By Rog
Very Satisfied
December 17, 2020
I have a set of Callaway XR irons and really like the feel, distance and accuracy. So I have a place in Florida that I live 6 months out of the year and decided to purchase the Rogue X irons and I really like everything about the irons. The feel is great and the distance I'm getting out them has surprised me. On the average at least 10 yards per club. You will not go wrong if your looking at a new set of irons. Good luck on the links.
ProsFeel, distance and accuracy
By Mike
Great Price and Delivey
December 16, 2020
Best prices available. Delivery was very quick.
By Tony
Long and easy to hit
December 9, 2020
Played my first round today with my new irons and I couldn't be more pleased. It took about 9 holes to get the distance dialed in. The irons are about 1 1/2 club strong. Awesome set of irons.
By Dennis
Wilmington, DE
Rogue X
November 30, 2020
Quality irons.Took a while to get used to the loft of these irons. Good game improvement irons.
By Tim
Great clubs at a good price
November 1, 2020
Just got my new clubs last week and went right out and played...LOVE THEM. Good irons for the average golfer...very forgiving. The grips are a bit low end though...why??
Pros Good feel, very solid.
ConsLow end grips.
By Andy M.
Denver, CO
October 28, 2020
These go long!
By Barrington B.
Barrington, IL
Added Yardage
October 15, 2020
Getting consistent additional yardage with these irons. Solid club with good bottom weight.
By John
Chicago, Illinois
Good for anyone
October 13, 2020
The rogue x are good irons with forgiveness and also give you a little extra distance in your game.
ProsGood distance and light to swing, very forgiving
ConsA little fat at the club head but once you get used to it it?s fine
By mcglnnjf
Augusta, GA
Rogue Irons
September 16, 2020
Upgraded from a 5 year old Cobra set, sole of club is larger than I felt initially comfortable with but adjusted quickly. Besides a couple of poor bogeys the other day not related to these irons I shot 2 Under 70. Great Irons!
ProsVery forgiving, solid feel.
ConsMental adjustment to stronger lofts but keeps you sharp.
By Blair
Crookston Minnesota
Love these clubs
September 1, 2020
I have been getting more yardage and spin from these clubs. I have noticed that I don’t have to hit the sweet spot every time to get a great hit.
ProsGreat sweet spot and more yardage
Cons None
By Troy
Great set of clubs
September 1, 2020
These clubs are great. Easy to hit and very accurate. I would tell everyone to definitely buys these clubs.
ProsGreat feel
ConsNothing so far
By Robert
These irons are easy to hit
August 28, 2020
I used to have issues with long iron shots. My older 5 iron would barely make it to 170 yards when well hit. The first time I hit the 5 iron Callaway Rogue X, I swung very easy and went 185 yards into a strong wing with a high drawing trajectory. I know the loft of these irons are different than other traditional irons but this was an easy adjustment and the benefit of reaching longer holes easier has improved my overall game and reduced my handicap by a couple of strokes already.
By jeffrey
Great Mills, Maryland
Great set of Irons
August 23, 2020
Wife and Mother bought me this set to upgrade my clubs for my birthday. Used them in a VGA Tournament right out of the box with little warm up. Hit my best round yet and winning my flight. Ball feels great off the club head. Good flex to improve distance and accuracy. Defiantly can’t complain. Now to work in my putting to lower my score even more
ProsGreat balance. Sweet spot and forgiving
By Emmett
New Orleans La
Great Clubs with great value from Rock Bottom golf
August 10, 2020
Played two rounds since getting clubs last week. Hitting the balls with more distance and accuracy. Love these irons. Customer service with fast shipping was great from Rock Bottom golf!
ProsDistance and forgiveness of the clubs!
By Jack
Camarillo, CA
Callaway Rogue X irons
August 7, 2020
LOVE these irons. Easy to hit and longer than my old Callaways. Also best price I could find for new clubs.
ProsQuality and price
By Steve
Woodstock, Va,
Awesome Clubs for Slower Swing Speeds
August 6, 2020
Demo'd these and couldn't believe the distance I was getting with this set. They're playing a club and a half length longer than the Adams graphite clubs they're replacing. They have a great feel and balance to them. I was a little concerned about the stronger loft but the way Callaway has engineered these clubs, I'm still getting a nice high launch angle and pretty good spin rate to keep my approach shots on the green. These clubs are the real deal. After reading all the great reviews, I'm glad I decided to purchase. I would definitely recommend if your looking for an easy to hit forgiving iron with increased distances. Love these Callaways!
By Joshua
Mesa, Arizona
August 5, 2020
Have had a chance to play 3 rounds with the Rogue X. Feel is amazing, distances with the new clubs I am still learning but very hot off the face and very forgiving on mishits.
ProsLooks Feel Distance Forgiveness
ConsGrips are very thin
By Frank
New Mexico
Rogue X
August 5, 2020
higher launch. Longer flight
ProsHitting higher and longer than previous irons.
By Ike
Central IL
Club Lofts are Not Typical
August 3, 2020
Well designed clubs that look and feel great. Only issue is that the lofts for each club are not in the typical range. For ex. a typical PW loft is 44-46 deg - the one in this set is 41 deg, which is normal for a 9 iron. Will add distance to your game but only because the lofts are lower than typical clubs - especially noticeable around the green. Overall a good set but having to adjust your play and club down on most shots is not ideal when picking up a new set.
ProsLook and feel Good value for price
ConsClub lofts are not within the typical range, forcing an adjustment in play
By Bird
St. Charles, Mo.
Love them
July 24, 2020
Im a callaway guy, these rogue x irons are awesome. My miss hits goes almost as far as a good shot. I hit them about 10 yards further than my old irons!
By Dan
New York
July 23, 2020
Great clubs
By Steffen
July 20, 2020
These clubs definitely help with distance. Surprisingly forging. They will instill confidence and make you want to play more.
ProsDistance and forgiveness. Price
By Jeff
Jefferson NC
Work in progress
July 17, 2020
Five stars for Rock Bottom’s service! As promised, I received my order in two days. Two days after receiving my clubs I took them to the range to hit a few. Initial impression was these were the hardest feeling irons I’ve ever hit. After about 50 shots with various clubs I put them away...not impressed at all. In all fairness I still had plans for the clubs. Still need to fit them for me (1* upright) and put my graphite shafts in them. Hoping the harsh feeling was simply the difference between the steel shafts that were in the Rogue X irons and my current Steelfiber graphite shafts. Hopefully these changes will make the difference.
ProsUndetermined so far.
ConsHarsh/hard feeling. Hoping a switch back to graphite will solve that problem.
By Steve C.
Los Angeles
Game Improvement Clubs
June 19, 2020
Gained about one club length in distance with these irons. Irons are easy to hit even with misses of the sweet spot. Prefer the Tayormade shape hybrids with a larger head than the Callaways.
By Rich
North Carolina
New Clubs
May 9, 2020
Great set great price. have used them once they are very forgiving. Looking for ward to many rounds of improved golf. If you are on the fence as I was pull the trigger you won't be disappointed.
By Frank A.
Great clubs at Super price
April 30, 2020
Had great experience once again with the Rock. Found the Rogue senior shafts-great service and response. Got clubs in 2 days. Love em.
ProsTook old clubs in trade. Happy with the value given for the club-applied to newdriver.
By David E.
Good Feel
April 29, 2020
Only used once and I liked everything about the clubs. Looking foward to this year of golf.
By James
North Carolina
Great deal!
April 21, 2020
Only played with them a couple times so far but I've noticed if you make good contact, the ball jumps off the face. A little tougher to get up in the air then the Cobra King OS which is what they replaced.
ProsHot face, distance improvement over old irons
ConsA little tougher to get in the air
By Tim
Best price
April 9, 2020
Love the clubs,haven’t had a chance to get them on a course yet.but have been knocking some balls around The yard and they fell amazing.Thanks.
By Terry
Balaton, MN
Callaway Rocks
April 2, 2020
These clubs have a great look and feel to them just holding them in my hands! I can’t wait to get out to use them!
ProsPrice Looks Quality
By Jon P.
Rogue X’s
March 20, 2020
Love rockbottomgolf. Was a little nervous about the site at first but the clubs delivered in the 2 days they said and looked like they were straight from callaway. Great clubs and great deals!
ProsQuality Delivery Deals
By Beltcreek
great value at rockbottom
March 12, 2020
Timely delivery and equipment was just as advertised.
By Drew H.
Haverhill, MA
November 16, 2019
My previous iron set was Callaway X 20, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. I love these Rogue X’s. I’ve only played two rounds with them so far but they feel great. I really like the weight to them, the feel upon striking the ball, and the forgiveness for not so great contact.
ProsWeight, feel, look, price
By Ted Y.
What The????????
November 15, 2019
Demoed a 7 iron (same shaft) at my local golf store before pulling the trigger on these bad boys and was very pleased with trajectory and distance. My clubs arrived today and was fortunate enough to take them on the course. One word: OMG, ok three words, these irons are freaking awesome! Yes I know Callaway jacked up the lofts and added a ton of technology behind them. One thing’s for sure, I’m an idiot for not buying them sooner! I’m now a huge Callaway fan!
Pros-very easy to hit and forgiving -crazy long distance
Cons-looks like a shovel compared to my old Srixons -thick too line and wide sole -took a few hits on the range to get use to the extra offset. Once dialed in and I got over the look, irons performed perfectly!
By Kent
Houston, Tx
Outstanding bargin
July 1, 2019
Received my new iron set as scheduled with no problem. Irons wrapped plastic covering. Price was 20% below the quote from my clubs Pro Shop. Top quality and low price with great customer service what more can one hope for
ProsLow cost Top quality Great customer service Quick delivery
ConsNon that iv found
By Don
Houston, TX
Rogue X Irons Graphite - Senior Flex
June 26, 2019
Visited a local golf outlet to demo Callaway's Rogue X Irons vs. Apex. The Rogue irons were more forgiving and had a larger sweet spot. Previous irons were always regular flex and steel shafts. Outlet Pro suggested I try senior flex graphite shafts. Wow what a difference. Have gained at least one club in distance. Glad I made the change.
By danpt1up
June 19, 2019
Great set of irons for an older guy looking to regain some distance. Easy to hit, and nice feel from the KBS 90 max shafts
Conscould look bulky
By David
Enjoying my new irons!
May 2, 2019
Great service, great price and I am enjoying my new Callaway Rogue X irons.
ProsGreat service and Price from Rock Bottom!
By Austin T.
Great irons
May 1, 2019
Just got my irons played a few weeks of new league and I can get enough of it, so smooth a little bit heavier heads but being 6'5" the maximize my long swing
By Steve
April 30, 2019
I’ve played with the new clubs and got so much more distance.
By William
Mendenhall, MS
September 21, 2018
The clubs are great but the grips are too small
ProsThe ball is going lower and further, just what I wanted
ConsCallaway puts some cheap grips on these clubs,I have small hands and the grips are small for me
By Ed
Outstanding purchase
June 16, 2018
I have played 2 rounds with them and they definitely added 5 to 10 yards of distance for each club. Easy to make contact and forgiving
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Nice product
May 30, 2018
These irons look and feel great and offer ample forgiveness. Easy to work the ball either direction and am hitting more greens than ever. Highly recommend.
By Sport
Rock Hill, SC
Found a Winner!
May 30, 2018
My iron play had gradually eroded and had tried several other game improvement iron sets with no consistent improvement. I tried these at a demo day with my first senior shaft option. Got the height and carry I was looking for. I have played 2 rounds since receiving them, which has produced 5 birdies. Getting closer to the pins.
ProsGood height and carry with exceptional feel.
ConsLofts are strong and created a gap in pitching wedge and gap wedge. Had to add a wedge.

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