4.5 Stars based on 51 reviews
By Lance
Millbrook, Alabama
Great Driver
September 3, 2019
I have the 440cc version with an ATMOS Black shaft. I love everything about it. My only knock on it and this is just personal preference, is the feel. I don't mean it in a bad way. There are times when it feels like you didn't catch it and you get up to your ball and it went normal distance.
By UpstateGolfer
Rochester, NY
Good Driver for the price
August 11, 2019
I upgraded from the original M1. To me this one sounds better and has a better feel although not noticeable improvement on distance.
Prosgreat sound and feel
Consno noticeable drawbacks.
By Ron
Saint Louis, Missouri
The M3 is a great driver at a great price through RBG
August 9, 2019
I have hit TaylorMade clubs for the past 10 years and the M3 is clearly the best driver I have ever owned. With minimal experimentation/adjustment it is both the longest and straightest driver yet. It looks great, sounds solid and really performs.
ProsGreat value. Great look. Great performance
By Zac
Columbus, OH
August 8, 2019
Got this driver to replace the M1 440cc I had. Took a couple swings getting used to the size of the club head from a smaller one but the sweet spot is huge in this driver. Hitting them far and the ball jumps right off the face without a lot of extra torque. This is an great driver and with the adjustable weight system gives anyone a chance to hit it well!
ProsLightweight Jumps off the face
ConsLarge club head
By Debbie
Bend OR
Great value for high performance
August 8, 2019
I have played many TaylorMade drivers and this one is exceptional! Better accuracy and consistent increase in distance over SLDR driver.
By Rory
Don't like it
August 3, 2019
The adjustments work, but I lost distance and hated the sound it made.
By Tim S.
very forgiving
August 2, 2019
I have been very consistent with this club, the distance is fantastic and that lets me swing away. The ball flies.
Prosforgiving, great distance.
July 26, 2019
Great product
By Mark
Taylormade M3 460 Driver
July 24, 2019
I have been using Taylormade Woods for as long as I can remember, and the M3 460 does not disappoint! Upgrading from a Rocketballz Stage 2 Driver, I think my driving distance went up about 10 yards and is a lot more accurate. I feel like I barely miss fairways anymore, and the mishits still go forever.
ProsLooks great at setup Mishits travel far Great sound off the clubface
ConsNot a fan of the new headcovers
By Gb
July 18, 2019
I like the m1 better . Goes farther. Twist face eats up some distance Too bad company doesn’t allow try for 30 days like global golf does So I will go back to global and eventuall trade this in for something else
By Austin
Birmingham, AL
Perfect. Nothing less.
July 16, 2019
Perfect new condition. Lowest price I’ve seen. Delivered quickly. Best driver I’ve ever hit.
By Sam
Spokane, Washington
Great club
June 20, 2019
Twist face makes every shot go straight
By Al
June 18, 2019
I got exactly what I ordered in a very timely fashion. It's condition was new and it's price was very reasonable. I was looking for a low spin option which the combination of the head and shaft provide. I am a happy camper.
By Craig
Great club
June 14, 2019
It’s great
By Jack
June 13, 2019
For many years I've resisted the lighter is better movement in golf. I'm older now with arthritic hands and for me lighter is definitely better. The M3 is the best driver I've ever owned. I've gained 10 yards off the tee and seem to be hitting more fairways. I don't know whether "twist face" has anything to do with it, but if so, thank you Taylormade.
By Rock
Takes some time
June 10, 2019
It is taking some time to find the correct settings. I am not seeing the results I thought I would. I do have a friend that has good results.
ProsAdjustability, looks good
ConsWish I could have the option on larger grips and club extension. It takes time to figure out you setting.
By Ernie
Great Driver
June 10, 2019
This M3 Driver is phenomenal, I will always purchase my golf equipment from Rock Bottom, they always provide the great service.
By Brett T.
Commerce, MI
Best driver I’ve ever bought
June 10, 2019
The ability to adjust the weights of the driver head allow one to customize it to his/her swing allowing for optimal trajectory and maximum distance.
ProsDistance Adjustment Straight flight
ConsNone i?ve found
By Xander
Best Driver for the Money
June 5, 2019
Pristine condition and very quick arrival
By brian
villa hills, ky
June 3, 2019
I'm typically a high ball hitter and wanted something I could adjust to hit the ball on a lower flight. this is the club. with just a few tweaks I had a lower ball flight and a better runout.
By Jimmy
Great club
May 25, 2019
5 stars
By Luc
Just as advertised
May 19, 2019
Great price fast shipping
By Tom S.
Awesome club
May 14, 2019
The adjustments really do change the ball flight off this club.
ProsVery, very forgiving on off center hits.
By Paul
Rocky River, Ohio
Great Driver
May 10, 2019
Now on my second M driver, M1 and now M3. Great club, improved distance, and accuracy.
By Joseph B.
Twin Cities, Minnesota
Awesome Driver
May 6, 2019
I am so glad i purchased this Driver. I have actually added 20 yards to my drive when hit correctly. I have been a slight fade driver my whole life and now I am able to draw the ball on occasion. Still getting used to the new club, but would reccomend this club to all mid to high handicappers.
ProsMoveable weights and club loft.
ConsThe sound off the club is a but clunky
By Colin J.
Christchurch New Zealand
May 5, 2019
After only 3 rounds with My M3 i am hitting the ball straighter and about another 20 -23 metres, already looks like the handicap is going to come down
By Dave
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Good Looking Driver
May 3, 2019
This is a really nice looking Driver, I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but each time i go out its getting better. the M3 with the extra adjustments has helped dial it in. I don't know much about the twist face, but the misses are not as drastic. Over time I hope to push this 4 star up to a 5.
By Norm
Sacramento, CA
Great service from RBG!
May 2, 2019
Another great transaction from RBG. Purchase and delivery of TaylorMade M3 Driver went well. Used once since purchase and still working on dialing it in. The cost of this club was $75 to $125 less than other retaliers I check.
By paul c.
orrville oh home of smuckers and bobby knight
great service and great product
May 1, 2019
shaft is perfect and love the feel. great results
By Jamie S.
Fort Lee, Virginia
Outstanding Service
May 1, 2019
Great service from Rock Bottom as usual. Driver came in two days and man she's a beauty..ball flies off the tee and I gained 10 yrds. My golfing buddies are envious of my new driver and I haven't lost a round since I put it in the bag.
By andrew
TaylorMade Golf- M3 460 Driver
May 1, 2019
TaylorMade Golf- M3 460 Driver:good
By Mike
Great Club
April 27, 2019
Ordered the M3 , For me Great club , I feel it is a very forgiving club on off center hits, Would order again !!!
By Jon
Alpharetta, GA
Perfect Driver upgrade
April 26, 2019
Gained distance and felt very both the look and sound.
By Kevin
Ptown, Cali
April 24, 2019
I hit a more consistent power fade every time and more distance with it.
ConsHard to hit it dead straight
By Big L.
Lancaster, OH
April 20, 2019
I bought this driver to replace my R1 driver which was my best club in my bag. I'm hitting the ball straighter and longer. As a LEFTY I usually have a right to left draw but as I mentioned, straighter and farther, highly recommend
ProsLow price at ROCKBOTTOM, customer for 5years
By Darren
Covington, Va
Love this club. Best driver I've ever played
April 18, 2019
Love the feel and how the ball jumps off the club face! Great product!
By Josh
Cave City, Kentucky
Great driver
April 18, 2019
Wonderful technology, easy to hit, great value at the current price
ProsAll of the technology, price, quality
By Boris H.
Brand new Driver.
April 12, 2019
Do to the 3 feet of snow we have on the ground I am unable to test out this hammer.
By Luke
Rock Island, IL
TaylorMade Golf- M3 460 Driver
April 3, 2019
It was either getting this model or the smaller, deeper faced 440. Nothing wrong with either one. Stock shaft is excellent. Sound and feel are exceptional. I do think the twist face works-to a degree.
By Brandon
Crown Point, Indiana
February 24, 2019
Great for distance and forgiveness. Not as long as my M1, but still working with the settings.
By Corey
North Carolina
Very good driver
February 15, 2019
I hit the M4 recently in a cage at a local shop with a flightscope. Had good results. Easy to swing club. The flex face is the most appealing part of the club. Feel was average.
By Robert
Osterville, MA
Add Yards
February 11, 2019
Light weight helps swing speed. Great way to draw the ball without a lot of work
ProsWeight & Quality of club build
By Mike
Harbor City, California
Best driver ever
September 24, 2018
A phenomenal club can go wrong with m3 or 4 ...long and straight!!!!!
ConsNone if u can afford it!
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Great driver
May 14, 2018
Fantastic feel with forgiveness and distance
By Brian
Lafayette Hill, PA
Great Driver
May 14, 2018
Fantastic feel with forgiveness and distance
By Stan
April 26, 2018
Nice club. As a super senior I was loosing distance off the tee. This club is getting me 10 to 20 more yards.
ProsEasy to hit and more distance
SE Georgia
M-4 Bomber
April 26, 2018
As good as the M2 was, the M4 exceeds it in every way. Glad I made this purchase
ProsLooks, feel, long, and straight
By Ed O.
Best Driver I have ever owned
April 20, 2018
I have bought a lot of drivers through the years however the M4D has been the best investment so far, I was a habitual slicer, I tried everything, and this driver the very first day i took it out on the range I immediately saw and felt the difference, I think it has a lot to do with the setup, on the D its aligned with the clubhead at a closed angle at address so your automatically set up for a slight draw, hence the "D", I am now hitting driver over 225 and thought not completely straight, they are at least on the fairway or playable
Prosappearance, sound, clubhead size
Consnone whatsoever
By Tom
April 6, 2018
Demoed this a few weeks ago, feels awesome. Great sound when you hit it also
By Rick
Beebe, Arkansas
M4D Driver
March 24, 2018
The M4D performs as advertised. I bought the 9.5 degree. I'm hitting bullets up the middle. Even shots off the sweet spot go straight. You have to really bad swing the slice or hook the ball. I already have the M2D and can say I like the M4D better.
ProsPleasing to look at. You can feel the club head during your swing.
ConsNothing noted.

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