By Jerry
Handy Voice Caddy vc200
March 25, 2021
Very convenient way to get center of the green measurements without taking time to look down at a GPS watch or use a rangefinder. While I still use a rangefinder to measure some back or front pins as well as water distances, I find I am using the voice caddy 80% of the time as it is much quicker. It has limitations but great addition at the rockbottom price.
ProsConvenient, has voice volume control, accurate to center, automatically recognizes course & hole locations. Inexpensive. Rechargable ,easily lasts 18 holes.
ConsNo back or front locations. Voice only, no graphic display so no readings for traps, water other obstacles.
By Joe
Vc200 gps
March 2, 2021
This is my 5 th one love them so much I give them away to family. Dropped many strokes off handicap
ProsEasy to use
ConsOnly distance to center of green
By Charles
Warner Robins, Georgia
Handy Little Tool
December 20, 2020
This is extremely easy to use and lightweight. Very good at holding a charge. Helpful information at the push of a button. I’m very pleased with my purchase.
By Warren H.
Arlington Texas
So convenient
December 14, 2020
Great price, quick shipping! So simple and pretty accurate.
June 17, 2020
By Jeff
Huntersville, NC
Great Little Gadget
June 11, 2020
Works well, compared it to the GPS on the cart and was accurate, picked up the course quick, very compact and light weight.
ProsVery compact and light weight. Place it on your hat or belt.
ConsGives center of green reading, you need to know pin placement to figure actual distance.
By Mark
Kalamazoo Michigan
Voice Caddie VC200 Golf GPS
May 27, 2020
Simple to use and provides fairly accurate distances.
ProsSmall and compact.
ConsDoes not figure in any hazards.
By Mike
York Haven PA
Handy. Easy..
February 29, 2016
In general, a decent product. It served well for the general nudge of info. If your course provides data that you allows you to deduce depth of green, straight line distances to hazards etc, its golden. I played a new course that did not provide this information. The VC 200 was helpful, but i would have prefered the ability to find FBC on the green to provide me the safest target distance. for that reason, have to knock it back a notch.
Prosstays with you. you cant really leave it in the cart or back at the tree on #5.
ConsCenter only. Just two more pieces of info would be a big help.
By Linda
Sun City, Ca
Helps on courses I do not know.
February 17, 2016
Lots of help with courses I have not played before & even the ones I have!
ProsLike the sound control. Only use it when I ask for distance.
By Ted
Grand Rapids , Michigan
Great voice caddy
February 16, 2016
This is an amazing voice caddy. Love it!
By Ken
February 6, 2016
This is a little gem that will stay in my bag forever. Accurate, inexpensive and so easy to use. Used for the first time last week on a trip to Phoenix, my buddies were impressed.
ProsSmall, no optics, almost hands off.
ConsNone yet
By Myron
East Texas
voice Caddy
February 6, 2016
Love it. Gives clear distance to the center of the green. My golfing buddies gather around to hear as well. Battery only lasts for 1 1/2 rounds though.
ProsClear and accurate
ConsIf in the wrong fairway, doesn't help.
By Ken
Toronto, Canada
Small item great effort
February 1, 2016
handy and accurate, one press you hear the distance from green
By Arnie
Monument CO
Like the voice caddie
February 1, 2016
I've use this several times and it has worked well. Battery always has 30-40% left after using for 18 holes. Just clip to your hat and push a button. No need to look thru a view finder or fumble in your bag.
ProsEasy...I compare this with buds that have the more expensive units and find maybe a 3-5 yard difference (this is because pin may be in back or front of greens)
By Scott
Sheboygan, Wi
yes sir
January 14, 2016
brother loves his xmas gift
By Justin
North NJ
Great alternative to the expensive GPS'
December 18, 2015
I have always wanted a rangefinder or GPS but never wanted to dish out the big bucks since I only play a handful of times per year. That being said I got a great deal on this GPS and was thoroughly impressed with it. There was only one instance out of about 15 rounds so far where the GPS picked up the wrong hole (granted I was a hike away from the fairway lol). But, I love this thing and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a cheap alternative like I was.
By chris
valley cottage ny
No glasses needed
July 21, 2015
works great , I don't have to read anything
Ft. Worth TX
Voice Caddy Rocks
July 16, 2015
This thing is awesome !!! It finds the course, it tells you the distance, it lasts for two rounds and six holes !!
ProsIt works and is accurate !
By Victor
So Easy to use!
June 11, 2015
Just click the button and get your yardage; it's that easy. No fumbling around with the hand-held rangefinder, then trying to find a place to lay it down while you hit your shot. Voice Caddie is fast, accurate, and the rest of your group isn't waiting around for you to get your yardage. The best rangefinder I've used.
ProsSimple to use, fast, accurate...etc.
By Clark C.
Pittsburgh Pa
ships fast and good condition
April 27, 2015
I used the VC200 once and was extremely happy. Works very well and simple to use. I recommend the VC200 to anyone who golfs.
By laclede00051
st. louis mo.
gps works
March 30, 2015
the voice caddie vc200 works just as advertised. it finds the golf course quickly and then recognizes which hole you are on and give accurate distances to the center of the green.
Prosaccurate. has a great battery life per charge. played for over 6 hours and only used 50 % of the battery.
Consgets confused if out of bounds in another fairway.
By Bob
Unfortunately this or any electonic item I would NOT buy from Rock Bottom
December 26, 2014
Purchased this item from Rock Bottom Nov. 25, 2014. Item was defective and did not work. Contacted Rock Bottom same day it arrived. I was told to contact the Mfg. to see if they could help me out. Customer service at Rock Bottom doesn't exist. Been buying here for 5+ years, very disappointed how I treated. They are OK if you buy some balls or a bag to tees but they won't be there if you need support. Contacted Voice Caddie and they were great. They followed up with phone call, I returned the item and got my replacement today and it works fine. In the end it took 30days to get a resolution, extra $10. to return the item and a lot of time on my end. Buy local.
ProsCompact size, clear voice, long life battery and it includes a magnetic ball marker
ConsNone yet
By Chris
Auckland, NZ
Yardage made easy
July 19, 2014
Does what it says it will do at the click of a button!
ProsSmall, easy to use, light weight
ConsScared I might lose it, it's a little gem!
By Bob
New Zealand
Voice Caddie
May 31, 2014
All good
ProsEasy to use
ConsNone that I can see
By harry s.
Midlothian Va
amazingly acurate, easy to use, quick,
May 23, 2014
Playing with others with the Camera like products, and waiting for them to find the Flag, i was ready to go. They were impressed. The yardages were right on.
Prossmall, easy to use and she has a great voice
Consif you hit a ball in the other fairway, you have to adjust because it will give you that other Hole yardage. Shouldn't be there anyway.
By Chris
Dayton ,Ohio
May 1, 2014
The voice caddie works great, it's everything I'd hoped for in a gps. It picks up the course rather quickly upon turning it on @ the course. It's very light & really simple to use , i would recommend it to all golfers who just want a simple yardage tool to help them find the center of the green , no more looking for yardage markers or complicated gps's . ( hearing the the yardage is way more simple than looking on a screen ,a watch or rangefinder) do yourself a favor & try the voice caddie!!!
By William E.
oceanside ca
November 3, 2013
first course it worked great. Can't wait to try it another course
Prosno set up. Just charge it and it is ready to go.
Consno cons
By keith g.
New Zealand
great gps
August 14, 2013
bought for my wife it works great better than expected would recommend it even tells you the distance of your shots more than happy with it
By Gene
Western PA
Simple and useful GPS
May 10, 2013
The VoiceCaddie works great for how simple it is to use. The best feature is it tells you how far you have hit a shot. It is a simple and inexpensive investment.
ProsShot distance.
By Charles W.
Ardmore, Al
Great little golf gps
May 6, 2013
This is a great hands free yardage gps. It detected my main course in 30 sec. Like this a lot.
ProsSmall, does fit on your cap bill with no bother at all.
By Al
Silver Spring, MD
Great GPS!
April 26, 2013
The Voice Caddie VC200 worked amazingly well and accurate. I liked the fact that I can hear the distant instead of trying to read a screen in the sun light without my reading glasses. Using it was no hassle at all. I would have given the VC200 a 5 star rating except that on my home course at Bay Club (East Course) in Berlin, MD, it read the 9 holes in reverse. Hole no. 1 was read as no. 10 and vice-versa.
Pros Ease of use and distant accuracy.
ConsNeeded to update the course info for Bay Club East.
By Adrienne
Voice caddie!
April 15, 2013
For me this has been the best golf investment...ever! Just put a little bling on it for us ladies and it will be a home run. Very easy to use.
By bruce
Newark , DE.
voice caddie-vc200
April 10, 2013
Tried the Voice Caddie out for the first time the other day , worked great no fuss or muss just press the button and get the yardages whispered in your ear , had other people in my fore-some asking for yardages . wish I bought it sooner.
ProsNo fuss just press the button.

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