By Nicholas
El Paso, Texas
Best bang for your buck putter
June 6, 2022
Feels like putters 3 times it's cost...great for a beginner and learning
By JohnnyFun
Southern California
Fraction of the cost of a TM Spyder
March 31, 2022
Bought this for someone looking for a TaylorMade Spyder style putter. Worked out great! Love the color options.
  • Price, quality, color options
By mike
Marble Falls, Texas
March 4, 2022
Has good feel and balance. Gives added confidence when standing over a putt. Has a heavy feel but balanced.
  • Instills confidence
  • added clear coat to protect from chipping.
By RickB
Sarasota, FL
2nd Ray Cook SR550 Putter
January 30, 2022
This is the second Ray Cook SR550 putter I bought from RockBottomGolf. I liked the first one so much, I got another. I use one in the house for putting practice and the other on the golf course. These putters have Great feel and weight and have helped improve my golf game. Thanks
By Bill
Panama City Beach, FL
Well-balanced putter
January 24, 2022
This is my first new putter in years. The putter is well-balanced and the perfect weight for my stroke. Had to dock 1 star for the amount of effort (2 hours) it took to remove the bar code label and the country of origin label. Took a lot of Goo-Gone and a lot of fingernail work. This is a very nice putter for any level of player.
  • Traditional blade style, well-balanced, nice comfy grip. Love the red color too.
  • Label removal.
By Linda
Bradenton FL.
Well balanced putter
January 21, 2022
Nice grip and ball rolls smoothly off the face.
  • Face is soft for smooth ball release
  • Putter paint chips easily. No need to paint a putter.
By Chris
North Carolina
Great putter
December 29, 2021
Gave this as a Christmas gift to a beginner golfer and they really liked it. Good weight and balance.
By Chris
North Carolina
Value putter
December 29, 2021
Gave this as a Christmas gift to my daughter who is a 12 handicap and she loves it.
By Lester
Vero beach florida
It's a putter that works
December 27, 2021
Needed a putter to go in my vacation golf bag and this fit the bill.
  • Decent feel
  • Great price
  • Paint flakes
By Douglas
Great putter
December 12, 2021
This is my favorite putter and it has helped me improve my putting. I don’t think you get find a better putter for twice the money.
  • Balance, grip, head cover, price
  • Paint finish is easy to chip so I spray it with clear coat before using.
By Aks
Good buy
December 10, 2021
It's a cheaper version of double ball putter... Not as one wud expect for a low handicap player...however it is decent enough for mid handicap players....I took a day or 2 to get accustomed to it...but a GOOD ENOUGH PUTTER...
  • Good feel and easy alignment
  • Putter head cud be a bit heavy
By Golfer S.
Northeastern Alberta
Love, love, love this club!!!
October 12, 2021
Super nice club! I use it as often as possible to reduce my crappy shots with wedges! Takes a little getting used to, its pretty heavy, but with some practice, it will be my go-to!
By Louman
Won’t go back to blade putter
August 31, 2021
This feels so nice and weight balance while putting makes a big difference. Love my new putter
  • Weight balance is very nice.
By David
Miami, Florida
The Club Is Starting A Club
July 9, 2021
Two more members of our Silver-Haired Tuesday/Thursday Group have joined The Silver Ray Chipper Club. Now the 60 degree and Mickelson-like 64 degree wedges come out of the bag only to try to get out of the sand.
  • A well-made golf club. From the tip of its comfortable grip down to the clubhead that sits squarely on the fringe, The Silver Ray makes you know you have the right club for the shot at hand.
  • None to mention.
By David
Miami, Florida
Practice Paying Off
July 9, 2021
Been practicing with this club for the past three weeks. Find that using one club to chip with is making me far more consistent. Good, solid club.
  • Handsome design. The face of the chipper is crisp-looking. Clubhead's dark finish seems to eliminate glare. Most importantly, its ease of alignment and ample flange lessens the chance of the all-too-often muff that turns the round in the wrong direction.
  • Some of the guys who've hit a dozen or so chips with it say it's "heavy".
By Bgrif33
Erie pa
Putter Power
July 3, 2021
Nice weight and feel. Rolls true.
  • Good eye appeal.
  • Price increase
By Tim C.
Burke, VA
Deadly accurate. Great feel.
June 9, 2021
I bought three printers last Winter, One used Scotty Cameron, one New Odyssey and two Ray Cook putters. Practiced putting with all during the Winter but started consistently putting better with the Silver Ray SR400. Not crazy about the ping sound it makes but the putts drop. The alignment works. Kick in pars from everywhere. The feel is superior. Sold the Odyssey on ebay, gave the other Ray Cook model away to my son. This is my all time favorite putter.
  • Great feel, great alignment aid.
  • Not crazy about the ping sound it makes.
By Tom
Mid Michigan
You get what you paid for
May 23, 2021
I purchased the green version just because green golf clubs make me smile. It only comes in 35" length so don't bother if that's not for you. Doesn't feel good if you choke down on it. Nice grip and head cover. Paint job good indicator of $ spent. Would be 10 times better with any kind of insert. Looks good at address though and has good alignment visuals.
  • Grip
  • Head Cover
  • Looks
  • Feel is a bit harsh
  • One length might not fit well
By lee
hamilton, NZ
May 20, 2021
By Steven K.
columbus ohio
good looks
May 18, 2021
By Don E.
Charlotte, NC
Sinking putts !
April 26, 2021
Great feel, balance is perfect in your hands. Alignment is easy and effective.
  • Feel, looks, performance !
  • None
By rob
Hilton, NY
Surprisingly Good
April 16, 2021
Bought this for my buddy for his birthday. This putter has really good weight and balance to it. I have a spider but this ranks up there in comparison to that. My only worry is the paint holding up but for a good putter at this price it not an issue. Definitely worth a try before you go to an expensive one.
  • Balanced
  • Good Weight
  • None
By Steve
New Jersey
Great Putter
April 13, 2021
Had it out for the first time last week. Good feel, easy to align putt. Great price and quick delivery from RB.
By Barney
Milwaukee, Wi
Terrific putter
April 9, 2021
Terrific putter. I really like the face balance. I’m a pretty decent putter already but this helped me be just a little bit better. Only drawback is after a few months of use I noticed a slight movement in the head. Repair shop says they can’t repair it.
  • Love the look, the color and the fact that it?s face balanced. Even like the putter grip.
  • After three months of playing the head is loose
By Patrick
Amazing Putter
March 28, 2021
A great upgrade from what I had. Better control and straighter shots.
  • Well balanced.
  • None
By Shane
Rincon, Georgia
Doesn't feel good
March 26, 2021
I bought the yellow version of this same club (can't seem to find the listing with the yellow club on here) and I've been super disappointed in it. I actually swapped it back out with my warped tour edge putter that I've had for 7 years. I really ended up just giving this away. I really liked the design, weight and grip, but it was not the putter for me.
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Grip
  • Paint chipped on second putt
  • Ball comes off differently with each stroke, feel like the sweet spot is a little too "sweet" leaving no forgiveness if you were to mistrike it
By Tim H.
Pleasant Prairie wi
ray cook putter
March 20, 2021
don't waste your money... terrible
  • nothing
  • grip, and club were not very well made. very cheap....
By John G.
Great putter
March 18, 2021
Although I wasn't excited about the color, the putter is fantastic great grip great alignment I'm making more putts.
  • Great balance great grip great alignment
  • Color
By Bill S.
South Carolina
Ray Cook Putter
March 18, 2021
I’ve had a few Ray Cook putters, which have worked well. I decided to go with a mallet style and the results are the same. Great feel and roll at a great price.
  • None
Ontario Canada
Solid - Accurate.
March 13, 2021
Putter is solid. Rolls the ball awesome. Face balanced and perfect weight.
  • Price and quality.
  • None!
By Scott
Cohutta, Ga.
Great Taylormade copy
March 12, 2021
I like this putter. It rolls the ball great.
  • Nice look and feel.
  • Only as good as the one doing the putting.
By Bobby C.
Parkland, Florida
Excellent Putter
March 11, 2021
Have played over 1 year using the RayCook SR800 and will continue! Excellent feel, sound & results. Switched from rhe RC blade. Great decision. Beautiful club.
  • Everything.
  • Slight paint chipping.
By vernest p.
great putter
March 9, 2021
changed from a blade putter to this one it is more forgiving and more weight o the back end if you miss putt a lot with a blade putter i would look at this putter to replace the blade putter
By Nick
New Jersey
Great feel
March 4, 2021
Just received it the other day, used it indoors on the putting mat. Feels great and looks great. Oversize grip has great feel. Well balanced club. Looking forward to taking it out on the course once the snow is melted.
  • Grip, Weight
  • None
By Brent
South Georgia
THIS is the one you want!
February 25, 2021
Save yourself a LOT of money!! This putter does all that the expensive ones do, at about a 4th of the price!! Do NOT hesitate!!
By Harry
Amsterdam, NY
Great putter.
February 19, 2021
The feel of this putter is great. Even on off center hits. The alignment aids are the best I have seen.
By Tom
Huntington Beach, CA
Incredible Value
February 13, 2021
You can hardly buy a mallet head cover for the price of this putter. Great balance, alignment & roll. Pleasing to the eye at setup & a nice grip with great feel. Putters are a very personal choice but this one’s worth every penny.
By John
Ray Cook putter
February 11, 2021
Have not used on the course yet. Foot of snow. Love the feel and the head weight Easy to line up putt Hands forward design. Comes with head cover
  • Easy to align
  • Feel and weight
  • oversized grip
  • none
broomall, Pennsylvania
ray cook putter
February 11, 2021
good quality; good club
By Anonymous
Great putter
February 10, 2021
The putter works great, good feel and control. The technology is great and for the average golfer this is a worth while putter
  • Good feel
  • Control
By Scott K.
Nice putter
February 9, 2021
This putter is evenly weighted, swings good. I only gave 4 stars because i haven't used it on the course yet. Too much snow on the ground. But I am looking forward to using it. Thanks for the great price Rock Bottom golf.
By Dave
Great feel
February 9, 2021
Balance is perfect and it feels nice but unable to put it into play due to the amount of snow on the ground right now. Eagerly awaiting my first use of it when spring arrives.
By Eric
Ray Cook Silver Ray Select SR550 Putter is Amazing but Paint is not
January 26, 2021
I originally bought the SR 550 well over a year ago. The putter is absolutely amazing and rivals the TaylorMade Spider at 1/6th of the price. I think it actually even rolls a litter better. However, the paint is going to chip. Everywhere. On the back weights, on the top, on the face. It doesn't matter if you use the stock putter cover or a custom one. Nothing is going to protect the paint from chipping. So I bought a 2nd one recently because the putter is THAT GOOD. I'm willing to pay $50 every two years for a putter that performs this well, despite the paint issues.
  • Everything but the Paint
  • The Paint!
By Doug
Great value!
January 26, 2021
This putter has great balance and is easy to align your putts with the two ball line.
  • Great feel and appearance. Love the midsize grip and head cover.
  • Paint finish will chip easy. I sprayed clear coat on mine for better durability.
By Laird
Garner, NC
Can't see any reason to pay $200 for a putter. Nobody could tell this one costs so much less.
January 12, 2021
I've been using a Ray Cook center shafted mallet putter for a long time. I finally broke down and ordered a new one....only because the old one was chipped so badly I had been painting it for a year or so and got tired of doing that. I've only used this new one for one round and putted as well as ever. I liked the feature in the old one that let me put the club over the ball and pick it up. This one works, too, but not quite as well. Maybe it will when I get on to it.
By Andrew L.
Severn, Maryland
Great value for the money
January 2, 2021
The putter provides a great site line and the ball jumps off the face with a quickness that promotes confidence, I would never pay the price of the big name putter makers after using the Ray Cook Silver Ray.
  • I only wish U could have acquired the putter in a 33" length instead of the 34" which was available at the time of purchase.
By Jason N.
Great Value
December 21, 2020
Product as advertised. Great Value for this price.
  • Balanced and the weight of the putter feels right in my hand...
love the look
December 12, 2020
By William
West Salem, Wisconsin
December 9, 2020
nice feel good balance live in Wisconsin so I haven't tried it yet
By Chuck
Midlothian VA
Ray Cook Silver Ray putter
December 1, 2020
I wanted to try a mallet putter but was reluctant to spend $300 on an experiment. This putter is very good and sets up nicely. It's a little heavier than the Scottie Cameron and Bulls Eye I have used in the past but with a little practice distance control is improving. It's staying in the bag and I see no need to buy the Taylor Made I was considering.

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