By Paula
April 1, 2019
Good product
We just ordered 2 of these, they were delivered in 4 days. They are sturdier than I thought they would be, and the wheels make it very user friendly. Definitely a good purchase!
By Steve
Saint Joseph, MN
December 6, 2018
Broken latch, very flimsy Construction
I received this item with a broken latch new in the Box. the construction of this case is extremely light I do not think it would last for more than one flight if that order something else there are better options out there. Rock Bottom took care of me as they always do. Great job on their part.
ProsNone Might be ok for a storage case in your trunk or basement but not traveling by air, that is if it didn't arrive broken.
ConsBroken Flimsy construction
By Bob
Cape coral. Fl.
July 4, 2018
For the money worth it.
Ok I bought this and read the reviews about the hinge pins falling out. Well they do. I put some super glue on each end and no more problems.have traveled with this several times and not the first problem. Well worth the money.
ProsLight weight
By Nick
Seattle, Washington
April 24, 2018
Broken latches
Ordered process, shipping, and price were fine. The travel case arrived with a broken latch and a wheel that was in bad shape as well. Customer service was good. The item was out of stock so instead of sending a new one a shipping label was sent via email and I stopped by the ups store. My credit card refund came in a couple weeks or maybe less.
By Cory
Lemont, IL
April 4, 2018
Great protection for a great price
I am happy with my golf club case for a great price. Was a little concerned about latching mechanisms if case got flexed too much but it holds up very well. Plastic was thicker than I expected. Hinges and wheels could be a little beefier, but for case is great for the occasional flyer. For people with larger tour type bags, it will be a tight fit but they will fit. I was able to fit my bag, shoes, and jacket in case without a problem. Received case very quickly, and RBG’s price was the cheapest I found for this case.
By Dennis
Oregon coast
September 30, 2017
Received defective Travel Cover.
We waited for 2 wks. to receive this bag for an upcoming flight. We discovered there were 2 broken hinges out of 3, 1 missing totally upon opening the box/container when it arrived. We would not recommend this product. We are stuck with having to keep it & tape it shut to use anyway as no time to return before we leave.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
By Andrew
Northern Illinois
September 25, 2017
Ordered this after the TSA destroyed my previous travel case and I didn't want to spend a ton of money as I usually just use the hard case to protect the clubs and bag from rolling around in the bed of my truck. It's nearly impossible to close after putting my cart bag in it and the latches literally fell off while trying to close them.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Cons- Not large enough for cart bag - Latches bend and fall off with the slightest application of stress.
By Vic
Los Angeles, Ca
July 19, 2017
Didn't last one trip
I ordered and received a hard case travel bag. It was delivered in great condition. When I arrived at our travel destination the middle clasp was broken, so I secured it with nylon webbing for the flight home. When I arrived home, the upper clasp was broken. The bag didn't survive one trip. At least the webbing held it together so my clubs did not fall out.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
ConsVery cheaply made
By Ray
Lawrence, Ks.
May 11, 2017
Inspect before sending
After I opened the box and took out my Travel Cover I found that a couple of hinges on the backside of the cover were defective. They were not fully molded correctly and therefore left the cover with a possibility of coming apart. It looks like the Travel Cover wasn't inspected at the plant before shipping out to the buyer. The first one I purchased a couple of years ago was good but this one was disappointing. I know this is one of the cheaper Travel Bags sold, but it should have been checked for before being shipped out.
ProsInexpensive. Good for short term or rare use occasions.
ConsNot heavy duty.
By Andy V
March 19, 2017
for the price good
the plastic a little weak from being tossed by luggage handlers, would put a strap near top and around middle to keep closed, other than that great for the price no damage to clubs.
Proshard cover
Consa little weak too stay closed
By joseph genson
Oxford Ga.
August 3, 2016
Recently recieved this item.
Just received this, planning a trip later this month, one of the hinges required some work upon arrival. Don't expect it to last for the long haul.
ProsPrice. it will do for a quickie.
ConsHinges are not very sturdy, My Cobra stand bag will barely fit.
By Eric Semidey
June 3, 2016
low quality materials throughout
I guess you get what you pay for. Bought this on sale and quite a good deal. The hinges look like they might give way by 5th trip (max). The other hard travel cases I have seen and used were sturdy, firm and had protection (foam) on the inside. This is just a plastic shell and it's the kind of plastic that feels like it would bend out of shape if left inside the car in the sun for a day. No TSA locks included. By the way the middle lock position is exposed, the lock just broke off. I assume it was thrown or placed with that side down. Next case I buy will be an expensive one.
Proscheap. quick solution for an unplanned trip
Conspoor quality
By jamie
new york, ny
June 1, 2016
Great case
Great protection for your clubs++++
By Sergio
Rockville, MD
March 30, 2016
Great for Travel
I traveled to Florida to play and this item passed with flying colors. Love it. For the price this item already paid for itself.
By TX golfer
March 16, 2016
Good for the occasional traveler
Solid hard cover travel case. If you plan on using it frequently you may want to go with a more expensive case but for the once or twice a year traveler it will be good.
By Gregory
Needham, MA
March 1, 2016
pretty flimsy
pretty flimsy latches and my clubs barely fit. however, it was still a solid purchase. I'd recommend springing for the $75 version
By Sam
February 6, 2016
Seems durable
It's a little short. My carry bag fits just barely. My Tm driver touches the top.
ProsSeems durable
By Anthony
Columbia, Md
September 23, 2015
It's A Tough Case...With Your Help
This case has endured 3 grueling trips in the past 9 months and I believe that it has a few more trips left. I've had this case packed to the brim with my golf bag along with clothing so I have definitely put those latches to the test so by no means am I saying the latches are cheap, but as of today, which is approx after 9 months of ownership, one of the latches has become loose from the base which I can adjust to close, but it makes closing and latching difficult. What I did for every trip is to use duct tape to seal the latches closed, and used plastic zip ties along with locks in the lock holes. It's a good tough case, the shell is tough, the wheels are sturdy, and I feel confident that my clubs will be safe.
ProsTough shell. Sturdy wheels. Easy to maneuver.
By Damion Jackson
August 15, 2015
Great value
I brought a new set clubs whilst visiting the United States and wanted to bring them back to the UK so I did want spend a huge amount on a travel case. After a lot research online I thought this was an outstanding value. It was quick and speedy delivery and I was chuffed with the sturdiness of the case and got club back in perfect condition.
By Alex
Los Angeles, California
July 30, 2015
Great for the price
Definitely serves it's purpose keeping clubs safe and protected. Item is easy to use and maneuver, and protects the clubs well. Have only used product once and the lightweight construction gives me concerns about long term durability, but I'm very happy with the purchase and think it's an excellent value compared to other products on the market.
By Efren
June 8, 2015
The item was received on time by the recepient. This is a gift to some body.
The product had not been used by the recepient. I gave the same item but the latch is very weak and broke after just few uses.
ProsProtects my clubs during air travel
ConsLatch very weak. Two of the three latches are broken.
By Rusty
Cambridge, Maryland
June 8, 2015
Looks Good but Yet to Use on an Airline
Ample size and looks to be well constructed. Outer walls seem a little too thin for rough treatment on a flight or when shipped to a location. Like so far but time will be the true test.
By Bill
Bucks County, PA
May 14, 2015
Look at Something Better
First time using the case, I shipped my clubs FedEx from Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach. The case didn't fair well. The top/side of the case was smashed from the top hinge to the top handle, the top hinge was broken, the pin holding the hinges together was bent and the bottom latch was broken. I called the company and the response I received was the damage was caused by Fedex. I agree but if the case was made better, it may not have happened. Look at something better. Save yourself some frustration. By the way, wrapping Gorilla tape around the case where the hinges and latches are located protected those parts and enabled me to ship the clubs back home.
April 28, 2015
cheap latches
By Bob Evenson
St. Charles, MO.
January 23, 2015
I purchased 2 of these and I'm do not regret it
After purchasing these items, the cave crew kept me to date on my items.
By Andrea
Rochester, NY
October 26, 2014
Already broken
One trip and two of the three clasps holding the unit together are broken. I was prepared for this after reading reviews of the product. If you purchase this product, just pickup some luggage straps to make sure it stays closed.
ProsClubs were undamaged during flight
Consbroke on first use, I sent back a unit that was shipped to me with a clasp broken.
By Rick
September 3, 2014
Great Case But Not Reliable
I made one trip with my new case that I bought August 2014 and 3 of the latches came off. I'm lucky they didn't all come off. It does hold the clubs, shoes, extra balls, hats, etc and would be a great buy if the latches were reliable. Spend the money to buy something better because at $70 a trip this is way too expensive.
ProsLooks good, rolls well, holds all the stuff.
ConsWon't stay closed now with missing latches. Only made one trip.
By chase
ada, ok
August 27, 2014
Tight fit for my cart bag
Not really designed for the larger cart bags.
ConsA little small
By Justin Clark
San Antonio, Texas
August 15, 2014
Great Deal, Great Case
Fits perfectly for my clubs with an inch or two to spare on the top and sides. Would recommend this for anyone looking for a deal on travel cases. It's not flashy it just does what it's supposed to do.
ConsNone so far
By Dave
July 24, 2014
Very well constructed
My bag fits nice, 3 locks and a place for padlock if needed. For the price you can't beat it
ProsIt's on rollers and easy to move.
ConsHope it holds up from the airline beating
By Don
July 7, 2014
Did The Job!
Obviously this case is not the top end of the spectrum, but it does the job. Took my sticks on the plane to vegas and arrived without a scratch or any damage to the case. Worth the money!
ProsEasily able to fit my bag, a bicycle helmet, and golf and running shoes
ConsThe snap enclosures could be beefed up; I just compensated by adding a wire tie at each snap enclosure
By Mike
Owings, Md
June 27, 2014
Cargo golf hard travel case
I haven't had a chance to use the case yet but I think it is a steal for the money. I mainly wanted it for going back K and forth to the beach. It seems sturdy enough for that purpose.
ProsMy bag fits inside with no problem.
By gman
April 26, 2014
Get what you pay for
haven't traveled with it yet but thin plastic, had to remove my carry strap to get the bag to fit in the case, will likely have to use Velcro straps to keep the case closed. Price was cheap and thus the rating.
Consmade as priced, opening fits smaller bags
By william a. myers
cleveland , ohio
April 5, 2014
travel case
greqat buy. after shopping local golf equipment dealers, this was the very best buy . It held up well on teh flight to sol Carolina..
By Jim
Greater Boston
April 1, 2014
Great Value!
This hard case is large enough for a full set of clubs in a cart bag + umbrella and a retriever!
ProsLight, locks securely, good ergonomic rollers/handles
Boston, MA
February 25, 2014
Good value for price
I was taking my clubs with me for the first time and wanted a hard case, but didn't want to spend too much money. These came quickly and were a lot lighter than I thought they would be. The latches on the side were a bit flimsy, so I bought a luggage strap. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase.
By Eric
Paris, IL
February 19, 2014
So Far So Good
I ordered two of these to use on a golf trip to Florida. I read all the reviews and was a little worried about my golf bag fitting cause some of the reviews talked about how small it was. I have a callaway cart bag and it fit just fine was even able to throw my golf shoes so as of now I'm completely happy with it. I shipped my clubs out using and ups came and picked them so i will see how durable the case is in a week.
By Larry Manziano
February 14, 2014
CargoGolf Hard Travel Case
Haven't used it yet...............
ConsDoes not have built in locks.
February 6, 2014
Great Value for the price
The delivery was on time, the clips/locks could use an upgrade but zip strips or velcro straps are an easy fix. Fits my golf bag, but a large golf bag might not fit. very easy to roll around and the handle is balanced if you have to carry it. Cant wait to get my clubs to vegas!!!
Consneeds some kind of additional locking strap or something
By Echad
Albuquerque, NM
January 23, 2014
Golf Guard Travel Case-a Very Good Buy
This 'rolling hard-shell golf travel case is superior in every way to the one offered by TourTuff. It is longer, a bit wider, opens length-wise, rather than fitting like a ball-point pen's two halves, it's on wheels, it has three snap latches versus only two for the TuffTour, and it costs less! What more can be said? The only thing that the TourTuff case has that the Golf Guard case has is a shoulder strap, and that's because you have to carry it on your shoulders rather than be able to pull it behind you, as you can with teh Golf Guard! Buy it!
ProsWheels, 3 snap latches, opens length-wise, longer, a bit wider, and lower cost that the TourTuff case.
ConsNo shoulder strap, but then you don't need one with this case! lol
By Carmine
Niagara Falls, Canada
January 22, 2014
Great product & Service too!
Exactly what I ordered and I received it in record time. Cant wait to pack it up with my clubs and head south!!
By Pat
Seattle, wa
December 27, 2013
Fair price and decent cart
Held up well on a trip to Mexico and through 4 differnet baggage handlers while flying
Prosroomy, wheels held up good, 2 handles made getting into car & up/down stairs easy.
Conskind of flimsy plastic case and clasps were
By Jon
December 17, 2013
travel case
OK case, will not fit larger carry and some cart size bags. I have a bag boy revolver it does not fit, but it does work with a standard sized carry bag.
ProsGreat value
By John
United States
December 9, 2013
I was worried about this product because of its price but it works. It has been on 3 flights without any issues. It may not work with larger bags. I have an Addidas bag and it worked after I rotated the bag around and took out my extra golf balls. There was just enough room in the top to put my shoes in as well.
By Eric
Charlottesville, Virginia
November 12, 2013
Cargo Golf Does Hard Travel And Performs Flawlessly
I took this item with a Rock Bottom Golf Tour Edge Cart Bag inside on the Northeast Express train from Charlottesville, VA to Providence, RI. The case performed as advertised and was a great investment. In addition to the three closures, I used zip ties on other areas and that secured the case totally. I would highly recommend this case.
ProsPrice Took the cart bag no problem, shoes went with the club heads and everything sealed very well
ConsNone to report
By ann
Avon, NC
November 10, 2013
sturdy and rolls well
I used this on a flight with a connection. It survived very well. No issues. Handling it is a breeze. It rolls well, stands up on its own when waiting, and holds clubs, shoes, and incidentals if you wish. I chose to use an additional luggage strap around center "just in case the bag might pop open. but it probably did not need it. Very happy with my choice and highly recommended!
By Double D
San Antonio
October 17, 2013
Viva Las Vegas
Excellent price for this hard case to get my sticks to Vegas and back.
By Larry
Cleveland, Ohio
September 29, 2013
may only fit womens clubs in it.
I only needed a travel case for a once a year experience, but could not fit my bag with a newer driver in it....once I put the cover over my regular bag, I couldn't fit it into the case....Had to go to Dick's and overpay for another soft bag...too bad, because the price was good and it was delivered within 5 days...
Prosgood price and quick delivery
Conscould not fit my bag with the driver in it.
By Brian
Clementon, NJ
September 23, 2013
Good value
This case does what it is meant to do... protect your clubs while flying. The hinges are not built so well so I had to manually fix one after the first fly.
ConsThe hinges are not built so well so I had to manually fix one after the first fly.
By Kevin
Southeast MI
September 10, 2013
You get what you pay for
This review should be taken in the context that this hard case was only $50 as compared to most other hard cases starting price of $100+....the case is basically a plastic shell for the (hopeful) protection of your clubs during the airlines "manhandling". The latches are very cheaply constructed (it actually arrived with one pin almost all the way out on one of the latches which if lost would have made the latch useless - this is before the first use). I plan to use it for the first time for a golf trip in October so we'll see how it holds up. I will be using some velcro straps to "compliment" the latches as I do not have any faith in them staying locked under any jostling. Expectations are not real high but it may surprise me.....
ProsPrice, size, rollers
Conscheap plastic case, latches are flimsy at best

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