Tempo and Speed
January 1, 2022
Helped with my swing tempo. You can feel when you’re supposed to swing down and it also helped increase club head speed. Also helps warm you up before the range or a round. Such a great purchase!
By Karl
Best training aid ever
October 14, 2021
Helps with tempo, builds up strength and gets you to swing the correct path. 👍
By Al
Philadelphia, PA
Great item for the price
December 22, 2020
Will be back for more stuff
By Jason
Muncie, IN
Love it
July 13, 2020
Nice to swing pre round to get loose, and helps with tempo
Prosjust fits in the bag
By Tony
Martinsville, IN
The only club which improves your swing.
July 9, 2020
It's an investment. You can't use it on the course, but it'll lower your score faster than purchasing a new driver or putter. It helps be loosen up as well as monitor my swing path. When I first started playing, I used a very steep swing path and developed a bad habit. I now practice swing a correct path and can easily monitor how I'm doing by watch the orange ball pass by. My personnel opinion is the extra weight also trains the muscles in your core to work together and pull on the downswing.
ProsSolid constructions. I should last years.
ConsIt seems a little expensive, but its about the same cost as a 1 hour lesson.
By Harry
Omaha, Ne
Great product
February 13, 2020
Great product es shipped and delivered on time. Wonderful experience and highly recommended.
By Austin
Mechanicsville, Virginia
Orange Whip tempo trainer
September 27, 2019
Great for warming up before a round or range sesh. Really effective for stretching and getting your swing tempo down. Weighted head makes your driver feel much lighter after practice is over. Fits into my bag with my club in the driver slot.
Pros- great for stretching - tempo trainer - strength builder
By Tom
albany, ny
Smooth swinger
June 2, 2019
Orange allows you to develop a more rhythmic swing and can help you loosen up before a round if you have limited time.
By Kevin
Orange whip !
April 20, 2019
Great for pre round loosening up !
ProsJust a great tool
By Rich
Toledo, OH
orange whip
June 23, 2018
Good as advertised. I like the way it stretches me. The way it flexes really helps me feel the lag and whip. The white ball at the top makes it easy to see if I'm keeping the angle of my hands and wrists.
By Mike
Lexington, KY
Great price
June 1, 2018
I had been wanting an Orange Whip for some time and when I saw the price on RBG I couldn’t order fast enough. Thanks Rock Bottom!
ProsGreat price.
By Jan
Tampa, FL
Great Product!
February 16, 2018
This is training aid is fantastic! it is a great way to warm up before your round and get your tempo in a groove.
Prosgreat for tempo great quality
Blaine, WA
Swing This Everyday
December 19, 2017
It helped me to time my swing and extend my shoulder turn. I am hitting the ball more solidly and my timing is better on all my shots.
By Ed
myrtle beach
December 11, 2017
Great trainer for my tempo.
ProsHelps me swing better.
By Bill
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Great Help
December 4, 2017
When you see PGA tour pros warming up on a Sunday, at The Colonial, with the Orange Whip you know it has to be good. When the guys in the local shops say it is a great training aid, even when they don't carry it, it has to be good. And the service from Rock Bottom is excellent. This is my third or 4th order, and I have been thrilled every time.
ProsAll-around great workout
By Dan
Ames, Iowa
Interesting product; I can see its potential.
September 14, 2017
I have had only a limited amount of time to work out with the tool, but I can see how it already is changing my approach to my swing. I'm a beginner (this summer) and started out well swinging my big club, but seemed to degenerate more and more as I learned. Turns out, I first started learning with some 20+ -year-old clubs, and that set's driver was hit more like a fairway wood; so, I ended up chopping down and really trying to hit the ball, rather than sweep it, when I transitioned to a decent set of clubs. I've been searching for the right "feel" so that I quit fighting myself at every turn. The whip seems to building that body memory. And at %*-years old, is really a great way to develop flexibility in my back, hips and thighs. The Whip folks recommend a month of serious every-night workouts. I plan to begin that as soon as I return from a trip in a couple of weeks; 'till then, I'll at least briefly work out with it once a day.
ProsThe product is really well built. It should last a lifetime.
ConsBy design (and this is not really a "con"), it is a very serious tool and one needs to be careful not to wipe-out household furnishings, put a hole in the wall or bean the hunting dog. It could perhaps be cross-marketed to the firearm-uncomfortable PC folks as a solid home defense option. ; ) ; ) ; )
By Larry
Great tempo aid
September 7, 2017
really helps your tempo
By Sweeney
Orange Whip Trainer
July 13, 2017
Right off I could tell how this training aid was providing me the feedback I needed to correct my swing and improve flexability.
By Eric
Columbus, Ohio
Orange the whip
June 27, 2017
Bought this for my father and he could not be happier with it. Does everything that he had hoped it would and after just a couple of weeks he is starting to see the results he was hoping for.
Collierville, TN
Great way to warm up
June 7, 2017
The Orange Whip is a great tool to warm up with when there's not time to make it to the range. Also easily creates the proper lag feel needed to hit your best shots.
By Carl
Aurora, CO
Whip is IT
May 1, 2017
The orange whip trainer is fantastic, add that to Scratchy's cost and shipping= Unbeatable!
By Charles
Strawberry Plains, Tennessee
Makes a difference!!
April 8, 2017
Very fun to use ! Helps in feeling a good balanced swing. It has helped tremendously in stretching my swing and created a lot more speed!!
By bob
minneapolis mn
orange whip trainer
March 2, 2017
gives good work out before round
By s
Orange whip
March 1, 2017
as good as all other reviews say. great product
By Mike
Jonesboro Il.
Orange Whip Trainer
January 2, 2017
I have purchased various swing trainers that claim to help in producing a better golf swing. As for the orange whip I think this is hands down a better training aid than any that I have purchased thus far. Its a little bit pricey but rock bottom gulf has a better price than most.
ProsQuality product good sense of a more powerful golf swing.
ConsA little pricey but worth the money!
By Greg
Cleveland, Ohio
Best Training Aid
January 2, 2017
Provides instant feedback with your swing tempo and forces you to swing on the correct plane. This allows you to study your swing like the pros.
By James B.
7312 Willesden Lane, Charlotte, NC 28277
The Best Swing Aid Ever
December 25, 2016
After suffering a compound fracture of my right ankle at age 70 which resulted in two surgeries and the insertion of 3 plates and 13 screws, I had to develop a new golf swing. This device used for 10 repetitions, three times a day day, has allowed me to once again develop a full, strong, and consistent swing. To continue with the same, I will use it to warm up before each round and to regain my swing if I need to during each round.
By Golfer
Ponte Vedra
Good Price, Great Swing Trainer
December 13, 2016
Got this on sale. It is a great swing trainer and would recommend for golfers trying to gain distance with better swing technique.
ProsFast devilvety, good price, great training item.
By Dan
Lake Tapps
Great swing trainer
November 2, 2016
Though I was a little skeptical to buy a $100 swing trainer I wish I'd have done it sooner. I've only swung it about 60 times so far and it's already noticeable how it helps me complete my swing. Not suggesting all the scratch and low caps would benefit but as true 10 I'm hopeful to drop a few points with more use
ProsIt's works
ConsCost a little high but it's worth it.
By Dave
West New York, NJ
Worth every penny!
October 13, 2016
I use it everyday, great for warmup before a round. Check out the orange whip youtube channel for training videos.
By Rob
Erie, PA
Orange Whip Trainer
August 8, 2016
Started using mid season. This trainer helps me feel where I am at in the swing. It certainly encourages a good turn with the body, lagging the club behind. I had my buddy who is an arm swinger try it and he darn near fell over. I can also see the orange ball's path when I swing the club. I can adjust to an out to in swing path or an in to out swing path depending on the shot shape I want to feel. My biggest problem ever has been tempo. With the driver I have a tendancy to start my swing from the top instead of building speed to impact. I know is just been hard for me to feel the right accelleration with the driver. That is the reason I bought this trainer. I am happy to say it has worked for me. My driver tempo is 10 times better. As a result I am in the fairway or just off the fairway 80% of the time. My scores have dropped from the 80's to the 70's. I am a 10 handicap but I believe that is dropping.
ProsThis trainer has changed my driver swing tempo. Hard for me to believe but my lower scores and fairways hit convinced me it must be the orange whip. I only wish I would have bought this trainer years ago when I first saw it.
ConsI wish Rock Bottom carried the compact orange whip. I want the compact to swing in the house this winter to keep my swing in shape.
By Dan
Good buy
August 8, 2016
This was recommended by a friend to help me warm up and gain a better feel for my golf swing. I really like it.
By Jason
August 5, 2016
Awesome tool to work on lag
By Joe
Melbourne, Australia
Brilliant Training Aid
July 28, 2016
The orange whip is a all round great training aid. Excellent to warm up with before a round but the main benefit is for your swing tempo, if your swing is too fast the orange whip will let you know quick smart.
ProsEasy to use. Portable enough to leave in your golf bag. Great warm up training aid.
ConsNone I can think of.
By Jon
Upland, CA
Finally a golf aid that actually helps
June 21, 2016
I have tons of gold training aids, and I must confess none has lived up to the hype or advertisement promises. The Orange Whip actually delivers on its promise, as it truly helps to develop one's rhythm and tempo for the long clubs. For short clubs and irons, even gripping way down on orange whip does not exactly replicate the tempo needed for irons so not as helpful as for long clubs.
Prosgreat for rhythm and tempo for long clubs.
Consnot so good for iron tempo
By Charles
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Great for grooving your swing
June 8, 2016
This might be the best swing trainer I've had, and I'm sad that I waited so long to get one. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favour and get it! This trainer has helped me with my release (and also my tempo), and it's been HUGE for my game!
ProsAll it takes is a couple of min Can fit in your bag Quality build and looks like it will last
ConsA bit pricey, but I think it's well worth it
Great multipurpose trainer
April 24, 2016
love the OW...great for warming up and also for working on tempo and release. Very happy with this purchase.
ProsWell constructed. Easy to use.
By Eric
Ashburn, VA
Best Swing Trainer Ever
April 17, 2016
Great, multi use swing trainer. Perfect to warm up before a round, but even better as a swing trainer. Did an awesome job of helping me flatten out my swing, and help me keep from casting/coming over the top.
By Mike
Dublin, GA
March 8, 2016
Great tempo builder and core workout. Helps bring the club down on right path.
ProsEasy to use
By Christopher
Mt Prospect, IL
Great Warmup & Exercise
March 6, 2016
I love this tool and keep it in my bag at all times. I swing to for 15-20 swings before teeing off or hitting the range. You can really feel your arms and shoulders loosening up while at the same time, you can feel your core and legs being activated and strengthened. Using this a couple of times each week has definitely improved the speed and power of my swing.
ProsGood for warming up, stretching out, and building up swing speed and power.
ConsA bit heavy and cumbersome to carry in your bag.
By Nelson D.
New Jersey
Awesome training aid!
March 6, 2016
I love the Orange whip. It helps ingrained the feel of creating lag in your swing. It also helps with tempo and weight transfer.
By Ted
Grand Rapids , Michigan
February 23, 2016
This helps me with all my timing issues. Thanks.
By Joe
Smithtown, NY
Major swing improvement
February 5, 2016
This is a great tool for helping with lag. It gives you a good feel for following through With your swing. Better yet the lag promotes the weight shift to the forward leg. Has helped me significantly
ProsHelps create good swing technique
By David
Homosassa, Florida
Excellent warm up tool
February 5, 2016
Received the 47.5 inch Orange Whip and it is an excellent tool to not only warm up with, but to help groove your swing as well. Be sure to start off slow and work up to longer swings so that you don't pull any muscles that you may not be currently using in your swing now. Really helps me before a round and even spend time with it on days I'm not golfing just to keep loose.
Prosgreat for warm up and swing grooving
Consno cons, but just be sure to start off slow as it is a weight that you are swinging
By Michael P.
Palm Springs, CA
Really helps your swing rhythm
February 1, 2016
Excellent item used to improve golf swing and balance
By Peter
Perfect for grooving proper tempo
December 29, 2015
I've been using this for several months and have noticed a significant improvement in driver distance. I've added 15 yards to my drives and I can really feel my body working to power my drives instead of my arms. This is perfect for warming up before the round and the days when you're stuck at home due to weather.
ProsBuilds tempo and increases core strength and overall flexibility.
ConsIt's hard to justify the cost if you've never tried it. It ends up being worth every penny!
By Jim
Great golf trainer
December 2, 2015
Haven't been able to use it a lot yet, but I can see how this will be helpful building tempo and strength,
ProsGreat for tempo training.
By Scott
Auckland, Auckland
Swing Trainer
September 29, 2015
Item is good, but be sure you are getting the right size as wasn't aware until arrived that there were various sizes depending on your height etc. (my mistake)
By Chad
Quick way to loosen up
July 29, 2015
This will get you loose in about 10 swings
ProsGreat Product, loosen up in a couple minutes vs. 1/2 hour on range.
ConsNot legal to swing once you start round.
By Geoff
Auckland, New Zealand
Best swing trainer I have used
July 9, 2015
This thing just works. Its flex and weight distribution force you to swing properly. I spotted one in Danny Lee's bag as he warmed up on the range at the Greenbriar, so I am not alone!

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