5 Stars based on 197 reviews
By Brett
Commerce Twp, MI
April 25, 2019
Not sure why they’re not brand new
Compared these to a dozen from the store that costs $45 a dozen and couldn’t find a difference, great deal.
By Vincent
April 24, 2019
Awesome Ball and Value
There is nothing wrong with these balls. Will definately buy more.
By Johnny
New York
April 23, 2019
As good as the regular TP5s
I haven’t noticed any difference between the “practice” balls and the standard TP5s
By Phil
April 23, 2019
TP5 Practice balls
I have looked at these golf balls closely and honestly can't find any blemish of any kind on them. And they play just as awesome as regular TP5's. Very happy with this purchase especially at this price point.
By Scott
April 23, 2019
Top Shelf/Dirt Cheap
These balls are fantastic- clearly brand new and I have not found a significant (or insignificant) factory blemish yet. Great price!!!
ProsPrice Quality
By Nick
April 20, 2019
Can’t beat the price
Brand new balls, just say practice on them. 10/10 would buy again
By Angie
Fort Wayne, Indiana
April 19, 2019
Same as the regular
My son was leary because they said “practice” on them but I had him try them because of the other reviews. They are right...they hit just like the regular Tp5x.
ProsGreat price
April 10, 2019
No difference between practice and regular TP5x.
I discovered the TP5x about a month ago. These balls give you at least a club of distance. Give them a try. The practice balls are no different than the regular balls. They just have "practice" printed on them.
By Chris
April 9, 2019
Basically new, great price
Not sure what makes these note new, they are in perfect condition. Price is a steal.
By Chris
April 9, 2019
Great value
These are brand new balls and perform no different than the non- practice version. I just use a black sharpie and throw a line over the word practice and use it for alignment. At 50% off the new, boxed version, it’s totally worth it.
By David
SIMPSONVILLE, South Carolina
April 4, 2019
Really great value.
These play exactly like the normal TP5! you can expect some minor cosmetic blemishes. 1 ball out of 5 dozen had a small seam on the cover, but still well worth the price.
By Trey
Atlanta, GA
April 3, 2019
Excellent Deal
Brand-new same performance, just has "PRACTICE" on the side
ProsExcellent ball Great Price
By Trey
Atlanta, GA
April 3, 2019
Great Deal
90% of the balls were in perfect brand-new condition, only a few had slight paint blemishes, but nothing that affects the play.
ProsBrand-new Great deal
By Randy
Whittier California
March 21, 2019
Taylormade TP 5
I purchased 5 dozen of these practice golf balls. They are an excellent - as matter of fast the best priced ball ever. I will stay with these balls as long as they keep them at this incredible price. 5 out of 5 STARS!!!! Thank you.
By Rick
Canyon Lake, Ca
March 15, 2019
Great purchase
Glad I made this purchase. These balls are outstanding.
ProsPlay exactly the same as the full priced balls.
By Tom
The Villages, Florida
March 6, 2019
I normally play Project A balls. I found a TP5 on the course and gave it a try. I was suprised how much I liked it, LONG, STRAIGHT AND STOPS ON A DIME! At this 2for 35.oo . you should give them a try also!
By Colby
carnesville , Georgia
February 27, 2019
The tp5x is great ball
Amazing golf ball!!! great company I’m happy with result
By Jeff
New Jersey
February 20, 2019
Great Balls at A Great Price
These balls are terrific. Extra yardage
By Mark
Milford CT
February 19, 2019
Great ball at even better price!
By Steve
Chesapeake, VA
February 18, 2019
TP5 Golf Balls
The balls were a great price and arrived in a very timely manner
Prosprice delivery time
By Got r.
February 16, 2019
Practice = logo ball
There’s zero difference between a logo ball and these practice golf balls. The USGA AND R&A consider these legal to use in a tournament, unlike the X-out balls. The only issue may be a cosmetic blemish. Play, feel, and score the same as a new dozen without the practice logo stamped. If the “practice” print bothers you, take a black sharpie and draw a aim line across it. Hides it perfectly and viola 3dozen for the price of one. IMO...Best ball in comparison to all other brands.
ProsBest deal! Purchased 10 dozen. For the price of 4 dozen non logo.
ConsNone...Practice can be hidden with a putting aim stencil and black sharpie!
By George
Randolph, New Jersey
February 13, 2019
TP5 balls
The greatest balls! No doubt it and try it!
By micah
joplin, Missouri
February 12, 2019
Great price!
Good ball for 32.99
By J
New Jersey
February 8, 2019
Great product
Great ball. Only thing is it has practice on it. Use a black sharpie and put a putters eye across it and you will never know it’s a practice ball!
By Sean
February 7, 2019
Got my new practice golf balls and they were everything as advertised.
By Darrell G.
Clarksville, TN
February 5, 2019
Best ball for half the price!
I'm not a pro and don't care if it says practice. I haven't noticed any performance difference between the practice TP5X and a regular TP5X. I've noticed small cosmetic blemishes but it doesn't make a difference. You really can't beat this deal.
ProsGreat ball great price
By Tom W.
February 1, 2019
Best ball
Best ball on the market. Plus the price is great!
By Andrew L.
January 31, 2019
quality ball
If you you don't mind the word "practice" printed on ball, it's a great deal. More than half off Tour quality ball. Balls don't appear to have any major defects.
ProsTour quality Great price
ConsPractice written on ball
By Corey
North Carolina
January 31, 2019
Good ball
Won a sleeve of these at a work tournament. Good ball, on par with the other top-of-the-line tour balls. I like the feel of the ProV1 a little better, but this ball had some serious speed off the tee.
By Jim
January 30, 2019
Great feel and price is right.
Great action and feel.
By Thomas
January 26, 2019
This is one of the best deals on RockBottom.
By Frank
New York
January 12, 2019
Great Ball
Great Ball at a great price!
By Trey
Atlanta, GA
January 4, 2019
Great Ball
Similar distance and feel to other “premium” balls. Can’t beat the price and personalization.
By bryan
Antwerp, OH
December 28, 2018
1 Great Ball
I have played this ball on a couple of occasions, certainly a nice ball indeed. Firm feel off the tee but iron play is very different. feel is outstanding but not to soft. workability is as good as any.
ProsEverything a better golfer wants.
By Gary
Bell Park, Victoria
December 22, 2018
Tp5 practice
Best value for a great ball
Prosgreat value
By Michael
Odessa, Tx
December 18, 2018
Great product
Switched from othe top ball to this one. Increased distance. Softer feel off the club.
By Mark
Palm Coast, FL
December 15, 2018
I switched from PV1 to TP5
Switched to this ball from Pro V 1, I like this ball. I like the price. Getting more distance.
ProsThe product - Distance, Feel and Cost
By Eric
Terre Haute, Indiana
December 14, 2018
Repeat pirchase
Good ball, good personalization
ProsGood ball
ConsInk for personalization wears off easily if a light color
By Scott
Sarasota, Fl
December 14, 2018
Taylor made TP 5X practice golf balls
Great golf balls! My favorite ball is the Titleist Pro V one X . But I’m really enjoying these new tailor-made balls . They feel great ,fly far,and land softly. Greens and fairways.
ProsCost. Front door delivery.
By tony
Los Angeles
December 13, 2018
Great balls at a great price
These are perfect if you don't mind it saying practice.
December 10, 2018
TM practice balls
I brought 3 dozens TP5x practice balls, service was great and fast shipping. I will definitely be a return costumer. As for the balls, I see no difference in the performancimg from the regular TP5x ball and at more than 50% off that’s a win win combination of great service and product.
By Troy R.
Westernport MD
December 9, 2018
Great balls
I think these balls have the feel without losing distance. Great ball for the money
ProsSoft feel around green
By Matt
December 8, 2018
Best balls on the market
By David
Seminole, OK
November 27, 2018
really good deal
I love the TP balls
By David
Seminole, ok
November 27, 2018
great deal
I enjoy using the TP balls and this is an awesome deal.
By Mike
White Bear Lake
November 27, 2018
TP5 golf balls
This ball has great feel around the green and is long off the tee.
By Trevor
November 23, 2018
Great product
The product is great and the personalization made it special.
By Daniel
Gretna, LA
November 16, 2018
Great ball! Great Price
Has practice printed on them but that's it
ProsGreat distance and spin
ConsThe packaging really does suck. It's a ammo box inside a white box and neither box stays together. Need to rethink who and how your bulk packaging is made.
November 16, 2018
Fantastic golf balls
These balls are the best. They go further than any golf ball I have played including top brands. Great value with the price drop.
November 16, 2018
Fantastic golf balls
These balls are the best. There go further than any ball I have played including most of the top brands. Great value considering the price drop.

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