By Mike
March 18, 2020
The Ray Cook Gyro limited edition USA putter looks as good as it feels. The ballance is excellent! Picking it up, the face almost auto-aligns and the weight makes it swing smooth like a pendulum. Give your old Wilson blade putter to charity and grab one of these fast. You won't regret it!
ProsFeel Looks Ballance Cover included Price
ConsCommies will hate it
By Mark
Rockland County NY
March 12, 2020
New to the game and this putter was a great starter for me and at a great price. Just started using it. Feels good in the hands and has a good weight to it. Balanced.
ProsPrice Appears solid
By Richard W.
ray cook putter
March 3, 2020
Really enjoying the new putter, let other people try it and got a good feed back. Glad I made this purchase.
February 6, 2020
Sharp appearance - Feels good in Hands - Strikes ball well -
ProsWeight and Length as advertised Very Balanced Good grip
ConsNone at this time
By Mike M.
Great look and Feel
February 1, 2020
Rolls the ball well with good forgiveness
By Jeff
Birmingham, Alabama
Best putter value and performance available
January 29, 2020
This is a great putter for the price. It performs like a high to middle tier putter at a fraction of the cost. I went from 3 and 2 putting, to 2 and 1 putting. I’ve sank more 15 foot plus putts in the last three weeks (since I got the Ray Cook Gyro) than I had in the last year.
By Mike G.
Just as good as the expensive brands
December 11, 2019
The balance of this putter is exceptional.
ProsMilled face
By Jeff
Nice Putter Great Price
October 9, 2019
Sets up well, weight is good and I like the grip
By Eduardo
El Paso, Texas
Sweet Putter
September 11, 2019
The Ray Cook Gyro Limited Edition putter is the real deal folks! Great look, feel and balance. Love the sound of the ball as it comes off the face. I have used several putters throughout my golf life most recently and oddesy putter. This putter handles much better for me and is a great value for the price at RBG! Keep the good pricing RBG. I will be a regular customer.
ProsLook, Feel, Balance, excellent price.
By Mark
Nice putter!
August 30, 2019
I’ve played 3 rounds with my new Gyro Limited Edition putter and happy with the balance and easy alignment. My putts seem to be more consistent and I’m growing in confidence. I used a gift certificate from my son + 5$ shipping from Rock Bottom!! Doesn’t get better than that!
ProsWeight /balance and alignment aids. The length is right for me.
ConsThe paint chips. Good thing it came with head cover.
By David
Vassar, MI
Great Putter!
August 28, 2019
I have used and owned a lot of putters but this is the best one I have ever used. I love it and guard it jealously!
By Jim M.
Austin Texas
August 23, 2019
By Doug
Plano, Il
Ray Cook putter
August 21, 2019
All the putter you’ll ever need.
ProsGreat site lines and confident feel
By Curtis M.
Rhode Island
Weighted Head
August 16, 2019
I don't know why it took me so long to switch to a weighted head. This putter is extremely well balanced, and is so easy to line up putts with. Very great price and nothing but positive things to say about it.
Ray cook putter
August 1, 2019
Love this putter I have two forest white hits putters and I leave them at home I've made probably 30one putts with this Day Cook alignment is very easy ball feels good coming off of club face took no time adjust and the price was fantastic
ProsEasy alignment nice feel
ConsNone yet
By Tim
Oroville, WA
YES Ray Cook
July 17, 2019
lines up really good. Nice weight
Prossits flat
Consno 3 putts
By Stephen
San Diego, CA
great putter
July 12, 2019
Great weight and feel with great touch on long putts.
By Ron D.
Canonsburg, PA
Golf prizes
July 10, 2019
Great putter for price.
By Mike O.
Pittsburgh Pa
July 9, 2019
Ball sounds great coming off this putter!! first time I used it I made a 20ft putt for birdie!! I’m a beginner and this putter gives me a lot more confidence making putts!
ProsRecommend it!
By Pat
Great putter
July 9, 2019
Well balanced and very comfortable!!
By Anthony
Great low cost putter!
July 5, 2019
This putter is awesome! I have an off the shelf Ram set and this putter is a huge upgrade. Immediately feels more balanced and comfortable with a larger grip. I have more distance control and accuracy right off the bat. I had my other putter for years and never sank the long distance putts I've made with this club. All with very little practice or experience with using this putter. Save money and buy this without looking back.
ProsImmediate improvement to putting game.
ConsNo cons.
By Ray
Alabaster, Alabama
Ray Cook Gyro Putter
June 28, 2019
I have recently resurrected my dusty clubs and started playing again. I’m having a ball and playing regularly . First thing I noticed was how badly I was putting. Decided to try this putter and I was astounded by the improvement In my putting. So much easier to line up putts and it has a great, solid feel to it. Thanks RB for a great club!
ProsGood looking club with great feel and balance. Great price too.
ConsStill won?t be enough to help me make the tour this year. Hah!
By Roy B.
Fantastic Putter
June 26, 2019
Just received super fast shipping. Have been a ping guy for years. Got this putter at clearance price. Performs as well as my ping maybe better. Great weight and balance. Give it a try at this price.
ProsI have always been a streaky putter. I believe the overall design of this putter will make me much more consistent.
By Brian
June 26, 2019
Great for the price
By Ron
Great putter
June 8, 2019
Great weight and was able to get used to it quickly after only a few holes played. Looks great also with the cover. Excellent value.
ProsWeight, style, grip, headcover nice, guide lines easily visible
By David G.
New Market Tennessee
Gyro Putter
June 4, 2019
Great putter, looks great and putts super.
ProsClean looking
By larry
good putter for the price
May 28, 2019
pretty easy to line up
By Ken
Great deal
May 3, 2019
Very visually appealing club. I like the wide alingment guide on the top of the putter, it's pointed out my issues with my consistent misses to the left with my old putter. I was positive I was lined up correctly but then I would look back at this alignment guide and realize I was pointing left. Will truly help save a few strokes.
ProsThe look of the putter and the feel of the ball coming off the face, very sharp.
ConsI have been hitting the rear of the putter on the green before striking the ball. After a lifetime of using blade putters it's my issue, I need to adapt.
By Mark
Great deal
March 25, 2019
How can you beat the price. If you thought you wanted to try a different putter here is your chance.
By Abe t.
Great putter
March 21, 2019
This my 2nd ray cook putter.well balanced .great price
I bought this putter for my son, but my dad already tried to stick it in his bag
March 15, 2019
It was for my son, but my dad looked it over and decided it was pretty nice and he wanted one, so I expect him to pull the trigger and buy one as well. I was really impressed with the product we received for $25! My son was blown away to get something this nice to stick in his bag and I was excited to see how well he putted the ball across the living room carpet after we opened the package.
ProsHaven't used it yet, but you can tell it is a quality putter.
By Jerry
Elizabethton, TN
Ray Cook Putter
March 7, 2019
Very good looking putter and seems to be well balanced. Fast shipping from Rock Bottom Golf.
By Kevin
LEMOORE, California
Nice sweet spot
February 10, 2019
Love the weight and the sweet spot of this putter. Got it for xmas and have played/practice quite a bit since and I haven't had paint chip problems like some other reviews I've read. Threw a super stroke grip on and this thing is money.
ProsSweet spot Weight Price Nice head cover
ConsI didn't buy it sooner
By tom
putting is not scary any longer
January 24, 2019
I really enjoy my ray cook putter. no longer have to force the ball to the hole.
By Tom
December 27, 2018
This seems to be a good putter but just to light for me.
ProsGood material nice looking
ConsTo light.
By Gerald
Love the look and feel
November 23, 2018
I think I'm doing better for this company because I'm giving this putter and the website as gifts to my family/Golf chat group as a gift. I wish I wasn't giving it away tho.
By Lou
Ardmore, PA
Feels good
November 1, 2018
This putter feels good in my hands. Seems balanced and true. Used it today for the first time and I actually made a few puts. It rolls the ball well.
ProsRolls the ball well. Feels balanced.
By Doug
Great putter
November 1, 2018
Solid construction and easy to align putts.
ProsDesign is very visual and solid. Great price.
ConsPaint will chip so recommend you spray it with clear coat epoxy before using.
By Jack
New Jersey
Ray Cook Putter
October 24, 2018
Nice putter good balance
By Kevin
great feel great looking
October 13, 2018
balance is excellent nice feel when ball is struck
By Matt
New Paris, Pennsylvania
Good feel
September 28, 2018
This is my first "new" putter that I've had, used hand-me-downs up to this point. The Gyro feels well balanced throughout the putting stroke and I'm excited to use it on the greens.
ProsBalance Look Feel
ConsNone yet
By Robert W.
Clovis NM
Green putter
August 28, 2018
Used for about 45 holes now. Putter is essy to align. Have made more putts with this putter in the 45 holes than in the 6 months. Put fat boy grip on and it is perfect for put. Putts roll not hop off the face.
ProsGreat sight lines, perfect roll everytime.
By Rusty
Ray Cook Gyro putter
August 21, 2018
Have been using this putter for a couple of weeks now and can honestly say the results have been very positive! The ball seems to roll better with less need to take it back as far compared to my previous Odyssey putter, resulting in more consistent on-target results. Still getting used to dealing with the longer putts, but much more consistent on the 6-10 footers.
By Phil
Ray Cook
August 1, 2018
Love Ray Cook Putters. Good price on putter
By Cam
Great Feel
June 1, 2018
Great Feel and weight
By John
great putter at a great price
May 8, 2018
Nicely made with quality grip and easy alignment. Good at almost any price.
By Ken
Spokane, WA
Good But:
May 7, 2018
Nice inexpensive putter. Lacks a face insert. The white paint chips if you look at it too hard.
ConsPaint chips off.
By Tom
March 14, 2018
Nice weight. better putts.
ProsNicely weighted putter for better contact with a very nice roll.
By Fred
San Antonio, TX.
Put for Dough
March 13, 2018
An excellent putter, for a great price. I can't wait to try it!
By Will K.
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Amazing putter
February 22, 2018
Rolls smooth, and the head weight is perfect.
ProsGreat putter all around

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