By updateCategoryParentWill
Delaware, Ohio
My new wedge
February 10, 2021
Great club. Have always used Solus wedges. Inexpensive and easy to hit!
ProsGets through sand like a charm, and use it from about 70 yards in. I'm a high handicap Senior, who needs as much forgiveness as possible. This club delivers!
By JohnV
Great for getting out of a bunker.
January 27, 2021
Works great for Bunker shots. Easy to escape with. Ball stops on a dime.
ProsWorks well in sand.
ConsTakes a little time to get used to
By Margaret
San Antonio., Texas
60? wedge
November 29, 2020
I have only used it a couple of times, but I really like it for the 35-40 yards out.
ProsGreat club for the price!!
ConsA little bit heavy.
By Ken
Las Vegas
Great wedges
November 16, 2020
I first bought these 3 years ago when I was learning how to play golf. I have developed a lot since then and as my bag became more “expensive”, I remained loyal to these wedges. I have bought them twice and buying some more a third time soon. Now I play at a 2.5 handicap and consistently reach for these wedges confidently knowing I can do what I need to do around the green and approaching. I love these wedges and I know you will too.
Pros-Workable and consistent -Can play a variety of shots being able to open up and use the entire club face confidently -generates powerful spin even from bad lies -also trustworthy out of bad lies
ConsMay get strange looks at fancy country clubs having $20 wedges in your bag
By Tim
Carterville, MO
Great wedge
October 18, 2020
First off the look of this thing is awesome. When using it the feel is better than the look. Very controllable and a great addition to my bag.
ProsFinish and color are great.
By Dennis
Circleville, New York
Bought this for a friend - he loves it
September 24, 2020
Gave it to a friend as a birthday gift. He loves it. It has really improved his short game.
By Mark
The Villages, Florida
Well made
August 30, 2020
I bought a 720 60* and a 920 52* and like them both a great deal.
By Mark
The Villages, Florida
Blast your way out of that bunker
August 30, 2020
Have used it more then I thought I would, well made and good feel.
By Chad
I like it!
August 17, 2020
Works great for me. I always was afraid to put a good swing in with my pitching wedge. I would always hit too softly. With this wedge, hands forward, you can put a good swing in without the worry of over shooting. I am enjoying this 64 degree.
By Jeremy
Good quality
August 16, 2020
This club is perfect if you want good quality but at a low price. It’s heavier then my old wedge so I have more control
By Claude
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Great Wedge!
August 15, 2020
This is great wedge, can’t beat the price! It has a nice weight , get out of the sand quick, no problem. Best buy.
By Adam
Works Great
August 14, 2020
I am a new golfer and this club made me feel like I knew what I was doing. It helped me to easily get the ball onto the green and within two feet of the hole on several holes my first time I used it.
By Frank L.
Vero Beach, FL
720 WS - Very good lob/sand wedge
August 11, 2020
I bought the 60 deg Solus 720 WS. It is a great lob wedge around the greens. Probably effective as far as 20 yards. I can hit it off fluffy or deep grass easily. Fairway short grass - no problem. Hardpan is a little trickier as it is with any club.. It is also a good sand wedge just hit behind the ball. I did a test - 4 balls on the back side of a sand trap - the back side is a grass hill. I had to hit off deeper grass up over the grass hill then over a 12 foot wide sand trap and the hole was 16 feet from the sand trap or about 28 to 33 feet. I am not that good and was not even taking my time. 4 great shots with plenty of spin to stop the balls. The infomercials for the wonder wedges have edits where they probably hit the shots over and over. My test was real with 4 different middle of the road balls. Great wedge.
ProsGreat price, easy to use. The grip is nice and the club head finish is high quality. It looks like new after using it and wiping it down. It looks like Titleist quality and not a cheap wedge. The wedge works very well
ConsLob/sand wedges are among the hardest to hit clubs. You need to practice a little. There is no magic club but this one works very well for me. As with any wedge in the sand - hit behind the ball.
By Wesley
New Berlin
Solus 720 WS wedge
August 7, 2020
I really like this wedge, used it 1 time and already knocked some strokes off my score. Very happy with the purchase!
By Tracy
Great wedges
August 7, 2020
These wedges hit great and have Great distances.
By Nick
Wilmington DE
Love this club, use it for everything
August 7, 2020
For chipping, flop shots, sometimes even to get out of a bunker, this is my go-to club.
ProsLove this club, basically everything
ConsSand and dirt can get into the pocket on the bottom of the club head.
By Will
Saint Augustine, FL
Works Well
August 2, 2020
This club works well around the greens and great for flop shots. Surprisingly good for the money invested.
ProsSets up well. Easy to hit. Great value.
By Dominic
New Jersey
Awesome value
July 31, 2020
I needed something for near the greens and this was it. Great club for a great price!
By Wayne
The Villages, Florida
WS wedge
July 31, 2020
Great deal and a good club with a great feel. Easy to hit and a good feel for the grips.
ProsWell balanced and a great feel. Easy to hit and the club was good for that long grass near the green.
By Wayne
New York
July 31, 2020
Great club and a good price. Grip was great and the club hit well.
ProsGreat price and very good quality of the club and grips.
By NNamdi
Puyallup, Washington
Pretty Good
July 31, 2020
nicely designed and I was successful in my 2 rounds playing with it so far. Thats a success for me haha.
ProsDidn't ruin my game
Consnone yet
By Sooner M.
Rockwall, TX
Great build and design!
July 29, 2020
Awesome club. Great build and design!
By Sooner M.
Rockwall, TX
Great build and design!
July 29, 2020
Awesome club.Great build and design!
By Bob
Easy to hit
July 29, 2020
These wedges are easy to get the ball out of loose sand or rough. They are not good from tight lies. There is a metallic sound when you hit the ball. The ball pops up higher than my other wedges and seems to have a lot of spin. RBG price was cheap enough to give these a try.
ProsGood for beginners or someone that needs help out of bunkers or fluffy rough.
ConsNot good out of hard bunkers or bare ground. Too much bounce.
By Will
Saint Augustine, FL
Spin On The Green
July 29, 2020
Awesome product for the price. The first club that’s allowed me to stop a shot on the green and suck it or spin it back. I love it.
ProsGreat weighting and excellent price.
By Dylan
Vienna, Virginia
Great Club...
July 28, 2020
I gave this club to my best friend and I've watched him use this club to great effect on the golf course.
By Dylan
Vienna, Virginia
Crazy Fun Wedge - 64 degree!
July 28, 2020
I am really enjoying playing with this club. it is a solid, well-balanced club. I am still dialing in the distance, but it is very unique. I am experimenting with it and find that I get great loft with a phenomenal flop onto the green. Simply stated, it is fun.
ProsClub is unique degree, 64 degree, and plays well!
Consit is one more club - fun - but do you have room in the bag
By Mark G.
Great Wedge for the price
July 26, 2020
This wedge is not only great around the green, but it's impressive how good it is from the fairway on full shots. It has become my go to 100 yard club.
ProsVersatile club the is a bargain.
By Frank R.
New Jersey
Solus wedge
July 26, 2020
Price was just too good to pass up. Purchased it to use out of greenside bunkers because it has more bounce than my 58? wedge. Never owned a solus wedge but it is a decent wedge. So far it has worked out for me but I have only used it in 2 rounds.
ProsPrice, quality
By gmoose77
Holy control & lift, Batman!!
July 26, 2020
I have never had the loft and landing control that I got with this wedge. I have far more strokes saved out of rough & sand than ever!
By Jack B.
New Jersey
Solis wedge
July 26, 2020
Easy to hit and a nice addition to the bag.
By Gavin
South Jersey
First Round
July 17, 2020
Played my first round with this club and I love it. Was able to stick several shots close to the flag off tight lies. Also, super smooth out of the sand. Can't believe the price for this performance!
By Ray
South West
Best wedges you could buy
June 30, 2020
I have owned the big four companies clubs and wedges and these wedges are the first wedges that set up square without having to be bent. They have a very soft feel at impact and the non glare finish is perfect. I wish I had know about these wedges but I'm glad I bought them. Rock Bottom Golf has always answered my emails and made sure the products arrive on time. Thanks again RBG.
ProsSquare at set up,perfect lie angle, good shaft and grip. Soft feel and non glare. They make chipping and pitching easy.
Virginia Beach, VA
Great club for traps
June 26, 2020
Bought this club for my wife who was struggling to get out of traps. Not a problem now with this club. She uses a hybrid around greens so does not use for short chips, but now she has the confidence to get out of all traps in one shot.
ProsSet up is like a normal shot.
By Adam
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Affordable Wedge
June 16, 2020
This a great wedge for a beginner like me. It is easy to hit, and the price is very affordable.
ProsGreat Price Easy to use Looks great
By Wendell
Los Angeles CA
Great value
April 17, 2020
Solus fan for years... Series 4.1, Series 7.1, 720 CS... excellent wedges!
ProsCavity back head, wide flange and full face grooves
By Gary S.
Great club
April 16, 2020
would buy again
By Mike
Shelby Twp., MI
Very functional sand wedge
April 14, 2020
I bought this club as a cheaper alternative to the Cleveland wedge that has a similar design. I am pleased with the feel and the ease with which I can get out of green side bunkers and rough.
ProsFunctional design and has a good feel to it.
ConsHead is a little larger than I am used to but I expect it will grow on me with more use.
By Brian
Great club
February 11, 2020
Nice price
By Ron
Canonsburg, PA
Golf prizes
January 29, 2020
Great prize for price.
By Ramiro
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Great product quality gift
December 12, 2019
Great product quality gift
By Mike H.
Go to Wedge
November 30, 2019
Perfect 85 yard club for me with a full swing. Distance is very consistent with an extremely easy club to hit...can’t ask for more! Recommended!!
By Paul
Solus wedge
November 15, 2019
Nice club helps get the ball up and out of traps easier.
ProsLess work to get ball in the air and less roll out on greens. Good price compared to similar clubs.
By Harry
Still new, seem to play well
October 23, 2019
Only played two rounds with these wedges but they seem to play well. They do seem to be quite a bit heavier that my previous wedges. I see that as a plus at this point.
By Decclan M.
Good wedge
August 1, 2019
The club feels and swings good. I find that I only need for specific situations that require high loft.
ProsSolid design and feel.
ConsNone so far.
By stu
maricopa az
great out of the sand
July 31, 2019
Great feel, easy clubs for sand.
By Paul
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Solis wedge
July 26, 2019
Very good weight. Grip was better than I expected.
By Patrick
Athens, OH
Soft Touch
July 25, 2019
Seems to be quite soft on approach shots.
By General N.
Santa Clara, California
Escape from the sand trap
July 24, 2019
Have a pretty solid golf game. The one problem area has been getting out of green side bunkers. The Solis has changed that. I can get out consistently now. It has changed my game and lowered my scores!! Thanks Rock Bottom 😀!!!
By Dave
Graniteville, SC
Well made, solid feeling Gap Wedge
July 20, 2019
I needed a moderately priced gap wedge to try. My course places me in awkward wedge distances. Never having even tried a gap wedge before, I decided to get the Solus because of the look and the price. So far, it is a solid hitting wedge with exactly the distance between a sand and pitching wedge that I needed.
ProsLooks, price, feel.
ConsNone so far though having a chrome or satin chrome finish choice would have been nice.

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