4.5 Stars based on 267 reviews
By Bill Nehring
Bloomer Wi
April 14, 2019
Good Deal
Shipping was faster then expected. Well packaged and a good bargain.
By Joe Moose
March 29, 2019
Terrific Deal
If you prefer hitting a soft golf ball, NO ball is softer than the Wilson Staff Duo. This deal of logo overruns is a terrific buy, and shipped without delay!
By Bob
March 29, 2019
Great ball
New logo balls as advertised. Work great for me good distance and control.
By Clayton
March 28, 2019
Great Deal
I love these balls! Great price and they're brand new
By David
Miami, Florida
March 22, 2019
Besides the great feel and consistent distance provided by these Wilson Staff Duos, the colorful logos make the balls easy to identify.
ProsWould take fifty years of searching to find 36 brand new golfballs like these. To think, it took two days for them to arrive on my doorstep.
By gerald gevert
The Villages, Florida
March 16, 2019
DUO - Great ball!
I got 6 doz, my new goal is to outlive my supply.
By MikeE
Pinehurst, NC
March 15, 2019
Great Value
I always seem to have lots of golf balls, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I had been wanting to try this low compression Wilson ball so it was a no-brainer. Being from RBG I knew the process would be seamless.
ProsRight product at right price.
By Pat
March 15, 2019
Great ball great price
W/S Duo is a really good ball. RBG sells them in the ammo box at a really good price.
By Dave Nichols
North Carolina
March 13, 2019
Great buy!
Balls not mismatched. All the same type even have the same number on them. A direct production run. They stated they were out of sleeves for the balls, I believe them now. Very happy. Softest balls I've played, great around the green.
By Josh
Kissimmee, Florida
February 26, 2019
Great Buy
Solid distance off the tee and good feel with irons and wedges. Can't beat these for the price.
Prosfeel, price
ConsWould have liked some "spins" mixed in.
By Wirebender
February 23, 2019
Duo mix
My wife was hoping for Duo Spins, but, these were all Duos, no Spins. However, balls are great, especially for the price of these in bulk. Previous model Duos.
February 20, 2019
Cheap Duos
incredible price for brand new duo balls, mine were all 4s (definitely not a problem because, after purchasing these, "i shoot for 4s"). Cover is ultra soft and reactive, expect to hit it straighter, longer, and with more forgiveness with a lower compression ball (29 compression rating in these!)
Prosgreat deal on great balls, stock up for the whole year with just one order and definitely under $100 for a years worth of balls
By Charlie
February 20, 2019
Met my expectations
36 staff duo balls at great price arrived on time
By Steve
February 20, 2019
Best buy
Duo’s great all around ball for average golfers. This is a great buy.
By Bob
Schaumburg, Illinois
February 19, 2019
Wilson Staff Duo golf balls
I purchased a few monster boxes of brand new Wilson Staff Duo golf balls. Great balls at a great price!
By Justyn
Gretna, NE
February 15, 2019
Good condition golf balls for the price
If you play golf like I do then you don’t want to spend the money on expensive golf balls that you will end up losing. This used golf ball ammo box is a perfect fit for my golf game. Also I couldn’t pass up on the price ($5 / dozen).
ProsNo heartache If you lose them Awesome price per dozen
By Mike
Canton Mi
February 12, 2019
No Mix
Expecting a mix Got all duo.Was looking forward to comparing the 2balls
ProsReally jumping on the Wilson Staff bandwagon
ConsNo mix of balls
By will
southern NJ
February 12, 2019
wilson ultra golf balls at great price
Good golf ball for winter golf since all golf balls get hard when the temperature drops. At this price when one gets lost in the leaves of fall its less of a problem. Tough surlyn cover creates a durable ball.
Proslow price tough surlyn cover
By Mike N.
North Beach MD
February 12, 2019
Deal of Deals
3 dozen quality golf balls for 20.00. Now I need some good weather to start using them.
By Brian
Summerville, SC
February 12, 2019
Works good for me
These are new balls! I've always been a fan of a Wilson ball and this is a great way to get them.
By Nick
February 12, 2019
Good value
Can’t try them out due to weather, but seems like a decent ball, and the price for new quality balls can’t be beat.
Pros New, low compression, price
By jim
Duncan, Oklahoma
February 9, 2019
sort of disappointed
ordered the Duo because I have used them before and liked the ball. Chose this because it was supposed to be a mix. Not only was there no mix, the balls (6doz). were all numbered (#4) the same too. Disappointed in the so called mix.
Prosdelivered on time
Consnot a mix at all your order fill people have no imagination
By John
Mobile, Alabama
February 3, 2019
Great Deal
Although I live in the Deep South, we can have cold mornings. Since I tee off between 7 and 7:30 (It's what old people do), I thought I would try a soft ball. for January. They perform very well and allow one to compress the ball in colder temperatures. Having said that, I got three dozen for what most other competitive balls charge for 1 dozen. Great deal.
By Eric
Memphis, Tennessee
February 2, 2019
No mix
Bought a box and received 36 duos no duo spins. I was looking forward to testing out both. Don't call it a mix if that's not what it is.
ProsGreat price
ConsNo mix
By Rick C.
Twin Cities Mn.
January 31, 2019
Great balls and fabulous price.
Long straight flight off driver, decent spin around greens. Very durable cover.
ProsGreat price for a good ball.
By Corey
North Carolina
January 30, 2019
Nice ball
Super soft. Greenside spin isn't quite as good as other 3-piece urethane balls. Distance is average. Classic look. And can now get them at a GREAT price since the Duo Professional has come out.
By Rob
January 30, 2019
Wilson golf balls
Very nice, underrated golf ball- great price.
ProsGood feel, decent spin, cheap price
By Damon
January 25, 2019
New balls
Great value for new balls
By Don
Plano, TX
January 25, 2019
Great deal for the price
These are a quality ball and you cannot beat the price, especially if on sale. Brand new balls for the price of used!!!! They all have a logo, but who cares for the price. Put them in your basket and wait for one of the free shipping days that RBG offer from time to time.
By Brandon Saville
January 17, 2019
Nice cheap balls
Good balls for the price
Glendale Heights,Illinois
January 17, 2019
Couldn't hit yet, as it's still winter. All look brand new, at a nice discount. Unless you're on the PGA TOUR, you can't go wrong with these.
January 15, 2019
Great golf ball
Purchased the Wilson Staff Duo Mix 3 dozen “ammo” golf balls. Great purchase with a low price and fast shipping.
By Chris
Englewood FL
January 14, 2019
Awesome Price!
I have a tendency to lose a few balls per round. I don't like to buy used so this is a great deal. Balls arrived and they were as advertised.
ProsQuality Price
By Chris
Englewood FL
January 14, 2019
Great Deal for the Price
I have a tendency to lose a few balls per round. I don't like to buy used so this is a great deal. Balls arrived and they were as advertised.
ProsPrice Quality
By 00*rs
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
January 11, 2019
W/S Duo Golf Balls
Super soft, durable, spin is good, I use it to out drive my buddies.
CALEXICO, California
January 10, 2019
Really liked them
Good distance and good back spinon the greens
By zoomer
New Yawk
January 10, 2019
Wilson Duo
Bought 6 dozen. All were Duo Spin. Very nice!
ProsDuo spins at great price
ConsDuo is my favorite ball. No cons here.
By ed papell
naples fl
January 10, 2019
great deal great ball
good distance works well for short game
By Terrence
South West Florida
January 6, 2019
Durable ball
cannot beat the price, ordered 6 dozen, received only the Duo Spin (35 compression), happy with purchase
Prosif i were a scratch or better golfer I could offer something better than.... can't beat the price.
Conswas hoping to receive the Duo Soft
By John Flaherty
December 31, 2018
Wilson Duo Balls
Great Value
By Jim
Virginia Beach, VA
December 31, 2018
Great deal on WS Duo
Bought for a friend as a Christmas gift. He's very satisfied. A good ball for a mid to high handicap player.
By Patrick
Valley, Alabama
December 30, 2018
4 Years and Counting
I have used this ball for the past 4 years. I am a regular buyer of this ball. Price has never been an issue with me. It were a $40.00 a dozen ball I would still buy it. It has a good look that gives me confidence over the ball. Flies great, feels great, rolls great. Wilson makes great products and is my go-to brand for golf.
ProsGreat feel. Confidence booster.
ConsI feel like I am cheating because the ball gives me that much confidence.
By Golfer
Indio, CA
December 29, 2018
Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls
Good value for the price
By Neil
Naples Florida
December 29, 2018
OK no sleeve No what.
Remember you unbox and unsleeve before tossing the balls in the bag pouch. These are the same balls without the fancy wrappers. Great Deal !
ProsGreat price on name brand balls.
ConsNONE !!
By Willy D
Abilene, TX
December 24, 2018
Was Very Skeptical; Won't Go Back
I was very skeptical to buy these balls, and after my first box, I will tell you I'm ordering two more. After playing with VX1s and Chromesofts, this ball is exactly what I'm looking for. Give it a won't be disappointed!
ProsVery Soft; Very Cost effective
ConsUsed to be able to personalize the ammo box.
By Jason
South Webster
December 22, 2018
Duo Great
These balls were in like new condition! Great ball flight and spin around the greens. Still plenty of swings left in these balls
ProsGreat feel Good distance Spin and control is great inside 100 yards
By Pete
selinsgrove, pa.
December 19, 2018
Love the color!
Great visibility, long off the tee.
By Josh
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 18, 2018
Wilson Staff Duo
These are solid balls for the price. I play these on days when things aren't going right and I can afford to lose a few while not playing something that's substandard. This is a great deal.
Proscan't beat the price. play well.
By Dustin
Florence, AL
December 14, 2018
Great buy on awesome balls!
Love these balls! They are soft with great feel which is perfect for cooler weather. Love putting with these trying to stick them on the greens. Got a great deal during Black Friday sales!
ProsGreat feel for putting. Soft low compression for my average swing speed and cooler weather.
By Doug
December 13, 2018
Not as advertised
I ordered the Wilson staff duo mixed ammo box. I order two boxes. There is no mix. Every ball was a duo. There were no duo spins. I really expected at least 1/3 of them to be duo spins. I wonder what the merchant response will be. Probably they are reaching out to me as soon as possible like they always say.
ProsGreat balls. My dad uses duo. I use duo spin.
ConsGreat for my dad. Useless for me.

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