By Mike
Simple and Effective
December 23, 2022
Overall this is a pretty solid portable launch monitor. Set up and use could not be easier. Just power it up and position it behind your hitting area and you are good to go. I took this to PGA Superstore and put it up against their super expensive launch monitor in the hitting bay and the yardages were always within 1-5 yards. The only big discrepancies I saw sometimes were on the apex and spin numbers but if that’s not a concern then you’ll get a good idea of carry distances. This has been particularly good for helping me dial in those awkward 40-100 yard wedge distances. I’ve now got those pretty well dialed in and has helped my scoring quite a bit. App is cool and easy to use as well. A lot of features too that I haven’t even gotten to. It won’t do simulation or give you directional info (left, right, slice, fade). For that you may need to consider the Garmin R10 but setting up that unit takes quite a bit more. I did get this as a Black Friday special so it was $349 instead of standard $499 price. I don’t think it’s quite worth that amount and the main reason I purchased it was because of the deal.
By Kevin
Southern Indiana
Very easy to use & makes practice fun!
October 30, 2022
I’ve used the SC300i for nearly a year now and would purchase it again for sure! It really makes practice more fun and interesting too improve. I use it on the range and also at home to hit 20-50 yards pitch shots and it has really helped me dial in my short game yardages. It may not be as accurate as those $2000 or more units but based on verifying distances of my targets with my range finder I find it to be pretty doggone accurate for me whether I’m hitting short pitch shots or a driver. I’ve hit on Trackmans before and my swing speeds with all clubs is within 2-3 mph of the Trackman speed so again pretty accurate for someone like me….driver 100 mph and 7 handicap. Gives me all the data I want, is easy to set up? I really like the app it can connect to and the voice read out of yardages is nice. Battery life is amazing too. For the money it is a great value and I can’t really come up with any negatives from my own use that would be relevant…’s great!
By charlie
montgomery, Alabama
Good Unit
November 17, 2021
The screen is hard to read outdoors for me.
By Jun
Auckland, North Island
Fun to practise
June 26, 2021
easy to use on the driving range
By Julio G.
San Diego, California
June 13, 2021
Great PLM. It’s fun to bring out to the golf course or to the range. Obviously not as accurate as a GC Quad but doesn’t cost nearly as much either. Spin rates do seem excessive so wouldn’t really trust them. Everything else is close enough for the price point. Easy to use. I like the video feature that shows your numbers on the side
ProsFun Total distance pretty accurate Video mode with numbers on the side a cool feature
ConsSpin rates are way off If you change to total distance the video will still show as carry. Even though it is giving you total distance. See video
By Brandon
Fort Worth, TX
Pretty good but exceptional value
June 10, 2021
Last fall, I bought some shoes from RBG at a great price, and they started sending me promo emails. I saw this SC300 in one of them, and it put a bug in my ear. When Black Friday came around (Nov 2020), I purchased one on sale plus a coupon for a great final price. After 8 months of usage, I honestly don't know why I waited so long to buy a launch monitor. I thought it was only for the rich, but RGB makes it very affordable. The SC300 is a fantastic range companion that provides two crucial metrics (among others) for every golf shot: carry and smash factor. Carry is obviously crucial, but the smash factor has really helped me understand the impact of good and bad hits, especially for the shorter irons where accuracy is paramount. I also monitor my swing speed, especially for the longer clubs, and it's helped me gain an average of 20 yards on my drives. I've even hit several drives over 300 and drove a short par 4 a few months ago, which hasn't happened since I was a teenager. I've always tried to be a smooth swinger (100mph for a driver), and I've let my swing speed flutter as I've aged, and this has helped me understand that I can swing harder and still be in control (now up to 110mph with similar accuracy). I've spent 30 years feeling my way through golf, and this has really opened my eyes on how to be more consistent. As for the function of the product itself, the best feature is the immediate LCD readout. I looked at competitors, and they all require you to use a phone. When I'm on the range, I don't want my phone out. The audio readout for carry is also great so you don't have to keep looking back at the unit, and I've actually been approached by several people at the driving range asking about the device. The distances are consistent with my range finder, so I feel confident about the metrics. Despite how much I love the product, I'll now be a bit nit picky so you know what you're getting into. 1) For my driver, it sometimes doesn't register a good hit with good lighting conditions at close range (3 feet back). This happens maybe 1 out of 5 hits. It doesn't appear to be the case for any irons or woods, though it will occasionally miss a hit with those as well. 2) The app will not work on my Android phone. It crashes as soon as it opens. 3) I have (nice forged) 10 year old irons, and the lofts do not go high enough for two irons. 4) I've read that the launch angle and apex are not that accurate, but I never look at it anyway, so I wouldn't let that deter you. Overall, these two minor shortcomings do not bother me because of the immediate readout and general accuracy, which is why it presents an exceptional value. It's not perfect, but if you're on the fence, have the money, and are looking to improve your game in a very functional way, I highly recommend this product over several of the more expensive phone-only competitors. PS - I bought a cheap case for this on Amazon. Search for "B0797XW48X".
ProsImmediate audial and visual feedback, general accuracy
ConsMisses the occasional hit, app crashes on my android phone, missing lofts for my irons, launch angle/apex inaccuracy
By Brandon
Richmond, Virginia
Great Product
April 2, 2021
I have been around golf all my life and this product is one of the best affordable golf training aids that I have come across. Will definitely recommend to anyone trying to improve their game and dial in distances.
By Ronald O.
Maui, Hawaii
Great deal on Voice Caddie Golf - Portable Launch Monitor SC300
January 5, 2021
I love the Launch Monitor at the best price anywhere!
ProsGreat price and the item came in 2 days.
By Edward
Orange County, CA
Great Device
December 28, 2020
For the money, you can't beat this. While it's not a top-end camera based launch monitor, for average to advanced golfers this is a great tool to have. Pretty darn accurate. I would give it five stars but the app isn't great. It's solid, stable, and good but there are some features that would be nice to have on the app.
By Christopher
Winnemucca, Nevada
Screaming deal!
December 27, 2020
I researched launch monitors in the $500 price range and decided on the SC300. Luckily, Rock Bottom was having a sale, and I ended up paying a total of $349. It's winter, so I haven't had the unit on the course yet, but so far it's been very easy to navigate and appears to be a good product. I've seen a lot of reviews that say the app is not so good. I'll update this review once I work with that.
ProsGreat price
By Lokigolfer
Pittsburg, CA
Better than SC100
December 15, 2020
For me this is an upgrade as far as data. I got the SC100 a year ago, the data seemed great, but the yardage seemed less (that's because it was carry only). The SC300 lets one toggle between Total and Carry so one can get a better idea of how the shots go. Seems to match up with my play on the course. I compared the two: the swing and ball speeds varied between the two, but the carry yardage was about the same meaning that both are accurate. The benefit of the 300 is the launch angle data and the ability to see the end result (total). It is also nice that the 300 transfers carry data to the web to get an idea of improvement, but it only transfers the max and average carry distances (not the total). It also gives spin data, but that doesn't matter as much to me. I do like the launch angle feedback as it tells me if I'm hitting it too low or, more often, too high (I had to research what the proper launch angle should be for each club -- about half the loft (?). For the price (especially during a sale) this is great if you have a backyard net and are looking to see if you are hitting consistently. This doesn't tell if you are slicing, pushing, pulling, or hooking; and the 6-10 feet of distance doesn't give you enough flight to judge it, but this device is great into a net for more practice at a lower cost so that when you do take it to the range (or better yet once you've got a good club path going from the range) your work on speed and distance is better set.
ProsLots of good info
ConsNot all the good info downloads to the app (or if it does I haven't figured out how to access it)
By Jun
Accurate and easy to use
December 13, 2020
The sc300 is accurate and easy to use on the driving range .
By Jack
Quality Product-Accurate
December 10, 2020
Only used a few times into a net and very happy with the read outs on carry yardage and swing speed. Looking forward to warmer weather to test in outside conditions. Good tool to dial in on the carry coverage for my irons. Knew a little of this before buying this, but this will really help with in between shots and par 3's.
By Chuck
New Jersey
Very accurate
August 23, 2020
I’m very happy with this launch monitor. The battery life is great, the readings seem to be spot on at the range, and it is super easy to use. I highly recommend this monitor!
By Charlie B.
August 6, 2020
This thing has been awesome! originally i found that the readings were way off but after some testing i found that the more flight time you give the ball the more accurate it is. Originally i had the net about 2 metres in front of me and the readings were way off, since then i have moved it back another couple of metres and it reads perfectly. Would definitely recommend!
Prosaccurate easy to use lightweight big screen good data good price
Consno carry bag
By Chip
Swing Caddie SC 300
August 1, 2020
While I have only used it once it is great device at an excellent price. Look forward to using it often!!!
By Tharanya
August 1, 2020
Easy set up but the software on the smart phone is not fully operational. Mishits don't work and club selection must be specified for accurate data.
By Thomas
So Far So Good
July 31, 2020
I’ve used the SC300 hitting into a net a few times. Yardages seem about how long I hit my clubs. Will test accuracy further at a driving range. Battery life is good. General set up and pairing with the phone app is simple. The only way to set loft for your clubs is through the remote. Nice to get data as I work through swing changes.
By Jim
Great for the average golfer!
June 21, 2020
The price is a bit steep, but the monitor is great. Pretty accurate for most shots, and a lot of fun. The quick feedback is very helpful for immediate adjustments. What sets this above is the app and additional data it provides conpared to the sc200 model. Only drawback is that the remote doesnt work well. I found myself manually changing the club when i picked up a new one. Good buy if you're in the market.
ProsQuick data feedback, app records your shots, multiple settings and modes.
ConsA little expensive, remote isn't great.
By Laurent
Nyon, Switzerland
Great device (5 stars) supported by a not so great app (2 stars)
June 11, 2020
The device is very well finished, sturdy, very easy to use with the buttons at the top or the remote control, so much so that you will not need more than a couple of minutes to figure out everything without checking the user guide. I put it on the ground 1.5m behind my ball, and despite the fact that it is not level with the mat it works very well - maybe 2 balls missed out of a 100 (my golf bag is already heavy enough to carry a book to make it level). I did get a reading in two occasions (including a ball distance!) for a practice swing (i.e. without the ball), which again is no biggie considering how many I do during a training session. The results look precise, there's lots of videos of pros testing the device which confirm its accuracy. The app though it not really acceptable in 2020 - the set up of the club lofts is a pain as the settings get reset unless you pair it by bluetooth with the device during the process. I had to do quite some trial and error until my clubs got finally recorded, which in the end is quite useful since afterwards it's possible to switch clubs directly on the phone (while paired) - the remote is easier for that but still a functionality that could come handy. The phone also gives an oral reading of your shot, albeit sometime different by 1 unit to what the device says. Aside from the loft setup pain, the layout makes the reading of your stats difficult after a training, and there should be an option to change the ball speed in meter/second to kilometer/ hour (i.e. the metric system equivalent of mph). Why I really love it despite the app weaknesses: the stats are still good enough to tell me that I should work more with my 4 and 5 irons, which are clearly not as consistent as my other irons for now. On the course, that means that I will let 4 and 5 in the back for now and find alternate solutions for certain distances. I am also more consistent with my 5 wood than 3. As per the stats, my 6 iron is my weapon of choice.
By Jon
Nashville, TN
Great Item
April 9, 2020
I have had good experience with using this model. It appears to be very accurate. The only downside is that the previous model has some functionality that this higher end model does not which is disappointing. But overall it is a great tool for getting feedback on the range.
ProsAccurate, Easy to Use, Decent Battery Life, Alot of good stats
ConsMissing functionality from cheaper models, Need to be almost perfectly aligned or some shots get missed, Some mis-hits show up as 200+ yd shots. Would be nice to have multiple profiles.
By Chris
Florida and NY
Revised Review after VC Tech Support Assistance
March 2, 2020
I wrote a review on 2/28/20 after being frustrated due to errors on the SC300 screen when attempting to update the software prior to using the SC300. Well, voice caddie tech support helped walk me thru the firmware update and get the SC300 working properly. Hats off to them for their help. I've used the unit twice at the range and am extremely happy with the launch monitor. The unit is easy to read in the sunlight, it speaks the yardages to you after swings and I only had a few times that the hits did not register on the first day of use. On the second use I put it on top of a 1" plastic board I had which seemed to help the unit obtain readings and it didn't miss any. The remote is such a convenience to change clubs, loft, modes etc. The actual ball yardages appear to be pretty accurate based on the range markers and laser readings. Just set the unit up 5' behind the ball and you're ready to go. The phone app is OK but there and a couple things that would improve it. I haven't figured out if you can download it to a PC to make it easier to review. The club loft in the app goes back to default regardless of how I input it. You can adjust it with the remote on the actual SC300 unit so it wasn't a big deal. Also you can used the launch monitor without the phone app which is a big plus. If the APP was a bit better I would give the SC300 5 stars. I'm sure improvements are forthcoming so that should resolve that issue. However I had no issues losing connectivity between the SC300 and my phone. It worked flawlessly in that respect. Overall I'm very happy and glad I bought it. I can see it will be a great tool for my short game dialing in specific yardages.
ProsWell made Easy to read Operated flawlessly Remote is a great convenience
ConsCase is not included and at $50 is over priced APP needs some work.
By Chris
Florida and NY
Never got to use it
February 28, 2020
I just received the SC300, went through the manual, entered club lofts and was excited to go use it. I then downloaded the app onto my phone and went on Voice Caddie's website to register the unit. The website had a link to update the firmware so I clicked the link and now the unit just gives me an error message, ERR.3, when turned on. I contacted Voice Caddie and they sent me a link to reset the unit. I followed the instructions and got an error on their website for resetting which stated, "An error has occurred (EC:20). Please retry." Well try and try again still produced the same message. I then called Voice Caddie again and of course now I can't get through to anyone. So I sent emails and hopefully will get a response. As of now I have a fancy $500 paperweight. Just great. Waste of money.
ProsI don't know. Didn't get to use it.
ConsDoesn't work. Technical support
By Kuch
New Jersey
Good Hardware, POOR App. Mevo might be a better option.
December 14, 2019
Tested SC300 indoor. Like the numbers being displayed on the screen. Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone app seems ok. At this price point, they should include a carry case. The iPhone App needs lot of work. The app user interface is very elementary. They capture all the data, why not design a modern, user friendly app that complements the launch monitor. The company needs to invest money to redo the app completely. Look at the Mevo app. If you are ok with not seeing the data on the screen right way and look at a mobile device to see the data, Mevo might be a better option. Would have returned SC300 in favor of Mevo if possible.
ProsDisplays data on the screen directly Read the Carry/Total yards number loudly
ConsNo case included. Poor user interface and experience with the iPhone App. Unable to customize the Stats screen and determine what data to see and the order in which the data is displayed. Unable to app Spin data to the Practice and Target screens in the app. No multiple user profiles support in the device or the app. Does not store data separately if you have multiple clubs of the same type for different players. For e.g, I have two drivers configured for my two kids. It stores all data under a single driver configuration. What the point then of adding multiple clubs with different lofts
By Peter
Addison, TX
Neat tool
October 10, 2019
The saying goes: you get what you pay for. With that said, the swing caddy SC 300 is a neat little tool for practicing distances. It is pretty much spot on for every club in the bag except for driver. This must be a programing error, according to the unit, my 3w swing speed is 92 and driver 94. Yet it reads out that the 3w carries 15 yards farther than the driver, when in actuality with my own eyes I can see that the driver carries 10 yards farther than the 3w which I call the duh factor. Like I said, other than that the unit is spot on I play bright yellow Titleist tour soft balls And have found that using the unit indoors it picks up the yellow ball way better than the white ball The particular range that I go to use his yellow range balls so I do not know how it fares outside with the white range balls It could use an update for the equipment selection. Meaning, I have 2018 cobra hybrids and woods. For the hybrids, I had to select cobra generic since my models weren’t in the list. I play new Wilson staff FG tour V6. And the closest selection is the 2014 version of the v4’s The Cleveland RTX 4 wedges are also not in the menu It’s very fun to hit 100 yard wedge shots in the bedroom with only 7’-10” ceilings ! All in all, a good purchase… Too bad I cannot use it along with my true golf E6 simulation software I will have to wait until I can afford the $6000 ES-16. Because from what I hear, skytrak is a piece of junk The SC 300 is good, I hope swing caddy comes out with something that can be used with simulation software
By Jim
Vc sc 300
August 18, 2019
The device works well. They are still working on the software . That goes with it so reviewing your information offline is dicey I think it's a great training tool. I would buy it again. The first one I received was defective but the company sent a new one after I returned the defective one and they paid for it. I would recomend buying the hard travel case
ProsGreat for practice at the range
ConsSoftware for offline review need work
By Chet
Product is accurate, app could be better
August 18, 2019
Love the product in terms accuracy. I measured it vs $20,000 launch monitors. I tested it outside and shot distances with my laser range finder. I found the SC 300 to be very accurate. Although perhaps a bit generous with peak height. Otherwise right on the money. The app leaves a lot to be desired. I would have loved to have been able to upload the data to a pc and section out parts to analyze different things I was trying to accomplish during range sessions. Alas, not possible. Over all, it's a great product for the money.
ProsAccurate Easy to set up The remote control is handy
ConsThe app isn't very useful for analyzing practice sessions. A protective pouch, for when you put it in your golf bag would have been a nice touch.
By Gabriel
May 24, 2019
I think this is a great buy! Very easy to use and understand. Analyzing the numbers is helping improve and know the distances I usually hit my clubs.
Pros-accurate measures -easy to use -good battery life
Cons-does not come with a carrying case
By Michael
Awesome! Worth every penny!!
April 29, 2019
Seems accurate (checked it with a Bushnell range finder). Portable, inexpensive (compared to other units) and easy to use. Came in handy on a particularly windy day (20+MPH winds). Worth the investment.
millsboro, DE
great swing caddie, MAGA
April 24, 2019
My SC300 arrived last week and I have had it out on the range and the golf course a total of five times and have had absolutely no issues with it working, connecting with my iPhone, or data download. If you are expecting the same level of sophistication as say a Trackman for $30k or a Foresight GCQuad for $22k for every type of shot played you will be disappointed. I found the SC300 accurate between 50 yards up to 180 yards it both swing speed, ball speed and carry distance to what I have tested out with trackman both inside and outside. Above 180 yards, the sc300 was giving me too much credit as the swing speeds (averaging 5% faster) and carrying distances (averaging 20 yards farther) than I typically hit the ball. Great for the ego, but not practical when you are concerned about covering a hazard. But at this price point I have a tool to really dial in 8 out of 13 clubs (putters don’t count). The other item I found interesting is one golf club I tested the SC300 has ProV’s the other Titliest rock range balls. The difference was not statistically significant.
By Larry
St. Peter?s, mo
Sc 300
April 13, 2019
Have only used once ,it seems to be accurate. The phone app is helpful very easy to use

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