Reston, VA
Nice Rangefinder
December 31, 2019
I purchased the rangefinder as a Xmas present for my wife. She absolutely loves it.
ProsAccuracy and special holiday price
By Mark P.
Love it!
October 24, 2019
Works great! Looks good. I love it!
By Tian
I loved my rangefinder
September 25, 2019
Easy to use and the delivery timeline was as promised. Thank you RBG!
By Robert H.
Great Rangefinder
August 28, 2019
I have owned the Tour V4 for a couple of months and it has helped me step up my game. It is lightweight and very easy to use. It also comes with a blue protective case.
By flipper
Easy to use
July 15, 2019
Always had a gps, but moving up to this rangefinder has been a helpful devise! Love the accuracy over the gps model. It was a fair price and free shipping.
Proseasy to use
Consnone so far, have played 4 rounds
By Steve
Not sure if better than V3
June 11, 2019
I owned a Bushnell V3 for 3 years and the readout got to where I couldn’t read the numbers. So I decided to upgrade and get the V4. I’ve used it 3 times now. I like the smaller size and better push button at the top of the rangefinder. The batter indicator is nice also. Main complaint is that the same flags that I was able to shoot with the V3 now I cannot sometimes get an accurate reading with the V4. Mainly with trees in the background and flags that do not have a prism attached at the top.
ProsConvenient carrying case Battery indicator Small size
ConsNot able to pick up flag distances sometimes compared to the older V3 version rangefinder
By Chuck
Best on the market
May 30, 2019
Always carry a Bushnel on my bag. Love the accuracy and the optics. I know I can count on my V four.
ProsAccuracy and easy to use.
By john
chicago il
May 4, 2019
Haven't used yet but friend has exact same and I like it
Prosprice and features
Saving Me Strokes!
April 14, 2019
I have had a Bushnell NEO for years to get distances to the front, middle and back of the green. The new range finder gives me the EXACT distance to the pin and a much better chance to choose the correct club. It's saving me about 4 strokes per round. It fits my hand and is easy to use. And the price finally made it affordable!
ProsExact distances, lightweight and easy to use
ConsIt can pick up trees or other objects behind the pin so make sure you wait for the return signal from the pin transponder.
By Dave
Ocala, FL
Get The Best
December 15, 2018
I had a V2 for years that always worked perfectly. I carelessly left it in a golf cart a few months ago leaving me without a rangefinder. I started looking for a replacement and found several options that were quite a bit cheaper than anything offered by Bushnell. Foolishly thinking all rangefinders were created equal, I ordered a cheap replacement with great reviews. The unit I received looked great, had great features, and even came with free replacement batteries. All good until I took it to the course and put it into play. All my buddies have rangefinders and I started noticing a disturbing trend, my rangefinder routinely returned 3-4 yard shorter yardages. It was not a consistent variance either. Sometimes the yardages agreed and other times they were off by several yards. I contacted the manufacturer for help and they promptly sent me a replacement. The new unit returned the same inaccurate yardages. A few yards may not sound like a lot but for an experienced golfer, it makes a difference. I contacted my friends at Rockhead and they allowed me to return the unit for store credit. I paid the extra cash required to purchase this unit. I now get yardages I can trust. This unit is smaller than my old V2 and came with a nice silicone sleeve. It is a perfect size to fit in a golf cart cup holder. Highly recommend.
ProsAccuracy Jolt
ConsNone (If the jolt feature doesn?t always work, try firing the laser next to the pin first and then pan over to the pin. The pinseeker and jolt features are used to differentiate the pin from adjacent targets. They will not necessarily activate if there is a clear line to the pin. My experience is they work great once you understand how they work.)
By Brian
Riverside, IL
Great deal
November 16, 2018
Best rangefinders
By Scott H.
Suffolk, Va
Great product
November 12, 2018
Love the Bushnell V4 Patriot rangefinder. Very easy to use and got it at a great price!
By Dave K.
Bushnell Rangefinder
July 25, 2018
I love the Bushnell. It€™s easy to use and I really like that it vibrates when It gets the distance. I checked at some places locally before I purchased from Rock Bottom and their price was as good or better than any place I looked.
By Puttinfool
Great small rangefinder
May 22, 2018
Perfect size easy to use fast distance results , easy to carry
ProsCompact and user friendly
By jonathan
Santa Barbara, CA
Nervous but pleased!
May 6, 2018
I was a little hesitant about making such a larch purchase on a range finder. Im that guy who just drives around finding sprinkler heads with the yardage on them or just guessing based off the yardage markers 100, 150 and so on. One day, I went and played w/ a friend who had this exact range finder and boy what a difference! I was scoping and checking the yardage of everything! Even with my shaky hands it had no problem finding the flag or just about anything else I put in front of it. Very pleased!
ProsErgonomic design Instant readings Makes you feel like a sniper Reliable
Conscost your friends wanting to barrow it.
By Geoff
Salisbury, Ma
May 5, 2018
Brilliant clearity and easy to use! This thing is a winner
ProsEasy to use
By Nick
Geneva, IL
Great product
May 2, 2018
Great product
By Andy M.
Crosby texas
Bushnell rangerfiinder excellent
April 10, 2018
Received bushnell tour v4 patriot pkg very quick next day The bushnell is as advertised the best ranger finder I€™ve used in years. It is so easy to use & is accurate. Highly recommend seriously looking at this if you€™re interested in loweoyour scores. Takes the guesswork out of yardage. Great product.
ProsConvenient easy to use.
By Michael
Cape May, New Jersey
V4 range finder
March 26, 2018
My wife recently picked this up for me. I always wanted a Bushnell range finder but always found them a little too pricey. She picked this unit up for just over $250 with a discount of around $50. It€™s very easy to use and is a very clear picture through the lens. Love having exact distances as I swing much more confidemt knowing how far the ball needs to travel.
ProsSize Ease of use
By Bill
Pacific NW
Bushnell laser
March 20, 2018
Great laser. Locks onto the target fast and easy to use.
ProsEasy to use with one button. Locks onto target fast. Adjustable eye piece.
Christmas Gift
January 1, 2018
I recieved a bush rangefinder as a Christmas present and RBG wants a review of My purchased So here it is, AS I sit here the temperature outside is -14 deg and closer to -30 with the wind chill needless to say I haven't even opened the box yet,But I will give this purchase 2 thumbs up ,because like several other products I have purchased I.m sure I will love it. FREEZING IN UPSTATE NEW YORK...
By Rivia B.
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Great Accessory
October 31, 2017
Love this new golf range finder. It allows me to get accurate range to the flag on my approach shot. As usual Rock Bottom Golf got my new toy to me expeditiously.
ProsSmall, light weight and increases accuracy to the pin
By Roger
Good Rangefinder
June 19, 2017
Great rangefinder. Bushnell accuracy as expected.
By Jeff R.
Solon Ohio
Fantastic deal
June 14, 2017
Great product, great price and great service
By Rick
Lacey, WA
Great Product!
April 27, 2017
It is very easy to use and accurate! It is really helping my daughter with the club selection and she is hitting closer to the pin.
ProsEasy to use accurate lightweight
By William
Escanaba, Michigan
Bushnell Golf- Tour V4 Patriot Pack
April 18, 2017
Highly refreshed!
By William
Phoenix, Arizona
Awesome Range FInder
April 13, 2017
Works great! the vibration helps in identifying flag distance to assure accuracy.
Prosflag jolt
Conssilicone sleeve slippery
By Steve B.
White Rock, BC
Nice Birthday gift
April 8, 2017
Got it for the wife so that I could focus on my own game when we play. This one is more compact than my older one but has all the features and it looks smaller and much cuter. However everything works and it should improve her game as much as mine improved my game. My previous low score was an 84. After I got the rangefinder I scored a 77 for my low score of the year and scored a one under par as my new low score at the local 9 hole knocking 4 strokes off of my previous best.
ProsI am able to hone in what club I need for the shots as I know the exact distance to the pin.
By Helle
love it
April 6, 2017
delivery as planned and I just love it
Prosworks easy
By Zach
Pompton Plns, NJ
Very accurate
April 5, 2017
Very accurate and compact. Easy to attach to bag. No complaints.
By Marty R.
New Zealand
Fast & Accurate
March 8, 2017
Really Happy with the speed and accuracy
By David
Great product
March 1, 2017
Very easy to focus on pin; much easier than other lasers I gadget tried. Great feeling in your hand and you can fit in your pocket if needed because of its compact size.
ConsNone so far
By Mike
February 3, 2017
Can't fault it
Springboro, OH
great product, don't leave for the course without it
January 15, 2017
use it every round. like my gps but rely on my bushnell v4 to get the job done.
Prosfast accurate and easy to use
By Paul
Really nice place to shop for anything golf
January 7, 2017
Great price great product great help on the course
By Hong-Ling
Dover, NJ
Excellent rangefinder!
December 20, 2016
Excellent rangefinder!
By Terry
Take shots of your round
December 19, 2016
Very happy had a different make which was not a patch on this. Very quick to lock on and with accurate readings for accurate golf.
ProsLock on quickly and lets you know.
By Rico
Arlington, VA
Great gadget to have on the course
December 16, 2016
Very accurate. I was use to on course GPS apps, but this is quicker and more precise to the flag. So glad I bought this and a great price too..
ProsAccuracy Easy to handle Quick results
By Charlie W.
October 25, 2016
The Bushnell V4 range finder performs exactly as I expected. It's a great product.
By Andrew
October 5, 2016
Easy to use and very fast with the pin seeking system. You'll feel a vibration and know that it's the right yardage. it is good for pins, hazards, trees, and even for hunting. Great Rangefinder!!!
By Tony B.
Sydney Australia
Bushnell Tour V4
August 30, 2016
Recently purchased the Bushnell Tour V4 Patriot Pack. It came with a battery,carry case and silicone protective sleeve. The rangefinder is great. It is so fast and easy to use. Thoroughly recommend it. I live in Australia. I placed my order on a Saturday night and received it on Thursday afternoon. Not even 5 days. Awesome customer service
ProsEasy to use Very fast Scan mode. Very clear.
ConsFocus button hard to move ( didn't have to move it as its already focussed)
By Terry
Swartz Creek
Gives accurate distance to the flag
August 29, 2016
Works great. no more generalizations of a gps.
Prosfast and accurate
Consneed to be able to see the flag.
RIO LINDA, CA United States
as described
August 20, 2016
very pleased
ProsI replaced a medalist that was stolen, and the V4 with jolt improves the sighting of a pin with trees or other objects behind.
By Vince
Perfect - but worth it?
August 18, 2016
Love this rangefinder - fits in my hands perfectly (I'm not a big guy). I keep it in a cupholder if I'm riding for easy access, and in the carrying case attached to my stand bag if I'm walking. The case came with a carabiner, and also a stretch/secure loop to close the case during the round so you're not fumbling with the zipper all day, I had a Bushnell Neo iON GPS Rangefinder watch for months before purchasing this which gives you pretty accurate yardage to front/center/back of green at a glance. If you just need yardage to center of the green, a watch may be a better bet at half the price, not to mention the convenience. However, the Tour V4 (and other laser rangefinders) will give you distances to ANYTHING, the flag, the bunker you have to carry, the trees on the right, the beverage cart, the group in front of you to let you know if it's safe to hit, etc etc, etc. Jolt technology is a great little gimmick - can take or leave it.
ProsSmall, light, quick. Great carrying case/carabiner, and soft gel skin included
ConsExpensive. CR2 battery
By Kenneth
Collierville , TN
Fast and Reliable
August 16, 2016
Good and accurate, works well on all my local courses.
ProsFast Accurate small and light weight
By Joe
The Villages, FL
Love It!!
August 9, 2016
Works great and smaller than the V3. Can't ask for anything more.
ProsSize, pin seek
August 9, 2016
This is my first rangefinder...took a while, but since the deal was so great from RBG, I couldn't resist! It works perfectly...I don't have the steadiest hand at times but i find it fairly easy to lock onto the target. Love the jolt technology. This thing is very small, too...kinda like it. Appreciate the skin and carry case that comes with it.
Prosaccuracy, works as designed, small, accessories.
By Holeinone
Top of the line
August 4, 2016
Ease of use great! Point at target done
ProsSize of rangefinder and comfortable use of it surprising GREAT!
By Jeff
Richland, WA
August 2, 2016
Going to return this, not the size I was looking for, medalist will be purchased in its place
ProsWorks fine, no issue other then it's too small for me
By Mark M.
Right item right price
June 28, 2016
My daughter needed the basic range finder for use on high school golf team. I have the jolt edition with slope and purchased this because of the Bushnell reputation. It works great and is easy to use. As always, Rock bottom is the best price on golf equipment.
ProsSmall Easy to use Accurate

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