By Timmyp
Sebastian FLt
February 24, 2019
Cold weather gloves
Everybody should keep a pair in their golf bag. Nice comfortable fit. Great for those cold mornings.
By Jory
December 13, 2018
Great gloves for cold weather climates
I wore these in 35-degree weather and my hands stayed warm. These are not winter gloves so don't expect them to keep your hands warm in freezing or below conditions. The fit is perfect and they provide enough feel to be confident when you swing a club. I liked them so much I ordered an extra 3 pair. Rockbottoms price was excellent and they ship fast too.
Proswarm. provide feel and fit well
By Royce
December 9, 2018
Winter golf gloves
Bridgestone Barricold Winter Gloves fit nice and tight and keeps fingers warm. Can still hold and swing golf clubs without any problems. Great buy!
By mick
November 28, 2018
way better than fj
bought these as a trial pair figuring it wouldnt matter if they werent any good since the price was so low. i play all winter in ct & have always bought & worn fj's winter gloves. fj's do work & keep ur hands warm but they are very thick like dress winter gloves so i lose alot of feel when holding & swinging clubs & putter. these bridgestones are much better cuz they are much thinner & allow more feel on my clubs & when putting. these are just as warm as fj's if not moreso. im likin em so much i wish i bought 2 pair in case i cant find em here again on rbg. these are great lookin enough to wear out or drive in. the fj's are now gloves i use to snowblow with!! sorry fj! (not really!)
Prosthin but still warm. great looks
Conswish i'd bought 2 pair
By Jeffrey
Folsom, CA
November 13, 2018
Good quality gloves
Good gloves at a great price
By Donald Rupp Sr.
November 4, 2018
Great Product
Great price
By Jimbo
Indianapolis, IN
November 1, 2018
Winter Gloves
I live in Indiana and the weather has been unseasonably cool. I've already worn them on a couple occasions and found them more comfortable than I expected. Left them both on even when I putted!
By patrick
Carramar, Western Australia
August 12, 2018
Top Gloves
Good Service
By Al
Yonkers, NY
April 21, 2018
Warm gloves
Warm gloves, definitely needed yesterday
By Mickey
February 14, 2018
By Steve
Joliet, IL
February 14, 2018
Good gloves
Very comfortable fit. Does not get in the way of a good swing. And keeps hands pretty warm!

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