By Jeff
Malabar, Florida
April 18, 2019
Cobra King F6 Baffler Best Fairway and Hybrid Combo!
Absolutely love my new Cobra King F6 Baffler! Outstanding performance from rough or fairway for an outstanding price. Matrix Red Tie shaft is super stable and super smooth. Great match to my Cobra F6 irons. Thank you Cobra and RBG!!!
ProsBaffler rails really work!!!
ConsAbsolutely no cons!
By Greg
Scranton PA
April 9, 2019
Good for fairways
Like the club however tough to keep clean as the bottom of club collect dirt in adjustment screw crevices.
By Chet
Columbus, OH
March 27, 2019
A 5 wood that works like a hybrid.
I'm a huge Cobra Baffler fan. If you can't decide between a hybrid and a 5-wood THIS is the club for you. You can hit this out of just about any lie just like a hybrid. It goes as far as a 5-wood. So really it's the best of both worlds.
ProsSuper easy to hit Works like a 5 wood Works like a hybrid MyFly adjustable Baffler rails
ConsDoes not come with Cobra Connect. The newer clubs do.
By Kolby
Waukee. Iowa
March 23, 2019
This fairway wood is absolutely amazing. I love the adjustments available on it. Very pleased with this purchase .
ProsVery comfortable in your hands
By Matt
March 17, 2019
Flys like a fairway wood but easier to hit than a hybrid. Short shaft length and smaller head really make this club easy to align and hit on target. Baffler rails work well and keep club square through impact and prevent hitting “fat” shots. Would definately buy again.
ProsShort shaft length Hot face Forgiving sole
By Jody
Saskatchewan Canada
March 17, 2019
Epic fairway wood
Just got this to the range and wow! Hit 100 balls with it and hit them pure. My swing isn’t great so a few went bad but 90% of my shots were long straight bombs 200 yards down the range. I’m very glad I bought this club I hit through 16-19 degree and all went well. This club is going to change my game for sure
ProsLong straight shots Swings like an iron Rails keep club head from twisting
ConsNone so far
By Dennis
Northbrook, IL
March 15, 2019
As advertised
Excellent club. Easy to swing and good ball speed. Love the adjustability.
By Richie
March 13, 2019
Great club with excellent forgiveness
Awesome club with a stylish look. More forgiving than my ex-wife!
By Ryan
March 8, 2019
Best fairway bargain
Great club, easy to tailor to exactly what you want of it, either a 3/4 wood bomber or 5w green holder.
By James
New Jersey
March 6, 2019
Baffler F6 Fairway
Rails make a big difference and help to glide through the turf. Club head is little smaller then the regular F6 and easier to control.
By patrick l ohmann
February 28, 2019
unfortunately here in Spokane we have had record snowfall for feb, but I like the feel of the club and the ability to make changes on type of shot I want
Prospros adjustable, weight and feel
By Joan r
Miami, fl
February 28, 2019
Easiest wood to hit
Love this club, so easy to hit even out of bad lies.
By Michael
Okc, Oklahoma
February 13, 2019
Nice fairway wood
Hit the club on the range. Seems really solid and had good ball flight.
By Bob
columbia, South Carolina
February 12, 2019
A little head heavy at first
This club felt super heavy at first (D5) on my scale, but I took out the weight and screwed in some lead tape (6 grams less) and also put about 5 grams around the shaft near the handle. I don't know why, but this is the shame shaft in the F6 3W (red tie, 67grams) and made the club feel very head heavy. I was hitting low balls before adjusting, but now am hitting nice high shots with this club and has the feel of my F6 fairway (love that club!). I bought this for hitting into the greens so I want a higher ball flight, I have my F6 3W set to 13.5 for mid bullets off the tee.
ProsStraight and easy to hit Very adjustable Shorter shaft length than usual for this loft Great price for new club
ConsWay to head heavy out of the box Shaft is to light for this length
By gary
malvern, Arkansas
February 2, 2019
Shiny & new
New condition with head cover great club great price
By Chris
Burke, VA
January 31, 2019
Another great buy
I haven't been able to use this yet due to the polar vortex but it feels great and looks good. Cannot wait to put this in the bag as a way to take more confident swings at the green from a longer distance.
ProsGreat solid feel
By Jerome
Auburn, WA
January 31, 2019
Jumps off the club head
I have a couple of buddies that use Cobra products and they love them. I purchased the F6 baffler and now I can see why they love the Cobra products. The ball just jumps off the club head and I have picked up at least 20 to 25 yards with this club. This replaced my old 5 wood. Having the adjustable loft helps as well. One of my best purchases and also a great price. Thanks Rockbottom :)
ProsMore distance. Ball frames in nice with the black club head.
By Andrew Wildman
January 26, 2019
Once again just ok because brand not one of big three goes well can’t wait to test it on course looking for 220-240 if it can reach that then it’s in the rotation felt really solid on center hits at range but off mats
ConsBrand name cobra has dropped in value in my opinion
By Gary
Charlotte, North Carolina
January 19, 2019
Long and Straight
With most fairway woods, it can be very difficult to hit balls well off the turf. Not with this. It couldn’t be easier! The launch is fantastic and the baffler rails really help guide the club head on the ground.
By C Heyland
January 6, 2019
Bang On.!.
Great kickpoint on the supplied shaft & nice to have the flexibility of the loft adjustment.
By Mike
Rome, NY
December 14, 2018
Excellent product.
Club was exactly as presented. Very please with both product and service. Rockbottom golf is an excellent company to do business with.
By Jack
December 13, 2018
I've spent a lot of money over the years looking for the perfect five wood. This is it. This club will do anything you ask of it, and will do it from any lie.
ProsThe perfect club.
By Chris
Cranberry Township, PA
December 4, 2018
What I wanted
It is doing exactly what I was hoping for. I have used it for two rounds. Too bad the season is over in southwestern PA.
ProsCan handle the rough even getting it high into the air.
Long Island, NY
November 20, 2018
The club I've been looking for
This club is awesome! Got it to replace 2 hybrid. Only played a few rounds and had a few practice sessions, but its longer, straighter, and much better off fairway and out of rough. Will be go to club off tee for tighter par 4s. Looking forward to the spring.
ProsReally easy to hit. Nice distance.
ConsCant think of any.
By Benjamin
Watkinsville, GA
November 19, 2018
Good club
Light and easy to hit.
By Jesse
November 14, 2018
Game saver
I'm extremely happy with this club. I needed a fairway wood that would fill the gap between my driver and 5 Iron for 2nd shots. I decided on this club based on reviews that I seen plus the versability of being able to make adjustments to it. Well I Hit it right out of the box and it is fantastic. I Hit this club on average about 180_190 and with the baffeler rails I can Hit off the fairway as well.
By Dennis
Ocala, Florida
November 13, 2018
Great add to the Bag
For a player who has a built in fade, this club flies nice and straight. The head feels heavier than most, and I like that. All an all, a very good choice.
By Adolfo
Springfield, NJ
October 24, 2018
LOVE LOVE LOVE This club. Very easy to hit. great off of the turf and the mat. ball jumps off of the face. this club will be impossible to get out of my bag. May have to purchase another one so i can have an official 4w and 5w.
ProsEasy to hit. Smooth off of grass and mats. ball jumps off of the face. Nice shape.
By Bob
Anaheim Hills, CA
October 23, 2018
Easy to hit, and a must for each bag!
I tried this club because I was inconsistent in hitting my 4 & 5 irons. This club solved my problem. It's very forgiving and easy to hit. I'm now thinking of just taking my 4 and 5 irons out of my bag permanently. It's a good looking club and feels very comfortable when swinging.
ProsEasy to hit. Very forgiving Get about 10-15 yards more than the comparable irons

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