By Greg
Surprisingly Solid
July 20, 2018
Wasn't sure what I was going to get, but I am definitely pleasantly surprised how solid the putter feels. I really love the grip as well as the alignment aid.
By tim
nice putter
July 15, 2018
nice putter and great price
  • great grip and easy align
By Gary
Chatfield, Minnesota
Like it
July 5, 2018
I have played Ray Cook centershaft putters for years.
By Mags
Auckland New Zealand
Ray Cook putter
June 15, 2018
Great putter, have used it once for a full round best one lve ever had.
  • Easy to lineup for solid putts
  • None
By Master D.
Silver Ray SR400.
June 9, 2018
Great Putter, really holds the line
  • None
By Geoff
New Zealand
Nice balance, Thick grip
June 8, 2018
Still a work in progress but very impressed so far, and great value
By rich w.
worth the money
April 21, 2018
makes a ping sound when hit
  • good putter for the money
  • makes ping sound
By Claude
fort lauderdale
Ray Cook Silver Ray SR800 Putter
March 24, 2018
When my friends I play golf with saw my putter, 2 of them have ordered this putter from your site. Yesterday another golfer in our group tried mine and wants to buy from your site.
alexandria la
love it real nice
March 14, 2018
putts well with it
By John S.
SF Bay Area, CA.
March 6, 2018
I figured for $40, who could go wrong. Got my new putter, proceeded to make 13 straight, 7' putts on a practice putting green. Excellent feel. Great weight and balance. Nice grip. I can't wait to take it out for a round.
By Rich
What a value
February 27, 2018
I have used this great putter and it is fabulous. My wife used it one time and then I had to get one for her. She loves hers also . I am so glad I found a great putter without the $$$ cost of name brands.
  • Saved hundreds
  • None
By Domozych
So. Cal
It works
February 14, 2018
I recovered many of the strokes I had lost
By Ethan
Western Massachusetts
Unmatched value
August 18, 2017
This is a great putter and is even better at the price! I find it very accurate and the speed control came natural with it.
  • Value
  • Style
  • Speed control
  • Accuracy
  • Produces a great ball roll
  • The sound it makes is a little funny but it hits great!
By JeffS
South Georgia
Awesome putter
August 9, 2017
Polar delivered on time and in awesome condition
By Glenn
St. Cloud, Minnesota
Quality putter at a realistic price!
August 8, 2017
Do major manufacturers really think a putter is worth $299 or more? That's ridiculous!! Here is a quality made putter in construction, and how it feels in your hands for a terrific price. I'm very happy with my purchase!
  • I like a heavy feeling putter with weight on the outside ends of the face. This putter fits that design very well, and feels good when striking the ball. The look and feel of this putter is a quality one, even down to the head cover.
  • None.
By Rich J.
Falconer, New York
Great club at an outstanding value
July 15, 2017
This putter has helped me cut 10-15 strokes off of my game!
By Martin
Big Lake, TX
Solid putter
July 14, 2017
I really like this putter
By Cindi H.
Great Club
July 12, 2017
I bought this for my husband and he loves it. I have also used it and wish that I would have bought this one, but am happy with mine as well.
  • Everything. Weight, balance, grip
By Gene W.
Rochester ,NY.
Can't Beat it for the Price
May 14, 2017
It took a little while to work up a feel for this putter especially getting over the "TING" sound, but the more I used it the more I liked it. The oversized grip is a nice feature
By minsang y.
Tempe, AZ
A putter that looks so ordinary
May 13, 2017
It's a putter that looks so ordinary. It is better to buy a limited edition green putter for $ 5 more.
San Antonio,Texas
April 26, 2017
Better than I expected
By Larry
Nice feel to it.
April 25, 2017
Great price, feels good in my hands.
By Art
Leland, NC
Great value
April 22, 2017
Nice putter for the price.
By Jason
Not impressed
April 13, 2017
Only used the putter for 1 round, and I have to say I am not impressed. First, it makes a very weird sound if you mishit the putt any little bit. I also feel I have to put in much more power to my putts to get the ball to move compared to my previous putter. Not impressed with the putter and also disappointed in the customer service. I am not able to return the putter so now I am stuck with a very sub par quality putter.
  • Looks nice
  • Makes a weird noise when hitting the ball
  • Have to hit the ball hard for it to move
By Jackson
San Francisco Bay Area
Ray Cook Silver Ray SR800
April 9, 2017
One of the best putters I've tried, well balanced and great lines. I'm selling my Odyssey putter and putting this one in the bag, thanks Rock Bottom you're the best!
  • Great putter!
  • None, get one before they are gone.
By Larry
Hawkins, TX
Glad I bought this one
March 28, 2017
One of my friends bought the expencive version of this style putter. I tried his on the practice green but just could not see putting another $200+ club in my "well that didn't work bucket". So I finally tried this version and I am very glad I did. The first put on the course was an 8' birdie. My friend tried mine and thought it was very compareable to his. I love this putter.
  • Good Balance, Easy to swing down your line, Solid feel.
  • No lip to pick your ball up without bending over.
By michael
brilliant putter
March 22, 2017
love this putter ,
  • easy to use , accurate , good feel , grip is great for those suffering arthritis
  • none
By Midwest p.
Cold weather area
Good balanced putter
March 18, 2017
Good balance, looks good from top with a clean line, a little lighter than most. Recommend it for the price anytime.
By Mike (.
Buffalo, NY
Great surprise
March 18, 2017
Love my new Ray Cook- Silver Ray SR500 Putter. Has great feel. Is face balanced, and looks like the new TM Spider. Mine $40, TM Spider $300. The only thing, I changed the grip to a Super Stroke. Much better. I hope the paint doesn't chip like some reviewers said theirs did. Also it has a terrific head cover.
  • Great all around putter. Excellent value.
  • Not the best grip.
By George H.
Savannah, GA
Ray Cook Putter-Love it
March 16, 2017
This putter is fabulous, a clone of the Taylor Made Spyder, well balanced and works like a charm. Only adjustment was an increase in length cuz I am tall.
  • None
By John
Fairfield Bay, AR
Nice balance and feel!
March 14, 2017
Putter looks good and has a great feel. The visual alignment line on top is extremely helpful and not overbearing!
  • Putter has a great sound and feel when it strikes the ball!
  • The price was unbelievable!
By Midwest p.
Good balanced putter
March 12, 2017
Nice balance, a little light, but all composite plastic, a very good buy for the price
By grantdws
Great on Short putts
March 11, 2017
I like the feel on short putts. It is easy to line up and then all you do is stroke it.
By Byron
orlando, Florida
Great Value
March 11, 2017
I couldn't be happier with the performance of this putter.
  • Price
  • Performance
  • Includes cover
  • None yet
By Tom B.
Bought a Red SilverRay 500 for brother
March 10, 2017
Took it out of box and was stunned! Great workmanship, WHY would anyone buy 250.00 Taylormade.
By Clifford
Meridian, Ms
very satisfied
February 22, 2017
Have played five rounds with new putter and I love it. Well made and balanced perfectly. Glad I purchased it.
  • none
By Jerry
Great style, solid lines
February 21, 2017
This putter is similar to the popular spider design, and has great balance and feel.
  • Balance, solid feel, good lines
By Paul B.
Punta Gorda, Florida
Great Putter
February 17, 2017
Really well balanced, nice weight ...... not the putter's fault when I miss.
By Bob
Great putter.
February 14, 2017
Again great putter. Worth the money.
  • Great putter
  • None
By Mike
Georgetown, Ky
Finally found the right one!!!!
October 26, 2016
Only had it for a short time but it's the real deal! The ball rolls great off the face and it's super easy to line up. I did change the grip upon receiving the putter because I like a bigger grip, still glad I made the purchase......
By Lou
Danbury, CT
Really like this putter..... but what's with the paint chipping?
September 18, 2016
This is probably the best weighted and balanced putter I have ever had..... and I have had many searching for the "right one". I had just bought a Ping putter at the beginning of the season, but it will be relegated to backup duty. The one thing that drives me crazy about the SR600 putter, however, is that the paint chips off very easily. I am very careful with my equipment and there is no reason why the paint should be chipping like it is. That being said, I will sacrifice the cosmetics for the performance.
  • Best overall balance of any putter I have used.
  • Paint chips off very easily.
By Donnie s.
August 31, 2016
Great putter,feels good looks good a lot of comments on it
  • Great feel when ball comes off of it
  • None
By Gary
Wheaton Minnesota
eagle putt
August 30, 2016
First round I used Silver Ray I sunk a 25 foot eagle putt. It seems to get the ball rolling really well.
Ray Cook
August 13, 2016
This is a fairly easy putter. I have only played two rounds with it but it works. it has highlights from yes on the face and has been mistaken for a taylormade and an odessey.
  • good looks great grip easy to line up
  • none
By Bill
Stockton, CA
Great Look & Feel
August 8, 2016
I've been using a White Hot 2 ball putter for several years. While I like it, I decided to change things up a little and try this Ray Cook Putter. I've got to say that I'm really happy that I did. The look and feel of the putter is really comfortable and alignment is a snap. You get a satisfying little ping when you stroke your putt and the ball rolls true. I highly recommend this putter and must say it's as good or better than putters costing hundreds of dollars.
  • Look, feel, alignment and price!
  • none noticed
By Mike
Minneapolis mn
Great putter
July 31, 2016
This putter has a good feel and has helped with my putting.
By R W.
Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR400 Putter
July 29, 2016
1. This is the first "MALLET" style putter I've ever tried. I've always played/used a "Blade" putter, but thought I'd try this Ray Cook Mallet style one, especially at the very nice price of only 40.00 dollars. I will say, it is a very sharp/good looking putter. 2. I (personally) could not get used to this style of putter, especially after using a blade style putter for 15 years. 3. For me--the head seems/is so much bigger (and seemed bulky) compared to my blade style putter, and from my experience, having to adjust my swing, which needs to be much less than with a lighter weight blade putter, I knew right away that it was NOT a good fit for "me". I found myself missing even short putts I would have made using my blade putter. 4. I'm not saying it's a bad putter, I'm just saying the Mallet style putter is just not for me. I bought it due to the rave reviews and the low low price. I also watched some videos on Mallet vs. Blade style putters and how they are suppose to work due to your swing. A Mallet is meant to be swung straight back and straight through. A blade putter is meant to be swung with a slight arc in your swing. Honestly, I swing my blade putter straight back and straight through, and this has always worked for me, aside from what the videos say. 5. I recently got back on RBG's website and ordered the Ray Cook SR700 Blade putter @ a low price of 39.99. I have not rec'd it as of writing this review, but I'm sure it will work better for "me", and will review it once I have rec'd it and played with it. 6. I think it comes down to personal preference, and what you are used to. If you are used to a Mallet style putter and don't want to spend a fortune, this SR400 could be the club for you, especially at the low price through RBG. 7. One last thing---I did notice, and could not get used to either, is that when I sat it on the green (shaft straight up and down) to putt, it had a "SLIGHT" angle to the head. I would describe it as a back slash on your computer keyboard---( \ )---this of course is an exaggerated view, but none the less it was not perfectly straight like my blade putter is, and what I used to seeing when putting. 8. Oh was only 40.00 dollars and maybe I'll keep trying it and maybe find I do like it. But for now, I'm going to stay with the blade style putter. 9. I gave it 5 stars because I do think for a person who likes a Mallet putter--It's Very Sharp Looking & Is priced Low.
  • Low Price-Very Sharp Looking Putter
  • For "me"--not used to such a large headed putter, and head angle issue.
By Jerry
Great value, great performance
July 13, 2016
puts a solid stroke on the ball, easy to line up. great blade type putter
By Jerry S.
Great balance, great looking
July 13, 2016
Having looked at dozens of putters in golf stores, I can't understand why so many, even major brands, are assembled poorly. grips and shafts are not lined correctly with the putter striking face. But this putter is excellent, great feel and accurate lines.
  • Fantastic value and sharp looking
By Corey
Shiloh, Illinois
Ray Cook putter
June 28, 2016
Great putter!!!

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