4.5 Stars based on 35 reviews
By Joe
Bullet putter
June 25, 2020
Good putter for cheap price.
ProsForgiving on mis hits
By David
Charleston, IL
Nice to have in the spare bag
June 9, 2020
I picked this up as an inexpensive spare to have in a backup club set for visitors. Can't beat it for the price.
By David
First gooseneck
May 19, 2020
getting used to a gooseneck. Like how its different. Good value.
By Julius
New Braunfels
Budget Price - Sinking Putts
May 10, 2020
Functions just as intended by rolling balls to the hole - it’s not the arrow in the quiver that makes a great putt, it’s the hands on the club! Great putter for the price!
ProsPrice - Looks - Feel
ConsNone at this time
By Jake M.
Overland Park
Great Feel
May 6, 2020
Very well balanced and feels great through contact with the ball.
By Kevin
North AL
Can't beat it for $20
April 20, 2020
I paid $20 for this putter and am happy with it. It shows the line of the club well and seems to have decent feel on the ball. I'm definitely happy with the purchase, and I would recommend it to someone who plays golf once or twice a month like me.
By Laurent
NE Philadelphia
April 15, 2020
Purchased for my son. Good putter for the price.
By Jmorris736
East Windsor, NJ.
Nice Putter
April 9, 2020
This putter has a nice feel and balance. I am very pleased with it.
ProsTarget line on the putter Weight Balance
By Hoppie
Branson, MO
Great putter for the price.
April 6, 2020
I saw this putter advertised for $10 during a one day sale on RBG and thought I would take advantage of it. I purchased three, one for me and two as gifts for my son and son-in-law. Amazing quality for the price and it feels good in my hands. Such a deal!
By Fred
San Antonio
Putting this into perspective!
April 5, 2020
An excellent product for a great price. I highly recommend this company!!!
By Randall
San Antonio, Texas
Nice Balanced Putter
April 5, 2020
Putter was built well and is balanced and angled like it was made for me. Going in my bag.
ProsNice Putter for the price
By Jim
New York
Nice putter
April 5, 2020
Nice putter for a great price.
By Sluggo
The Villages, Florida
Couldn’t believe the price
April 5, 2020
Well balanced and affordable.
By Sluggo
The Villages, Florida
Bang for the buck
April 5, 2020
Great feel and dirt cheap at $10!
By Chuck
Cranston, R.I.
April 5, 2020
Great balance and weight, feels like an old friend the first time you use it.
ProsGreat price, great putter
By dale
For the win!
April 5, 2020
Another RBG steal of a deal!
ProsGreat set up
By dale
Broadview Heights
For the win!
April 5, 2020
Really nice weight and appeal, good became great after a few quick strokes. Another RBG win-win. Price and value.
ProsRed color shows up nicely.
ConsMay change grip only because I have gotten used to oversize.
By Jonathon
Napier, NZ
March 3, 2020
Putts sweet. Good for those, like me, that prefer blades to mallets
ProsNice feel
Consno headcover
By Jonathon
Napier, NZ
Excellent Putter
March 3, 2020
As good as any more expensive putter
ProsPutts true
ConsNo headcover
By Darin
Can't beat the price!
February 12, 2020
Nice putter....great feel
By Ramiro
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Great product quality gift
December 12, 2019
Great product quality gift
By Mike
Edmonds, WA
Inexpensive, at least
November 6, 2019
I bought the Bullet BL-3 putter thinking that it was very inexpensive, and worth a try. It arrived promptly, and I gave it some preliminary putts in my basement. It is light enough that you'd best have a very steady hand. Also, the head seems a bit small; I wish it had been 20% bigger, or more. This putter was no better than what I had on hand; my friend loaned me his mid-weight Heavy putter and I found it to be a much better fit for me.
ConsLight weight, small head
By Ken
October 30, 2019
Feels good, looks good and great price. My only issue is that it has a very heavy head and it takes a lot to get used to lag and distance putting. Not a lot of feel but still getting used to it so I cannot give a great or poor rating yet.
By Tony H.
Scottsdale, Arizona
What a great putter
October 11, 2019
I loved my old putter, but I’ve known for a while I needed to replace it. I’ve tried a multitude of putters, and the ones I really liked were way out of my budget. For the price this was, I figured I could take the hit if it junk. It certainly looks good. Finished my second round with it today. Dropped 4 putts over 12 feet and missed none under 7. It’s easy to line up and very balanced in the stroke. The head weight is reassuring. I love it.
By John
Stillwater, MN
Very good
October 5, 2019
Great value, good balance, helped my putting
By Da C.
Putt bullets
September 23, 2019
Still getting use to the new putter. Little heavier than my previous putter, but it has sunk me some bullets ;)
ProsName grip
ConsDoes not remove you head from you butt making three putts
By David
Bullet Golf BL2 Putter
September 18, 2019
Nicely waited and good feel. Paint / finish quality is not the best, paint is chipping off at a fast rate and I've only had it 2 weeks (I keep it covered).
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
Its heavy in a good way!
August 28, 2019
I think I get more control of the swing with a slightly heavier putter...this fits the bill!
By Parker P.
Waco Texas
Great putter for the price
August 16, 2019
Best deal around.
By Mike
Buchanan, Michigan
Great Putter Great Price
August 15, 2019
This putter was just what I was looking for. Now if it continues to hole putts for me it will the great putter that I just bought from ROCK BOTTOM GOLF
ProsSize, weight and length
ConsNone so far
By D
Solid Putter
August 7, 2019
Inexpensive, but solid, putter with great feel.
By Philip B.
July 31, 2019
a little heavier than most but a 100% difference from my old putter
By Inthehole
Bullet Golf- BL2 Putter
July 14, 2019
I have had dozens of brand name putters of the years .... this Bullet putter has an oversize head and more weight that I expected - really like it. Just sets up right for me. Right out of the box, made some of the best lag putts of the year. I'm going to order one or two more to have "in stock"
Prosgood quality paint, nice grip.
Consnone yet
By Dick
Sheboygan, WI
Good Value
July 8, 2019
I am pleased with this putter. It has the head weight (heavier than average) I desired and great alignment graphics. Coupled with the sale pricing, it is a very good value.
By Tara
Lexington, NC
Great Weight Balance
July 6, 2019
I love this putter. The shape of the club head, and the resulting weight distribution, helps give a more steady putt, without much twisting or wobbling. This has proven very helpful, especially for a golf rookie like myself.

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