By Jeffrey
Folsom, CA
June 7, 2019
Great price
Some balls a little dirty but overall pretty good
By Cheddar
The Region
June 5, 2019
Not so hot
The quality of this batch of balls wasn't good for "near mint". The refinished coatings were sloppy and had little paint boogers. These made the ball roll poorly on the green in some cases. It seems like the remanufacturing process has changed since I first started ordering these from rbg. This batch would scuff after one shot and weren't very durable. This batch had many 332 dimple proV's which was a first for my orders. The ball flight was not as good as newer ProV1x due to the age of the balls. Not as good as they used to be or just a bad batch? You will have to roll the dice and decide if it is worth it to buy the recycled proV's.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
By Jeff Matheny
June 4, 2019
Great deal
Just as good as new and I don't cringe every time I hit one in the water.
By Chris
Charlotte, North Carolina
June 1, 2019
Great value
Balls came Exactly as promised. Can’t beat the price.
By Erik
Fort Collins, Colorado
May 31, 2019
Will buy again!
These are a great deal and only play with ProV1 balls and can't beat this deal
ProsPrice and quality
By Todd
Silver Spring, MD
May 29, 2019
Thought I was getting a good deal, but these balls are not mint...they are refinished. Who knows if they were ever ProV1s.
By Ace
May 29, 2019
As advertised
The balls look and feel brand new and play like they’re supposed to. Quality item for an unbeatable price for Titleist Pro V1s
By John
May 28, 2019
Great Value
Great deal on a premium product
By john
chicago il
May 26, 2019
1st time
got balls look and feel ok haven't played a round yet time will tell
By Alex
May 20, 2019
Not great
Some of the balls were not near mint condition. The outer coating was similar to proV1x but the inner core was absolutely not. They play nothing like a proV1x.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
By Nate
New Paris, IN
May 18, 2019
As expected
Nice refinished Pro V1x. A few imperfections on the balls but otherwise clean and as expected for "near mint." All of the golf balls have "Refinished" printed on them opposite of the Pro V1X line. I never second guess used and refurbed products from Rock Bottom although I did get shorted 1 ball from the 3 dozen.
ProsClean, as expected.
ConsOnly received 23 balls when order was for 24.
By Ron
May 17, 2019
Good Quality used golf balls
I have used these balls previously and always good quality
ProsGood quality
By Daniel
Chippewa Falls , WI
May 15, 2019
Great price
Great recycled ball. 3 dozen for the price of one,that's an easy decision
ProsGreat price Quality ball
By Rob
May 15, 2019
Only Balls I buy...
Why shop around and pay retail? These are the same balls for a fraction of the price!
ProsPrice / Its a PRO-V1, need I say more?
By Lewis
May 13, 2019
Great ball for the price
I have ordered refinished balls a couple of times and have always enjoyed playing them on the course.
ProsAffordable ball
By Ron
May 10, 2019
Great balls
These balls are great and you can hardly tell the difference between them and new balls. I’ll never purchase new balls again. Thank you Rock Bottom Golf!
ProsGreat price and quality
By Nick
May 3, 2019
Don’t be afraid to buy these. Out of 3 dozen I only found 2 that did not look brand new. I’ve been playing these balls and can’t notice a difference between them and a brand new Pro V1. Great bargain!
By Richard Ramos
May 1, 2019
Titlesit Pro V1 Near Mint Refinished used Golf Balls *3-Dozen*
Great balls they check on the green amd keep my scores low....Gracias
ProsCheck check check!!!
By Grant
Washington, DC
April 29, 2019
Very, Very, Very Old Golf Balls
They are almost all prov1 392s, which are nearly 10 years old now. They don't disclose this. Beware.
By James
Rotonda West Florida
April 22, 2019
Great condition
Everything I had hoped for. All the balls were in like new condition at a great price.
By Dave
Sebring, Fl
April 20, 2019
Next best thing to new
I have purchased these for years. Great quality and good price
By Nick
South Jersey
April 20, 2019
Great looking
These balls look and play like new. Be aware these are refinished and not just mint used. The durability of the finish is obviously not like new.
ProsGreat price Balls look like new
ConsRefinished, surface feel rough after moderate use.
By Richard
Las vegas
April 19, 2019
Pleasantly surprised at the condition of balls received. All looked new. I’m sure they will play as good as it looks.
ProsIf these are used, must have been refurbished. Looks very good.
By Kevin
Port Saint Lucie Florida
April 19, 2019
Titleist Pro V1 Mint golf balls
First time I tried these and I really like them. Get good distance and they react well on the greens. I would definitely buy more of these.
By Randy
April 18, 2019
great product
I always use the prov1 balls and can't wait to get out and play these.
By Jeremy
South Dakota
April 9, 2019
As advertised
All 36 balls were near mint condition as advertised. Good deal for Titleist Pro V’s
By Russ
Boston, Mass.
March 30, 2019
Great golf balls for a fraction of the price.
All of the golf balls look as if they were brand new.So far I've only been out a couple of times to use these pro V 1s and have only used a couple of them but so far they've had all the characteristics of new ones at a fraction of the cost.As of right now, I'm completely satisfied and glad I made the purchase.
ProsHave both the distance and spin of a new ball at a much better price.
ConsTough to say since I've only used a couple of them, but it seems possible that they mark up a little easier than a brand new one but you're still paying so much less, worth every penny.
By Kent
Newnan Georgia
March 27, 2019
They played like new
Looked great and played great. Worth it.
By John Henry
Greensboro, NC
March 25, 2019
Not sure why the V1x is more money than the Pro V1
By Mike
Topeka, Kansas
March 23, 2019
Titleist Refurbished Golf Balls
They play as well as any new ball. Can't beat the quality for the price.
By Tommy L
March 22, 2019
Great deal.
Arrived sooner than expected . Great quality product and unbeatable price.
By Bill
Ankeny, IA
March 20, 2019
Great Value
Exactly as advertised can’t wait to get out and lose them!
By SheridanWyo
March 16, 2019
Refurbished Golf Balls
Great buy. The golf balls are mint.
By Brian
St louis
March 16, 2019
Recycled balls
Great price
By Larry
March 14, 2019
Great Deal
Have ordered these balls several times and always pleased. Balls in great condition and can't beat the price.
By Thomas Medcalf
March 13, 2019
look good
these balls look good out off the box, play well and are a graet value for the money
By Daniel
Ojai, Ca
March 7, 2019
Great price for Pro V1
Top of the line refurbished Pro V1s for an unbeatable price. I paid less for three dozen than some places charge for 1 dozen. This deal really made my day.
By Rocky
College Park, MD
March 5, 2019
Been too cold to hit any of these yet, but they are Titleist! Great price...
ProsLook new
By Chris
February 26, 2019
Used Pro V's
All look good except 3 with visible scratches. We'll see how they play next week.
By Richard Hohensee
san antonio, texas
February 23, 2019
Best ball for the price
Great price for top ball
ProsGreat ball
By Frank
Tampa Florida
February 21, 2019
great price
The balls are as advertised, play well, spin and easy on the wallet
By Colin
St. Augustine
February 21, 2019
Very Nice!
A great value for the dough spent. Only a few ball were not mint. Thanks Caveman.
Pros$$ saved, great deal
By William
February 19, 2019
They are ok
Most of the balls are in decent shape while a few are terrible, but have not played yet to see how they will hold up.
ConsSome balls have cracks and poor paint jobs. Don't look as good as other recycled balls.
GRANGER, Indiana
February 18, 2019
Great Deal
By Bruce Callahan
February 12, 2019
These balls were precisely as advertised. They are reconditioned but you cannot tell the diffence. I assure you I will be buying from RockBottom many times
By Scott
February 7, 2019
Great deal
As others have mentioned, these balls look and perform as brand new. Out of 36, I found only one with very slight markings that were difficult to see. Well worth the price!
By Larry
Topton, Pa
February 5, 2019
new or used?
I got these for a friend of mine and when I opened them up I thought I was looking at a box of new balls. he doesn't golf in the winter like some of us nutheads so we'll have to wait till it warms up to see how they perform. looking good
By Darth A Lenz
February 5, 2019
Quality product, like new but without new price
By Archer
February 1, 2019
Great deal!
The balls look brand new. Some look like they were hit one time. Perfect for the casual round.
ProsSave yourself some money!
By Dan
Oak Island, NC
January 30, 2019
Poor apperance
I would not purchase again. Out of the box these balls look like something dug out of a pond or found in the woods. The finish just does stand up to normal play. Can not speak to their performance as temps were in the 40’s when I played them and the distance probably was effected by the cold.

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