By Luke
Augusta, GA
Top Tier Wedge
May 13, 2019
Cleveland is still making one of the best wedges on the market and with RockBottom's pricing, they can't be beat. As far as condition rating for an *Open Box* item from RBG - Perfect. It's fun to play with someone new and see them shocked when you're able to bring a Z-Star in low on a pitch and make is stop right where you land it.
ProsLooks Ball Control Quality Control - Always the right specs from the factory
ConsRTX-3 is still using a Cleveland 'wedge flex' shaft stock. The new RTX-4 comes with DG S400 shafts.
By Shaye
Cincinnati Ohio
Awesome wedges at awesome price
April 7, 2019
I’m just the average golfer but with these wedges I am actually learning to play wedges the way they are intended to be used.
By Brian
New Jersey
Nice Wedge
March 8, 2019
Last year's model for 50% off because the box was opened.... I will take it.
By Dean H.
Saint Petersburg, FL
Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Tour Satin Wedge *Open Box* - 52 DEGREE
February 5, 2019
My 52 degree wedge needed replacement, thus procured a Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Tour Satin Wedge *Open Box*. As advertised, like new and performance better than previous club. This is my fourth purchase from Rock Bottom Golf. Satisfied with price, expedient delivery and emails keeping me informed on delivery status. Keep up the GREAT professional attitude and business.
By Bobby
Chicago, IL
Open Box Rocks
November 14, 2018
Wanted a new set of wedges for next season, but wanted to save some money. Saw the Cleveland RTX-3 Open Box at a great price-$70 each. Ordered three wedges to upgrade from the RTX-2 wedges I've played the last two years and was very happy with my decision when I opened the package. All three wedges had the plastic on the heads and two of them still had the plastic on the grips. Brand new clubs for a great price. Can't wait for next season.
Pros"New" wedges for $70 each.
By TY09 H.
Good as Price
November 6, 2018
Good as Price
By Darin M.
Great wedge set and a great price!
October 25, 2018
I just got my first round in with my new Cleveland RTX-3...52,56 and 60 degree...all i can say is that they are great performing wedges! They are the mid launch version ...great trajectory and a nice balanced spin on the can’t go wrong with these the money vs the vokeys...
ProsMid trajectory Nice balance of backspin on greens Great price and value
ConsMaybe a little more oversized vs vokey
By walt
nice wedge
September 4, 2018
This wedge greatly improved my short game. what a game changer for me.
Prosspin, feel, head size,
Conswish it was cheaper
By Tony
Fremont CA
save your money
February 23, 2018
I have been playing Cleveland wedges for over a decade. Without exaggeration, I put about 4.5-6 hours a week into my wedge practice. These wedges are in no way superior to the 2.0's I have been playing with for a few years. A new name and a higher price doesn't make it better. Shame on you Cleveland
Consbuy the older version and save money

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