By Stephen
Odyssey putter
July 10, 2020
Works for me
Midland, Michigan
worth the money
July 6, 2020
So far this has been a great putter, I feel very confident when making a putt. It has enough weight that it feels like a maillot, but small enough head that you feel like you have complete control.
Prosthe ball springs off the putter face, and runs true to your line, & looks sharp
Helena Mt
Sink more putts
June 25, 2020
Have used 4 rounds now it has a great feel my lag putts are closer,but changing grip to a super stroke 2.0
By Jory
Stamford, CT
Switched from TM Spyder to Odyssey O Works and Glad I Did
May 7, 2020
I switched from my TM putter to this one. Feels great, easy to align and I find I am lagging long putts closer to the hole than ever before. It is very satisfying when your foursome sees you sink a bunch of 20+ footers and those tough 3-4 footers too.
By Darryl W.
Money maker
April 18, 2020
I absolutely love it. Getting a new grip put on it to fit me. Odyssey makes the best putter. This is my 2nd one I have owned. And I hot this one at a great price.
By Larry
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Easy Alignment
April 16, 2020
I’ve tried many putters and many grips, including a claw grip for the past 5 years because I tended to pull putts. With a conventional grip on my Red Ball I’m able to line up easily without any tricks and made 3 birdies yesterday I wasn’t expecting.
By Jim o.
Seattle WA
Haven’t tried the clubs cause of the viro
April 16, 2020
As of above
By Doug
Dayton, OH
Very nice
April 15, 2020
very nice and very good price.
By Paul
Lugoff, SC
Great putter
April 14, 2020
I love the alignment aid. Putter has solid feel. Great quality as always. Thanks Rock Bottom!!
By Dheeraj p.
New Delhi
Exo putter excellent
April 2, 2020
Due to the corona virus situation haven’t been able to use it on the course but have a home putting green .. balance and stroking feels greattt loving this putter and u can’t have a better looking putter ... now just hoping once I get on the course putts start falling ...
By Cory
Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
March 29, 2020
I just purchased this putter within the last week. I’ve had it out a couple times and have seen a significant improvement on the green. This putter is so balanced. The weight of the head is perfect for my style of putting. And you can tell you’ve made good contact with the ball by the sound and fee the face make. Absolutely love this putter.
ProsBalance Feel Style Weight
WESTERN North Carolina
surprising putter
March 22, 2020
MY NEW 2 BALL EXO IS THE BEST ONE YET! IT has a great balance, superior feel and seems to put an ever so slight top spin which helps hold the line. very easy to line up.
By Fuzzy
Purchased for Grandson
March 17, 2020
I bought this putter to help my grandson get his head over his putter. He has just turned 13 and is having trouble with distance control and direction with his putting. We're continuing to practice and it seems to be helping.
ProsRed Ball lines up like a rifle sight.
ConsEven at 13, the grip was too small for his hands. Had an Odessey oversize grip installed to help stabilize his grip.
By John P.
They made an update for a reason
March 13, 2020
It's pretty tough to feel this putter. I guess the new ones have a spring face that's shorter and taller to help feel. Either you short putt this thing or you got a rocket. Not much inbetween
ProsLooks sweet
ConsNo consistency
By Gh
Red eye putter
March 9, 2020
This putter has a nice feel, and it does make it easier to lineup your putt using the red eye
ProsEasier to lineup your putt Grip has a nice feel Comes with head cover
By Rob
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895
Putting with confidence
January 31, 2020
This is a preliminary review because I've yet to use the putter on the course yet. But, it is a comfort on the practice green. It's got style and it's technical design does make lining the ball up way easier. I have full confidence that it will take a significant number of strokes off my game!
ProsThe red ball design allows you to confidently line up and hit the ball square every time.
Sherborn, ma
Nice Putter
January 20, 2020
Excellent value for this hard-to-find model.
By Blaxsmith
New Orleans, La
Nice Look & Feel
December 17, 2019
Just received my babygirl/putter yesterday (12/16/19). She is much weightier than expected; which is a plus. First look; she seemed lighter than my regular (Ray Cook) mallet, but it was just the opposite. Immediately changed the grip (S.S. 3.0 Tour), then took her to the course (practice green). She felt really good. The red ball was kinda different for me, but eventually I grasped the concept; and made more and more putts. This putter really calms down any unnecessary back swing movement. It also gives more concentration at point of contact; The MOI is like wow. I like this putter for the price👍🏽 #Christmas2019Gift2myself😁
ProsNicely weight proportionated Good Presentation Looks a bit Ritzy Really speak design
ConsGrip is too small for Bigger hands
vancouver, bc
Perfect condition
December 17, 2019
Great price for this putter that I was searching for - it was a great deal
By tchrgary
Springfield, MO
Just an average oddysey putter
November 2, 2019
This putter is nothing exception al. I have played the odyssey ice putter and thought this might be an upgrade. So far it performs about like my old one. I'm going to give it a little longer before I switch.
By Kent
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 12, 2019
Great feel and easy to line up shots
By Joe
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Odyssey Golf O-Works Red Ball Putter
October 9, 2019
This is a sweet feeling putter that allows easy alignment by looking at the red ball. I chose the 35" length as I like the feel of a taller putter, it is available in various lengths.
ProsEasy alignment, great feel, great looking putter!
ConsNone at this time.
By Robby M.
Conroe, TX
Solid Putter
October 4, 2019
Incredible value. Great putter for the price. Solid feel. Rolls the ball nicely. If you like a putter with lines on the head to help in alignment, this putter does not have them. However it is still a good putter. Make a good stroke and make a few putts.
ProsSolid feel. Nice thin grip fits well in your hands. Putter Headcover.
By Rob
Frankfort, NY
Odyssey Red Ball Putter
September 26, 2019
Good feel, great balance. Love the putter.
By Pat
Great Putter
September 10, 2019
This putter is very well balanced. Purchased it to replace a putter I had had for over 10 years. Performed very well the first time I used it and continues to do so. Is a little heavier than some putters - but that is one of reasons I like it.
ProsWell balanced
By Kevin
Fort Worth, Texas
Great Putter At Great Price
July 12, 2019
This putter really suits my eye and inspires confidence. RGB made it available at a great price point. Now get one and go sink some putts.
ProsLooks Feel Performance Price
By Oleksandr
East Hanover, New Jersey
Nice putter but not very good balanced
June 29, 2019
I've ordered the 34 inch putter. But the shaft was a little bit shorter then I expected. It was marked as 34 inch on shaft handle but real length 33-33.5 Inch. The putter feels good on long putts but not very stable on short less then 3 feet because of lack of balance feel.
ProsComfort club handle
ConsNot enouth feel of balance
By Matt
Warren, OH
Keep it Rollin
February 23, 2019
I’ve never been a huge Odyssey putter fan. This however, is a home run. Face insert is pillow soft, however it’s firmer toward to the heel and toe so you can feel and even here a mishit. The aliagnemnt aids are great, the Red Ball concept really works and helps you to get over the ball. All this plus the high MOI keeps the ball rolling true.
By Anthony
Mount Prospect
Great putter from the rock
January 2, 2019
Great putter and great customer services from rock bottom golf
By Frank
TX - Texas
Never miss another putt
December 27, 2018
WOW feel the feeling of a true putt. The ball rolls true and direct
ProsCuts 3-5 strokes off my game
By Erwin
Canton, Oh
Consistent setup leads to great putting
August 30, 2018
This review is for the Odyssey’s new Red Ball putter. Specifically, it will address my opinion on how it helps with my putting setup, not the color of the shaft or a damaged putter cover or grip, or another putter altogether. This aptly named putter has a red ball on the top of the putter with an alignment circle positioned above it. When you setup to the putter you look down through the circle to see the red ball. When the putter is placed flat and you look down and the red ball is aligned inside the circle you can be assured that the you are holding the putter in a repeatable, consistent way every time. Previously i putted well with a daddy long legs spider that i really liked. But i found that i would not always setup to the putter with the same stance or ball position. I was probably only off by a few millimeters but i often wondered if this contributed to pushing or pulling my putts. I believe that it did. Too far forward, back in my stance or too close or too far from the ball. I went to a local store and tried the putter several times before buying it. At first i was preoccupied with lining up the red ball in the circle. But once i got comfortable with how i held the putter and setup to it my natural putting stroke felt really good. Now, i am able to setup to my putter and then make micro adjustments to my stance to consistently setup the same. Then i check the alignment of the putter with the alignment mark on my ball. Then i concentrate on the ball and don’t worry about the red ball. I named my putter “Money” and even labeled it such because i am putting on line, every single time.
ProsConsistent setup equals great putting
By Whit
Arlington, VA
Great Putter
August 16, 2018
This putter is great, it increased my accuracy and cut strokes off my putting immediately.
By Coxey
Really what I needed.
August 9, 2018
My setup with a Spyder Red did not feel when addressing a putt. I was either toeing it or heeling it and hitting all putts offline. This putter has let me ground the club perfectly and roll the ball on line. It might be a gimmick, but Iā€™ve shaved 6 putts on my first round with it. The feel of a struck putt is pure, the ball follows the line perfectly. I just hope when this gets out, itā€™s not declared illegal. Itā€™s that good!
ProsPerfect alignment and centered.
ConsNothing I can find
By Londa
Salt Lake City, Utah
Great putter
May 18, 2018
I really like this putter because it is so hard to find a center shafted putter. It has a really good feel, and a nice superstroke grip.
By Chris
Great Putter!!
May 10, 2018
I love this putter! I am putting with so much more confidence! PRice was was the service.
ProsGreat roll. Looks great at address. Price was amazing
By Dave
Bloomfield Hills, MI
One putter every ten years
April 26, 2018
I'm not fickle when it comes to putters -- I change only once about every ten years. I have to have good reasons to change. This putter provides those reasons-- (1) center shafted, (2) black shaft that matches the putter head and is visually appealing, (3) wide and highly visible white alignment lines, and (4) face insert that promotes smooth roll and soft feel.
By Jim
Fresno, Ca
April 23, 2018
Point and shoot. If you miss with this putter, itā€™s because you read it wrong. So smooth and balanced. Best purchase Iā€™ve made in a long time
By Steve
Great Putter
April 23, 2018
The putter arrived quickly the product was perfect. I have yet to use it, but i'm sure it will perform as advertised.
ProsArrived quickly Unit was in perfect condition
ConsThe head cover is magnetized instead of Velcro. I find that the magnetized putter head covers tend to come off when riding in a cart.
By Jimmy
Leland, NC
Best Putter I've Owned
March 24, 2018
By far the best putter I've owned so far.

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