By Ed
March 13, 2019
Perfect conditions and great service
I was expecting this club for a while to replace my old ping g25 /23?. First to say the club was even better, no marks and or signs of use, like new at its best. Having said this the club performs very well, have hit only range balls and it’s coming to its first round this weekend.
ProsLike new 200% Great service and fast response Always great selection and best prices
ConsNone so far
By Thomas Medcalf
March 13, 2019
great looking club
It was suppose to an excellent condition club, it still had plastic wrap on the hear. Hit it well the first time out of the bag
By Phil White
New Zealand
March 13, 2019
Demo Wilson D300 9d driver
Excellent service (as usual); great club which arrived in as new condition (as promised), and has been well used since and is a great club and an improvement on my old TaylorMade R7 9d driver. Only thing that would have been good was to get some instructions about how to adjust it! Phil W, New Zealand
Prosexcellent condition or a demo club, does the job!
By Dave
Mocksville, NC
March 12, 2019
Pre-owned Z F65 Fairway Wood
For pre-owned, this club truly was in excellent condition. It looked brand new, without a scratch
ProsShape and lie of the club is very pleasing to the eye. Feels good and sounds good. Pretty forgiving on off center hits. Good distance.
By Dave
Mocksville, NC
March 12, 2019
Srixon Z765 Driver - Pre-owned
Although this club was pre-owned, it truly was in excellent condition. When I took it out of the box I couldn’t believe it wasn’t brand new. There wasn’t a scratch anywhere on it. As far as performance, for me it performs extremely well, as do all Srixon clubs. I also have a Ping G25, and I think the Z765 is as long, and a little more forgiving for shots that aren’t hit exactly in the sweet spot. I’m very satisfied with this club.
ProsFeel, sound, forgiveness, distance.
By Daniel
Mountain House, California
March 12, 2019
Easy to Hit 3w
This ball flys.
By Frank
March 12, 2019
C300 driver
Club arrived and is good-like new. Good feel
By Mike
March 12, 2019
Great Wedge, great price.
Title says it all. Great deal for a great club. All arrived quickly and in fantastic condition
ProsGreat weight and feel off the face. Generates good spin.
By Ken
March 12, 2019
Offset 3wood
Really enjoying my tour edge offset 3wood , hit some great shots some out of fairway that I wish I could hit my driver that well.
ProsReceived fast, club was in excellent condition.
By Zach
Huntington WV
March 9, 2019
Very happy with my first set of "new" clubs. Never have been a Callaway guy but I must say that these things make me want to switch completely. Being a 20 handicap makes for a whole lot of inconsistencies but these rogues dont punish me for an off hit near as much as my old cavity backs. My confidence standing over the ball as went through the roof with these beautiful things. Would definitely recommend these to any mid-high handicap golfer looking to improve their game. Also had a great experience with RBG as I traded old clubs in order to get these new ones. They gave me more for my old clubs than any other website as well as any local places in my area. Sent my clubs out pre-paid and had my store credit within a couple of days. Thanks to everyone at RBG for helping me improve my game as well as my confidence in my hardware.
ProsFast Friendly Fair ------------- Forgiving Beautiful Confidence builder
ConsNone worth talking about
By Abe
March 8, 2019
Great club
Great condition
By Jay
March 8, 2019
Great buying experience
I purchased this wedge for my 16-year-old daughter. It arrived in phenomenal condition and the price was great.
By Michael
Fort Wayne, IN
March 8, 2019
Wilson D300 Fairway Wood
This club came in excellent condition, as the description said when buying. No marks, dings, or ANY signs of wear. For the price, you can’t beat it!!! A new club for half the price!! Thanks RB!!! I’ll be shopping with you guys way more often!!!!
ProsLike new Half price AMAZING club
ConsNo cons for a man who wants to save money!
By Jack
North Port 3
March 8, 2019
Very nice.
The putter was not only a great value but also a wonderful putter.The alignment aid works just advertised.
ProsGreat face balance
ConsCover magnet weak
By Ian Jones
N. Yorks
March 8, 2019
My clubs
Recently bought a set of cobra clubs, and am really impressed with them
ConsHad to pay an import duty on them, which I thought was pretty extortionate
By Fan
Denistone, New South Wales
March 8, 2019
The 9 iron has a couple of dents
The 7 iron has some wear in sole. Otherwise are fine
By Mark B.
Jacksonville FL
March 7, 2019
Love the feel and performance.
Love the feel and performance, great price.
By Daniel
Ojai, Ca
March 7, 2019
Great driver for a small price.
I was looking for a used driver and I decided on this “like new” Cobra Max. When it showed up in the mail I unwrapped a brand new club that was still in the wrapper with the stickers on it. You definitely get a lot from this driver for a small price.
By Steve
March 7, 2019
Great hybrid
Good balance Hit is a good as my other Calloway 5 hybrid that I have in my spare bag
ProsPrice and condition of used club
By Lee
North Carolina
March 6, 2019
Couldn't pass it up the deal
Couldn't pass up the amazing deal on this club. I play the XR pro driver so I had to have the matching fairway wood.
By Mardukes
March 6, 2019
Excellent Indeed
I can’t really tell it was ever used. If anything the adapter might have looked handled. Very impressed. Now if I could only hit a driver.
ConsNo head cover or tool
By James
Mesa Arizona
March 6, 2019
Good deal
The club was it the best shape ever could not tell it was used had no ball marks or any scuffs so ngreat deal
ConsNeed a key for club and will have go on line to see what settings are for adjustment
March 6, 2019
Pre-Owned TaylorMade Golf Burner SuperFast Fairway 3-wood
"Very good" condition....and it was just that!! The club arrived quickly, and the condition was even better than expected! As usual a great transaction from the Rock !!!
ProsCan't beat the Rock!!!
By Carlin H Koffarnus
Peoria, IL
March 6, 2019
Tour Edge 3 wood
Condition was supposed to be "very good". I think it was excellent to like new. I was not supposed to get a headcover, I did get one. I am very happy.
By Clarke
Stockton, California
March 5, 2019
TaylorMade M4 460 Driver
Item was just as described. I received it very quickly.
By Dave Nichols
North Carolina
March 5, 2019
Hi and long
By Mark L
Land O Lakes, FL
March 5, 2019
Ping 3W
My first purchase from RBG. Was a little nervous about "Very Good" rating, didn't exactly know what it meant. But I am VERY happy with the club. If it looked any better, it would be "mint"! Grip was excellent, and just a few scuffs on the face; looks better than clubs I already have! And it even came with a Ping club cover! I'll definitely buy again. I haven't had a lot of time yet with the club, but I like it so far; probably more so once I resolve some unrelated swing issues. Toying with loft adjustment. Probably look at getting a Ping 7W next, if RBG has one!
Dayton, Ohio
March 5, 2019
I really like the looks and feel of this driver. It seems to have a bit more weight than my previous G20 driver, which makes it easier to close the club face on my drives. The optifit system is nice, which allows for adjustments to be made to fit your swing. Product from RockBottom was exactly as described.
By Jack
March 4, 2019
As expected
I haven't had the chance to hit it yet because the weather here has been terrible for months now. The club arrived in like new condition as advertised and I'm sure I'll enjoy it when the weather allows me to.
ProsLike new as advertised
By Bill
Pensacola, Florida
March 2, 2019
Nice Ping Putter!
It's not the Anser I wanted but I needed a short putter. 32 - 33" was the selling point for me. The putter is in very good condition. I am able to strike my putts so that they roll true along the lines I have chosen. I has a good feel except that I wish the grip were larger.
By Bobby
Parkland, Florida
March 2, 2019
Tour Edge Hybrid
Club listed as "very good", should have been listed as "excellent".
ProsGreat delivery. Perfect condition. Tour Edge is #1 in my game.
By Bobby
March 1, 2019
Tour Edge Hybrids
Ordered the 4-5-6 hybrids. Ad describes as excellent, they lied, clubs were actually brand new. Next the 6 wood described as very good, again they lied, club might have been hit once. Love the clubs and the price. Delivery was fantastic.
ProsRBG always rocks in my book.
By Jon Hemmati
March 1, 2019
M2 Fairway wood
It is taylormade, it is great. what a distance. and what a good feeling.
By Lew Gibson
Croydon, Pennsylvania
February 28, 2019
Excellent condition
First time swinging a hybrid and I love it. Looks like it’s been used no more then one season. The grip is amazing and the ball pops off the head like it’s new. Highly recommend
By Dean
Dover, Pennsylvania
February 27, 2019
Mizuno wedge
It’s a well weighted wedge, Mizuno in my opinion makes some of the irons and wedges.
By Ryan Zaleski
February 27, 2019
Solid wedge
Was having alot of trouble with sm6 maybe it was the grind. Picked yo this sm4 and it was extremely consistent and forgiving. Has a nice look to it as well. By far my favorite wedge look and feel.
By Msalinas
san antonio, tx
February 26, 2019
Wilson C300 irons
Long, forgiving and straight. My only problem with these clubs is I don't feel any feedback during swings especially the short irons. Maybe a combo with c300 forge in the short irons.
ProsLong straight forgiving
Consno feedback when hitting shots
By Bobby Cousins
Columbia SC
February 25, 2019
As advertised
This completes a set
By Eddie Stamps
Lenoir City TN
February 25, 2019
had one before that work well. need one that I know that will work. good club.
Proshit this club very well.
By Alan
Upstate NY/ Syracuse
February 24, 2019
My 3 wood arrived in about 4-5 days in a sturdy 3 sided box. The club was in a plastic bag and had a new headcover! I looked the club over very carefully, and it was brand new! Not a smudge or scratch...Since I live in upstate NY, I won't know how the club works for probably 2 months unless I try it in an indoor facility.
ProsThe condition and price!
ConsNot rally a complaint, but I missed getting free postage by 2 days... Not a problem at the price I paid.
By John
Newton, Kansas
February 24, 2019
Call away Rouge Driver
This was “like new”. Driver was in excellent shape. Minor blemishes. Grip appeared new. The club itself has proven to be an excellent driver. I am hitting the ball straighter with added distance . Very happy with the performance. Only disappointment is that it didn’t come with a head cover.
ProsStyle Distance Forgiveness
ConsNo head cover
By Steve
February 23, 2019
F7 fairway
Easiest to launch fairway that I have hit
ConsNo headcover but I knew that when I purchased
By eric stickland
February 23, 2019
3 wood
needed a diff. 3 wood. Got it under the value condition. was surprised how really good shape the club was
Prosvalue saved $$$
By Richard Hohensee
san antonio, texas
February 23, 2019
Good Club
Price was crazy low for this top quality Hybrid
ProsJust ripped the ball with this club right out of the box.
By Will
Asheville, NC
February 23, 2019
Wonderful golf club!
I bought this Ping 2hybrid at a fraction of its original price, and it turned out to be a great investment. The ball just explodes off the face. Give one a try.
ProsGood look, and for a used club, it arrived in really good condition.
By Greg
Southern Indiana
February 23, 2019
Great Deal !
Very happy with the Iron.Arrived very fast and was packaged in a secure box.It was as good as a new one at under half the cost. I was surprised that it was as good as a new one.I actually bought two more to go with this one and they are also in great shape. Will be looking to buy from again in the future. Thanks very happy with these irons.
ProsLike new without paying what other places are wanting for clubs not as good.
By Dave Nichols
North Carolina
February 23, 2019
great place to buy, exceeds expecations
bought 2 wedges, beautiful, great prices, fast and easy
By Alphonse
Venice, Florida
February 22, 2019
Driver Purchase
I bought the driver knowing the condition was “Good”. Good meant used with possibly some dings or marks of some kind. When I recieved the driver is was in great condition. Not a mark or ding. It really looked new. Best purchase I’ve made. Thank you.
ProsDriver looked new
By Jack
February 22, 2019
The five star rating is for RBG. The club arrived with some issues. I contacted RBG and within 24 hours I returned the damaged club, had a credit on my account, and was able to purchase another driver.
ProsExcellent service.
By Rich Danch
Wooster, Ohio
February 21, 2019
Love my new Mizuno irons!
I recently traded in some clubs to Rock Bottom and got a set of Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. They were in incredible condition and I have been super satisfied with the early results I have seen on the launch monitor. Thanks Rock Bottom!

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