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By Jaak
Ardmore, PA
Consistent height
November 9, 2019
I do not buy the lower friction = 4 more yards. But I do love playing 10 rounds with the same tee, and always being sure of the height I tee the ball to.
By Frank R.
No more pocket full of tees!
October 26, 2019
A friend gave me a mid sized " 4 more yards Tee" . I loved it and now I am on the course with 1 mid height "4 More" tee, 4 quarters, a ball divot repair tool, and a short iron tee. Ball teed always the same height. Just what the Dr. ordered.
ProsConsistent dependable height, They last and last.
By Lee S.
Denver, Colorado
Excellent golf tees
June 8, 2019
I use these tees for consistent height, they are very durable, and long lasting. The red tees are excellent for par three shoot. I use the blue tees for drives. “4 yards more” tees provide always consistent ball height.
ProsDurable and long lasting.
ConsNot practical for use in very hard or frozen ground.
By Gwen
Dallas Texas
Grand kids lessons
June 4, 2019
Just so you know.....I ordered these for my grandson. He was taking golf lessons at age ten, in a group with other kids. The mean instructor yelled at him saying "Billy, it takes you longer to set your ball on the tee properly than for the rest of the class to get their ball set up and in the air. So your tees are so my grandson or his siblings will never have to be singled out and embarrassed in a group because it difficult sometimes to get the ball to stay on the tee
By Wrenn
South Carolina
Great tees
June 1, 2019
Great unbreakable
ProsWell made
By Kevin
Consistent height
May 21, 2019
Last long
By Ray
Alexandria, Virginia
Reliable Tees
May 16, 2019
I use these so I don't have to worry about the ball height. The consistent height is just another thing I don't have to worry about when I set up at the tee box.
By Steve
Used only once
May 11, 2019
Big thing is comments from partners. Easy to find after hitting.
By Kevin
Plastic tees
April 20, 2019
Durable and hold the ball nice
ConsIn order to get different heights you need to purchase a few sizes
By Christophe
Berlin, CT
December 27, 2018
Super skeptical at first, but have been using these for over two years now. Here’s the best thing about these: The clear plastic is flush against the ground creating exact consistent height every time you tee up. Consistency is key especially with drives and I noticed that with these tees and the consistent tee height I reduced unnecessary side spin that would previously lead to occasional fades. After using this tee I have hit my straightest drives and added not “4 yards more” as the company name, but an average of 9. I tee my ball slightly lower and use the yellow ones and the purple ones for fairways, and irons. Try them! You won’t be disappointed!
ProsConsistent exact tee height every time One tee lasts a good two weeks if used 3 rounds per week. Less for the purple tees. Reduced spin off the driver
ConsIron tees which are the purple ones can get lost off the tee shot if not hit clean. The dark color and short design gets camouflaged easily in the grass.
By Ryan
herculaneum, MO
best tee ever
September 11, 2018
This tees have been in my bag for years i buy a new set every other year. I play with the blue 3.25 in ones and have real helped my game with the ball being the same height every time.
By Scott
Johnson City, NY
August 21, 2018
Perfect tee for all of your par 3 holes. Clean shots every time.
By Dwight B.
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada
Good product...
August 21, 2018
Order for customer who thinks they are great.
By Tony
Can’t get into ground
August 17, 2018
Hard to get into ground
ConsNo difference from any other tees
By Robert
Maricopa, Az
Reusable tees.
July 23, 2018
I like the 4 more yard tees and have been using them for a few years. The ball is always at the same height and they are very durable.
ProsSet tee heights
July 1, 2018
By Peter
Tampa, FL
Very good tee
June 20, 2018
No resistance when hitting ball and quite durable. I like it much better than the wood step tee I used for my 3 wood.
By Shaggy
Scuffletown, KY
Wife loves these tees
June 18, 2018
Going to order me some for par 3's
By Bruce
Land OLakes, FL
Perfect Height every time
May 29, 2018
Love these tees. Perfect height each time and long lasting. Played for over two years with the same tee. Wife went through hundreds of wood tees in the same time. Just have to keep an eye on where it goes.
ConsBlue color is hard to locate sometimes
By Al
Romeo, MI
Work Great!
May 7, 2018
Only used them for 1 round so far, but they worked great. Didn't have to guess how high to set the tee.
By David
Look inteeesting
April 28, 2018
Good results.
By Ian
Charlottesville, Virginia
Great reusable tee
December 12, 2017
The main reason I use the 4 yard tee is for the consistent tee height and reusability. I have not noticed any distance games compared too a good old fashioned wooden tee, but the consistent tee height makes me know that if I make the same swing off the tee I should get the same result
ProsConsistent tee height Reusable
ConsNo observable distance gains
By james
Tees up well
October 18, 2017
Hard to tee up in hard ground
By Chris
Same height every time
September 10, 2017
the fewer variables the better for my game
By Mark
Las Vegas, NV
September 9, 2017
4 more yards, possibly. What I am sure if is fantastic durability and consistent tee height. I bought a second pack to share with playing partners. A couple remain old school, several have switched to these.
ProsConsistent height, durability
By John
New York
Easy height
August 14, 2017
Best most durable easily repeatable height tee I've ever used.
By Paul
Cincinnati Ohio
4 more yards plastic tees
July 18, 2017
Perfect for my swing and driver
By Ramiro
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
May 25, 2017
Love the fact I can tee it up at the same height every time.
By Richard P.
Garland, Texas
Golf tees
April 5, 2017
They work nicely the ball sets up great on the tees and they are just the right height for the driver
Prosperfect height no drag on the club
Consnot enough in the package
By Ken
St. Louis, MO
4 Yards More
March 14, 2017
Not sure if the ball really goes farther, but it's nice to only have one tee in your pocket, and to be able to easily tee the ball at the same height every time. Usually loose one before the tee wears out or breaks from use.
By David
Homosassa, Florida
Perfect height
February 26, 2017
Love these tees as your ball is always set at the same height for your driver...takes the guess work out of teeing up the ball
Prosvery sturdy
By Reno B.
South Park, pa
Excellent tees
February 14, 2017
I have been using these tees for about a year now. They last several rounds and provide the consistentcy I want. A little price but worth it
By James
Orlando, Florida
I got 5 more yards using these tees instead of 4!
February 11, 2017
I really like these tees. They give me the confidence at address. I really feel like they give me 5-10 more yards on my drives.
Prosgreat tees great price
By Steve
Jupiter Florida
I Love these
December 30, 2016
I use the blue for my driver I love them
ProsLast months easy to find at the range Carry two of them to the range no need to pocket a bunch of wood tees if not practicing teeing down etc...
By Len
The Villages, FL
Great Tees
December 29, 2016
These are great tees. They rarely break, and assure that you always tee up the ball the same height every time. Don't know if the ball actually travels 4 more yards. But they are terrific tees.
By L5 B.
San Gabriel CA
The end to rotten wooden tees
December 27, 2016
I didn't purchase these for 4 extra yards. I purchased them because I an tired of carrying ten rotten wooden tees in my pocket that break with each hit. These tees last for rounds. Now I carry two tees. I love it.
Proslasts for more than one round.
ConsCostly, so you have to find them and pick them up after your hit.
December 20, 2016
By Pat
Pasadena, MD
Got yardage !
December 20, 2016
I have use these tees for 2 yrs. and have seen the gain in yardage as stated
ProsWell worth the price
ConsHate losing one
By Frank
Catawba, NC
Neat little tees - fast shipping!
December 16, 2016
Never tried these before but they work like a champ. Very easy to position your ball without any guess work. Purchased the longer tees for the driver & shorter ones for irons & hybrids. Both worked very well.
By james
New Castle, Delaware
wonderful tee!
December 15, 2016
This long tee (green) is good for people who prefer long tee for driver tee shot. I always play with this tee.
By Jim C.
Los Angeles, CA
Works great but doesn't fit well in tee holders
December 14, 2016
Really works well as it doesn't interfere with your ball strike on mishits. Not sure balls goes 4 yards further but it's quite possible. The tee also seems very durable. The only problem I have with it is the tee diameter is quite small so it moves around quite a bit in a golf cart tee holder. It can easily fall out if you hit a large bump. That's an expensive tee to lose.
ProsWorks well Durable
ConsPricey Small tee diameter doesn't fit well in tee holders Easy to lose
By Jerry
Brooksville, Florida
Great product.
December 8, 2016
I purchased this item to use with my mini driver. They are the perfect height and last forever.
ProsGreat product at a great price.
By Nicolás
Doral, florida
Love them!!
December 6, 2016
I love my new tees i was tired of throwing to the can the wood tees.
ProsDurable material and the size
By sigmacro
Harrisburg, PA
Great help off the tee!
November 14, 2016
I have the red and blue tees. Both last and last and last. Love the fact that tee height is consistent. Used the blue with my driver for over a year and now have friends using them. Saw the red and decided to buy a pack for use on par 3's. Exceeded my expectations - perfect height for irons on the tee with superior contact and distance.
ProsConsistent height off the tee Economical - Last for what seems to be forever
By Aaron C.
bowie, maryland
Tees a little expensive
November 3, 2016
same tee height every time
By Manuel
Central america
Try them
November 2, 2016
They are not expensive.. my choice is the 3 1/4 "
ProsLast very long.. easy to keep same altitude rhe balls
By Randy
White Rock, B.C
Wooden tees are a thing of the past
November 1, 2016
Great to use over and over and over..tee boxes across the world will be cleaner!
ProsDurability and functional
ConsNot adjustable so you need to buy separate tees for irons and drivers
By Karl
consistant hieght
November 1, 2016
Had my doubts at first, but these are really decent tees. I have played over 6 rounds with the same tee. I usually go through 10-12 wooden regular ones. Ball hieght consistant on every shot. One less thing to blame. I enjoy using them and will continue in the future. Give them a try!
Prosconsistant ht. never break
By Don
Calgary, Alberta
Great product!!
October 30, 2016
Great price from RBG and fast service
ProsPut one in your pocket and your good for the round
By Tim
Love these things
September 11, 2016
They don't break and are incredibly easy to use. I can't tell if I'm actually 4 yards longer, but I love these tees regardless.
ProsEase of use Build quality

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