5 Stars based on 29 reviews
By Javier
Midland Texas
Great driver
December 2, 2021
Great driver. Used for the first time on Sunday and learned that I could work it both ways even though its forgiving.
By Mann
Great Driver
November 16, 2021
Great distance for swing speed under 95 MPH.Easy to hit.No more slices. Had my longest drive of 277 yds with roll out.Hits 95 percent of fairways. Your buddies will envy you.
ProsStraight as it gets.
By Marcus
New Zealand 🇳🇿
October 27, 2021
Great price, great delivery times to New Zealand, great driver 👏
ProsMakes me walk with purpose
ConsMy partner gets upset I want to sit it againts the wall in our bedroom
By David
Great driver
August 27, 2021
Very happy with my new Srixon Z 585 driver, an extra 10 yards with a nice smooth swing, would definitely recommend.
ProsA bit more distance than my previous driver.
ConsNone so far.
By Nick A.
Dayton, Ohio
Bombs away
August 9, 2021
I purchased this club to replace a driver that didn’t have much life left. It had lost it’s pop. Kinda took a flyer on this one because the price point couldn’t be beat. Just took it to the driving range for the first time. First few cuts duffed off the tee but once I straightened it out, got used to the movement, hips started moving faster, I was sending them 275-300 yrds to the back the net! Excited to get this guy on the course!
ProsThe ping off the club face isn?t overpowering Looks nasty Big sweet spot PRICE!
ConsAdjustment wrench is bulky. Not easy to keep in your bag
By Phillip
La Porte, Indiana
Z785 Solid Driver
August 8, 2021
So I was hitting a Wilson Staff C300 which was a great driver. I swing about 106-108mph. I’m usually solid 260-280yd with old driver depending on where I hit on face. This driver has nice feel and fairly forgiving. Distance has gone down a bit (255-270) but a little more consistent. For the Price it’s pretty good. Much better than others in this price range.
ProsForgiving Good feel Looks good
ConsNot as much as distance as other drivers but close
Still good the second time
August 8, 2021
I constantly try new drivers, one of which is the Z785. I've been through a fee others since first owning this club, but it's good enough, and reliable enough, that I bought it a second time!
By nathaniel
destin, Florida
Srixon Z 585 Driver
August 3, 2021
Was playing an old titleist driver in my first set and was able to hit it 230-250 pretty consistently. This driver has added 10-20 yards to my drives and has almost completely taken slices out of the mix! Hit my farthest drive ever yesterday 285!
By Anonymous
Augusta Ga.
Love it.
July 29, 2021
I bought this driver because I have grown tired of the inconsistency with my Taylor made M6. The Z785 is certainly a long, has a better sound at impact and is more consistent and forgiving on off center hits.
ProsForgiving, long, good sound, great appearance, and inexpensive.
ConsAdjustment tool is one of a kind. Don't lose it.
By terry
saint louis, Missouri
Not for me
July 28, 2021
Seems like an ok driver, doesn’t fit my swing though
ConsShaft seems awfully soft
By Casual g.
Indianapolis IN
Forgiving driver at a reasonable price
June 28, 2021
Solid driver with large sweet spot. I decided to go with a slightly older driver to save some money and this one works as expected. I removed the weight to take out the draw bias and it seems to be pretty straight now.
Prosremoveable and changeable weight system. Good for higher handicap players and those who are fighting a left to right ball flight as a righty.
ConsPaints seems to chip easily
By Paul G.
Great Deal!
June 19, 2021
Hits the ball a mile down the fairway.
By Bob
British Columbia
Great look and feel.
June 3, 2021
Long and forgiving
By Dan
Dearborn Heights, MI
June 3, 2021
With this driver I am hitting it straight and it added 20 yards to my drives. So impressed with this club. Big sweet spot so miss hits still get distance and go straight.
ProsDistance Big sweet spot
By Todd
Webster, NY
Feels GREAT to swing this Srixon Z 785!!!
May 21, 2021
I am a decent, not good or great golfer, and the driver has always been my weakest club. NOT with this driver. It is by far the easiest driver I have hit in years. I tried other newer drivers and NONE of them felt comfortable to me, until the Srixon Z 785. After reading a ton of reviews I felt comfortable purchasing this online. I took it to the driving range and hit off real tees in the grass, I FELL IN LOVE. With a smooth fluid motion this driver goes straight and I added an average of 5-10 yards off of the tee. It feels more forgiving than any driver I've hit before with an off swing. Overall, I give it 5 stars.
ProsVery light and comfortable to swing Added distance for me Head sounds beautiful when it hits the ball
ConsNot Srixon or Rock Bottom Golf's fault but I wished I could have had a Midsize Grip put on this before delivery, my fingers are too long for a Standard sized grip.
By Nick
Wilmington, Delaware
Love this driver!
May 20, 2021
I love this driver. I love that I'm able to change the loft easily. 2 things I dislike, but they aren't performance based. 1) the paint/finish is easily chipped and peeled. Colors don't stay, like the red accents on the club head. 2) the club face is easily scuffed and marked up, more so than other drivers I've had. As far as performance though, this driver is fantastic for the price. Definitely recommend.
Conspaint chips easily
By Srixon C.
New Jersey
Incredible - Just do it
May 5, 2021
This driver is amazing ... very much a pure/old school look and the setup has nothing distracting. The hzrdous black shaft is top notch, but certainly ensure it works for you before buying. No joke, first swing was a solid 30-40 yard upgrade from my (very) old driver. Not a lot of bells and whistles — only lofts or de-lofts by 1 degree and you can’t make it flatter - only more upright. The sounds is solid, pure and not pingy. Love this thing and love not being another sheep in the sea of Sim Maxs!
ProsStock shaft is amazing. Sound and look/feel are very much for the traditionalist.
ConsSome other 2018/2019 models have you more flexibility. Wrench is non standard (but who cares). Back weights are sold separately.
By Rgibler
Looks performs even better
May 1, 2021
This was my first time buying srixon equipment I had hit with some at a local range before and like them.RBG delivered my new driver quickly so I was at the range in no time.This driver performs excellently it added 10 to 20 yards to my drivers with a bigger sweet spot
By Chris R.
Santa Fe, NM
So far so good
April 28, 2021
I bought the Srixon Z 785 driver after reading about how forgiving it is and because of the great price. I got the 9.5 with HZRDUS Black 65 stiff shaft. It replaces my Taylormade Rocketballz 9.5, regular shaft. I've played a couple of rounds with it and it seems to be very forgiving. No slices, which was my major problem with the Rocketballz. Seems to give me more distance as well. I'm not a good golfer (shoot about 100) and this club is really going to help me keep by ball on the fairway and hopefully improve my game.
ProsLooks great Great price Hits it straight
By David
Jacksonville, NC
Solid driver
April 27, 2021
Good driver, additional weight package will cost around $60, with 4 gram weight increments
ConsHigh sound tink
Excellent Driver and great price
April 12, 2021
This driver has exceeded my expectations. Like it better than my TS3. More consistent and forgiving. Price was great too.
ProsForgiving and price. Great looks at setup.
North Carolina
Glad I tried a Srixon
February 2, 2021
Really like the Srixon z-785 driver. The head has a classic shape that just looks great standing over the ball. Gives me great confidence to just swing the club. Love the easy adjustments that let's you work out on the range what's good for you. The ball jumps off the head and has an easy draw with a boring flight. The HZRDUS Black 65 R shaft with the standard 9.5 loft feels great for my 90 mph swing. Just enough whip to feel the head but still allows me to swing at the ball without having to time the shaft. As good a club as any of the bigger names that I've previously owned.
Proslooks, feel, sound, price.
By Tony J.
Garner, NC
What I Hoped it would be
December 7, 2020
I ordered and received the Arizona Z785 driver, but it took almost 2 weeks before the weather permitted me to hit any balls with it. Finally I went yesterday and within 5 swings at the.driving range I knew this driver was a keeper. My first swing was a poor hit off the toe but it went a long way. The second was more pure and produced a boreing flight that I hadn't seen in a few years, true and straight. The sound of the ball strike is such that you know you hit the ball a long way as you see it smoke off into the distance. I think I'm going to love this club.
ProsBall jumps off the face Ball strikes make a rewarding sound The club is balanced and feels good in my hands Looks good, too
ConsNone yet.
By DrKell
West Central Fla
Solid Low Flight driver
November 18, 2020
With the stock HZRDUS shaft, this driver is a great low spin option that works well for me. I have kept it at 10.5* where my Epic Flash is at 9* with a Tensei Blue. Distance and forgiveness are above average. Feel is good. I'm not crazy about the sound but it's acceptable and not over the top. For the sale price, it is a very good deal. Fast shipping from RBG as usual.
Pittsburgh, PA
Another Winner
October 8, 2020
Srixon keeps putting out top notch gear. At this great price, I now own the Z785 and Z585, and love them both. High baby draws all day with the 585.
By Steve
Great Driver
August 26, 2020
First time ever using Sixron equipment. The 785 driver is better then my rogue. Might be looking at the irons soon
ProsFlight, love the weighting of the club.
By Bryan S.
Get to know Srixon!
May 14, 2020
I purchased Srixon's 2 iron last fall and was impressed with the feel, flight, and distance, so I had to try their 785 Driver. D4 swing weight is a perfect for face and tempo control. Miss-hits don't exist, unless you miss the ball entirely! Toe shots carry a good 85-90% of center cut hits, so the technology and forgiveness is top notch!
ProsLooks, feel, affordability, and forgiveness
By Mark
New York
Great driver
April 18, 2019
This has been the easiest transition to a new driver I have had. Sets up nice and feels great. It has an understated look at address. I have seen less side spin than my previous Epic driver (which I did love too), went 12/14 on fairways the second round using, with the 2 misses just being in couple of yards in the rough. I would recommend trying if you are looking for a new driver.
ProsLess Spin Large selection of custom shafts with no or min up charge Consistent and forgiving
ConsLess customization options that other brands
By Corey
North Carolina
February 15, 2019
I love Srixon equipment. Always have and always will. But this driver wasn't my favorite when I hit it recently. Felt kind of "bulky" and heavy, didn't feel very smooth when swinging it. Could be just a personal preference thing, but I don't believe this is the most "easy to hit" driver out there.

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