By Drew
June 23, 2020
Good all around
By Ronald
Houston, TX
Perfect for Amateurs
June 18, 2020
These balls are top of the line, yet cheaper than their peers Pro V1 and TP5. The RXS are engineered for slower club head speeds and perform well around the greens. Love 'em to death and Rock Bottom always has the lowest price.
By Rocco
S.I. N.Y.
7 handicap
June 13, 2020
I have been playing Pro V1x for years and was looking for a comparable ball that was not as expensive. The Tour B RX definitely fits that need in both feel and distance. I may have found a new ball going forward. I am only giving 4 stars because nothing is perfect.
By Brian
Chalfont, PA
Best Ball Out There
May 25, 2020
Nothing beats the feel and performance of this ball. Great spin around the greens and feels great off the putter face.
By Eric
Sunbury, Ohio
10 year ProV1x loyalist converted
May 19, 2020
Awesome ball, really great feel without being too mushy. Solid distance off the tee and just the right amount of zip around the greens
By Mike A.
Lewiston, ME
Great Ball
May 13, 2020
I really like this ball, it has a soft feel all around. his is my go to ball
ProsSoft feel
By Mike A.
Lewiston, ME
Good ball, Pricey!
May 13, 2020
I Like this ball, however I like the Bridgestone Tour B x balls much better!
By Tommy M.
Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Balls
May 12, 2020
A+ in feel and consistancy of distance and accuracy!
By Greg P.
Cleveland, Ohio
Get Ready for a Long Ball
May 4, 2020
Usually play the ProV1's, but gave these a try. I like the feel and distance.
ProsGood feel & distance Great price
ConsNone so far
By Rich
High Quality
April 29, 2020
This ball makes for much straighter drives. Also appears to last well for a few rounds of play on a ball. Overall happy, as it is Bridgestone.
ProsOn sale
By Chip85044
New golf ball and a great one
April 29, 2020
Every year we golf balls come out and we are all told that This is the best ball ever, blah,blah,blah. This new Bridgestone golf ball is that good. For my clubhead speed and ball flight the Tour B RXS is my ball. I like the way it feels, spins and performs. I do not know a better way to say that this fits my game.
ProsFeel Spin Performance
ConsOnly available in white now
By Jory
Stamford, CT
Excellent Ball That Does Everything Well
April 26, 2020
I bought these when they were on sale. I have used E6 balls which I love and these are slightly firmer but still land soft and provide great distance off the tee. I will alternate between these and the new E12 balls which are great too depending on price I can buy them at.
By Mark
syracuse, ny
2020 version longer and softer w/ more spin
April 22, 2020
The new ball is longer and feels softer than the 2018 model. Spins more around the greens too. Win Win!
By Gabe
Port St Lucie, FL
Great balls at great price
April 7, 2020
Love these Bridgestone tour B X golf balls. I am a high spin player so these balls are perfect for me. Balls fly straight and long. Great price with 20% off coupon!
By T
Best ball for those that need spin
April 6, 2020
If you need to add some spin, this is the ball for you. I swing my driver anywhere from 113-117mph and hit high knuckleball draws that with other balls can fall out of the sky. These keep my ball in front of me with all my clubs. A dynamo with wedges and a joy to hit with putter. My fav and go to ball!!!
ConsNo longer have prior gens in stock
By Roger A.
Gilbert Az
Great balls
March 19, 2020
I would recommend this ball to any player. I found them to longer off the tee and good in to the wind.
ProsGreat in the wind
ConsWould have liked to get a little more spinn around green. But was decent
By Ronald S.
Great Ball
March 4, 2020
Great golf ball for amateurs. They play as well if not better than advertised. I will be buying more.
By Ronald S.
Great Balls
March 4, 2020
I have really enjoy these balls. They feel just as good as a pro v and are great around the greens.
2nd best ball in golf
January 14, 2020
Goes as far as i can i hit it (sarcasm intended). Good green-side control re stop and drop. My second favorite ball after pro v1x
ConsBe aware, RBG has no live customer service. Any ordering or product issues get the "it's your fault" solution, "we're closing the ticket" response. So
By SnowStrider
Great value
January 4, 2020
I usually game AVX, but the B RX feels very similar and is a better value, especially at RBG discount. Also, I got them personalized and they came so fast I thought they’d just sent the balls, but no, everything was perfect.
ProsPerformance, value
By Tom
Great price
January 1, 2020
Just as good as pro v
By Hank
Dallas, Tx
Great ball for average swing speed
December 31, 2019
Good ball when it gets cooler. Like a chrome soft but better
By RickyHo
san antonio, texas
Best ball for the price
December 21, 2019
Great price and a very nice performing ball.
ProsDistance very good with irons
By Chris
Baton Rouge
exactly what I wanted
December 20, 2019
Quick and at a great price!
By Randy
Calabash, North Carolina
Ball go far
December 19, 2019
These pellets are perfect for the senior golfer. Great feel, trajectory and consinticy from a premium ball. Looks and graphics are very pleasing. Only all I like to play
By John
Northridge, CA
Great golf balls
December 15, 2019
Spins well. Only downside is that it scratches easily. Probably need toss them after a round.
By Frank
great ball
December 14, 2019
great ball. bought as gift and I know they will be appreciated
Prosgreat ball. decent price
Conshave found cheaper since purchase
By Jim
Fresno, Ca
great golf ball
November 21, 2019
Have used this ball for over a year. It is a great ball for distance and feel Plus, RBG has them at the best price you will find! You won’t be disappointed!
ProsDistance, feel
By Richard
Corinth, Texas
gift for son
November 15, 2019
His fav ball
By frank
Newburgh, NY
Great Deal !
October 22, 2019
Great ball at a great price!
By David
Thornton, Colorado
Tour B X
October 19, 2019
Great balls, look great and perform! Always love my customized golf balls!
ProsFeel off the putter is great and plenty long. Great speed on the customization and shipping.
ConsCustomer logo isn't very durable
By Eric
A bit different
October 17, 2019
Seemed heavier in comparison, if that makes sense.
By Eric
A bit different
October 17, 2019
Took some getting used to.
By Eric
A bit different
October 17, 2019
Ball seems more dense.
More ball for your money
October 16, 2019
Quality approaching Titleist, at a fraction of the cost.
By Chris
Beaverton, MI
Soft feel and consistant ball flight
October 1, 2019
After trying way too many balls I actually found a Bridgestone Tour B XS. Finished the round with it. Off the tee it was straight and predictable. As long or longer than the Callaway I was using. Where it really shined for me was around the green. And off the putter this ball is a dream. My swing speed with the driver is mid 90's which is slow for this ball if you believe the hype out there. I've tried the Tour B X, but always return to the B XS. Get yourself a sleeve and decide for yourself.
ProsSoft feel around the green, great off the tee
By Gaylen
Victoria, Tx
A Golfball Worth Keeping
September 26, 2019
This ball is awesome. It works great around the greens and travels far off the tee.
Fairfield Glade, Tn.
Bridgestone Tour B RXS Golf Balls
September 19, 2019
These balls are great. They have great spin around the greens & are as long off the tee as anything.
ProsSpin Distance Feel
By Mike A.
Lewiston, Maine
These Bridgestones are my favorite ball to hit
September 16, 2019
Great feel, long off the tee. I love bump and running these around the green!
By Michael
Long and straight
September 14, 2019
Tour B Xs are the best balls I’ve ever played! And a great deal from RBG!
By Mike
Reno, NV
Bridgestone XS Golf Balls
August 6, 2019
I think these balls are comparable to ProV1s....good feel and performance
ProsFeel, performance, durable
Colorado Springs
Switched from ProVs
July 16, 2019
Like the feel and durability.
ProsFeel Durability
ConsNone yet
By Phil
El Cajon, CA
Great Ball!
June 15, 2019
Good distance on drives and good controls around the greens.
By Greg
Great Ball
May 28, 2019
Great ball, soft feel off the club, good distance and relatively easy to spin.
By Stuart
NSW, Australia
The GOAT's ball is the GOAT....period
May 26, 2019
This ball is the best I've ever played.! Great feel, great spin and durable outer. Can't ask for more really!
ProsSpin, Performance, Durability
ConsThere are none
By Jamie L.
North Carolina
I love these golf balls!
April 16, 2019
These balls have a tremendous feel off the club face. Excellent spin control and great distance off the tee. If they are good enough for Tiger Woods you know they are the best.
ProsDistance Spin Feel
By Brian H.
Londonderry, NH
My favorite
March 2, 2019
Excellent go-to golf ball. Good ball flight. Great feel and control
ProsGreat all around. Great feel.
ConsDoesn?t come in yellow.
By Corey
North Carolina
Good ball
January 30, 2019
Very soft, very easy to compress. Fantastic spin with short irons and wedges. Distance is average - not bad, not great.
By Luke
Rock Island, IL
Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls
January 21, 2019
Ball performs really well. Bridgestone has found something with their golf ball lineup-Woods, Bryson, Kuchar. I prefer a little softer feeling ball-especially off the putter, but that's just my preference.
ProsDistance Spin Trajectory
ConsSlightly firm in my opinion.
By Jon H.
Bridgeston Tour B Balls
December 22, 2018
Great feel and distance

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