By Don
Timonium, Md.
May 24, 2018
Nice Driver
Looks good and has a great feel. I put the oversized Winn grip and that helps an old guy a lot.
ProsDefinitely more distance and I am hitting many more fairways.
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
May 14, 2018
Awesome Driver
Fantastic feel with forgiveness and distance
By rourke
st maarten
April 10, 2018
nice solid driver
I have waited a long time for this driver to go on sale and finally bought it from RBG for a good price. My previous driver was a RBZ 10.5 deg from Taylor made and I hit it very well. This new Callaway is a whole different animal. I took it to the driving range and had some trouble at first, but worked with it a while and it is a very nice club. Totally different feel from my old driver, lower launch angle which I fixed by teeing the ball a little higher. Absolutely amazing feel off the face, which seems to have a larger sweet spot, this club launches the ball with on centre hits. I went out and played a round at my local course where I am very comfortable and I am getting 15-20 yards more with the new driver. Very straight. Also a lot fewer mishits. the shaft is very stiff and took some getting used to but I slowed my swing a bit and this club is a game changer. I am a big guy with a 100 plus swing speed, and a 21 hcp and this club goes a long long way for me without any changes in my set up or swing.. I still have not played with the adjustability of the club, but if it hits and feels this good out of the box I imagine it could only get better. If you are a fairly good driver of the ball I highly recommend getting one of these, with a little work you will be straighter and longer which are two things that are hard to do by just changing equipment and not working on your fundamentals.
ProsLonger, straighter, amazing feel even on off centre hits..
By Thomas
Harmony Pa
April 5, 2018
Adjustments are functional.
I found the Epic to be a nice addition. Being able to make some slight adjustments on the fly or at the range proved itself, makes hitting longer straight drives easy and fun!
By Mel
Miami, FL
April 4, 2018
Hits as good as advertised.
At least 20-25 extra yards.
By Scott
San Rafael, CA
April 4, 2018
The Callaway Epic driver
I have only been able to use it once but it was everything I had hoped. I had more distance and I really loved how I could adjust the club head for more or less draw and fade. Being an open box was great since it was still brand new and I got a good discount
By MD 58
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 2, 2018
Excellent Driver
Played once with this driver, due to weather conditions. Very forgiving with good distance.
ProsPoint and swing, easy as that
By Brian
Fairview, North Carolina
March 20, 2018
Awesome Driver
Best golf club I have ever hit much less owned. You you hit it in the sweet spot the best explodes off the face. I am easily hitting it 20-30 yards further than my older Ping G20, which was an awesome driver in itself.
ProsDistance Clubhead speed accuracy
By Jules
Peachtree City, Georgia
March 18, 2018
Get this Driver !!!
Getting this Driver dialed in. Got the 10.5* with regular shaft, hit it much higher than my old driver a Taylor Made SLDR so I lowered the loft -1*, hitting it much better and straighter, got it for a great price, go Epic and Rock Bottom Golf !!!
By John
March 12, 2018
Good product
I have played only one round with it. I am pleased, thus far. I like the adjustability feature. After about 14 holes I made an adjustment that fine tuned my accuracy. I would buy this driver again.
By Derek
Weddington, NC
March 11, 2018
First driver I've had in 10 years that I increased more than 2-3 yards of distance with. It's straight too!
By Eli
Winter Garden, Florida
March 7, 2018
As good as advertised
I have the 40 gram Diamana shaft in Regular flex. About 20 yards longer than my Cobra Bio Cell and Taylor Made R11drivers. Not much loss on heel and toe shots.
ProsA lot of adjustability options to tune the club to your swing and course conditions. Much longer and straighter than any driver I've ever played.
ConsThe club is very light and it takes some time to adjust.
By Luke
Ascot Park, SA
November 15, 2017
Best driver on the market
Anyone who says they hit another driver better hasn't been fitted correctly. The forgiveness of the Epic is almost unfair, just long and straight every swing, if you think you hit another driver better get the shaft from that drive and put it in this head
By Justin
Grass valley, California
November 9, 2017
Great driver
I ripp it with this club, and it's very solid on. Its a great driver
By William
Geneva, NY
October 20, 2017
Great driver
Best driver on the market. Gained 10 yards when i purchased this at the beginning of the year.
Monterey, Ca
September 23, 2017
accuracy with greater distance
Bought this club after trying out one belonging to one of my fellow players. Easy to hit with a 15-20 yard increase in distance. As an older player I got the 40 gm shaft and lite flex.
Prosdistance and accuracy
Consnone so far
By Peterson
August 28, 2017
Subzero is a tad longer then epic, but the subzero has a built in strong fade bias. This was noticeable and annoying, so I went with the epic. The epic is a much more neutral flight, and you can adjust it how you like. I also purchased the 2017 m1 and am hitting it longer than the epic.
ConsFade bias
By Gerard Belluscio
Roselle, NJ
August 27, 2017
Callaway GBB Epic is easily the best club I've purchased. It's adjustable from 9.5 to 12.5 loft. Adjustable lie. Super light. Easily worth the money in performance.
ProsLight, adjustable, like having 4 clubs in one.
By Nick
Geneva, IL
August 23, 2017
awesome driver
awesome driver
By Nick
Geneva, IL
August 22, 2017
great driver
great driver
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
August 1, 2017
Fantastic Driver
Looks sound and feel of this driver are amazing.
By Leewig
The Ville, KY
July 28, 2017
Most forgiving driver I have ever hit...
The best driver I have hit in twenty five years! I am a 8 handicap and have always wanted control, distance with forgiveness. I finally have it. Make sure you spend a little extra time and get the shaft that fits your game. If RBG says its on back order for 3-4 weeks, no worries! They will hustle and find it. You'll be refreshed off the tee in a couple of days.
ProsForgiveness, control, distance! Quality options on shafts.
By Peter
Lexington, Kentucky
July 20, 2017
I went back and forth many times on the Sub Zero and the regular Epic. I chose the Epic because, while my best shots with the SZ were better than the Epic, the Epic was so forgiving that I personally would just rather stand on the tee box and trust that anything I put out there will be in decent shape. This thing delivers. Depending on loft and shaft, it can launch rather high. While that's technically not a "con" depending on what you're after, consider I normally play a pretty high ball anyway. I cranked the loft way down to get it to launch more like the SZ so it doesn't balloon on me. FWIW, my swing speed is ~105 mph. I have it set at 8 deg, standard lie, and have it with the Aldila Rogue 65 stiff shaft. This is just a great machine!!!
ProsLong, straight, and forgiving. What more could you want? It leaves me very confident standing on the tee box.
ConsNot super workable. Look to the Sub Zero for that.
By Matt
June 15, 2017
Distance and forgiveness
Great driver I'm seeing fantastic distance and better than average forgiveness. I feel it's a great club but definitely should be fit as it isn't for everyone.
ProsDistance and forgiveness with the jailbreak technology
By gerald lepre
May 13, 2017
Best of them all
I played xr 16,cobra LTD,fly z and titleist 910 -hit the M1,917 at fittings. The Epic gave me a little better ball speed and 5-10 more yards than any previous driver. If you install the proper shaft you will love the result.
ProsLooks great behind the ball and exudes confidence
Cons500 hundred dollar price tag
By Tom
May 5, 2017
did not suit me
I was not able to find a setting that suited me.
By Tim Wiebe
Richford, VT
May 3, 2017
Great Driver!!!
I took this out yesterday to the range. I hit it a few times with the heavy weight in the front- not too happy. Switched the weights and BOOM! went long and straight every time. Love this driver!
By james
April 13, 2017
epic driver
the epic driver is the best driver I ever hit. You can believe the ads about the club
Prosgreat driver
By Eddie Martinez
April 11, 2017
Awesome Club
The Callaway Epic is a great driver. Distance and forgiveness all in one.
By Walt
April 6, 2017
Great distance and feel
Added about 20 yards and feels solid even on off center hits. Adjustments simple to use to dial in shot shape
By Steve
Wesley Chapel, Florida
April 4, 2017
Callaway Golf- GBB Epic Driver
This is longer than my current driver (Big Bertha 816 Double Black Diamond). I would say on a pure strike about a 15 yards longer average. It is also a lot more forgiving. I have had it about three weeks and it could be a game changer on some of the par 5's on my course. Love it.
ProsLong Forgiving
ConsPrice Sound
By Darrell
Amarillo, tx
March 21, 2017
Epic driver excellent results
Very forgiving maybe just a little bit longer than my M1 but definitely larger sweet spot. I tend to work towards the toe and this driver really hits straight
ConsToo expensive
By Ben
March 17, 2017
Technology Works
I got fitted to a Ping G30 10.5 degree with a stiff Oban Isawa Red 65g shaft a couple years ago. It easily was better than the SLDR it replaced. I heard about the Jailbreak technology of the GBB Epic, and went back to Club Champion to get try it out and to get fitted. Warmed up with the G30, and after some warm up swings I was still maxing out around 98mph, with max ball speeds in the 150-152 mph range, resulting in a total distance of about 270 yards on my best swings. I then tried the Epic with the Oban shaft and ball speeds immediately went up. Smash factor was pretty much always 1.52, and I was maxing out at about 284 yards total distance. I then tried the HZRDUS Yellow shaft, and my dispersion tightened up with no real loss in distance. I was still maxing out in the 280+ range, with spin rates below 2000 rpm. Unlike my swing, the performance was very consistent due to how uniform the performance is across the face. It felt so solid no matter where I hit it on the face (within reason of course). My index is 9.0 (prior to the G30 I was always 11-13 for an index), and I'm anticipating to shave a little off that once I start playing when the snow finally melts up here in the northeast. Can't wait for the club to come in. One word of caution though. This didn't come cheap. The Epic is the most expensive driver on the market at $500, and the HZRDUS Yellow was a $350 upgrade (with Pureing - if you don't know what that is, look it up, it works), so you better prepare your budget for it. I think it will be worth the investment.
ProsForgiveness Consistency across the face Tight dispersion Distance
ConsCost, cost, cost
By Jon
Prior Lake, Minnesota
March 10, 2017
Long and Forgiving!
Everything about this club is a plus. It's long, forgiving, looks great, impact is muted, yet powerful. It's a joy to hit. The forgiveness on off-center contact may be the best attribute of this club.There is a wide are on the face where you can hit the ball and still get optimal spin, launch, carry and roll.
ConsMay not produce enough spin for the slower swinger.

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