5 Stars based on 42 reviews
By Ron
TAMPA, Florida
Great Driver
November 21, 2021
This is a great driver. It added 15 to 20 yards fron my Taylormade and it hits straight. Very high quality construction and nice looking too. Shaft is more flexible than a normal regular shift. 72 year old, 15 hcp.
By Kpin
Auckland New Zealand
Honma Driver
November 18, 2021
Fantastic purchase. It has improved my drive with additional 10 to 20 metres. I used to fade my drive but with this club gives me a slight draw. Love it!
By Jack
November 2, 2021
Excellent fairway wood if your swing speed has slowed a bit over the years. Honma's quality can't be beat.
By Dietmar
The best driver ever
October 28, 2021
Great product
By mark
lightweight, and solid
October 12, 2021
i was looking for a lightweight shaft, and this came in at a price lower than just replacing my shaft on my current driver. it has a unique adjustment on the hozel that keeps the spine true, but the adjustment instructions are primarily in Japanese, so I'll need to track down a video on youtube or their website for help with that.
By joseph w.
stratford ontario
66 years old back to driving the ball like i was 50 20 more yards
October 6, 2021
draw driver left handed goes straight or left to right right up middle of fairway
By Donna
San Diego, CA
Great of straight
October 4, 2021
Purchased for my husband. He is so happy with it, because the ball goes straight.
By Joe
Nice Club
October 2, 2021
Great club and the price is fantastic.
By Rossie
Manassas, Va
Best driver for the price
September 20, 2021
Had a Callaway 10.5 degree driver and because of the reviews thought I would give the 9.5 stiff shaft Homma a go. Love this driver. Had no problem hitting it right out of the box. Loved the sound and the distance improvement. Picked up about 20 yards when I hit it correctly.
ProsGreat driver for the price. Buy the 2020 model and save some bucks. Really sleek look to the driver.
ConsThere is no ball alignment on the driver. I guess if I got better, I wouldn?t need one.
By Dave
Long Island
Feels nice
September 15, 2021
I've only tried it at the range and it swings sweet.Most shots were dead straight with an occasional fade where normally I hit a fade with an slice thrown in every once in a while. Can't wait to try it on the course.
ProsStraighter Longer nice sound on contact
Consnone so far
By Floyd
Bakersfield, California
I’m very happy with my new Honda Driver.
September 11, 2021
I normally hit a fade. I found It extremely easy to draw the ball consistently. My distance increased dramatically over my Taylor Made M1 driver. Found the fairway more consistently. Love this driver.
By Rich
Great driver and great price too
September 8, 2021
This driver does the job. Great price and I like the sound it makes. I opted for the stiff shaft based on other reviews and am glad I did.
By Max
Boston, MA
Awesome Driver
September 3, 2021
Great feel, great sound.
By JohnH
Washington DC
I love this driver! extra yards!
August 30, 2021
Out of the wrap, instantly I am hitting at least 20 yards more with this honma driver. Dang, I almost had a hole-in-one on a upsidedown L shape par4 course, hitting almost 300 yards, landing right next to the hole! You gotta try this one out.
ProsStiff shaft allows me to swing my max speed!
Consnothing yet
By AL D.
Looks Good
August 26, 2021
Haven't hit it yet because weather's been so blazing hot. The look of it is amazing and looks good at address as well. Grip and shaft look top quality so I guess the only question will be if the stiff shaft is what I needed because of other reviews saying R shaft is a bit whippy.
ProsLooks Quality Components
By Terry A.
Easy to hit driver
August 25, 2021
This driver is easy to hit with good ball flight. Set up with closed setting and eliminates a slice by providing a relatively straight shot.
By VicV
Shrub Oak NY
Honma TW XP1 Driver - A Great Club
August 23, 2021
I just replaced my Taylor Made R580 XD with this club and immediately noticed an increase in distance and ball placement. I will be trying other recently ordered Honma fairway woods soon.
ProsNice feel, added distance and ball placement.
By Thomas
Castro Valley, CA
good looking
August 10, 2021
Feel is good, don't know about gaining more distance...
ProsPrice, looks, brand, feel
Consslightly heavier than my old driver...don't know why...
By Sam
Pittsburgh, Pa
Honma TW AP-1 Driver
August 4, 2021
As a senior I've tried just about all of the new drivers on the market and after trying and buying this driver, I've finally found the right fit for me. It is extremely light with a 43 gram shaft and when struck in the center, I've gained about 20 yards from any driver that I've used so far this year. It is also very forgiving on off center hits.
By Pat
High Handicap Friendly
July 30, 2021
Friendly for high handicappers and forgiving. Lightweight and satisfying sound. Stuff flex may be too loose against American brands. Will be with me for a long time.
By Daniel
Short Hills, New York
Great club
July 27, 2021
Very forgiving- it is light suitable for slow swing speed - much more reliable than my M3 with similar distance. Love it
ProsPrice is also very good
New Jersey
Good Driver
July 27, 2021
Only played twice so I have to get used to this driver. Not getting normal distance yet
By Jeff
July 27, 2021
Like it so far after couple rounds. Can hit straight and farther!
By Tom
St. Louis, Mo.
Light and long
July 20, 2021
I purchased this driver because of the 43 gram shaft and the fantastic 4th of July sale price. I am a senior golfer and prefer a lighter shaft on my driver. The Honma has a solid feel and sound when struck. I am very satisfied with my purchase.
ProsGreat value for the price.
By Victor
June 30, 2021
Exactly what I expected. Played several rounds with the new clubs and getting good. performance
By Garry S.
Oakland, CA
Great value for top brand
June 27, 2021
Very light weights and forgiving. This driver is made in Japan when most of the clubs are made in China. Great quality.
By Roni
Beautiful elegant power
June 25, 2021
Blasting monsters with this beauty. Comes with robust protective cover.
ProsAdjustable loft and good driving power
ConsAdjusting the loft was easy enough, but wondering if the instructions and video are outdated. It says when retightening with the torque wrench, it must click two times. Could not get it to do so, was afraid I?d strip the screw or otherwise damage the club. It worked fine, but I would hope Honma would post a newer video for this club. It?s 8 years old with a different club, and I suspect the instruction manual is the same. Still not sure it?s right.
By Don
Impressed so far!
June 22, 2021
Have used the driver for two rounds. Reviews said it was hard to slice, and they are correct. I am a fade hitter now playing a draw with this club. Gained some distance and much more accurate than with my last driver. I only anticipate it getting better as I get used to it.
ProsGained distance, accuracy, no more slice. I got the stiff shaft and it is stiff enough but not too stiff.
By updateCategoryParentBill
Great driver
June 20, 2021
I think it’s a great driver. I get 15 more yards on my drives compared to my Taylor Made . It has nice weight and balance and the regular shaft is excellent. This is the best driver I have ever had in my 70 years of VM playing golf. That includes at least 40 drivers.
By Tommy
Great driver
May 14, 2021
Picked up 10-15 yards from my g400 Love it. Shaft is a bit whipping but swing easy and it goes!!! Thanks RBG!
By Pat
Washington dc
Easy to swing
May 9, 2021
Little more distance, lot more control
ProsNice club
By updateCategoryParentKenneth
South Carolina
Houma driver
May 6, 2021
Great driver !
By honma f.
Toronto, ON
April 28, 2021
I have 2 ,3 and 4 star Berges driver.. this one is comparable in between of my 2 and 3 star.. but price is only fraction of it.
Prosjust play two rounds can't tell much yet.
Consno cons
By updateCategoryParent
Boston, Ma
HOT off the face.
April 22, 2021
The ball really ROCKETS off the face of this club. But still trying to figure out the adjustability of this club. Seems like you need an engineering degree.
ProsHot off the club,
By Martin O.
Allentown, Penna
My search is over.
April 14, 2021
I have tried countless drivers over the years Never been satisfied until the Honma XP1. With the proper swing mechanics it is almost impossible to slice. Plus it has added at least 20 yds. sometimes more in distance.
ProsHad a friend hit it today, He said he was ordering one today. He hit it at least 30 yds farther than me.
By Shum
Richmond Hill ont
Exceptional driver
March 14, 2021
This is a very nice looking, well build and lovely bad is still cold in Ontario..will try when season start..pretty confident it will be in my bag for a while
By Norm
Sacramento, CA
March 13, 2021
Never went to the driving range, straight to the course. Took three holes to figure it out.This driver is STRAIGHT and I got 5-10 yards more distance.My Calloway BIG BERTHA and Taylormade M3 driver I had to line up for fades. This driver is sooo straight>hit one drive off the toe and still stayed in the right part of the fairway.Did not take long to get used to it. I got the stiff flex shaft as the reviews I read said the regular flex is a little whipping. My swing speed is still enough to get flex at point of head and shaft which is creating more distantance and I realized I don't have to swing as hard nor aim left as I had to do with the Calloway and Taylormade drivers.This driver really works for me!
ProsNice balance and feel.
By Chad K.
Abingdon, MD
February 12, 2021
XP 1 is an affordable driver from Honma and Rock Bottom...cheaper than other internet golfing sites too! Very lightweight shaft that will take some getting used to... beautiful profile and minimalist classic has a draw bias already built in with the rear weight placement...very happy with purchase...normal shipping rate and delivery was timely & fantastic come on SPRING THAW !
By Roger
Great club
February 9, 2021
The idea of the club head and shaft designed to work together appealed to me. The driver has a regular 43 gram shaft, which moves drives 10 to 15 yards further but is a little too whippy. The return process is NOT the no hassle 90-day guarantee. It's full of conditions and designed to deflect you. Very deceptive advertising.
ProsWonderful feel.
ConsReturns process is a shame.
Center Cut Drives
February 9, 2021
Drive head hot and feels good. Center of clubhead most times. Does take a little time to get use to unique shaft feel. Performs well for dispersion and length.
ProsFeel. Strong impact. Good launch angle. Dispersion small. Respnosive shaft. Light feel.
ConsFlex maybe should of got stiff vice regular flex
By Dave M.
Central WA state
Honma XP-1 driver with 43g shaft
February 5, 2021
Purchased the XP-1 from RBG recently. Have hit on the range and played 18 holes with it twice so far. I like it!! The 43g Honma shaft is a bit whippy, but it is a very powerful combination, as long as I don't overswing. Launches high, straight with a penetrating ball flight. Think it works quite well for people with slower swing speeds. I made no adjustments and am using the standard (as received) shaft setting. It was on sale at a reasonable price (52% off retail) from RBG.
Prosstraight, high launch, penetrating ball flight.
ConsShaft can be a bit whippy if you overswing.
By John S.
West Hills, CA
Honma XP-1 Driver
February 2, 2021
I purchased the Honma XP-1 Driver and went with a regular shaft instead of a stiff shaft driver due to a shoulder injury. Overall I like the driver but there is something inside the shaft that moves up and down that makes an annoying noise but does not seem to effect the performance.
ProsLight weight, nice feel
ConsAnnoying shaft noise

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