By Mike S.
Great clubs
March 13, 2020
I've always wanted some cobra irons now I have them, not only are they working out for me I got them at a great price. Looking forward to a great season
ProsShipped just like they said they would fast and friendly. Irons where boxed up nice as not to get damaged in shipping.
By Paul
Great Clubs
January 12, 2020
I got these for my daughter and they are great!!
By Jake C.
New Jersey
Cobra F8 One Irons
January 11, 2020
Didn’t take long to adjust to the single length irons. Just a few swings with each club on the rang before my first round with them was enough. I usually hit high trajectory shots but these gave a more penetrating type shot. Definitely worth it.
Pros-Penetrating shots -Easy to get used to full swings -Comes with Arccos ready grips on the clubs and replacement plugs for when you change grips
Cons-I found it tough to work 1/2 shots and chip with the longer wedges.
By Jay
Ponte Vedra Beach FL
Great Irons
December 15, 2019
Easy to hit and more distance.
By Stephen
Aurora, Colorado
Great Feel
December 6, 2019
These irons provide great feel. I upgraded from an older set of cobras and love these. I've been getting 5-10 extra yards per club, so there's a small learning curve. Overall these clubs are great.
By Daniel
New Zealand
November 29, 2019
Awesome clubs
By Job
Columbus ohio
Great clubs and fast shipping
November 26, 2019
The cobra irons are great and delivered so quickly. It doesn’t take long to get use to the one length clubs.
By Daniel
Ontario, Canada
Cobra F8 Irons
November 13, 2019
I received my irons in a timely mealy fashion but I haven’t had the opportunity to use them. I live in Canada sixty miles from Detroit MI. We got one foot of snow yesterday. Need I say more!
By scott
New York
Great set of clubs
September 16, 2019
Very easy to hit. Wedge and 9 iron took a couple rounds to adjust to same length shafts. But overall love this set of clubs.
ConsNone so far.
By Austin
Damascus va
August 29, 2019
These irons are great! The one length shafts has added 15-20 yards on every club! Very nice set of clubs!
By Clayton W.
Tampa Florida
Grip on my cobra F8 are Concerning!
August 17, 2019
My concerns are with the grips that are put up on my F8 cobras. Spending over $700 for the set iron five iron through gap wedge, I went to place the app on my phone for the feedback on the sensors on the golf grips and found out that that would cost another $100 a year, nothing is free. My F8 cobra irons are great good performance weight have graphite shaft in the clubs and they perform perfectly. The concern that I have are with the manufacturers of the grips that are placed upon the cobra FH they need to get reasonable with their costs. If you have to change the grips the cost for the new grips would have to be purchased from one source only.
Cons The grips on the F8 cobras, are very problematic.
By Chalone
Best irons I've ever purchased
August 10, 2019
Bought these iron because my most consistent iron was my 7 iron. Gotta say these irons are complete game changers.
ProsYou always have a consistent swing!!!
ConsNon for me
By Josh
Twentynine Palms
July 27, 2019
I love this gold club
By Shane
Washington, DC
Great Set of Irons! Loving The One Length
July 25, 2019
I bought the F8 One Length irons a few months ago and have played 5-6 rounds with them so far. I absolutely love them. I was coming from an old set of Taylormade r7's and would say I'm averaging 15-20 more yards with the F8 irons. The one length has given me more confidence in my setup and and swing. I will admit it took some adjusting with my shorter irons, but after a few range sessions, i felt comfortable. If you are stuck on going against the "norm" for club length, I say just give these a swing at a local shop. For the price, I dont think you can beat it.
ProsForgiveness Distance One Length for Consistency Great Look Arccos Added
Constime needed to adjust to the one length
By eric
Albertville, Alabama
Cobra F8 One Length
July 23, 2019
After spending time on the range, I have to say I absolutely love the length touch and feel of these irons!
By Matt
Kansas city
Good long irons
July 17, 2019
Long irons are worth the purchase alone. The short irons don't perform quite as well but still acceptable.
ProsLong irons
ConsWedges and 9 iron
Great Clubs with the Arccos
July 15, 2019
Bought the F8's with the Arccos. The arccos system is $249 by itself which makes these clubs a deal. I thought I would have to learn how to hit the one length, but it came together pretty intuitively, and man these clubs are long when you pure them. I hit my 5 iron right around 190, and my longest 5 iron with the F8 set up was 225. That ball was smashed.
ProsArccos system One length
ConsThey get marked up pretty quick
July 13, 2019
By Johnny
Camden SC
Amazing clubs
June 27, 2019
Playing the best golf of my life, I am a 3 handicap and going to be less now, always wanted to try these but was hesitant , then Rock Bottom had a deal on F8s , took a chance and haven't looked back , this is the club of the future, so easy to hit, Cobra has up the game with these.
Covina, California
Very Forgiving
June 25, 2019
easy to hit. nice weight. nice feel.
CAMDEN, South Carolina
Great Clubs
June 20, 2019
Wanted to try these since Tommy Armour came out with these in the 80's. Since Cobra has worked with these for a few years and worked out all the problems with them, I just had to try them. I am a 3 handicapper so I did not want to hurt my game at 73 yrs. old. I was so surprised to see how well I hit these. Very straight and to my surprise I picked up a whole cllub in length I hit the F8 and F9 to compare I could not tell any difference other than looks , I bought a F9 four iron because I couldn't find a F8 to go with my set from Rock Bottom. I shot under par with these secound time playing and didn't miss a green in regulation. After twelve rounds under my belt the worst round was a 78 but that was my putter not working. To each his own I know this is not for everyone but it was for me , replaced my pings and my mizunos , They are on rock bottom for sale in the used clubs and in perfect condition.
ProsEasy to hit just hit the same way every time. My friends on tour ask me what did you hit , I just say a 7 iron but it had a 4 stamped on the bottom, thats how easy they hit.
ConsTakes a little mental adjustment , getting your brain used to not wanting to move the ball forward with the long irons , so I just started telling myself , this is just a 7 iron reguardless of the number.
By Christopher H.
West central Florida
Just what I was looking for
June 12, 2019
I'm a scratch golfer at 61 years old. I am beginning to lose some distance as I age. These irons (replacing TM RSI1) got me the 1/2 club distance I was looking for. The unexpected positive is the off center hits are maintaining the distance as well.
ProsOff center hits are maintaining distance to target
By Roger
Mt.Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador
King F8 Irons
May 29, 2019
Why did I take so long to get new irons??? These F8s are wicked, lots of pop, the ball just screams off the club. I love 'em, excellent clubs!!
Proslots of pop, feel great in the hands
By Rick
Beebe, AR
Cobra one length irons
May 26, 2019
Took some getting use to but I actually have picked up about 30 yards per club. I am very satisfied with this purchase.
ProsOne length makes club placement in stance a breeze!
ConsNothing yet.
By James
These clubs are amazing!
May 25, 2019
These clubs are amazing. I?m a huge fan of Cobra clubs as they are very forgiving. I have swung several different clubs and felt like these are the best clubs on the market and specially for the price on Rock Bottom Golf!
Pros* Cobra Connect * Look Fantastic * Very Forgiving * Great Feel * Good Distance on missed hits
Cons* No Sand Wedge
By Hazen
Warren, MI
Great improvement over the F7 one lengths
April 29, 2019
I really like the f7 OL, but they had their quirks, long irons flew too low, short irons flew too high. But the F8's really took care of those issues. I am a one length player for life now. Looking forward to the F9 version next year when the prices come down a bit. One setup, one swing is not just a marketing gimmick. Trust'em and crush'em I say.
ProsOne setup one swing really works. Great feel and can still work the ball if needed.
ConsShort irons take a while to get used to but not some much a con as it is a warning.
By Lee
Hillman, Michigan
F8 one length irons
April 6, 2019
Good quality, feel great and I am hitting them great.
By Tony
LA GRANGE, Kentucky
As advertised
March 19, 2019
Been golfing for 30 years, not very good after all that time. The idea of one length clubs made sense. My advice is to stay on the range for a while with them. I'm still struggling to get over the mental aspect. I have to keep telling myself I have a 7 iron in my hand. Topping the 5, chunking the GW. The connect function in the grips is cool but (not totally accurate) you have to keep your phone in your pocket which I dont like. Removing a star for the connect function (only a 90 day trial included).
Excellent product
March 1, 2019
This irons set help you to be more accurate to be on the green. This set is easier to hit than my previous one. I like it. I improve my game by at least four shots per 18 holes.
By Chet S.
Columbus, OH
Not sure about the gap wedge
December 14, 2018
I really wanted to go 4 nd 1/2 stars. I'm really happy with this set 5 though PW. Easy to hit, a little difficult to "work" but that's actually what I prefer in an iron set. I will say I'm not sure about the GW. It's designed much more like a "wedge" and a lot less like the rest of the set. My concern is that it's only 49 degrees, which for me means I'm much more likely to hit it for full shots. I think I may have preferred it to look like the PW.
ProsCobra is the best. They actually sent 6 extra "Cobra Connect" sensors with my set, plus a putter sensor. I love Arccos, I love Cobra.
ConsAgain the Gap Wedge is designed like a sand wedge or lob wedge. Normally I hit full shots with my Gap Wedge. I think I would have preferred it to be more like the PW. Others may disagree.
By Dan
New Hampshire
Great deal and even better clubs
November 15, 2018
Hit my clubs for the first time this past Sunday. A real game changer. Anybody thinking about them there the real deal. Worth every penny. And the whole buying process was perfect.
By Paul
Absolutely love these
October 18, 2018
Was very intrigued by the idea of one length irons but having no way to demo them I actually bought a new set of Taylormade M2s this season. After a few months seeing zero progress in my ball striking I decided to go OL route. I've had these for about 6 weeks now and I can tell you my confidence over the ball has never been higher. And I'm strike the ball as good as I ever have. I absolutely love the 5h. Will be adding a 3 or 4 next season. I'm not sure why the one length concept hasn't caught on in a bigger way, but I hope Cobra continues to push this product line because I see it as a total game changer, especially to new players.
ProsSuper easy to hit. One set up, one swing.
By Mark
Very happy with these clubs
October 17, 2018
It does take a couple rounds to get used to them - or a few buckets at the range. But I have never hit a 5 iron so well. Even mishits are decent which was not the case before.
By Roy
Longwood, FL
One irons
September 26, 2018
new clubs with new setup. takes a few rounds to get the feel of one length clubs.
Prosgreat looking clubs.
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Nice product
May 30, 2018
These irons look and feel great and offer ample forgiveness. Easy to work the ball either direction and am hitting more greens than ever. Highly recommend.
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Great looking iron
May 30, 2018
These irons look and feel great and offer ample forgiveness. Easy to work the ball either direction and am hitting more greens than ever. Highly recommend.

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