By Joseph
Cranston, RI
Nice Club
December 15, 2022
It’s a easy club to hit. Great deal at Rockbottom.
By Richie
Beautiful Club
December 3, 2022
It's winter here, so I have not been able to try it out. It is well-crafted and very light. At my age, this will be a real advantage.
ProsIt is well-crafted and very light
Consnone so far
By Mike
South Carolina
Honma makes outstanding golf equipment!
November 15, 2022
Honma 5 wood performs amazing! Hot face and amazing launch angle effortless distance!!
By Joe M.
Owensboro Kentucky
Honma 5 wood
November 9, 2022
Great club. Easy to hit from a tee or on the ground. It is a little draw bias so have to guard against that since that is my miss.
ProsGood looking. I did receive a headcover
ConsDraw bias
It is like a hybrid
November 8, 2022
Purchased 5wood R flex. It is very easy to hit. Like a hitting hybrid. Very easy club.
ProsEasy swing Easy contact
By Donald
Great Value
October 11, 2022
This and the other Honma clubs I purchased through Rock Bottom Golf are amazing....and got them at amazing prices.
By Thorany
High Point, NC
Nice club
October 11, 2022
Got the driver along with this 5 wood. Hits pretty straight. Good club for the price
By Jessie
Bacoor, Cavite
Reliable draw bias
September 17, 2022
Perfect distance with a very reliable draw bias!
By Robby M.
Conroe, TX
Great club for the price
September 1, 2022
A great club for the price
ProsA nice club. Sits behind the ball well. Easy to hit off the fairway. I liked it so much I bought the driver as well. For the money it is a great deal
By Gregory
Liverpool, New York
HonmaXP1 fairway 3 wood
August 20, 2022
High launch off the fairway is a joke. More like a worm burner. I tried hitting down on it as the experts claim is the way to strike a fairway wood. I tried sweeping as you would off a tee, and the results were the same, disappointing! My 30+ years old Rawlings triple play 16 degree fairway club outperformed the XP-1 hands down. Launching the ball into the air and straight. Very disappointed in my purchase. It is out of my bag.
By Ricky
Arcadia, CA
Great 3 woods
August 19, 2022
I am not a fans of woods, but replacing my 10-years old woods is planned. This wood drawn my attentions and decided to make it mine. I got the 15* stiff flex #3 vizard 43 in my bag now. As I said, I don’t play woods so often, so the first time in range was not GOOD at all. Given more patience and practices, I felt the control is getting better now. And I have placed another order for #5 woods. Overall I trust Honma’s club makers for those outstanding clubs. Even RBG stated the sale did not include the head cover, but I did receive one in the shipment. And the price won’t be beaten. Recommended to my friend and he has orders 2 woods already.
By dustin
Dalton , Georgia
Holy Moly
August 16, 2022
Had a long par 5 and got to green putting for eagle with this thing. Forgiving, flies straight, heat seeker. One of the easiest fairway woods to hit
ProsLong Straight Easy to hit Forgiving
ConsA little toed in Shaft is a little whippy
By Dave
Bardstown, Ky
Best 3 wood I have owned
August 8, 2022
I had been playing a Cobra Speedzone but so this Honma 3 wood on sale and gave it a try. Glad I did. The ball flies off the face with excellent distance. I hit it as far as my driver with better accuracy. Buy it.. you wont be disappointed.
ProsGreat Distance with minimal swing Very accurate
By R F.
Great value
July 26, 2022
Likely More user error than club issues. Getting good distance but ball flight is lower than expected. Slot on bottom of head gets filled in with dirt when hitting off the deck. Nice looking club. Very light
By Brett
union, wa
Nice golf club
July 23, 2022
This is a beautiful golf club. I'm pulling it a bit off the tee ( nothing a bit of practice can't fix) but off the fairway it is super easy it hit. Gets up quickly and straight. Great price!
By Paul
July 18, 2022
The ball just jumps off of the face of the club. I previously was hitting a Rocket Balls 3 wood. I like this club much more. More forgiving and it seems to go farther.
By Bazil
Excellent Club
July 11, 2022
The club hits the ball really well. Excellent ball flight and carry. The only problem is that, for me, the face looks shallow. However when I address the ball it looks fine.
By Henry
Downey, California
Excellent 5 Wood
July 6, 2022
I am hitting it straight and long
By Sean
New Jersey
Best club I have purchased
June 21, 2022
I have an incredibly hard time with my driver and my miss is 45+ yards right slice or 45+ yard dead pull left. This 5 wood has reduced that big miss by more than 50% for me and much easier to hit a draw and being able to still hit this 240+. Took me a few weeks to work on the club swing and nail it down, but I no longer carry driver and seeing my best scores because of it. The club itself feels comfortable and smooth as opposed to other woods I have hit in the past. I would recco to anyone looking to hit a new club for a reasonable price.
By Mike
Hot club
June 21, 2022
Balls flies off face Easy to hit
By John
Pembroke, MA
Great Upgrade, Easy Distance
June 3, 2022
Like some other reviewers, I was skeptical of distance gains claims. I have only had this on the range so far, but based on where I am hitting it, I do believe this is a long hitting club. I think I am roughly getting the same distance as my old fairway (which I had cranked down to 13.5*), if not more, with a much higher flight. I hit it with ease off the turf, which isn't always the case with a three wood. The 63 gram shaft is a little whippy, but feels great with a nice smooth swing. No need to try and kill it, just put a decent swing on it and the ball takes off. Great value, especially at the sale price.
Prosdistance, flies straight
Consnone so far
By Roberto
New Zealand
May 30, 2022
Same with the XP-1 driver, the best combination for high handicap golfers. Easy to hit and very forgiving for more distance.
By bruce
Canton, Michigan
Great Club
May 16, 2022
Purchased the 5 wood. Easy to make contact and really pops off the club. Used it four times first round with it and three were great shots and the one mis-hit wasn't bad and went further than my old clubs.
By Kevin
Leonardtown, Maryland
Long, but still figuring out
May 16, 2022
When I read people state that they were getting 10-20 yards longer I kind of chalked it up to a little bit of exaggeration. Truth be told, this club is weirdly long. It's true, 15+ additional yards is pretty typical when hitting this club. My only issue is that I need to figure out the significant draw bias. When I use my typical grip I often duck hook this club. When I pay attention and adjust my grip I can sometimes manage the gentle draw. Unfortunately I am still figuring it out and if I do I will come back and give it 5 stars based on the distance and consistent sweet spot. Also, don' t over swing, it's not necessary.
Prosdistance sweet spot lift off fairway if you have a slice this may be your answer
Consvery strong draw bias, hopefully I'll figure it out
By Jim
Excellent 3 wood
April 23, 2022
Effortless swing produces good distance. Also very forgiving.I now look forward to the par fives. Prompt delivery.
ConsThin grip
By Ryan
Great club for the money
April 20, 2022
I bought this club after buying the matching driver. This line of clubs is phenomenal. I ended up buying the hybrid as well. 5 wood has allowed me to reach green in 2. Club launches the ball high, just swing smooth and let it do the work. As others mentioned, the shafts are a little whippy, but the regular shaft still works fine for me.
By Keith
Chino, CA
Honma XP - 1 Fairway
April 17, 2022
A beautiful club, well made and good distance / forgiving, I got a great deal on the 5 wood.
By Mike
Seminole FL
April 1, 2022
Long and straight. Easy to hit off deck or tee. Added 10+ yards. Great price. Excellent RBG service. Fast shipping.
By Mitch
Honma Golf TW XP-1 Fairway Wood
March 19, 2022
long and strong. love it
By mark
great club; very easy on the eys
March 17, 2022
I have the driver and a hybrid of these, and I added the 3 wood; if the 7 wood gets back in stock, i would get that as well. easy to hit; comes of the club face with zip and almost as long as my old driver.
Prosclubs from Japan are very pretty, and these are in that vein.
Consnone yet
By Mike
best fairway wood money can buy
March 14, 2022
This is one of the best fairway woods for the price. I use PING G425 and this one. I love them both but PING costs waaaaay more. The head is super light (what do you expect, it's a ladies club) and very forgiving.
easy to hit
February 19, 2022
super easy to hit
By Tony
Las Vegas
Easy To Hit
February 10, 2022
This 3-wood is easy to get in the air and stays straight. I love hitting it off the tee on tight shots and actually hit it as far as my driver. You can also draw it when you need to. I think I'll add a matching hybrid. I'm a 65-year-old with 85 mph driver speed. I think this was made for me.
Pros- Easy to launch - Promotes confidence - Good looking - Really nice head cover
By Kathy
Nova Scotia
Nice Club
January 21, 2022
So far I have only tried the club on the driving range. I am very pleased with its performance.
ProsGreat club. Good value!
By Dave
Nova Scotia
Great Club
January 21, 2022
This club has quickly become my favourite club!
ProsExcellent club. Great value!
By David
Shreveport, Louisiana
Honma 3-wood
January 21, 2022
Easy to swing and extra length! 10 yards past my TP and Bridgestone 3 wood
ProsGreat look
By Francois
Litchfield park
Very satisfied.
January 20, 2022
Bought a few Honma clubs from Rock bottom golf. The 3 wood is has good quality has the rest of Honma products
By Owen
Sacramento, CA
Club looked good, but shaft snapped in Shipping
January 14, 2022
Club arrived in a heavily damaged box (thanks UPS). I thought the club was ok, but as soon as I swung the club, the shaft snapped in two. I returned to RBG and customer service was helpful. I was excited to try it (Honma historically makes great products), but will need to wait for a replacement.
ProsClub head looked clean and classic. Loved the mirror finish on the sole of the club
ConsShaft broke in shipping. I blame UPS.
By DLaCombe
Carencro, Louisiana
Honma XP 1 #3 wood
December 26, 2021
The club is long and straight. This club was a great buy. RBG has again not disappointed.
ProsLong and straight and easy to hit. The ball comes off the face hot and with mishits you still get good distance.
By Pin
Auckland New Zealand
3 Fairway Wood
December 17, 2021
Excellent fairway wood. Very easy to hit and most shots are straight and long.
By Dan
was looking for 5 wood to try
November 22, 2021
hits straight and spins a lot. replaces my 3 hybrid and no regret for this purchase.. I wish the shaft was a bit heavier.. and stiffer.
Proseasy to hit.. and light
Conslight and soft shaft ( for my swing )
By Michael
Roll tide
Straight and consistent
November 4, 2021
Being male with bad shoulder injury I been trying ladies and glad I did this one. 7 wood has beautiful launch and straight every single time. My ladies rogue 3wood is 170 consistent and this honma 7 wood is 150 guaranteed which is great considering I'm basically using one arm
ProsOnly takes easy swing, straight, perfect launch, same yardage even with mishits so forgiving
ConsNone that I have found other than just don't swing hard
By Jack
November 2, 2021
By Dietmar
Perfect wood
October 28, 2021
Good product
By Joseph
Nice Club
October 25, 2021
This is an easy club to hit straight. Great price at Rock Bottom.
By Brad
Just received. Can't wait to use.
October 22, 2021
Visually pleasing. Want to try out the flex to see if it will work for me.
By Richard H.
Bellevue, WA
Nice Club
October 5, 2021
The Japanese made club are always constructed well so from that aspect, its an excellent club. This one is a 5 Wood and it hits well but not as long as I expected. I also own a 7 wood TW XP-1 and surprisingly I can hit that so easily upto 200 yards. I was hoping the 5 wood would go longer so I can get rid of my 3 wood. I plan on spending more time to figure its optimal position and see how that works.
By Donna
San Diego, CA
This is great ever...
October 5, 2021
This 3wood is amazing. Distance & straight direction is perfect. I would like to purchase a driver next time.
By Daniel
Short hills, NJ
Long and forgiving
August 29, 2021
For moderate to slow swing golfer, it offers good distance and forgiveness. I am back to 200+ with this while my TM M4 currently only 190.
By Terry A.
Nice club
August 25, 2021
Nice club, easy to hit and providing good distance. Happy with purchase.

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