By mslauge
Great fairway wood
April 24, 2021
Purchased for my wife, she loves them and hits them very well. Took a couple rounds to get use to the offset.
By Nicholas
New Market, MD
No More Slice
April 23, 2021
This 3 draw wood has changed my game so much. Now I'm not scared to hit off of the tee and hit the houses to the left. Just by adding this club has taken 15 strokes off my game. Very easy to hit club. I now average 220 yards off the tee and 190 off the fairway.
ProsNO Slice
By Gregg
Everett, Washington
Slice cure
March 27, 2021
This club has offset head which keeps my long shots straight improving my accuracy. Took my 5 metal out of the bag because this club reaches distances I used to hit with it in my younger years.
ProsCan keep shots low with great roll out. Offset head reduces my fades improving my accuracy.
By Gregg
Great club
March 27, 2021
Hit this yesterday with impressive accuracy and distance. The price was great so I bought a second fairway metal
ProsGreat feel and solid ball contact.
By Hillary
Kennewick, WA.
Fairway wood
March 24, 2021
I bought this club for my wife and she really likes it. She hits it well. She replaced her driver with this 3 wood.
By Frank
As Advertised
March 24, 2021
Club was as advertised.
By Mark
Myrtle Beach, SC
Plays as well as other clubs costing twice as much
March 21, 2021
I wanted to try a four wood because I wasn’t getting the height I was looking for out of my three wood. Got the Tour Edge because of price and recommendations of previous buyers. Pleasantly surprised by its performance. Hits as far as any other brand I’ve tried that cost twice as much. Nice head cover comes with it.
ProsDistance + height Head cover Lightweight allows faster swing speed
ConsWould like a better alignment aid on top of the club
By Tempest21
Everett, Washington
Simple but Efficient Woods
March 20, 2021
These don't have all the bells and whistles as do the premium woods, but they're easy to swing, and they hit awfully hard. You smash these flush and the sweet sound will ring in your ears for over a minute...
ProsLight Easy to swing and manage power Hits really hard Simple, economical
By Jay
Great price
January 28, 2021
Bought this for my son and he likes it. Only problem he is hitting it farther than me
By Martyn
Spring Hill, Fl
Tour Edge HL3 5W & 7W
December 15, 2020
I'm an active 69, slowly improving my game below bogey. Graphite, Senior shafts in my bag. Have always used Callaway clubs and love them. Recently, I needed to fill a void in my fairway game. My Callaway hybrids were working well, but I was challenged with the longer, high shots needed to get me on in two. Thought my Callaway 5W was doing a good job, I experimented with Tour Edge woods and found these clubs had smooth contact and very easy to hit, with even better carry distance. Tour Edge 7W is providing smooth, easy shots comparable to the my Callaway 5W; and the Tour Edge 5W smokes. No need at this time for a 3W. Pleasantly surprised at the quality and performance at the lower price point. Great value for the dollar.
Pros* Lower price point with great value * Easy to hit * Long, high carry
By Frank
Kingwood, Texas
Great Value &easy to launch
December 1, 2020
Have both 3 and 5 fairway wood. Wonderful clubs and fun to use. My son in law who is a diehard Callaway guy. Swung the 5 wood and now he is getting a Christmas present!
ProsGreat Price Easy to launch and swing
By Matt
Hits great!
November 20, 2020
Took it to the range and hit about 30 balls, this thing was as advertised. Straight and pretty long. Added about 30 yards to me drive. The shaft did crack, but Tour Edge is replacing it. Hopeful it was a fluke accident.
ProsEast to hit, straight and long.
ConsPossible manufacturing defect? Broke on day 1. Tour Edge was great and is fixing it free.
By Clubman
Reno, NV
Great club for and excellent price
November 5, 2020
Easiest Fairway metal wood I have hit. Got rid of my 3 and 5 wood. Made room for another wedge.
By Frank R.
Actually a 7 wood. Solid value.
September 29, 2020
I like this 7 so much I am buying a 3 wood also as well as a Tour Edge hybrid.
By John
September 25, 2020
Great fairway wood. Got it for a great price from Rock Bottom Golf. Easy to hit and the ball flies!
By Ryan
Des Moines, Iowa
September 20, 2020
Great performance, great value
By Bobby G.
Crossville, TN
Wonderful performance
September 17, 2020
It looks great and performs even better.
By updateCategoryParentRT
Seven wood
September 15, 2020
Finally found a fairway wood I could hit consistently
By Northern G.
Great 7 wood
September 4, 2020
Just tried my new 7 wood and it is awesome. Took my old 5 wood out of my bag. The Tour Edge HL3 7 wood is just as long and much easier to hit. I plan on buying the 3 wood as well. Can't say enough about the easy swinging with this club.
ProsEasy to swing, control and it is long.
ConsI did not get the 3 wood as well.
By Gary
Tour Edge HL3
August 29, 2020
There was a time where fairway woods were a strength of my game. As I got older that changed. I read the reviews for the Tour Edge HL3 and liked the price and gave it one more try. Three rounds and my 3 would is back in the bag permanently. The HL3 is very easy to hit which breeds confidence which in turn makes it easier to hit which breeds more confidence etc. I am a believer. You can’t beat Rock Bottom Golf prices and selection.
By Daryl
Another Nice Tour Edge Product
August 20, 2020
I’ve been using Tour Edge products for several years now. I really liked their “Exotics” line, but they quit making anything there with an offset head. The Exotics clubs are now adjustable as opposed to making a simple offset. The Hot Launch family still has an offset option. I have this club in a 3 wood and a 5 wood. I also have them in Hot Launch 2. I have the Exotics EXS as well. Since I’ve accumulated the clubs, I’m able to compare them on the course for hitting them off the tee and off the ground. They all have an upgraded Matrix White Tie Fairway shaft that has a mid/high trajectory. The Exotics version goes a few yards farther, but I hit it to the right too far. I really need the offset head. Although the HL 2 and HL3 look very different, they don’t perform much differently. The HL3 hits the ball just a tad farther. About 2-3 yards farther, which is consistent. The main thing is that I can hit the offset models much straighter than the non offset models. I wish Tour Edge would offer the offset heads in their higher end clubs, but they are apparently relying on adjustability. I’ve really never had any luck with adjusting a slice or push away, but that little offset (it’s called OS or Draw models) works wonders. I still use the Exotics X-Rail Draw driver which is older and may be the last Exotics driver that is offset. If you already have the HL 2, I wouldn’t jump on the HL3 unless 2-3 yards is that important to you. Of course, the price point is low enough that you can change. There is an HL4 now, but I’ve never tried that one.
ProsOffset head, price point
By Richard
Best buy
August 19, 2020
This is the best fairway 5wood I have ever purchased. Just long and most important is very forgiving. Also is great looking club with a nice feel.
ProsEasy to hit.
ConsNone so far after 4 rounds .
By Peter
Denver, Co.
BIG difference!
August 17, 2020
Went from stiff steel shafts to my new H3 4 & 5 woods. What a BIG difference! The flex and weight distribution of these fairway woods are tremendous. I am seeing greater loft and distance in each stroke. The biggest difference for me is actually the weight. They are so much lighter than my old woods. And for a guy 70, this is huge. I would also add that I purchased a set of Tour Edge (graphite) irons. I have experienced the same BIG difference with these as well. I am a believer! Thanks Rock Bottom!
ProsBetter sweet spot, Light, accurate, greater loft and distance. Grips are great also.
ConsThey don't force me to hit straight 200 yards shots every time! I wish! Seriously, no cons!!
By gmoose77
July 26, 2020
Love it!
By Stephen
Father's day gift
July 10, 2020
I bought this for my dad for Father's day and I've only played with him once since he got it, but he seems to be enjoying it and was definitely hitting the ball straight with it.
By chad c.
Played 2 rounds
July 6, 2020
Great price for the club, club hits really good distance shaft is awesome very forgiving club and just a huge upgrade for my old clubs. Recommended for anyone
ProsMore distance Comfortable Forgiving New
ConsCan't play enough
By Gary
Easy to hit
June 25, 2020
This 5 wood jumps . It hits high with good distance.
ProsEasy to hit
By Matthew
Nashville, Tennessee
I’m a Golf Newbie
June 16, 2020
An older model 3 Hybrid was the only club I could hit consistently, and so I tried upgrading that club with this and I was pleased. Have only been out to the range once with it so far, but it’s a great option for those like me who need a bit more forgiveness and guided accuracy off the tee.
ProsNoticeable increased forgiveness Great feel Allowed me to keep pace of play with more experienced friends
ConsDoes launch at a higher angle, so if you?re playing in the wind hopefully someone can teach you punch shots along the way
By Charles
Grand Rapids , Michigan
Great Club
May 12, 2020
It is well worth the price, I use it a lot of time to tee off.
By R C.
Kansas City
outstanding buy
May 6, 2020
Low profile. Club gets the ball in the air easily with great loft. Can't beat the price !
By Todd C.
Hanson Massachusetts
Fairway wood
April 21, 2020
It looks nice but have not been able to use it because of golf course is closed due to corona
ConsIt looks nice but have not been able to use it because of golf course is closed due to corona
By Ed
Goes far
March 30, 2020
Fits my eye easy to hit
By Ken
Brewster, New York
Great fairway wood
March 13, 2020
Just what I needed when the 3 wood is too much.
By Gary
Good clubs
March 9, 2020
Ordered both a 5 wood and a 7 wood. I like the distance and I hit them straight. The price was great thanks Rockbottom.
By Linda P.
Trinity, FL
Perfect complement to my clubs.
March 4, 2020
This club is perfect for my game.
By dean
baton rouge, Louisiana
great club
February 10, 2020
excellent quality
By Dean V.
November 26, 2019
Getting the distance that I expected and able to control my ball flight.
ProsAble to draw or fade the ball when I want. Good distance, easy to swing.
By Nick
I have only used it twice since receiving it.
November 2, 2019
Seams to have reduced my tendency to slice. I consistently hit straight shots with the club. Additionally, I picked up more height and distance.
ProsI would recommend this club due to cost & effectiveness.
By Rick S.
Arlington, TX
Very Pleased
October 2, 2019
Very excited about my new club. Looks great, feels good and really helps my game and confidence. I will look forward to future golf games in the future with my new 3 wood
By Dave
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Inexpensive, easy to hit and looks good
September 13, 2019
Fairway woods are my least favorite clubs in the bag, undoubtedly because I hit a higher percentage of poor shots with them than all the other clubs! However, this wood, with its offset, is easier for me to hit than most. The graphite shaft in senior flex gives a good feel at impact for my swing speed, which has slowed down with years. The offset feature also looks good at address and gives me confidence. The decisive feature is price, which is very reasonable. This is my second purchase of this particular club, which I swap out with my XXIO wood on days I loose confidence in the latter, which is not a bad club but certainly far more expensive.
Rochester, NY
tour edge
September 4, 2019
I needed a club to cover the distance between my driver and my 3 hybrid and this has worked. I picked up the 4 wood after looking at some online reviews and I am glad I did, since this helps to be able to get more loft on the club. I can hit this nearly as far as my driver (usually 220-230 yards), and this is off the deck. Also I have a tendency to slice and if anything this usually has a slight draw, even thought it is not the offset variety. I did notice a slightly different sound to this club versus some of the drivers and woods, but this is not something that bothers me at all.
Prosslight draw plenty of distance easy to get loft
Conssound (for some purists)
By Jim B.
Grand Rapids Michigan
August 21, 2019
fantastic club for the price
ProsLong straight shots
By Craig
Newtown, PA
not sure
August 8, 2019
gat a draw version shipped and they happily returned & refunded 5 stars for rock
Calabasn NC
3 wood
April 5, 2019
A great price and a very good club. Looks good and easy to hit.
By NickMal
Bethpage, NY
Perfect for the price
February 5, 2019
Nice blend of offset and closed face to help a slice, but not too much so you hook it. Well designed and worth it. Highly recommended.
ProsOffset, Closed face, Good shaft, Well designed
By william R.
Just what my game needed
November 1, 2018
I purchased this tour edge hat launch 4 wood at a great price and it was just what I needed to complete my set. I play with a 12 degree driver and a 22.5 seven wood and was looking for a club to use in between. This 17 degeee 4 wood is just the thing. It id great off the fairway in all lies and works off he tee on long par 3.
ProsLooks great at address launches the ball high and straight great value for the price
By Paul
Great Club! Great Price!
September 19, 2018
Bought this #4 wood to replace a #3 that was impossible for me to hit properly. Smart choice. This club gets the ball up easily and gives me great distance.
ProsEasy to hit. Feels good and looks good.
By Charlie
Great purchase!
July 7, 2018
Wonderful service! Very satisfied with the product!
By Dave
Technology Helps
July 5, 2018
I had a 3 wood that was around 10 years old. I usually hit it well, but I am also 10 years older, and noticed that I was losing some distance and sometimes direction. I got a new 3 wood ( technology improved) and I hit the new one the way I use to hit years ago. Excellent club ,well worth the money.😁😁😁😁
ProsExcellent club that is easy to hit. Technology helps.
By Gary
Good clubs
July 5, 2018
Tour Edge manufacturers great golf equipment.

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