By John
Central New England
June 8, 2019
Pretty good deal
The majority of the Chrome balls were in really good shape. All were playable and could not tell the difference compared to new ones in terms of performance. There were a few (actually 5 out of 36) that were scuffed or had identification marks written on them. Really, not a big deal. Terrific bargain as far as I am concerned.
ProsPerformance and price.
ConsNone really.
By Joe
May 29, 2019
Good golf balls
Balls hit well and play as expected for being used. Good quality and no scuffs that i have found so far.
By Bracken
May 28, 2019
Not as advertised
Really can’t get beat the price but definitely a few balls I would consider unplayable contrary to what was advertised. Would still purchase again
By Ray
Fayetteville NC
May 9, 2019
Awesome value
Only 3 balls had any markings. Great value on a quality golf ball.
By E
May 9, 2019
Not nearly as good of condition as other balls I've bought off here
Majority of balls have color chipped or fairly dirty. Not terrible condition but not as good as others I've bought off here.
By Timothy
May 5, 2019
One ball won't last more than 2-3 holes
Very disappointed with the balls I received. Out of the box they looked great and I thought I had a great deal. For reference, I have played golf for 40 years and am a 10 handicap. After playing one round with them I realized why they are so inexpensive. After literally my first shot off the tee the paint had already started to come off. After my approach shot even more came off and by the time I reached the second green the ball was unplayable. I don't know what they use to "refinish" the balls but it's for cosmetic purposes only and it will affect play and usage. Avoid at all costs.

Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
ProsCan't think of any. (they look pretty out of the box?)
ConsPaint will come off almost immediately so one box of 36 might last you 3 rounds?
By Sebastian
May 4, 2019
Great for practice
Great ball for practice. Still has great feel. Ball is stamped with "refinished."
By Phil Tibbets
Yantis, Texas
May 3, 2019
Calloway Chrome Soft Near Mint Refinished 6 dozen balls
I have played the balls a couple times; so far the feel is really good. The only thing I have noticed so far is a slight tick on the ball which can be scraped off with your fingernail. I am thinking that has to do with the "refinish process" sort of like a paint dripping. I know I am going to really like these balls once I play them more.
ProsGreat price for a top quality ball.
ConsOnly what is listed above.
By Kyle Wormington
Durham, NC
April 24, 2019
Good as new!
These golf balls were listed as near mint but most looked brand new with slight to no blemishes. You get unbelievable value for the price.
By Shelly
March 30, 2019
Calloway Chrome soft
Fantastic price for a high quality golf ball
By Dennis Jenkins
March 29, 2019
Can't wait for warmer weather
Great balls for a great price!
By Herb
Orillia Ontario
March 27, 2019
Soft spin great price
Bixby, OK
March 18, 2019
Callaway Chrome Soft - MINT
One of the best balls out there and @ this price, how can you go wrong?
ProsFeel Distance Spin
By Bob Gerehart
Millsboro DE
March 14, 2019
Callaway Chrome Soft golfballs.
Due to the cold temps, I have not played these balls. These balls exceeded my expectation. Although they are advertised as refinished/mint condition,, I’d swear they are new, The price and quality is unbeatable. I expect them to perform as good, or better than the Pro V1.
ProsLike new balls, for an exceptional price.
By David
Orlando, FL
March 6, 2019
Good price and just like new
ProsQuality ball
So. Carolina
March 5, 2019
Callaway Chrome Soft Mint used golf balls.
Great ball in good as new condition without the high cost of new......
ProsGreat product.....service top notch....can always count on Rock Bottom Golf !
Port Charlotte, FL
February 28, 2019
Great Value
I never buy used balls but these were as good as new.
By Mark
Columbus, Ohio
February 13, 2019
Very impressive set
Better than expected
By scot
new jersey
January 18, 2019
Great golf balls at great price
2nd purchase of this item. Quality golf balls at a good price.
ProsLAst box didn't have any defects
New York
October 13, 2018
Chrome soft
Balls looked good. They're 3 or 4 with scuffs and or cuts.
ProsGoid ball for a good price.
ConsThey can refinish any and call it mint...
By Tom
October 12, 2018
Mint refinished golf balls
I have purchased refinished golf balls from Rock Bottom Golf for several years and I have never been disappointed. They play like new at a fraction of the cost.
Avon Park, Fl
October 3, 2018
As good as new
I buy these all the time. Just as good as new and a lot cheaper
By Walt
Glendale, Az.
August 26, 2018
To the green
Love these balls. I might have gotten greedy but I'm happy.
Prosnice from 200-to the hole
By Roger
Sanbornton, New Hampshire
August 23, 2018
Great Value
I've been buying these Mint Used Golf Balls for some time and have been extremely happy with their performance. In most cases, I can't even find a blemish on these balls. I can't imagine why anyone would pay full price for new balls when they can purchase these.
By Dennis
Ironwood, MI.
August 21, 2018
Great Ball
These Crome Soft balls are just like new. The fly far and are great around the greens.
By Justin
June 10, 2018
Great ball
Switched from playing a Noodle for 8 years to this Chrome Soft and WOW! Refurbished quality is very very good. Can not tell from looking at them that they've been played. Got these on sale for around 38 and I'll do it again.
By Ryan
Greeley, Colorado
May 31, 2018
ChromeSoft Near Mint
Bought 6 dozen and 1.5 dozen had large cracks and chips in them. I have bought these before but they were much better quality.
ProsCheap Non-damaged balls were fantastic Great services through rock bottom
ConsA lot of unusable balls
May 21, 2018
Great value
Great value!
By Bruce Kauffman
Oxford, Pennsylvania
March 13, 2018
Distance and control
A soft ball which will fly off a seniors club like me.The mint balls look and feel every bit as good as brand new balls. A real deal!
By Bill
Taylors, South Carolina
March 5, 2018
My new favorite ball.
I've played ProV's for years until I split one in half with a driver last year. Decided to give the Chrome Soft a try since I've been playing Callaway clubs for years. To my surprise, the ball is better than I expected. And the refurbed "Mint" balls from Rock Bottom are of pretty good quality. I'll continue to buy them as long as the quality stays consistent.
ProsGood quality balls.
ConsYou'll find an occasional blemish if you look hard enough, but it's gonna get a blemish once you belt it a couple times with your clubs anyway!
By Ian
North Las Vegas, Nevada
February 20, 2018
Tons of spin
Great around greens, off tee
By Larry
Wetumpka, AL
February 14, 2018
Galloway Chrome Soft
Super feel off the club face. Best ball out there. Outstanding price through Rock Bottom. Great value.
By Michael
Northern California
January 24, 2018
Callaway Chrome Soft Mint Used Golf Balls *3-Dozen*
I opted for the mint for a few dollars more and I'm very happy with my purchase. Can't beat the price and the balls look like new. Hard to beat this deal. 3 dozen golf balls will last me about 6 months or more and I will be back for more when these run out.
ProsPrice point. Quality of the balls. Save money buying 3 dozen at a time.
By Bill
Sarasota, Fl
January 23, 2018
Golf Balls
Play well almost like new balls.
By Donnyracer
Omaha, Nebraska
January 12, 2018
Great buy
All same #’s but that’s fine.
ProsPrice and performance
ConsCan’t say anything bad, will buy again. Got these cause my brother in law plays them will a lot of success. Now I get to try them at a rock bottom price!
January 12, 2018
Mint Used Balls
The balls are as advertised and a great value for the money!
ProsCost and Condition
By Jon
December 12, 2017
Nice balance
Tried many balls and have come down to Bridgestone e6 and Chorme Soft depending on the course being played. e6 has less side spin off the clubface than chrome soft, but if extra pop and softer feel around green is paramount, chrome soft does well while still being straighter than balls like prov v1x.
Prosnice combination of virtues
Consnot much, other than cost compared to e6
By Mike
December 11, 2017
Great value
Play like new and are more durable than other used balls.
ProsFeel, distance, durability
ConsNot new
By David
Slidell LA
December 1, 2017
Great Deal
These are excellent balls at a great price. Cannot tell most of them from brand new.
By Youngseok Jee
Pittsburgh, PA
November 4, 2017
Exceptional softness
This is one of the softest golf ball in the market. As a beginer, i cannot say the feeling during full swing shot. But it was veryveryvery soft when I do putting.
By Thomas
Jacksonville, AR
November 1, 2017
Solid ball- great price
Great ball for the price
By Alan
Browns Point, WA
October 24, 2017
Balls look brand new
Hope they play as good as they look. Have bought mint condition before and see no reason to buy new. Great deal.
By Pat
Nor Cal
October 13, 2017
Refinished balls
Excellent bargain. Love these refinished Chrome Soft golf balls
ProsPrice and condition
By Vincent Tyler
Randallstown, Maryland
October 11, 2017
Great Balls
These balls look and play like new. There are no visible blemishes.
By Dave
Southeast PA
October 2, 2017
good balls & good price
balls play like new, color just a little off
By Les
September 23, 2017
Can't tell from brand new stock. Great deal.
I'll buy again no doubt.
By Steven Ferrell
Greensboro N.C.
August 30, 2017
no noticeable difference
these Chrome Soft played like brand new...the major difference was the great price!
By Kevin
Murrells Inlet SC
August 26, 2017
great ball at a great price
look like new and very happy with the purchase
By Ray
Wichita Falls, TX
August 26, 2017
Calloway Soft Golf Balls
Balls perform same as new; hard to tell difference (other than recycled logo). Great way to try higher end price stuff without breaking the bank.
ProsCost. Pay half of new cost with little difference in performance.
By Jamie
Birmingham, AL
August 17, 2017
All balls in this box in great shape
Great price on this box of balls and in great shape
ProsGreat price Great quality

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