By David M.
July 23, 2019
Very nice driver
Love this driver. Replaced my old Cobra Amp driver. Not much difference in distance. Hitting the center of the fairway more often. Able to work the ball a bit better.The Cobra connect app is OK. I really do not like carrying my cell phone in my pocket, so I do not use it much. I rely on my golf GPS device to give me yardage.
ProsNice solid sound Off center hits are still good
By Jeff
Independence, KY
July 22, 2019
Great feel and distance
This driver added 15 yards to my drives, has a great sound, and a great feel. The black face makes it easy to see where contact was made as an added bonus.
ProsLong and straight Great feel and sound Forgiving
ConsDoesn't swing itself
By Jay
Boston, Massachusetts
July 19, 2019
Easily gained 20 yards STRAIGHT with this driver. I spent much time debating between the F8 and F8+, but decided to go with the + in the end. F8 is apparently more forgiving, but I personally think that the F8+ has a better weight system, specifically because it is so similar to the weight system used in the F9. Look at some reviews online! Cobra should NOT be overlooked. Great company that took a lot of time to design this club. Very underrated.
By ruben
MESA, Arizona
July 7, 2019
Love it when I find its sweet spot
Awesome club, love the sound it makes when I really connect. I added a golf Pride tour Wrap jumbo size grip to it and am happy with the outcome. It helped me break 90.
ProsLooks and sounds good at a great price
By James
Victoria, BC, Canada
July 6, 2019
As advertised
Very similar to my Cobra FlyZ +. Hits a bit longer when right on the sweet spot. I am happy with this purchase
By Dustin
Winnemucca, Nevada
July 5, 2019
Had my doubts, King F8+ crushes
Broke an LTD after a few rounds, RBG gave me credit. Bought this to replace and its longer, straighter, and more forgiving. Unreal distance and accuracy. Straight crushing it.
ProsLong, straight, forgiving, quality
ConsNone yet
By Johnny P.
July 4, 2019
F8 Driver
Best Driver I have owned very forgiving and Accurate!!!!
ProsI would highly recommend this driver for the recreational golf it has everything that you need I am trying to find a con for it but I can?t.
Cons None
Long Island
July 3, 2019
Cobra F8 Driver a Keeper
The F8 Driver has a look and feel better than expected. Club ball contact sound is great and I've picked up 10 yards over the Launcher it replaced. Expecting the 3 hybrid any day. Can't beat the price at RBG. Only drawback is I play oversize grips so the built in sensor is out.
ProsA+ look, feel, performance and price.
ConsHad to change grips so the sensor was not a value add.
By Dylan
New York
June 29, 2019
Feels great
I’m not a great golfer by any means but this driver looks sharp and sounds amazing while performing better than any driver I’ve have yet
By steve
June 28, 2019
Long, Straight and Easy to Hit!
I was worried buying the F8+ rather than the F8 driver it would be hard to hit. It is a slightly smaller head and supposedly for a better player. I am an eight handicap and find this incredibly easy to hit. It sets up very neutral and aligns very naturally with the edges that are on the crown. These are supposedly for clubhead speed, but I am doubting they do anything to increase speed. They do however aid in alignment in my opinion. I believe at the sub $200 mark, this is the best bargain club going right now. I have the Rogue, hit the Epic, hit the M5 and the G400. This is the one I bought, and love it. I went with the Aldila NV 2kxv in stiff. It is a great shaft and while firm, doesn't require +100mph clubhead speed to perform. In my mind the best shaft option for mid to low handicap amateurs.
ProsLong, easy to hit and low spin.
ConsNot the newest and tech richest but a great performer.
Covina, California
June 25, 2019
Very Forgiving
The mill face is the key to this club. Love it!!
By Andrew
EUNICE, Louisiana
June 24, 2019
Good Driver
Big upgrade from my old $30 driver. Improved my game alot, but still have much to learn
ProsLight, classy look
By Char
micco, fl
June 24, 2019
great driver
hits straight and long.A good driver, used a Ping G for sometime, wanted to give some other manufacturer a chances, decded an Cobra because of orice, Worked out,
Prosstraight and lonfg
By Rommel
June 23, 2019
Less spin, more control
Switched to the Cobra F8+ (Aldila 2KXV Green 65g stiff flex, set at 9.5 deg) after a session with Trackman showed that my spin rate was way up there with my Mizuno JPX EZ (Fujikura XLR Six, 60g regular shaft, set at 8.5 deg.). Haven't tested this driver on Trackman but based on my range sessions and two rounds of golf, I can say that compared to my old Muzuno, (a) distance-wise, I am carrying the ball more or less the same distance as my old driver; (b) however, out on the fairway, I noticed that I'm getting way more roll, I'd say at least 20 yards more; and (c) my usual misses (wild fades, if not slices) stay on the fairway or, at the very least, stay playable.
Proslow spin, limits if not eliminates slices
Oneida, New York
June 17, 2019
Cobra King F8
Good feel. The CNC milled face does help with off-center hits, keeping the ball flight a little more consistent. One of the few drivers I've played with that I've actually been able to pull (Normally slice). Well worth the money, especially if you can get it on sale.
By Rob
June 17, 2019
Decent, but not great
I think that the feel of this driver is great, but there are several other comparably priced drivers that hit the ball much further and least in my tests.
Proslook, feel
Conslacking distance
By Mike
Vidalia, Louisiana
June 16, 2019
Great Driver
I have had several cobra drivers and I love this one great distance and hit my ball a lot farther.
ProsAwesome look and good hitting drive has helped my game a lot.
By Xander
June 5, 2019
Perfect Driver
Best club I have ever bought
By Erik
Fort Collins, Colorado
May 31, 2019
Best club purchase ever
This driver is awesome! The technology is incredible and added 20+ yards to my drives.
ProsTechnology and cost
By Marv
SF bay area
May 29, 2019
Right out of the box
With the stock shaft, I played this driver the day it arrived. Hit long straight shots that were a little lower then I'm use to. Set the loft up to 10.5 and continued to be very pleased.
By Mark Y.
North Carolina
May 28, 2019
Big Bang for the Buck
SOLID,Great feel and response even on off center hits. Premium shaft (Project X)
ProsLong Straight Pretty
By Thom
Amherst, Ohio
May 28, 2019
My Son loves it
I had to buy my son a driver with a extra stiff shaft before he broke his with a regular flex. He loves it as he continually outdrives me 80 yards.
By Jay
Ponte Vedra Beach FL
May 27, 2019
Great driver
I’ve played 2 rounds with the F8 driver and I’m very happy with it. Very forgiving and more distance than my old Callaway. Rock bottom had a great price and free shipping.
By Russ
North Carolina
May 22, 2019
Great upgrade from the F7
This driver is very forgiving and the ball strike is very solid. I loved my King F7 driver until I upgraded to the F8
By Robert
San Antonio TX
May 22, 2019
Cobra King F-8 Driver
After 5 rounds, I love it. I had been using a Callaway Fusion (2016/17) and hit it well, but the F-8 with the Tensei 50 g shaft is longer and more accurate.
By Eddie
Dothan, AL
May 20, 2019
Great driver!
Extremely pleased with this driver. However, it responds better to hits just above the equator of the face. So, make the proper adjustments to your setup and swing. It looks great, too. Especially in the gray color.
By Paul D.
Lugoff, South Carolina
May 11, 2019
Great upgrade from My F6
Love the F8 driver. More consistent and longer than my F6.
ProsForgiving and long
By John
Beachwood, New Jersey
May 10, 2019
Great club
Recently bought this driver and I’m happy to say I love it.. Forgiving on mishits and a nice ball flight and distance on the sweet spot. The cobra connect is cool but a little bit of a hassle if you only have one cobra connect club. All in all very happy and would recommend
By Marc A.
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
May 7, 2019
Worth every penny !
I love the new driver had a older model cobra 🐍 bio cell much better now.
By Edward
Los Angeles, California
May 6, 2019
Great Driver for a great price!
First time I have upgraded my driver in about 5 years, went with an extra stiff flex shaft and have been consistently striking the ball for improved distance and accuracy.
By Bob E.
Omaha, Ne
May 3, 2019
Cobra Golf- King F8 Driver
This was my first experience with Rock Bottom Golf and it was exceptional!!! I wanted to wait on the review not because of the service but I wanted to try the Driver out first. It is amazing. If you are looking for a game improving Driver I would highly recommend the Cobra F8. It added at least 20 yards over my current Driver and at an incredible price. Thank you very much RBG
ProsLength Price Service
By Bob S.
May 2, 2019
Love this club
I can't say enough about this club. Picked up about 10 yards and hit more fairways than ever before. Even miss hits have good distance. Our season just began and my scores have improved. No more 3 off the tee!
ProsGood distance Forgiving Quality shady
ConsApp for your phone.
By Jackson
April 29, 2019
Awesome Distance, low spin
Been straighter and longer off the tee with this driver. The ball definitely moves less left to right than before, and have hit a lot more fairways.
By Randy G.
Quincy IL
April 28, 2019
Great driver at a great price!
The Cobra F8 is very long and forgiving! Miss hits are not overly penalized and I am able to move the ball both directions. RockBottom had it at a great price!
ProsLong and forgiving
By R
San Antonio, Tx
April 26, 2019
Great Club
Absolutely love this club. Easy to hit and a fantastic sound at contact. Haven’t tinkered with the loft but at 10.5 the ball just seems to launch off the face.
ProsGreat club.
ConsNone yet.
By Jakob
Mason, Ohio
April 25, 2019
Awesome driver
Really good driver, sounds amazing
By Jerry
Ambler, pa
April 18, 2019
Great Club, Great Value
The Cobra F 8 driver is as good as any. I hit 5 or 6 competitive 2019 models on a retail store's tracker, all with similar results as my swing speed is just 78-80. Decided to save $150 and go with the F8 from RBG at their great price for this 2018 model. I'm hitting the F 8 a few yards longer than my Adams Blue a great draw bias club too.
ProsThe arcos tracker is a great feature. After two rounds it suggested the clubhead loft be changed from 10.5 to 10.5 draw. The nardo color looks great and the adjustable weights and loft are helpful.
By Don
Naperville IL
April 18, 2019
Very happy
Love the Cora F8, was on my doorstep very quickly. Will purchase again and tell friends about rock bottom golf
By Jack
April 16, 2019
Superior Service
The purchase went extremely well. The driver arrived sooner the expected. The product received was an expertly packaged Cobra F8 driver, beautiful club. The prices may be rock bottom but the service is at the top of the range!
By Mike B.
East Brunswick, NJ
April 15, 2019
great driver
Love this driver. great distance and the club head is really light
By Doug
Omaha, NE
April 11, 2019
Love my new Cobra Driver
Purchased my new Cobra F8 driver at a great price. Took it out for the first time today and added 25 yards to my drives and didn't hit a single slice. Couldn't ask for a better club to add to my bag.
ProsAdded distance to my drives. Easy to adjust. Looks good at set up.
By Ryan
Richmond, VA
April 5, 2019
I bought the f8+ after trying lots of drivers including the f9. I hit the f8+ as well as any of them and Rock Bottom had a good price. I've played several rounds with it and it's more forgiving and goes a little longer than my previous driver, which was a Cobra Bio Cell +
ProsPrice, adjustability, distance
By Jack
The Villages
April 4, 2019
Nice Club
Great feel and sound off the face, can't say its longer than my previous Driver, But I like it better
By Bill g.
March 26, 2019
Great feel I hit further than ever
By Brian
March 26, 2019
Great Driver
Worked in my game nicely.
Alexandria, MN
March 26, 2019
Steal of a Deal
Wanted the milled face. Could not pass on the great price for a quality club.
By Matt
Weymouth, MA
March 21, 2019
Great price
Love the drive. Especially at this low price
By Daniel
March 19, 2019
Underrated Great Driver
Underrated driver. I cut mine down to the tour length spec of 44.5" and bought the extra weights to make sure the swing weight was still good and this thing bombs. Making the shaft shorter worked for me for accuracy. Would definitely recommend.
By Julian
Thornhill, Ontario
March 15, 2019
Been waiting for this one
Read and heard lots of good things about this driver. Was not disappointed. Great feel, sound and distance. Like it better than my M 2
By Mark
Portage, IN
March 15, 2019
Long and forgiving
Took it to the simulator and found multiple settings that work well for me. Distance is great, but the best feature is that my mis-hits stay in play. Also, the x-stiff hazardous yellow is well balanced.

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