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By Barry F.
North Rose NY
Great Umbrella Protects all clubs in the bag.
June 9, 2014
All I know so far is that it covers all my clubs, cannot say it protects from rain as it has not rained here since purchasing, but I'm sure there will not be a problem in that area, adjustable part is great. Would purchase this item again. Easy to remove clubs from the bag just raise and lower. Recommend this to any golfer.
By Greg C.
Pottsville nsw
Golf umbrella
May 21, 2014
Very happy with product Delivered from America quicker than a letter from Qld border to Newcastle
May 12, 2014
Works great, keeps the club heads dry
By Leo
Van Buren, Me
Drizzle stick
May 11, 2014
Fits nicely at the center of my new Bagboy revolver and looks good. Very practical and easier to use than the bag cover. No anticipated problems with wind gusts and excellent price.
By CaseyB
St. Louis, Missouri
Don't be leftout in the rain
April 23, 2014
I bought the "Drizzle Stik" after noticing an unwelcomed trend in my area courses, no one has bag covers on their carts anymore! My bag does come with a cover that buttons around the top and a zipper that allows you to get your club. While I was grateful for this piece of "equipment", it became more of a pain to use as play continued in light rain. I've used my full size umbrella to cover my clubs and my cart-ners clubs, but due to its size anytime you hit the gas someone needs to keep a hand on the umbrella or it will fly off. So far, the "Drizzle Stik" has replaced my cover and the oversized umbrella without a hitch! The "Drizzle Stik" is perfect height and has done a masterful job of keeping my clubs clean without fear of losing it as we continue our game.
ProsTelescopic pole with a swivel top always easy access to your clubs
By Tom
Terre Haute, Indiana
Another great product
April 2, 2014
Easy to use, keeps clubs dry, doesn't take up much space, have individual sleeves for the clubs and works well with a club in the sleeve. This is 2nd one, last one lasted 8 years.
Prosprice, quality
By Terry C.
Youngstown, OH
Drizzle Stik
March 14, 2014
Product was delivered as advertised
By Daniel
Warren, AR
February 27, 2014
Used it the first day I got it! Worked perfect!!
By kjb
buffalo ny
great product
March 26, 2013
this will keep my clubs dry during rain without taking up too much space
Prosspace saving
Conswould be even better if shaft was telescoping so it could be stored in side pocket of the golf bag
By Michael
Traverse City Mi
drizzle stick
March 8, 2013
great service. Haven't had a chance to use the drizzle stick as we still have 14 inches of snow here in northern mi. Love doing business with caveman. Michael
By Porchdogred
Chicago area
Drizzle Stick
February 25, 2013
Should be a good product. Have not had a chance to use as yet still to cold. Will get chance end of March in Mississippi. Am sure it will work fine. Purchased because the way it bends
By Joe M.
Philadelphia PA
February 25, 2013
Excellent value and product as always. This is a fantastic website for golfers looking for quality products at reasonable prices.
By Mitch
Drizzle Stik Keeps Your Sticks Dry
February 24, 2013
Great product I owned the previous version that didn't flex and this is a substantial improvement, just bend the canopy back and you have access to your dry clubs
KEK, Vermont
Drizzle Stik
February 23, 2013
Still have snow on the ground. I have not used my umbrella yet. I am sure I will as Vt. Is rainy in the spring. Seems to be of good quality. A golfing buddy has one and recommended it.
ProsGood Quality, light weight
By J T.
south carolina
drizzle stick
February 23, 2013
ProsKeeps the rain out.
ConsStorage in bag.
By Joyce
Love it
February 23, 2013
Soooo much easier and quicker than getting out the cover that comes with the bag.
ProsI love the way it bends at the top when you go to get out a club. I had the other kind and it was always a hassel to get a club out. Not anymore.
By Spike
Windsor Locks, Ct.
Beat the Spring Showers with the Spring Umbrella
February 23, 2013
I had seen how handy a friend's Drizzle Stik was and kept watching for Rock Bottom to feature them so I could scoop some up for myself and a few friends. It features a telescopic shaft with an integral spring so you can flex the umbrella out of the way to pull out a club, with minimal exposure of the rest of your clubs to the rain. BRILLIANT !!
ProsEffective rain protection, and when it's not raining, it collapses, has a sleeve to contain the nylon fabric, plus the handle telescopes to a length that's short enough so it won't interfere with your club selection and fits into one of the club partitions in my bag, so I always carry it regardless of the forecast.
ConsI can't wear it for a hat.
By Andrew J.
Grantsburg Wi
Good Buy
February 22, 2013
Works the way you want a bag umbrella to work.
By Don
Rochester, NY
Just what I wanted
February 22, 2013
The product is exactly as advertised - small, lightweight and functional. Just what the doctor ordered !!!
ProsSize Functionality
By Bill W.
Norwood ,MA
Easiest to use when it rains
February 22, 2013
This is a gift for my 3 boys. I hope they like as much as I do to protect my clubs
ProsEasy access to clubs
ConsIt doesn't cover bag from top to bottom
By Alan
Flexible golf bag umbrella
February 22, 2013
This umbrella replaced my old model which did not flex at the top. So now when it is raining I open the umbrella while it is in the golf bag and can flex the stem to easily reach any club I need. the old model had to be lifted up in order to choose a club. This one stays in place and flexes to make club removal much easier and keeps the other clubs dry.
ProsThe flexability of the umbrella.
By Robert M.
West Columbia, SC
Harbro Drizzle Stick
February 22, 2013
Haven't used it in the rain yet but this a well made umbrella. I tried it on my golf bag and it bends easily to get to your clubs. I was surprised at the quality of this drizzle stick. It telescopes to different lengths and fits my umbrella pouch on my golf bag. Definitively would recommend to a friend.
Proswell made, telescopes, bends for easy access to clubs
By Howard
Protection for clubs IF AND ONLY IF the precip comes straight down. The umbrella DOES NOT TILT1
February 22, 2013
Rain from side. Clubs got very wet
ConsDoes not keep clubs dry
By Tommy
San Francisco Bay Area
Drizzle no more . . .
February 22, 2013
I've had one of these babies and have used it regularly for years. I bouught 2 more for my kids. They love 'em too ! ! !
ProsEazy-Pezy to use !
By Woei
St. Louis, Missouri
Functional and easy to use
February 22, 2013
If you golf in the rain, this is the umbrella to have. It is easy to store and use unlike a rain cover for your golf bag. It is able to keep rain out even in heavy rain, but still allowing you to access your clubs with ease. My only complaint is that it gets stuck in the bag at times if you store it in smaller divider slots in your golf bag.
Prosease of use and funtional
Consget stuck and can ripe
By ColK
San Antonio, Texas
Tiny Umbrella does Big Job
February 22, 2013
Have had this type of Drizzle Stick before and I love this product. If you need easy access, sturdy construction, and ease of operation, this is the tool.
By Kevin
Akron, OH
Simple method to keep your clubs dry
February 22, 2013
Flexible top like spring, performs like an umbrella to cover the clubs in your bag. Had purchased one last year and used it sporadically, but served its purpose well. Decent on push cart or powered cart. Many courses power carts especially munis, do not have rear club cover/awning so these are key in those circumstances. Got them at a great price so I purchased several to be used as giveaways for golf outing.
ProsPrice and utility
By Jim
Don't get caught in a drizzle ....
February 22, 2013
always nice to have in the bag or trunk of the car when it rains. Can't beat the price....
Prosprice and able to bend the top of the stick when reaching in the bag for a club.
Conswish you could make the stick smaller.
By Don
St. Louis MO
Great product
February 22, 2013
Great product for an unbelievable price
By Bill
New York
These drizzle sticks work great to keep your clubs dry!
February 22, 2013
I had the older model, but jumped on a chance to buy the new one. I gave one away as a gift, and kept one for myself. Love the new flexible shaft that let's you move the umbrella out of the way to grab a club. Great price and will come in handy in the spring, I'm sure. Thanks Cavemen and Cavewomen!!!!
ProsPrice. Handy tool. Simple. Works as advertised.
ConsCould use a way to clasp it to the bag, so wind does not blow it upward. The plastic knob, on top, came off my old one.
By Jeff
A little over-sized.
February 22, 2013
Good functionality, I like the bend in the top section, but the umbrella does not telescope short enough to fit in any of my golf bag pockets.
Prosbendable top
ConsToo long
By domenic i.
willoughby, Ohio
awsome product, just what I needed, great price
February 22, 2013
outstanding product, no diference from the name brand, keep up the great job
By Silver49
Keswick, Virginia
Keeps Clubs Dry
February 22, 2013
Fits snugly in the golf bag. Easy to access and open. Covers all of the clubs to prevent them from getting drenched when it rains. The flex spring near the top makes it easy to slighly bend the 'brella to get to your clubs.
ProsQuick, easy and practical.
By Manuel-Manny
Largo, Florida
Keep your clubs dry
February 22, 2013
Agret idea ! Now I can keep my clubs dry during rainy weather. Now I don't have to make a choice between keeping myself dry or my clubs dry. Used this just the other day and it's worth twice the price
Prosgreat functionality.
By Larry
Brunswick, OH
Harbro Drizzle Stik Flex Umbrella
February 22, 2013
Harbro Drizzle Stik Flex Umbrella proved to be the best deal around!
ProsSmall, sturdy, and practical
By Patrick D.
New York
Great price
February 22, 2013
great product for all golfers
By chad
st. paul
Keeps clubs dry
February 22, 2013
Keeps your dry, yet flexible upper part makes it easy to get clubs out of bag.
By Josh
Jackson, MO
Drizzle Stick
February 22, 2013
Great little product. Got tired of using rainhoods and getting my hands all wet to get my clubs out. This eliminates that.
By Philip
Vicksburg, MS
Good Buy
February 22, 2013
The flex stik's work well and were at a great price.
By matt
lake of the ozarks
I settled
October 25, 2012
I wanted another model but it was sold out. This model is to long to store in bag pockets.
By Ron H.
Rice Lake, WI
Great Club Protection
October 25, 2012
I am never without my drizzle stik in my bag. . I have worn out a couple so now have one in the closet in reserve. I also bought one formy wife's bag. Great Item, Ron H
ProsI like the spring loaded top.
By Deenbob
Great club protector
August 18, 2012
Like the drizzle stik. Lightweight and flexible. Fits in my extra putter tube when not in use. Covers the clubs well.
ProsLightweight, flexible, convenient
By Shane
Castle Rock
Sheds water like it should
July 13, 2012
OK, it's an umbrella. Well built for the money. Love the flex option. Only regret is that there is not a way to lock it in place. (e.g. in a golf cart, you want it straight up and down. with a pull cart, you want it at an angle.) While it's flexable, you kinda have to wedge it in place to keep the clubs dry in a push/pull cart where your clubs lay at an angle.
ProsFlexable, durable.
ConsNo option to lock in place, might not hold up to a really strong wind.
By John
New Zealand
Drizzle Stick
July 11, 2012
Clever idea which seems to do the job
By Erick
Howell, Mi
Drizzle stik umbrella
April 30, 2012
Great quality for the money..Love the flex option
By Norm
No. Calif.
It does the job
April 3, 2012
I've only used this item once since I received it but it worked very well to keep my clubs dry.
Prosflexible shaft, well constructed, easy to store when not in use, inexpensive
By trevor b.
Not sure yet, does work.
December 5, 2011
Wait and see.
ProsSomething different.Easy to get clubs out.
By Rick
Harbro Drizzle Stik Flex Umbrella
November 26, 2011
Perfect for those unexpected rain showers
By denis
adelaide australia
good addition
November 7, 2011
very workable when wet
Proskeeps clubs dry in an unobtrusive manner quite compact and doesn't take up much room
By Troy M.
fitchburg, ma
Love these!!
October 21, 2011
This year it has been a very rainy Fall and these were a perfect solution. They cover the whole bag area and are easily "Flexed" out of the way to grab a club from the bag.
ProsA must for a rainy golf round.
ConsI would not recommend the non "Flex" type of these

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