By Daniel
lynn, MA
June 6, 2019
This putter feels just as good as previous models. If not better. Getcho self some birdies
By John
Sunnyvale, CA
June 3, 2019
Great putter, great price
I have always preferred a heel-shafted putter since I tend to swing a putter on a pronounced arc. An Odyssey #9 has been my favorite for several years and the O-Works is the best yet. I purchased one some time ago for close to $300, so when I was able to order a back-up for this now-discontinued putter from Rockbottomgolf at a bargain price, I ordered it immediately.
By Kenneth Keith
Talladega, Al.
May 30, 2019
OK Putter
I have played 3 round with this putter so far. It is an OK putter but not much better than the Odyssey I was currently playing with. The hype about the new face technology is just that "hype". Not worth spending the $200.00 in my opinion.
ProsWeight of putter is good. Not a lot of hop off the face. Gets the ball rolling quickly.
ConsPrice is to high for what you get.
By Jamey
Fredericksburg Va
May 28, 2019
As Advertised
Great Deal for this putter, easy to line up your putts.
By Stephen
Falmouth, MA
May 22, 2019
Good look.
I liked the looks, but it lacks some feel. Almost too soft.
By Jaryd
New York
May 15, 2019
Great putter
Great feel and weight. Great purchase
By Charley
May 10, 2019
Great Putter
Great feel and love the superstroke grip
By David
May 8, 2019
love it
can line up my putt very easy. So far so good
By Denver
Reno, Nevada
May 8, 2019
2 ball odyssey putter
Like the way it looks behind the ball and helped me hit the ball end over end
ConsNot enough weight for me
By Elvis
May 8, 2019
Love this putter
Love this putter feels great
By Mike
Galveston, Texas
May 7, 2019
2 Ball Putter
Just received my putter and it’s what I expected! The weight and feel is great! Went out to practice my putting and felt so much better than my old putter. Definitely feel this will improve my game!
ProsGreat buy for the price!
By Blake
Lansing, Michigan
May 6, 2019
Bought for a Father’s Day gift and my dad loves it. Rolls very well and has nice weight to it!
By Chris
North Carolina
April 18, 2019
Great feel and control
I love this putter. I did update the grip to 5.0 and love the feel.
By Josh
Cave City, Kentucky
April 18, 2019
Excellent putter
2 ball design helps start shorter putts online. Feel is very soft off the face. Takes a couple of rounds to get adjusted.
ProsConsistency, 2 ball helps me hole more putts.
ConsAlmost too soft off the face.
By TBone
North Carolina
April 16, 2019
Great Roll
The O-Works has an amazing face and the ball comes off and just rolls pure. The only bounce is the greens fault. Love it.
By Bill
Ann Arbor, MI
March 28, 2019
Great Club!
I love this Odyssey putter. The grip is larger than my old one and give me greater control and feel of the club. The weight of the club is good, and the large head and flat bottom leads to a nice smooth putt.
ProsGrip feel. Larger, flatter club bottom causes a smooth swing. Looks great too
By Brad
March 26, 2019
Great putter
This putter is amazing. Good weight and balance is helping a lot with my putting swing path
By Trybob
Land of Oz
March 2, 2019
Great Deal Great Price
Fantastic putter and very easy to line up putts. I'm making those 4 and 5 footers with ease now. No hassle ordering and received in 5 days! Will definitely recommend the guys in The Cave at Rock Bottom Golf! Thanks!
ProsEverything I was looking for!
By Wirebender
February 23, 2019
Tank #7
Love this putter. Tank putter somewhat heavier than regular #7 and I tend to get better results and feel on longer putts. Love that it's really easy to pick up balls off the green with the back of the putter, rather than bend down, since I've had to have back surgery.
By Matt
Warren, OH
February 23, 2019
Keep it Rollin
I’ve never been a huge Odyssey putter fan. This however, is a home run. Face insert is pillow soft, however it’s firmer toward to the heel and toe so you can feel and even here a mishit. The aliagnemnt aids are great, the Red Ball concept really works and helps you to get over the ball. All this plus the high MOI keeps the ball rolling true.
By Ryan
Charleston, SC
February 8, 2019
Great product
Never owned and Oddyssey putter until now. Absolutely love the feel and length selection.
ProsFeels well balanced
ConsSweet spot is a bit small Takes a little time to get use to it
By Bruce
Land o lakes, fl
January 27, 2019
Great putter
This putter saves me at least four strokes a round. Stable though the stroke and helps with alignment.
ProsStability and alignment. Rolls quickly
By Anthony
Mount Prospect
January 2, 2019
Great putter from the rock
Great putter and great customer services from rock bottom golf
By Frank
TX - Texas
December 27, 2018
Never miss another putt
WOW feel the feeling of a true putt. The ball rolls true and direct
ProsCuts 3-5 strokes off my game
November 30, 2018
By Mike
Nashville, TN
November 28, 2018
Great Putter
Love the look and overall performance of this putter.
By John
November 23, 2018
Can’t miss with this!
Easy to align. Bold red color gives me tons of confidence. Very stable on miss hits and rolls very well and hold its line. I love the grip, it feels so nice. This putter looks so nice. Got it for 20% off as well.
ProsFeel Alignment Looks Stability
ConsTendency to pull if stoke is not straight back and straight through
By Al
November 16, 2018
I love this putter.
Really easy to align putts. Sets up nicely and face balancing works great for my putting stroke.
By Brian
Riverside, IL
November 16, 2018
Great deal
Love it
By Blair
Zirconia NC
November 16, 2018
Great putter
Got the odyssey tank 7 putter and is better than expected. Rolls pure saved me at least 4 strokes on my round. You want go wrong with this investment! Got it at a great price and shipping from Odyssey was very quick!!
ProsPrice, product, and performance
By Jerry GAO
October 9, 2018
Excellent quality and love the red color.
Love this putter. Has a really soft feel. I put better with it on faster greens. Distance control is a little harder for me on slower greens. The red color with white lines really helps to get ball on line.
By Randy
Grand Blanc, Michigan
October 5, 2018
O Works Tank red putter
I played with a fellow lefty who had one of these putters. He let me try it on two holes. I have never rolled the ball so smoothly straight into the hole. I immediately checked the Rockbottom Golf website and found it on special for 40% off with free shipping. I also applied a store credit I had for and even better price. I ordered it in the 38 inch length with the “Superstroke” counter balanced grip.
ProsThe club is beautifully well balanced and the ball rolls true. Comes with a nice magnetic club head cover. My old Odyssey putter has been retired after 8 years of good usage. ( Never thought that would happen.?
ConsOrdered the new putter on September 13th. Unfortunately RBG had to back order it because of high demand. I got it on October 4th, considering the deal I got it?s worth it. Thanks Scratch!
By Allen Cheng
September 10, 2018
Great red 33" putter for me
It really cut down my putting strokes.
San Diego
August 31, 2018
Very Pleased
I was replacing a 10 year old Spider putter. This new 7S looks and feels great. I find that the ball rolls more smoothly than with my old putter and it is easier to line up. The red color looks really good to me and the build quality seems excellent. The Superstroke grip helps stabilize my hands during puts too. You need to see what feels best for your game, but I would recommend trying this out, if you are looking for this type of putter.
By Craig J
NC - North Carolina
August 31, 2018
Good Putter, Great Deal
The putter delivered was as promised and also included a head cover. Very fast shipping and great deal overall
ProsOnce you get dialed in, this putter is very consistent.
By Gee
Van bc
August 31, 2018
Red 7s
Love the red look. And the odyssey feel. With the ss counter balance. I hope it likes MN e as much as I like it.
By Erwin
Canton, Oh
August 30, 2018
Consistent setup leads to great putting
This review is for the Odyssey’s new Red Ball putter. Specifically, it will address my opinion on how it helps with my putting setup, not the color of the shaft or a damaged putter cover or grip, or another putter altogether. This aptly named putter has a red ball on the top of the putter with an alignment circle positioned above it. When you setup to the putter you look down through the circle to see the red ball. When the putter is placed flat and you look down and the red ball is aligned inside the circle you can be assured that the you are holding the putter in a repeatable, consistent way every time. Previously i putted well with a daddy long legs spider that i really liked. But i found that i would not always setup to the putter with the same stance or ball position. I was probably only off by a few millimeters but i often wondered if this contributed to pushing or pulling my putts. I believe that it did. Too far forward, back in my stance or too close or too far from the ball. I went to a local store and tried the putter several times before buying it. At first i was preoccupied with lining up the red ball in the circle. But once i got comfortable with how i held the putter and setup to it my natural putting stroke felt really good. Now, i am able to setup to my putter and then make micro adjustments to my stance to consistently setup the same. Then i check the alignment of the putter with the alignment mark on my ball. Then i concentrate on the ball and don’t worry about the red ball. I named my putter “Money” and even labeled it such because i am putting on line, every single time.
ProsConsistent setup equals great putting
By Skip
DeLand, FL
August 28, 2018
hinges work
the ball does roll sooner, putter head has great feel, alignment aides helpful, I just need a putter that read the greens better than I do.
By John
August 27, 2018
Head Cover Arrived Damage and Replacement Issues with Odyssey
I purchased this putter thru Rock Bottom Golf and apparently it had to be processed and fulfilled directly by Odyssey Golf. When the putter arrived, I found the head cover damaged (most likely during shipping). I called Odyssey to ask for a replacement cover and they indicated they would be sending it within a couple weeks. That didn't happen and when I called them back they had no record of me calling to ask for a replacement. Needless to say, I wasn't happy and it further delayed me getting a replacement cover. I'm now awaiting delivery after the second contact. I'm not likely to order via Rock Bottom and Odyssey again given this experience.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
By Jeremy
Clifton, New Jersey
August 27, 2018
Huge Upgrade!
Coming from an older, lighter Odyssey, this putter has a much better feel, and the superstroke grip has helped with my consistency. It also looks really sleek.
ProsConsistent Roll - no mishits
ConsNone Yet!
By Nick
August 16, 2018
Bad Experience and False Advertising
Ordered Odyssey OWorks Black 7s putter. Advertised as having black shaft. Lo and behold it came with a chrome one. I could live with that, but then noticed the grip was noticeably off center. Although it said the club was new, I find it hard to believe this wasn't a second hand club. Rock bottom rings true for the quality control of their product.
ProsShipping was fast is about it.
ConsPoor quality control Product provided not as advertised.
By Whit
Arlington, VA
August 16, 2018
Great Putter
This putter is great, it increased my accuracy and cut strokes off my putting immediately.
By Bill
Wallace, NC
August 13, 2018
Odyssey Golf O-Works Red #7 Tank Putter SuperStroke 2.0
Ordered 35" came in much shorter. Was a weight/cap on the grip suppose to be included if so didn't have one. The only reason I gave it 3-stars is my wife liked it so gave it to her otherwise rating would be a 2 and probably would have looked at returning. Didn't include weight kit which would have been nice. But shipping and ease using Rock Bottom though is always top notch.
By Coxey
August 9, 2018
Really what I needed.
My setup with a Spyder Red did not feel when addressing a putt. I was either toeing it or heeling it and hitting all putts offline. This putter has let me ground the club perfectly and roll the ball on line. It might be a gimmick, but I’ve shaved 6 putts on my first round with it. The feel of a struck putt is pure, the ball follows the line perfectly. I just hope when this gets out, it’s not declared illegal. It’s that good!
ProsPerfect alignment and centered.
ConsNothing I can find
By Rob
August 8, 2018
Gets the ball rolling
Only used it on the putting green 2x and in one round so far but it does get the ball rolling instead of skidding first. Heavier than I thought it would be but I like the weight you can really feel it in your hands.
By Robert
Troy, MI
August 4, 2018
Difference maker
I have nothing but accolades for this putter. I agree with great reviews on here and the magazines as well. The midmallet 330m size stablized my stroke, and putts go right on the line.
ProsEasy to aim and align
By Kim L.
Edmonton, Alberta
July 24, 2018
The best putter and excellent online shopping.
This is the best putter I have ever purchased after the Callaway Demo day. It was well balanced. I have been using Scotty Cameron the last 7 years. Found Rock Bottom online shopping have the best price and excellent shipping especially to Canada. So order one early July 2018. My golf buddy tried it out and he likes it, he’s also a Scotty guy. So I placed another order for him. I recommended this product and Rock Bottom online shopping. Excellent price and fast shipping to Canada. Very happy buyer.
By James
July 20, 2018
Great Putter
Awesome putter played Ping Anser style for 10+ years. The insert on this putter starts the ball rolling g quickly and smoothly, the feel is superb versus my Ping and previous Odyessey putter. Played one round made a couple 10 footers and 2 putted rest of the holes.
ProsFeel off the club, smooth roll on contact, excellent look for alignment.
ConsNone so far.
By Jeff
United States
July 20, 2018
sweet putter
Nice feel off the face. Alignment is improved and face balanced. Just what I needed.
By Paul
Roanoke, Indiana
July 12, 2018
Bought for a friend, wish I had one
My playing partner had a very old blade putter and had been struggling with it. He didn't have the $ to splurge on a new putter so my wife and I decided to buy this for him for his birthday. He had mentioned he would like to get this model when he had the money available. Beautiful putter. Great looking, great balance, the stroke is so smooth. I have an Odyssey Backstryke 2ball that I thought was smooth. It's nothing compared to this. Needless to say he was completely surprised and I'm sure he'll start to pick up a few strokes on me now that he'll be putting better.
ProsSoft face Great balance Great smooth stroke Visually appealing

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