By Connie S.
Kimberly, idaho
Long lasting
October 8, 2015
These tees don't break very often. I like them because they last longer than traditional tees and the step makes me more consistant.
By Andy
Great Deal
September 30, 2015
great tees at a great price, I like the longer tees and at this price it's crazy not to pick them up!
By bill
quality tees
September 27, 2015
ordered 3-100 tees for the price for normal 1 bag -100 tees.
Prosvery good tees
By Angelito T.
San Diego, CA
Awesome Tee on sale!
September 17, 2015
Tee on sale, sturdy use them at least 3-4 times before breaking! great deal!
By Mike
Washington, Illinois
golf tees
September 14, 2015
I am a big fan of the taller tees. Plus this was at a great value.
By Mark
Bowling Gree, KY
Good basic tees
August 27, 2015
Good price on quality tees
By Vincent
Upland, CA
Good tees
August 26, 2015
They're tees. Pretty straight forward.
By Thomas
Naples, FL
Great price
August 24, 2015
Great price and fast shipping
By Michael
Norfolk, Virginia
Solid tee, especially for beginners
August 6, 2015
Great tees for the price. Makes it easy for beginners to keep the ball at the same height when teeing off with the colored line.
By Ron
Madison, Ohio Planet Earth
Holds golf balls off the ground
July 14, 2015
When properly used this item will hold your golf ball off the ground. I found out via trial and error that the pointy side goes into the ground and the wider side goes up to the air. If you are very careful you may be able to balance your golf ball on this item making it easier to hit the ball up into the air from the tee box. Laying the tee on the ground does not help at all so I suggest putting the pointy end down intobthe ground to somewhere into the painted section for a consistent height - very helpful tip if you were to ask me. 
ProsWhen played end to end in a straight line they give you a line more than 20 feet in length - BONUS!
ConsReally can't be used as JENGA replacement parts
By Blake
Gray, GA
It's a tee
June 17, 2015
Good quality for a low price
By Nicholas
New York, New York
June 16, 2015
Get the job done
By lucas
cincinnati, ohio
June 1, 2015
I always get theses tees because they just work and there cheap and they sell different sizes which can be helpful
Proscheap, and well made
Consno cool colors
By Adam
La Plata, Maryland
Love these!
May 29, 2015
I will not use any other tee when using a driver! It keeps me from topping it or popping it up in the air.
By Cody
Rochester, NY
May 27, 2015
They are wooden tees at the length described. Not much else to say.
ProsCost, quick shipping.
By Daniel E.
United States
April 23, 2015
The tee a ball up nicely, but break very easy. What else is to be expected
By warren
teutopolis, il
March 8, 2015
why pay more these work well
By Les
Perth, Australia
Good Value bag of tees
January 22, 2015
Product is pretty much exactly what is described, good solidly made tees that play nicely.
By Jim
Vienna, Va.
Pride Golf- PTS Tees
December 1, 2014
I like these tees. They are really quite strong and seldom break in two. They are a nice soft color and do not stand out too much. A nice price for nearly 100 tees.
By John
November 26, 2014
Good as any
By Randall
West Hollywood, CA
Great Price
November 15, 2014
These are great tees at a great price. They are usable in all conditions and all ball flight choices.
ProsGreat Price
ConsBland Color
By Jia-Lin
Cambridge, MA
Does it's job
October 7, 2014
Great tees that does it's job. Usually lasts for several holes
By Aaron
Chicago, IL
Great Tees
July 22, 2014
Great Tees
By N M.
Awesome Tees
July 17, 2014
Very durable, sturdy. Great price.
By Brian
Westminster, CO
Solid and durable tees
July 1, 2014
Very good tees for the money. Strong .
By Aaron
Awesome tees
June 27, 2014
I usually break quite a few tees on 18 holes but, these were almost unbreakable. Only used two tees all day.
By Mary
Millbrook, AL
Easy to Use
June 27, 2014
These tees take the guesswork out of tee adjustment.
ProsPrice, Ease of Use and Durability.
By Jon
Best tees
June 2, 2014
The tees I had broke after one swing. These pride tees are pretty durable
By Joe
United States
Solid, Basic Tees
May 7, 2014
Good Tees, Great Price
By Benjie
Rockland, Maine
LOVE these TEES... but they are just TEES
March 25, 2014
nice tees
Prosthey keep my ball up off the ground
Consa silly rule that says I can't use them in the fairway.
By david s.
wantagh,new york
tee always to same height
October 6, 2013
easy to always tee your ball to the same height . good price from rock bottom golf.
Prosconsisant tee height
By sh0tty
Awesome Product!
August 27, 2013
Great tees that never break. I'm usually breaking a dozen tees per round, but I used the same one yesterday. 18 holes...1 tee. Fantastic stuff! It's great to be able to tee the ball up at a consistent height as well. Can't beat them for the price!
ProsCheap Strong Consistent Tee Height
By Captpaul
Cape May
Good price
July 7, 2013
Good for having ball teed at same height
By Nathan
San Diego
Great tees for driving
November 7, 2012
You know that guy that takes 30 seconds to set his tee because it "just doesn't look right"? Don't be that guy. Heck, just get these so you can give them to THAT guy and not have to put up with it anymore.
ProsDurable, consistent tee level
ConsNothing yet
By Darren
Daisy Hill, Queensland
November 2, 2012
I like this size with the driver And always tee it up the same with the markings
ProsThis is cheap
By Justin M.
Perkasie, PA
Cheap but effective
July 31, 2012
Great tee for anyone. Especially good for those who tend to break a lot of tees!
By Matt
These are tees
July 30, 2012
Need tees? Here they are. Make sure you know which length you need.
July 16, 2012
By Mike
High Point, NC
Love These Tees!!
July 1, 2012
These are the best tees I have used in a long time.
United States
Good Tees
June 28, 2012
Nice bag of tees that have the depth markings to keep the ball a consistent height off the ground. Order was taken and product delivered quickly and with no hassles.
ProsDepth markings will help keep you consistent.
By Nicholas
Pride Golf Tees
June 26, 2012
Great price for tees.
By nik
The best tees
June 21, 2012
Great Tees. Can't get them at this price anywhere else that I know. Takes the guess out of teeing the ball.
ProsMarked well.
By Chappy
Gillespie, Illinois
June 15, 2012
Good product, good amout @ a good price
By Gerard L.
Corona, California
Best Tees for the Money
June 7, 2012
I've been buying these tees since I started golfing 7 years ago. i've tried others and still prefer these becasue of durability, quality and price. thank you Rock Bottom Golf
Pros I really like the painted elevation marker. I don't have to think about it iach tiem I set my ball on the tee box. I just push to the desire elevation and let her rip.
By Bobby
Fremont, CA
Excellent Tees
May 30, 2012
Strong tees ... markings on the tees helps a lot for ball height.
ProsConsistent ball height placement. Strong
By Ray
Buckeye, AZ
They work
May 15, 2012
They're tee's. As long as they're the right length that's all I care about.
By Tony
Trevor, Wisconsin
Pride Golf - PTS Tees
April 21, 2012
Love the markings they help give me the exact height on the ball.
By Grinder
Simply the Best
April 17, 2012
Love these Tees! They have markings that allow you to set the Tees in the ground at the same depth every time. Have been playing for 20 years and these are the best.
ProsDepth Markings Color Multiple Sizes Available
By justwayne
Boca Raton, FL
Pride Golf Tees, 2-3/4"
February 15, 2012
Tee your ball up correctly! Pride Golf's color coded golf tees allow for easy identification of lengths. You can't beat the price from The tees sell for $6.99 at Golfsmith, I bought 4 bags for $1.75 each. Service was great, received the tees in a few days.
ProsColor coded, price, quality.
By Paul S.
Pittsburgh Pa
Great Tees
February 15, 2012
The painted bands around these tees allow you to tee the ball at a more consistent height which in turn results in hitting the sweet spot more often.. great product

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