Charleston, SC
Relief from summer heat
August 1, 2020
Very popular fan at our Club in South Carolina. Strong air flow is so welcome, especially on hot humid days with little wind. Connects easily to electric cart batteries. Use first two batteries to connect. May need to change fan orientation 90 degrees to limit shaking when clipped to windshield. Easy to do with a racquet wrench.
ProsStrong air flow. Easy to install and remove.
ConsNone for the low price of this quality product.
By Art
Essex Junction, VT
September 1, 2018
My wife is happier. Enough said.
By Don
Ft. Myers, Florida
Breeze Fan
July 26, 2017
This is surprisingly outstanding. Great for here in the Florida heat.
By jack
gulf coast
Help cool on hot muggy day
July 25, 2017
It works fine to cool. It could use a little more power. It is easy to hook up and provides a cool movement of air. I live on Gulf coast and it is hot and muggy. This fan helps.
By Old D.
North Carolina
Nice Little Fan
July 13, 2017
It does not put out very strong breeze, but on a hot humid day it does supply some relief.
ProsEasy to hook up.
ConsVery limited instructions come with the fan.
The Villages, Fl.
Great portable golf cart fan
October 8, 2016
Good Price works well an easy to set up.
ProsPrice, easy set up, moveable
By Jeremy M.
Odessa, Delaware
Stay cool
August 10, 2016
Great product. I've clipped it to the front and back of cart. Stays in place with no issues. Everyone needs this if you golf in the summer
ProsVery inexpensive
ConsDoesn't oscillate
By Tj
July 26, 2016
Cables are easy to attach and work without any problems. This is the third fan I have purchased and would recommend to anyone wanting to purchase one
By james s.
cart fan
June 29, 2016
Works great
By Jerry
Broken Arrow, Ok
Sort of works
June 20, 2016
Works ok but rattles. Stirs air up on the really hot days in Okla.
ProsAir movement
ConsCage rattles some.
By mark
newton ms
Works great
May 12, 2016
gonna be nice here in Ms this summer
ProsSo easy to install not in way at all
By Scott
Gatesville, TX
Easy Breezy
March 28, 2016
This is a nice fan it works great and as the heat starts to climb it will help keep you cooler.
By Ted
Grand Rapids , Michigan
Nice fan
February 24, 2016
This keeps me cool on a cart.
By Dennis
North Carolina
February 5, 2016
Haven't had a chance yet to use the golf cart fan as it is winter. However, I will be using the fan 2-4 times a week during the summer months.
By Scott
Sheboygan, Wi
really nice for cart
January 17, 2016
got one on emy cart and camper
By Tracy
Altamont, IL
Cool Breeze
November 2, 2015
Item works very good.
By Robert
baton rouge, la
July 14, 2015
It was a great price so I thought I would try it, but it doesn't blow hardly at all
Consdoesn't blow, and isn't that the reason you get a fan?
By Randy
July 4, 2015
I purchased the golf cart fan to ease the heat of summer in East Tennessee. It's a BIG disappointment. There is virtually no air flow from this fan. I'm glad I didn't buy any as Christmas gifts for my golfing buddies.
ConsUseless for airflow
By Andrew
June 16, 2015
By Linda
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Won't golf without it
April 2, 2015
I don't play golf in the summertime anymore without this fan.
ProsEasy to hook up.
By Ron
Wellington, FL
Great little fan
April 1, 2015
Works well on any cart. Some people say it is a little weak, but that may be because it's on a weak battery. Change batteries and if that still doesn't work, try using two batteries in series as the instructions show.
ProsTake it with you to any course.
By Tom
West Palm Beach, FL
Wouldn't play golf without it
April 1, 2015
I live in South Florida and I always have my Fairway Fan with me during the hot summer months. Not only does it help me stay cool but it also keeps the bugs away.
ProsEasy to use
By Jean
North Carolina
Life Saver
March 25, 2015
Makes golfing in the heat so much more tolerable. Comes with a nice carry bag so I can keep everything in one place.
ProsCools down your cart, price, quality
By don s.
Ft. Worth TX
January 3, 2015
By Dave
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Keep your cool
May 31, 2014
On those really hot days, you know how good it feels when you are driving the cart and how bad it feels when you stop. This fan keeps the air moving and helps keep you comfortable. The wires running to the cart battery are a little annoying, so you may want to use some electrical tape to or Velcro fasteners to keep the wires attached to the roof supports.
By Dennis
St James,NC
Great addition
August 6, 2013
Well worth the money here in the south
By Judi G.
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Great little fan
April 6, 2013
Just what you need in the hot summer. Fan operates off the cart battery and clamps to the cart where it will give you the nest breeze.
By Suzanne
Dallas, TX
Not enough power
July 9, 2012
This fan puts out very little breeze, that's why they recommend you attach it to the rung behind's a lot closer. The problem is I want the breeze on my face, but putting it on the rung in front of you is too far away to feel anything.
Proseasy to plug in to the cart and easy to attach.
Consnot enough power, and if you want to adjust the angles on the fan bracket you need a screwdriver.
By Sunny
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 29, 2012
Received this just in time. We are having temperatures in the high 90's with real feel 103-108...It really works just wonderful.
ProsEasy to hook up and position just right on a golf cart.
ConsI have one before and had to replace because the connection to the battery is very flimsy. If you are not careful the wires break. I had a friend fix it two times. Last time it could not be fixed!!!!
By Chris
Belmont, NC
Its a Tease
July 2, 2011
I was very disappointed in this item. Granted, I live in the Southeast where the heat and humidity are very extreme. However, this fan offered very little in the cooling department. I think the fan needs a little more size and much more horsepower.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
Good idea, but needs some tweaking...
December 3, 2010
I bought this in the spring in hopes that it would help beat the heat on my summer trip to Myrtle Beach. The fan works well enough, but the clip isn't quite wide enough to fit on a carts roof support posts. Additionally, when the cart bounces around on rough terrain, the fan moves around and you have to continually adjust it so that you're benefiting from the airflow. It works great if you're experiencing slow play and waiting in your cart, but you'll need to clip and unclip it between stops...
ProsGood idea that needs some engineering tweaks to get it perfect...
ConsNot practical in it's current incarnation...
By Tony
Worth It\'s Weight in Gold
June 19, 2008
Now that I have this, I\'m actually looking forward to a hot summer! Great for cooling you off between shots on a hot day. Not much noise either. I was worried about it, but it does work with both electric & gas carts - you just clip the fan to the cart, the alligator clips to the battery, and you\'re good to go. If you ride more than you walk, I\'d recommend you buy this. I use a cart cover & heater in fall (I\'m in Michigan) and think this will help move the hot air around, too.

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