By Derrick
May 31, 2019
Better than expected
Used balls can be hit or miss, but these showed up looking better than expected and at a very reasonable price.
Sarasota, Fl
May 13, 2019
callaway used
look and play like new balls and a lot cheaper
By James
Lafayette, Indiana
May 11, 2019
Great Deal
Awesome balls for a great deal
By James McConnell
May 11, 2019
Great value
Great value. Balls play just like new.
By Jorden
Scituate, Rhode Island
May 11, 2019
N.M. B330 RX
Perfect. Exactly how I thought they would be. Balls are a mix of years but all are correct and look near mint.
ProsCheap...7.99 dozen/3dz very good ball
By Bill
Ft Lauderdale, Fl.
May 3, 2019
Having Played the same Ball for 3 Rounds now...
I have played the same ball for three rounds now. I find no changes in cover surface, color or Text. I have not played a Mint Non Refinished ball alongside it yet, but will shortly(I had none left LOL). So far it appears to play exactly the same but I am not 100% sure just yet. Having said that if I have to say it that way, the is probably little or no change in characteristics of the stock Bridgestone Tour B330S ball.
ProsLook Brand New! Refinish logo a bit annoying, but it does help to identify from the cart.
ConsRefinish logo a bit annoying, but not a deal changer.
By Ron
Newark, Delaware
April 20, 2019
B330 X Mint
Golf balls from the Cave are always looking great.
ProsMint golf balls always look brand new out of the box from the Cave!
By Benjamin L Brabbin
April 19, 2019
Awesome balls great price
These golf balls are definitely in better shape than I expected. I almost called the ones I got like new even though it says Fair. I think I might order another box before too long though this box will last a long time.
By Ed
Western NY
April 17, 2019
Not all the same "edition"
Ordered a box of these. When they came they were not all the same. From what I had read, B330-rx balls have a dimple in dimple pattern (pictured in advertisement). Only about 10% of the balls I was shipped had this pattern. Was told that different years of B330rx balls had different dimple patterns. Wasn't sure if what I was getting were truly B330rx balls. So I returned them. Didn't get a chance to play them, so can't comment on Pros or Cons.
April 14, 2019
Very happy
the finish cover on these balls is great. Nice feel to them too. would consider buying them again in future
By Joe
Morrison, IL
April 10, 2019
Go Deep!!!!!
Absolutely love hitting the Bridgestone B330 RX. Great feel off the club face and for near pennies compared to brand new balls it's a no brainer
ProsLow cost High quality ball
ConsLook beat up faster due to refurbished cover
By Caleb Tallent
April 2, 2019
These are great balls!
First time playing these. I really liked them. Great feel and long
ProsLong, Great feel, Good around the green
ConsThey are not as bright as I would like
By Rafael
March 30, 2019
I am sorry to say, that these don't feel, sound or play like real B330 RXS golf balls. They are nice and clean and pretty looking, but they are harder, sound tingier and don't quite play like the "real" B330s. Somebody posted these are "previous generation" new balls. That IS NOT the case. This is for sure the last "refurbished" piece of crap golf balls I ever get. I'm a bit unhappy w/ RockBottomGolf for selling these...
ProsNew/clean looking
ConsHarder than regular B330s. Sound different. Higher pitched sound of a harder ball. Don't seem as consistent on distance.
March 27, 2019
Bridgestone B330 RX
These Bridgestone balls are awesome.
ProsSpin Feel Distance
By Justin Thompson
North Platte, Nebraska
March 27, 2019
Just like new!
Order these. Give any of your buddies one of these and a new ball. They’ll never be able to tell the difference
By Ray S
Palos Verdes California
March 25, 2019
Good refurbished ball
All balls look excellent play a little less as long as new ones
By Ben
March 24, 2019
Great Deal
I really enjoyed this ball when it first came out. As good as the Pro V but at a much lower price point. This 3 dozen for $60 deal is phenomenal.
By Ken
Cheyenne, WY
March 22, 2019
Great ball for the price
Amazing deal on a great ball.
By Robert
Carpentersville, Il
March 19, 2019
Last years model at a great price
I love the feel around the green.
By Cj
Pensacola, Florida
March 16, 2019
Great value
Brand new prior gen balls for fire sale price. These are NOT refinished or used balls.
By Randy
salem, OR
March 15, 2019
What a fantastic deal
I love these golf balls and the price was a steal.
By Fred
West Covina, California
March 14, 2019
Good ball with adequate distance. Does not seem to stop well on the greens.
ProsGood distance.
ConsDoes not hold greens.
By Fred
Wimauma , Florida
March 14, 2019
Just as described and very very fast delivery plus tracking and notifications..
ProsGreat job
By James
Lafayette, Indiana
March 10, 2019
Great ball
Great balls for the price
By Jim
Venice, FL
February 23, 2019
Great Ball
Great ball for the price. Soft and longer than what I've been playing. Great sound on impact. Balls look great.
ProsLook good and preform well.
ConsNone so far.
By Rob
February 18, 2019
Junk Balls either refinished or knockoffs
Purchased 6 dozen of them. Covers start to peel after one or 2 wedge hits. Also, spin numbers are a joke I hit 5 wedges with these was getting around 6500 hit 5 with the exact same model ball that I had from another purchase elsewhere and they were all around 10,000 rpm DONT BUY
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out ASAP to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Proslook new
ConsEither refinished or knockoffs
By William
North Port, FL
February 14, 2019
Great deal for a high quality ball
These balls a very good. Great way to buy at a discounted price due to bulk packaging
By Neil
Sterling Heights, Michigan
February 9, 2019
Hassle free
great ball, great price, even prefer the packaging.
By B.W.
Fort Worth
February 5, 2019
Great deal
You can't beat the deal on these balls. I can certainly live without the fancy packaging to save this much. Rock Bottom shipped on time and delivers what's promised. Highly recommended and have told my friends to check them out.
By Scott
New Bern
February 5, 2019
Bridgestone B300 RXS golf balls
Honesltly, this is my first time buying reconditioned balls. I was surprised that they delivered balls that were over fours years old. I know this to be true due to the fact that half the order the dimples on these Bridgestone balls were Not Dual but single and those haven’t been manudactirered since 2013. Condition were very good, but again would’ve preferred they were not stamped “reconditioned”. I gave most of them to a friend as a gift who isn’t as picky and as knowledgeable as I am. He appreciates them so no harm, no foul!
ProsSee review and comments.
ConsSee review and comments.
January 1, 2019
As described A+
December 20, 2018
Great price for great ball
I think some are under the perception these balls are used or blemished. They are brand new just boxed in bulk. If your driver head speed is less than 105 then this is the Bridgestone ball for you. I hit them just as far as my buddies playing the $45-$60 dozen from the pro shop.
By Chris
Omaha, NE
December 19, 2018
Best deal around
Great balls at an even better price!
By Will
December 18, 2018
Good golf balls
Great ball and the price was great
By Valon
Lemont, Illinois
December 18, 2018
Switched from Callaway to Bridgestone and never looked back
These Bridgestones are great for my swing speed. The fact that they come in an Ammo Box makes this deal even sweeter.
By James
North Chesterfield, VA
November 26, 2018
Perfect shape
Good appearance, great price
By Doug
Sarnia, Ontario
November 20, 2018
Great balls at a super price.
Excellent distance and short game control with Bridgestone B300 RX balls.
ProsDistance and control.
November 16, 2018
Bridgestone Golf Balls
Have not played these balls yet but the value and timing of balls received was excellent.
By Albert T
November 15, 2018
perfect for fall golf
When it is so easy to lose a ball in leaves or wet turf, the price and performance of these balls are just right
Proscost effective
Consnone noticed yet
By Hank
October 15, 2018
Excellent balls
Perfect condition, the rx is a good quality ball that stops and plays long.
By Benny Foster
Louisville, Ky
October 8, 2018
Great Value but personalization is a joke
The ball itself seems to look and play great for me but the personalization is a joke. It looks like someone took an inkpad and hand stamped the ball, which lasts about two hits into the damp fairway grass. I have utilized these balls for four rounds and each performed well but none of the personalization's lasted past the 3rd or 4th hole.
ProsGreat look and feel. Seems to perform very well.
ConsMarketed as a brand new factory direct ball but reading many reviews point to the balls being used in mint condition. The personalization is very cheap and does not stay on the ball at all.
By G.W.
October 2, 2018
Great Value
I purchased refurbished golf balls, knowing how they performed new and they did not disappoint
By Allain
Orange City, Florida
September 25, 2018
Great Ball, Great Price
Look and Play Like New, Great Feel around the Green
ProsQuality and Price
By Ironpig
Edmond, OK
September 7, 2018
Very satisfied with the playability and quality of these refinished golf balls.
ProsLook Feel Distance
ConsRefinished logo on ball
By Jon
Chicago, Illinois
September 4, 2018
Decent value
So if you spend under $40 for 36 golf balls, you expect to have some bad ones. I was hoping to get at least 12 "like new" balls and did. The remaining 24 balls were questionable but good for practice. The old Bridgestone logo was visible on a lot of these balls. the re-marking of the Tour B330 was not close to the original. overall, I will purchase again with the hopes that I can get more quality balls than bad.
Prosyou will yield at least 12 like new balls.
Cons-only #1 and #2 -the Bridgestone logo visible (original)
By Savannah Dawg
Richmond Hill, GA
August 22, 2018
Great value
Have ordered these several times and they play and look brand new. Only thing I don’t like is the new big green recycled logo on the side.
ConsBig green recycled logo on each ball
By Jacob
Detroit, Michigan
August 13, 2018
Great balls
These balls were told to be mint, and that’s basically what I got. All the balls were in great shape and looked like they were right out of the box new.
By Dave Bresler
New York
August 11, 2018
Great balls cheap
These balls are great! Soft feel for accuracy at a great price. The balls were all in good shape and performed like new.
ConsNo cons.
By Andy
Troy, MI
July 31, 2018
I was skeptical of a used ball
I waited to write a review until I played a number of rounds with these, and I'm more than impressed. My concern was the "water ball" but so far they've played just like new ones.
ProsGreat feel and a top shelf ball.
Consnone yet, I imagine I'll end up with a couple "dead" one eventually but not so far.
By Cameron Brown
Tampa, FL
July 29, 2018
Great value
Balls are practically new. Little to no scuffs or marks. Can’t find a better value out there. Will buy again.
ProsValue and quality
ConsNot brand new

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