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By Aaron
Granger, IN
Nice product
March 10, 2014
By Benjamin
Sycamore, Illinois
nothing special
July 1, 2013
decent item but i prefer my towel and bag cover to this.
Consheavy not super convenient
By Greg
iGotcha RainTowel
June 11, 2013
It's ok for the money nothing really special just saves you time from getting your bag cover out.
By Al Knobel
Clifton, NJ
A Nice Towel
May 19, 2013
a nice towel with a smart idea of the dry inside. it has come in handy
ProsAs Advertised. the Price is right.
By Rod Hammond
Healdton, Ok
As advertised........
April 9, 2013
great product
By Brent
Kansas City, Mo
Nice towel
April 8, 2013
great towel for keeping the grips dry.
By Alvaro
Lakeland, Florida
Good for a present
April 7, 2013
Helpful item when it rains. It keeps your clubs dry
By sheldon
Langley British Columbia
Gotcha rain towel
April 7, 2013
Have only used for 2 rounds, keeps grips dry. Good quality
By Alain
Montreal Canada
Gotcha got me as a freebe.
April 7, 2013
No rain yet,from snow country.
ProsShould protect me from rain.
ConsNo rain yet so nothing negative to say.
By Vern Ladner
Lodi Ca.
Price is right.
April 7, 2013
have not used it yet.
ProsLook great.
By just par
Lincoln Nebraska
ok needs to be lil longer
April 7, 2013
OK needs to be lil longet
By Adam
Blair, NE
Keeps clubs dry and clean
April 3, 2013
Picked this up free with my order. Works as a towel and doubles as a club cover in the rain.
ProsWorks well
By drew
newington, ct
Good product
January 4, 2013
Great towel, doubles as a club cover, i have used it a few times for rain and it works well
ProsKeeps clubs dry
By Chad
United States
Good Towel and Cover
November 16, 2012
Very Good Product for the price. cleans clubs quick
By Jim
Tampa FL
November 15, 2012
What the heck is this thing. Can't figure out what possible purpose it has. Takes up room and does nothing. Hangs on my golf bag well.
Prosit was free
By Alfonso
Hollister, CA
Multi-use Towel--Great Deal
August 25, 2012
Gotta-have in your Golf Gear collection. Especially if you happen to catch some rain during your round. Plus, you can't beat this one for the price. Perfect gift item too.
ProsBlack, well built,
By Denise
Brantford, Ontario
Better than a frogger
June 20, 2012
really nice to use when its raining or not. Stays dry inside and doesn't gain weight in the rain which is very important if you carry your clubs.
Proslight weight, stays dry
By Brian
Better than average
May 26, 2012
Got this for my dad. The first time he played it rained. He liked it a lot. Said it did what it says it is supposed to do. He loved the dry towel inside. Grips stayed as dry as they could was his line.
ProsIt works
By Jesse
Nice freebie
May 25, 2012
Does what it says and nice to be functional in more than one way.
ProsCloth used is excellent and should last a while
By Thomas
North, MN
Good Towel
May 24, 2012
Very soft, rain proof
ProsGreat Towel
By Rob
Heavy-duty with soft towelling
May 23, 2012
This is tough and will last a long time. Good to have on reserve when the sky might open up unexpectedly.
Prosgood towel side, waterproof
By Roger
Nice for the glf clubs.
March 27, 2012
Easy to use on clubs . Like Rock Bottom
By Arklahoma Traveler
A good idea
February 26, 2012
It is nice to have versatile items on my bag. As time goes by, I seem to need more and more items in bag. You have rain jackets, balls, tees, change pain killers, knife, sink, You get the picture. So, when you can get a two for one, you have to try it. A rain cover and golf towel all in one is a great idea. I wish it had been mine.
By Geoff
Churchville, PA
Good idea
February 21, 2012
Haven't had to use it in the rain, but it is well made and will cover the bag when needed.
ProsAllows quick coverage of clubs.
By Craig
Lake City
Given as a gift
February 16, 2012
Looked pretty neat. I gave it to my dad for Christmas. Not sure if he has had to use it yet.
By Doug Tyburcy
Red Bank, New Jersey
Gotcha Dry Rain Towel
February 15, 2012
This is a great item. Use it as a regular golf towel under most weather conditions. When the rain comes just turn it inside out and you have a water proof cover that will fit over your clubs if you don't already have a golf bag cover. It also comes with a clip to fasten it to your golf bag.
By William
Portland, OR
Its a Towel, Its a Bag Cover
February 14, 2012
Towel that doubles as an emergency bag hood in case of rain. Got it as a freebie.
ProsIt was free. Looks like it is well made
By Leanne
Sydney Australia
iGotcha Dry Rain Towel
February 14, 2012
I really like the micro fibre part as it cleans the clubs well especially when its wet, have used the reversed side once and it's very good
Proseasy to reverse A great giveaway from Rock Bottom Like the micro fibre
By dave
free gift
February 14, 2012
seems like a quality tiem
By Glen
Hobart, Australia
February 14, 2012
It hasn't rained yet since I received this, but it looks good on the bag
By rob
columbus, ohio
Great idea for dreary day on golf course
February 13, 2012
I haven't tested it out on the course yet but towel looks very useful. It looks like it'll keep your grips dry.
ProsDual functionality.
ConsStitichings were loose on some parts.
By guy giancarlo
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Igotcha Rain Towel
February 12, 2012
seems to be a good item
February 12, 2012
By Terry
York, PE
Simple but works
February 11, 2012
god size towel that cleans and drys clubs, easily coverts to rain cover. Also con be converted to hand warmer on cold days pushing a cart.
Prossize, multi purpose
By Victor Rulewski
Dry Rain Towel
February 7, 2012
It works well, as on my 2nd outing we had a light rain fall and the towel was very effective
ProsGreat item
By Daniel
St. Louis , MO
Great Way to Keep Clubs dry
December 17, 2011
Very easy to keep the clubs dry now. Just put the towel over them and the rest is history. Very easy and affective.
ProsKeeps my clubs dry even in down poor
By jim
chino hills, ca
Will work if you have a need for it
December 8, 2011
In CA we don't use rain hoods much, but the concept is cool. Keep your clubs dry and clean...
Proswell made
Consnot needed much where I live.
By Robert
Beaverton, OR
Helpful for rainy rounds in OR
November 29, 2011
Towel is good option when raining conditions make a good, well designed towel come in very handy
By Kenny
Sugar Land, TX
Great dual purpose towel
November 27, 2011
Great for cleaning/drying clubs and acts as a cover if you flip it inside out.
By Brian
Ontario, Canada
iGotcha & U R easy to use
November 27, 2011
with the normal rain hood you are zipping & unzipping continually in inclement weather. This just slips over easily and keeps them clean & dry
ProsEase of use
By Mike
Central Ohio
IGotcha Dry Rain Towel
November 27, 2011
This seems like a sensible alternative to basic golf towels, that get wet and smear the water and mud all over your hands and clubs. I have used this for a couple of weeks now in both rain and dry conditions.and the towel worked.
By Chandler
Very Useful
November 26, 2011
Nice quality and works well
ProsGood Value
ConsNo problems
By charles calvo
virginia beach,Va
November 26, 2011
It rain one day on the course and the rain towel kept my grips perfectly dry and also the clubs cleaned up great
Prosit does what it says it would
By Matthew
Good Towel
November 26, 2011
Used it in the rain once. It was nice to have something to keep my putter dry.
By tommyn808
not bad
November 26, 2011
keeps it dry a bit big
Prosgood materials keeps dry
Consto big
November 26, 2011
TERRIBLE manufacturing. VERY POOR quality. Check that.... NO quality associated with this product. Loose threads everywhere. Stitches becoming undone while I took it out of the package. REALLY. Little more than CHEAP terrycloth with cheap nylon poorley attached to one another. I CAN SEE WHY THIS WAS A GIVEAWAY.... I GOT WHAT I PAID FOR (SARCASM).
ProsEven giving away this item for free would not cause me to get it again... IT IS JUNK!
ConsThis item is totally lacking in: Quality material Any attempt at decent sewing. IT IS JUNK
By Charlie
Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Great Towel
November 26, 2011
The two sided design Really helps in keeping the grips dry during inclement weather or on wet mornings and the micro-fiber regular towel is very functional. Highly recommend.
Pros2 sided design- large clip makes it easy to put on or take off your golf bag.
By Victor
Runcorn, Qld
iGotcha Dry Rain Towel
November 2, 2011
Great idea, towel stays dry and clean. Water and mud splashes land on the outside nylon cover.
ProsTowel stays dry in rain Mud splashes do not land on towel.
By Glen
Sydney, N.S.w
IGOTCHA Rain Towel
October 27, 2011
Very handy for keeping my clubs dry, played in the rain the other day and made good use of it.
ProsVery easy to clip on and off
By Troy M
Ftchburg, MA
It Works!
October 21, 2011
I just got this and played on a rainy day. As it was "cart paths only", you have to take a few clubs with you to your ball and this prevented them from getting wet while making the shot.
ProsNice design. Easy clip on and off.

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