By Ed P.
Great Putter. Great feel
October 2, 2019
This putter is a combination of great alignment tools and great feel. It has the feel of the old style putters with metal face!
ProsAlignment. Face feel. Pistol grip
Good putter, good alignment
August 23, 2019
Good putter, good amount of weight, good grip
ProsHas good face grind and putts the ball well
ConsFace is very soft thus ball does not come off the face with speed. It is a mix as some people like a soft face and don't mind hitting the putt harder where I like to swing with less speed and have a hot face putter.
By Doug R.
Great feel for the price!
August 20, 2019
great price, face is not smooth, so water and grass don't impact the feel when playing in early wet conditions. Good feel from the mid to bottom grip and easy to hit with speed.
Prosface is not smooth, so water and grass don't impact the feel when playing in early wet conditions. Good feel from the mid to bottom grip great price easy to hit with speed
Consshort puts are hard until you get used to not having to hit it so hard
By Sage
Warren, New Jersey
Game changer for me but surely not for everyone.. Better to try it first
August 9, 2019
I really like the shape of the RHO and picked this one up to try. The feel is so soft that it is unlike anything else I have tried before. I literally have to putt about 50% harder just to get the ball to go the same distance. This may be a deal-breaker for many but it is perfect for me as I have struggled on distance control on shorter putts because I tend to hit too hard. Once I am use to the feel and how hard to hit my putts, now my distance control is night and day compare to before. I like the size of the larger grip but the surface does get a little slippery later in the round when hands became a little more sweaty.
ProsNice shape and weight, soft impact feel
Consgrip surface gets slippery with sweating hands
By Wild H.
Nor Cal Baby!!
Bang 4 your buck!!
July 31, 2019
I wanted an Odyssey Stroke Lab but just couldnt get myself to spend that much. Figured I could find a putter that works just as good for half the price or even less. Sure enough this Cleavland Satin Elevado putter is great!! I am shooting very well and can’t say anything bad about it. I can even putt some curve on my putts when needed. So far I love this putter...
ProsPrice, accuracy, feel, looks, and price again
ConsNone I can think of...
By John
Freeland, Washington
July 26, 2019
This putter is by far my new favorite. I have accumulated a fair amount of putters in my 54 years(can’t let the one I am using get too comfortable in my bag; better keep performing), the oversized grip is awesome and the ball rolls off the face true and straight. The alignment setup is confidence building. It did take a few rounds to get used to the weight since it is a little heavier, but all in all, I really like everything about this putter. Price was right too.
ProsMakes putts
By Dave
Beautiful putter, but recommend to try before you buy
July 24, 2019
This is a very attractive putter and easy to align. Having said that, it just doesn't feel right on impact. I have to hit the ball approximately 50% harder than my other putters to go the same distance, but even then distance is oddly not consistent. It has a "dead" feel to it. Rockbottom and shipping were great, and I really wanted to like this putter, but unfortunately I've blown my putter budget on something that hurt my game (despite significant time trying to get used to it). Would not recommend.
ConsDead feeling. Inconsistent distance.
By Jimmy
Annapolis, Maryland
Great overall putter
June 28, 2019
This putter has a great feel off of contact and the face is very easy to control.
By Harry R.
Fort Worth Texas
Great Feel
June 26, 2019
This putter feels great and has even a better look.
ProsFeel and look
ConsCouldn't find any for me.
By Matt R.
Excellent Club
June 10, 2019
I recently purchased a TFI2135 Satin Elevado CB putter and after playing a few rounds with it, I absolutely love it. Not only is it a great club, it was very reasonably priced, looked brand new and was delivered on time. Every purchase I made through Rock Bottom Golf has been a great experience.
By Jim
North Carolina
Nice weight-excellent roll
May 17, 2019
medium weighted putter and I love the balance. The ball rolls quite well even when hard struck to make a putt of 40+ feet.
By chris
Belle Mead, New Jersey
Looks great
March 19, 2019
Unfortunately I received the wrong putter so I didn’t get to use it. Looks great though. Has excellent weight to it.
By Roger
March 6, 2019
Puts very well. Easy to align Have cut the amount of puts I make.
ProsThe oversize Handle and alignment
By Barry
Louisville, KY
Love this putter
August 17, 2018
Feels great, rolls well.
By JoeyJ
Great Feel
July 30, 2018
I recently purchased this putter and let me tell you, what a phenomenal putter it is. It feels as if every putt is going to go in or be near the hole once it leaves the blade. Great feel, tremendous balance and the roll is pure!!!
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Nice product
May 30, 2018
Great putter with plenty of feel off the face. Easy to align and gets the ball rolling quickly.
By John
Rome. NY
Gaining confidence with this putter
April 19, 2018
I was having a lot of problems with alignment and this putter very naturally has improved my direction significantly. I'm making those putts inside 10 fy.
ProsAlignment Feel
Katy Texas
Great alingment aid and the no glare satin finish is very easy on the eyes but...... I wish I could have found one in my area to demo first as there is a major con.
March 20, 2018
Ok so again the alignment aid is pretty amazing as it is point and shoot, so very easy to line up. The statin finish is very good no glare at all. The look of this putter is a bit interesting but there is a reason for that as it is a very high MOI putter thus it stays on line. Now that was the good but for me there is a major bad as the putter has a very soft feel due to the poly insert behind the face, as it does feel soft which is a good feel but the downside is, the putts come of kind of dead as for the same stroke my other putters they roll out at least a couple feet longer. So even on pretty firm greens you have to really hit the ball hard on lag putts to get it to the hole and this can lead to pulls and pushes. Now if you live and putt where you have bent grass greens, or other really fast greens, it would work great, but I don't. Rock bottom line......I would love to give this putter high marks but again the face is pretty dead and it affects the stroke as most people don't like having to hammer putts to get them to the hole!!!!! Thus I wish I could have found a golf store in my area to demo it as I would not have bought it.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
ProsGreat alignment aid, high MOI putter does not twist.
ConsVery, very soft and dead face, unless you putt on bent grass or other super fast greens this putter would work, but if you live in areas that don't have super fast greens you have to really whack the ball to get it to the hole Again I wish I would not have bought it as now I will likely trade it in to RBG and loose 50% of my value on a brand new putter, uuugggh
By Maurice
Charlotte, NC
Cleveland Rho oversized grip putter
March 12, 2018
Great feeling putter, still getting used to it. Easy to get ball rolling, stays true to your line, so far have only used on 2 courses, 1 course greens were rough and bumpy, other course they were great. Will update in a couple of weeks
ProsThe alignment aid, weight, and face are excellent. I think it a very nice looking putter, balls feels good off the face.
By Anerc
temecula ca
Looks and feels just like a certain $350 putter
February 27, 2018
Alignment is easy, feel is good. Not to heavy a head and not to light. I changed my grip to an oversize one just because that is what I like. This flatstick works!
ProsNice feel, not too soft nor too hard. Good price. Good alignment.
ConsNot much that I can think of.
By Nick C.
Fort Myers, Florida
Lighter than I expected.
February 21, 2018
Lighter than I expected. Slippery if grounded due to the concave bottom. As a result you must be careful when squaring up the putter at address.
By Brad
York, Pennsylvania
New putter
January 30, 2018
Very nice feel. A little light in the hands but just more practice to get the pace down. Staying on line is great.
By Dan
Rochester, Indiana
Stupid easy to line up
January 2, 2018
Makes me out hands in correct position.
By Todd
Raleigh, NC
Fantastic Putter
September 30, 2017
I was using a Cleveland Smart Square before this. This putter is a huge improvement in every way. It lines up very easily with the black alignment with with the two "wings" on either side. Where it really excels is distance control, which I always struggles with. The milled face really works. The feel is outstanding. I like the heavier weight of the club head. I rolled the Odyssey O Works 7 too, but this has a better feel. Played 36 holes so far, with 0 three putts. 5 handicap.
ProsDISTANCE CONTROL, alignment, feel

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