in other places
ConsNot sure why, but here recently my ball is tending to slice more than before. Has to be the user, not the equipment. :-)
By Trace
Watkinsville, GA
Great Club at an Awesome Price!!!!
June 9, 2014
Taylormade has done it again! This is a fantastic 3 wood with a great feel. The ball jumps off the club face. I highly recommend this club.
ProsBrand New Comes with Headcover Adjustable Ball jumps off of the club face GREAT PRICE at Rock Bottom Golf!!!!
By Drew
Augusta, GA
Living up to the Hype.
June 6, 2014
Club arrived a just a couple of days. Hitting this almost as far as I am hitting my NIKE VRS Driver. Outstanding distance and straight down the fairway. This will ddefinately become my go to club.
ProsGreat distance. easy to hit out of the ruff.
Consnone yet
By Ronnie
Lynnwood, WA
Awesome club
June 5, 2014
I've only used the club once but I was very impressed. It took a few hits to get used to, but once I figured it out I hit the ball very well.
ProsAdjustment option
ConsUgly head cover
By Mark
Cape Cod ,MA
Nice club but.............
June 4, 2014
This is a definite upgrade over my older TM fairway wood but its difficult to "tune in" because they do not include the adjustment wrench with the club! It is long when I hit it square but not sure any longer than several other fw out there. That said, once I get the loft/lie issues taken care of I will probably hit it great.
ProsLong and able to work it left/right
ConsNo adjustment tool included
By Peter
Awesome Fairway!
June 3, 2014
I purchased the tour 3HL version and it is awesome! The added loft makes it easy to get the ball up on the air. Sounds and feels great!
By Michael
Norwalk, CT
Great club for an unbelievable price
June 2, 2014
Can't ask for much more at this price point!
ProsPrice Added 15-20 yards interchangeable loft
By Brandon
Fond du Lac, WI
Taylor Made Rocketballz Stage 2 Tour Fairway Wood
May 28, 2014
Very easy to work with, shipping was fast and everything was packaged up. Will definitely be ordering ALL of my golf equipment from Rock Bottom Golf.
By Eugene
Excellent fairway wood
May 25, 2014
Excellent club for price. Easy to hit in fairway or of the tee. Light weight and 16.5 loft helps to get the ball in the air. Quality club.
ProsGreat price. Quality club. Light weight.
By Tyler
Lake Worth, FL
Great woods
May 24, 2014
Go a very long way. I bought the 13 degree and adjusted down to 11.5, and hit it farther than most people hit their driver. In fact, I hit it as far as my old driver...which is why I ended up getting the stage 2 tour driver to match.
By Francis
Perth, WA
Rocket ya ballz down the fairway!
May 24, 2014
Great feeling club - has got a nice balance/feel to it. Got the 3 HL 16.5 with stiff shaft, the head is quite compact and sits nice and flat. The extra loft is awesome, seeing the club sit nice and low makes you more confident in contacting the ball when hitting off the deck. Get one and leave your driver at home :). Great reviews online! Premium club at a run out price!
ProsHL 16.5 - loft is an advantage, great feel and appearance at set up.
ConsNone!!! But for the sake of being trivial, it would have looked nicer in gunmetal gray, gloss black or candy apple red.
By Darren
Adelaide Australia
Quality club
May 24, 2014
Thank you for my purchase guys.Very happy customer.
ProsVery easy to hit club.Great looks.
By Paul
Northern Virginia
Versatile & True
May 22, 2014
I was looking for something help me reach a Par 5 green in two, or use off the tee or deck in cases where the hole layout dictated my choices. Additional length was not a concern - I just wanted something I could trust to hit a certain distance with some degree of accuracy. My first time out with this club, with only a few swings on the driving range, I knew the RBZ Tour 3HL would scratch that itch. Success translated from the driving range to situations both off the tee, and off the deck. It hits straight and the perfect length for a variety of situations given the adjustability of the club head. I put this through its paces its first time out, and developed an instant rapport with the club. It's got a place in the bag and won't be going anywhere soon.
By Nes-T
Marine City, MI
May 15, 2014
Great 3 wood. Like it better than the original RBZ 3. Lower profile face, better in the rough where I do spend some time.
Prosadjustability low profile face
ConsStandard cheap Taylor Made grip. Get's replaced immediately.
By JDizzle
United States
May 12, 2014
Great value for the price.
By Jeff
Southeast Iowa
RBZ = Rocket Launcher
May 12, 2014
A perfect fairway club at an unbelievable price. Great trajectory, fully adjustable with a premium Ozik shaft. ONLY $99,.....the shaft is twice as much retail.
By Kevin
Mundelein, IL
Good distance.
May 12, 2014
Nice balance, hitting the ball straight and long with this club.
May 12, 2014
Love this club, easily 10 yds further than my old burner 3 wood
By jim
I hit it higher and farther
May 8, 2014
I upgraded from a burner superfast 2.0 3 wood to this RBZ stage 2 tour. I wanted some adjustability and this fit the bill. The HL model allowed me to replace my 3 and 5 wood by giving me a loft somewhere in the middle. I added a rescue for longer shots from the rough and it has solidified my bag. This club has a little smaller head and does not seem to be quite as forgiving as my old burner, but when struck properly the ball explodes off the clubface! The smoother I can swing it the more I seem to get out of it. I hit and held a rock hard green from 265 yards the first time out, very satisfied.
Proslong long long
ConsSmaller head seems to be less forgiving on mishits
By Mark Plinneke
United States
Exceeded My Expectations
May 7, 2014
Very pleased with this fairway wood. Replaced my old Taylor Made V-Steel. Gained at least 20 yards. Also it's a far more forgiving club. Love the shaft that comes with the tour model. Great price too!!
ProsDistance. Forgiveness. Shaft.
By brad
Great addition
May 7, 2014
Still dialing in which loft is best for me but this club has some oomph to it with a lot of accuracy too.
Proslength and accuracy
Consdoes not come with a wrench
By Louis
Goldsboro, NC
Love the Rocketballz stage 2 wood
May 4, 2014
Arrived as promised. Great fairway wood. highly recommend!
By Erik
Collegeville, PA
far and forgiving!!
May 4, 2014
this club is true to its rocketballz name as the golf ball flys off the face and refuses to come down. The one thing that really got me about this club is how forgiving it is even on off center hits. the new speed pocket combined with the brand new metal used to construct the club face really lend to the club faces flexibility and consistently gives you a much straighter ball.
By Craig
Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Awesome as usual
May 4, 2014
Love the Stage 2 range. Great feel, and workability. Also happy with the usual exemplary service and price from Rockbottomgolf
ProsLooks good Feels good Adjustable Matches my other woods
By john
chicago illinois
great club
May 1, 2014
swing easy and it does all the work
Proshigh,long and straight
By ed
wash, dc
April 30, 2014
i have the stifff flex, head makes a solid sound on contact, easy to hit and shape shots, smooth swing yields 240 yd drive off tee, easy to hit and elevate from fairway lies
Prosadjustable loft
By Joshua
United States
April 30, 2014
Wanted to see if these " new technology" is what people say it is and wow were they right the ball just explodes of the face of the club. TM did it right
By hacker
Irvine, CA
out driving my driver
April 29, 2014
Took this out for the first time, and I am very impressed. Didn't take long to get use to it and was nailing every fairway. I have no complaints and got it at a great price!
By Andrew
Bloomington, IL
April 28, 2014
I picked up the Low lofted 13 Deg. 3 Wood, and honestly I might remove the driver from my bag. This thing is a BOMBER. I love it, you can crush this thing, and I've yet to hit an errand tee shot in 3 rounds. Highly, highly recommend.
ProsDistance Feel Look
By Craig L Schoeneberg
United States
Great Long Hitting Club
April 26, 2014
I love the feel of this 3 wood. I can use it to tee off on most par 4 holes with distances around 250 when I strike it well. It allows me to reach most par 5's or at least be close to them. Much longer than the older Adams I had. It tends to slice more than my older club, but I will figure that out. Great club especially for the money.
ProsLong Easy to hit Good Looking
Conshits very high at least for me I slice it worse than I did with Adams club
By Brian
Cleveland, oh
Awesome club
April 26, 2014
The ball rockets of the face and carries a long way. I say hitting it of the tee and fairway from 225-235yrds. Love it!
ProsLook , feel, performance
By James
Richmond, VA
April 25, 2014
long and forgiving even on off center hits
Proshigh loft, lands soft.
Constour sized head takes some getting used to, but makes you a better ball striker
By Brian
Akron, OH
3 wood
April 24, 2014
Excellent pricing and quick delivery. Everything went smooth with this purchase and I would buy again without any worries
By Bill Schmitt
it is all that I expected
April 24, 2014
Bought the 5 wood to replace 3 Hybrid but immediately noticed I could hit it as far as my Cobra 3 wood. Bought the Taylor Made 3 and am now getting over 220 yds out of it. Very pleased
Prosgreat quality
Conshaving to clean the groove after each shot
By Jake
New York, NY
Love it
April 24, 2014
My new favorite club. Great feel, long and forgiving.
By Damon
Panora, IA
A little on the perfect side
April 24, 2014
This is an upgrade from a 8 year old tour edge exotics. All I can say is wow! Incredibly straight with high penetrating ball flight. Easy to hit off the turf or tee. Unbelievable price from Rock Bottom as always.
ProsAdjustable loft
ConsNo adjustment tool. I didn't read the fine print.
By Brett
New Westminster, BC, Canada
Best 3 Wood I've ever played with!
April 24, 2014
Have played 2 rounds with this club so far and haven't missed a fairway. Had one of my best approaches of the year on a long par 5 second shot...easy 10 yd pitch after that for an easy birdie! Awesome club....:)
ProsVery well balanced club and weighted perfectly. Can swing easy and the ball just pops off the face.
By tony pulice
hubbard ohio
stage 2 fairway wood
April 22, 2014
in the few times i have hit this club i can already tell its 15 to 20 yards loner than my old 3 wood and very easy to hit dont have overswing at all
Proseverything lines up nicely first white headed club i have owned didnt bother me at all
Consdoesn't come with adjustment wrench found one on amazon cheap
By Jd
Madison, WI
In love!
April 19, 2014
Long and straight!
ProsGood feel, ball flys off the face.
By Chad
United States
Great Distance
April 14, 2014
Looks great, distance is nice.
Consshallow face
By Chris Oser
April 11, 2014
Since my 1st swing I absolutely love this club!! Looks great, sounds and feel awesome!
ProsColor, loft and shaft
Baldwin Park, CA
best choice
April 9, 2014
bottom price, good quality, sweet feeling, as my 1st 3# f'way wood purchased.
By Donald
Very long and easy to hit and shape shots
April 8, 2014
Love having this club in my bag. Able to hit rather easily with generous distance. Find myself teeing off with it more and more with great distance and accuracy; hitting more fairways during my rounds.
ProsGood distance and ball flight
ConsDid not come with tool
By Bill Osters
College Station, Texas
Performance Blast
April 8, 2014
I bought the Stage 2 Driver last Fall and was immediately thrilled with the results. So I waited for the Stage 2 3-wood price drop. I've had the club about 10 days and after three rounds and 3 Range sessions I can say this is one great club. Excellent balance and feel. Very forgiving and I believe that I'm getting an extra 10 yards of flight over my old 3-wood. After years of being a Cleveland advocate I've converted to all Taylor-made woods. They definitely add yards and are superior in forgiveness over any other brands I've tried.. Great club!
ProsFeel, Distance, Forgiveness. I actually like the face graphics as an alignment tool.
ConsReally no negatives. Never been a big fan of white colored clubs but I've adjusted.
By Dave
Virginia Beach
Home in 2
April 8, 2014
I used this club as a strong 3 wood the ability to change loft is big. First weekend I was home in 2 on 2 of the 4 par 5s. Now if I can just make a putt I will be able to supplement me income enough to paid for the club. That said this is a great club and will me in my bag for quite a while.
ProsAbility to change loft
ConsCan't help my putting.
By George
Palm Bay Fl
April 5, 2014
All I can say is wow this club screams crush the ball. got a great deal from rock bottom looks good feels good what I want from all my sticks. Cant go wrong buy this bad boy.
By Jay
Gilbertsville Pa
As advertised
April 5, 2014
Used it once off the tee and the ball went almost as far as it does with my driver.
ProsGreat distance and it went where I aimed.
By Billy
Daphne, AL
Very solid
April 3, 2014
I love this club. I could hit a 5 wood, but always had trouble getting a 3 wood elevated. I can do that with this high launch 3 wood, plus, with the adjustable hosel you can add or reduce the loft as needed for your swing. I also like the slightly smaller head on the tour version. It helps me feel more comfortable hitting it on a tight lie.
ProsSolid feel, adjustable loft, great distance, fast delivery from RBG, as always.
ConsThe slot in the sole has a tendency to fill up with dirt and/or grass. The new jet speed models fill the slot with a polymer which solves that issue, but at a price
By Alec
Knoxville, TN
Great look and feel
March 31, 2014
Rbz clubs are amazing
By Mark
Wappingers Fl, NY
Improved Golf Game
February 22, 2014
This club has added 10-15 extra yards and is very easy to hit.
By Andy
United States
Low flier
February 1, 2014
TaylorMade seem to have flattened a lot of their woods, ie they seem to have lower lofts than in the past. That does mean the ball flies a lot lower, which is great in windy conditions, but it also comes in faster/hotter so tends to run on. Maybe that's just me? Easy to "stripe" down the middle of a fairway, even narrow ones. Tricky to stop on elevated greens. Looks great, sounds fantastic. Love it.
ProsLooks great, sounds fantastic. Forgiving, even on fairly dry lies.
ConsVery low flight path has to be from lower than advertised lofts of the faces. (I own the 3, 5 and 5HL) None of these clubs pops the ball up in the air like my 3 hybrid does (not a TaylorMade). That does make it difficult (for me) to truly know what distance the ball will travel as it runs on quite a bit.
By Bob
Ontario canada
Looking Great can't wait
January 20, 2014
I have not had a chance to use my new Taylor Made Fairway wood because there is too much snow on the ground. However the purchase and the delivery of my new club went very smoothly and the club looks awesome.
By Brendan
Great Great Great
December 22, 2013
What can I say. This has made those longer holes a lot shorter. Easy to hit and smooth as. Love it.
By Mike B
20 yards better
April 24, 2013
20 yards further than previous 3 wood.

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