Great Driver for great price
April 29, 2022
This is a great driver that can hang with the $550+price point drivers all day.
ProsPrice, Adjustability, Just plain quality and design
By Brian
St Augustine, Fl
Fun and long
April 22, 2022
Great driver! I gained about 15 yards on average, but my longest drives when I luck out and hit it on the screws are about 20-25 yards further. This driver launches it! Fairly forgiving too. I'm a 15 handicapper and this is a perfect driver for me. You won't regret this driver. Easily gets it out over 300 consistently.
Proslong, forgiving, price
Conssome bad miss hits can be short (150 yard range)
By Brad
Catawba island
New Driver. Tour edge exotic
April 22, 2022
I thought the driver price was too low , almost didn’t buy it , because I thought it was a scam. Driver arrived , new as advertised, and actually hitting it very well. Give this site a try. I have told my friends about it.
ProsGreat prices, selection of clubs is very good. Will be buying all my golf needs from here
By Steve
Rockford, illinois
Great Driver
March 30, 2022
I picked this up last year and couldnt be happier with it. Very forgiving on miss hits and surprisingly long off the tee. I had never driven the ball 300 yards before this club and now I do it at least once a round
ProsPrice, forgiveness, distance
By Walleye D.
Milwaukee WI
Straight shooter
March 17, 2022
Shipping was fast. Had my new driver in less than one week. A price point that I couldn’t pass up. Now for club performance. When I ordered from RBG the only shaft available at the time was the Ventus 4t core. Nice shaft but not for me. I lost 5mph swing speed with this shaft and it seemed to hit too high. This did not bother me as I build clubs as a hobby and swapped out the shaft for a stouter lower launching shaft. Swing speed back up and clubhead is hotter than my old gamer. I am know getting 15? launch and 2100 spin on launch monitor. I did get to play it twice on the course and it wants to go straight and miss hit go straight without too much distance loss. Back to the shat issue. I would have got a different shaft if available but the price was right even with having to get a different shaft.
ProsClub head hotter than my old driver. Ball just wants to go straight. Sound is muted (not loud like my old gamer). Miss hits go straight with not much distance loss.
ConsOnly had one shaft option when I ordered. Adapter tip has pluses and minuses , zero?s and dashes? instead of numbers that let you know what setting you are on. Numbers on the adapter would make it so you don?t have to look at the little cheat sheet to adjust your driver.
By Robert
New Brunswick, Canada
Great service from RBG
March 12, 2022
Haven't used yet (March in Canada) but item looks better than the pictures. Packaged well to protect it and included all I wanted, headcover, adjustable tool. Best prices I could find online, will be keeping RBG in my search engine for more golfing deals.
By ezpeted
palm springs, ca.
great driver for the price..
February 22, 2022
driver hit really . i kept it on the 9.5 degree setting and i’m very happy w the club so far. it makes a distinctive sound when you tee off. i let my brother in law hit a few shots w it n he hit a couple bombs, he liked it too. price was right being much less than other drivers buy like $200.
Prosstiff shaft adjustable driver very nice look
By David
Great Driver
October 26, 2021
Great driver, set up in 10.5 degrees and the clubhead is very appealing at address. Very happy with my distance gain and the level of service from RGB.
ProsGreat looking driver and distance gained.
By MiamiPaul
S.E. Florida
Starting to pound it.
October 2, 2021
I'm a believer in Tour Edge clubs. I consider them the best value in golf. This driver is no exception. I started playing the standard 12 degree senior loft and across three rounds figured that 11 degrees was the sweet spot for me. The exceptionally light graphite shaft does not get "lost" during any part of the swing. Proper contact by the clubface produces a beautiful midflight boring draw which outflies my previous Tour Edge Exotic by approximately 10 yards. That club has a deeper face than the streamlined head of the new one. This required a visual adjustment. Once accomplished, the strike is extraordinarily stable even on toed mishits. The ball wants to maintain its line and fly farther than the player has a right to expect. The EXS 220 Driver from Tour Edge is a winner. Couple that with Rock Bottom's price, and you have an unbeatable combination.
By Van
St Louis, Missouri
Smaller name but excellent results
September 27, 2021
Tour Edge might not have the name cache as the other club makers, but after hitting a Tour Edge hybrid pretty well for a couple of years I decided to give this driver a try and boy does it feel great. I still obviously have to get used to it, but the 1st round I played with it yesterday, I had some really monster drives and more importantly the ball flight was pretty straight. I usually hit a really high towering shot but the flight on this driver was much lower and penetrating so I wasn't sure if it's because of the driver or just how I was hitting yesterday. The ball really comes off the face hot with this driver.... I drilled a 280 yard drive into a stiff wind, which I feel is pretty good for a guy that is only 5'8" lol
Pros* Face is really hot... I gained an extra 10ish yards on my drives from my old Cobra * Ventus shaft is good... I feel like I am in control of the driver head the whole swing path * That carbon fiber top view looks really sweet * shipping was incredibly fast as always
Cons* Driver came in longer than standard so I will need to take it to my local shop and get it cut
By Jeffery
Columbia, Kentucky
Great Driver
August 18, 2021
I swing about 108 but have a hard time getting loft I want. Tried this driver in 12 degree with x-stiff shaft. Great combo. Club face is hot. Easy to control. Perfect match with the shaft.
By Larry
St peters
June 29, 2021
Wasn’t sure about a 12 degree driver but this thing is sweet. The ball flies off the club face. Can’t go wrong with Tour Edge.
By JCahill
Westfield, MA
June 18, 2021
Love this club! Shipping was fast. Price was good. Club is great! 20 yards further than my old Nike Covert and so far I have a nice little draw with it. Highly recommend.
ProsLooks great Carbon fiber head Lightweight Nice Larkin grip
ConsSound at impact is not awesome
By James W.
Adrian, Oregon
One Happy Fella!
June 9, 2021
Recently purchased this driver with 10.5? base loft with a stiff shaft. I am just about to turn 54 and played a round today, using this club for the first time. The 18th at closest course was playing 317 yards from the white tees. It doglegs to the left at about 250 yards and drops down a small hill. Slight wind quartering in from my rear left. Elevation is about 2800 ft. above sea level. I ended up about 20 feet to the right of the green, total distance of 314 yards. This driver is AWESOME! You should get one and the price is well worth it! Thank you, Rock Bottom Golf.
ProsThe feel is really nice! Solid! The aesthetics are very cool. I like the visible carbon fiber weave on the top of the clubhead. And who doesn't love red, white and blue?
ConsI didn't get it for my birthday.
By Jim
tour edge exotics 220 driver
June 7, 2021
the tour edge driver started off slow,showing more draw then i wanted but after a little while, i got into it with more club head speed. This produced a nice little draw. Hitting about twelve drives,nine shots were about the same distance of my old driver, but the other three were very long. Just have to work on the other nine shots. I would recommend Exotics 220 Driver.
By Christopher
Cranberry Township
June 6, 2021
It feels good in my hands. A little heavier then my old TaylorMade. It has been an adjustment when addressing the ball. My ball flight has been longer and higher with this one.
ConsThe face seems a little closed at address.
By Randall
Great deal
May 23, 2021
Great club for the price. Unbelievable options with loft
ProsPrice, loft options, looks
ConsLength of shaft. Have to remember to choke down a little bit.
By Jerry
Long and easy to hit
May 7, 2021
I’ve been a bit surprised and very pleased with the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 driver. Over the past 3 years I’ve gamed the latest driver offerings from Taylormade, Callaway, and currently Srixon. (I change every year). This spring I took a chance and purchased Tour Edges EXS 220 driver. (You could say I was auditioning it). It was Tour Edge’s last years driver, so I got it at a discount - it made for an easy decision to take a chance on it. Wow! I was surprised how quickly I took to it! First of all, I’m extremely critical of the driver distance I get off of the tee. I must, overall, not lose any distance and a premium is given for extra distance. I cannot believe how well I liked the distance I got from this driver right away. This driver delivers all the distance without me jumping out of my shoes to get it. I’m not going all out to get the distance and I believe it is helping me find more fairways. I’m very pleased how stable it is on my mishits. Don’t get me wrong, this driver is not night and day better with the distance it delivers over the other drivers, but I must say, it is a subtle, noticeable, difference. Oh, by the way, the Tour Edge EXS 220 driver earned it’s right to stay in my bag. I will not be buying the latest $500 driver from the big name club makers this year.
ProsLonger than other drivers
By Mike
Myrtle Beach
New Driver
May 7, 2021
I wasn’t going to pay 600 for a new big named driver since most of the issues with the driver are related to the person holding it! I was pretty sure I would be purchasing a used one. I came across the Exotics for less than half the price and thought I’d give it a try. I’m very happy with what I’ve experienced so far. I don’t have too many rounds on it yet, but it’s definitely a keeper! I can’t say for sure how many yards I’ve picked up, but it’s definitely positive, noticeably positive! If you’re looking for a new driver, but don’t want to pay the big bucks, I would certainly recommend you give the Exotics a try!
By Scott C.
Spring Hill Fl
Love It
May 4, 2021
My Tour Edge Golf- Exotics EXS 220 Driver, is dynamite! Better price than Tour Edge. No prob transaction and delivered on time. Nice... Scott Condos
By Jeff
Pittsburgh, PA
Fairway Finder
April 19, 2021
Most accurate driver I ever hit. I’m a senior golfer with an 88 - 92 mph swing speed. I purchased the 10.5 EXS220 driver with Fujikura VENTUS 4T regular flex shaft. I hit about fifty range balls so far, tee the ball high and watch is fly long and straight down the middle. Very much looking forward to play a round of golf using quality balls. I like the EXS220 driver so much that I just purchased the 3 wood and 4 & 5 hybrids.
By Jack
April 15, 2021
I'm not sure how to review this club again other than to say, I bought a second one in the event that something happens to the one in my bag currently. You'll be doing yourself a disservice if you don't try this driver.
By Mike
Just plain long
March 22, 2021
Sweet spot is huge. I was able to keep up with my friends who are long hitters! Solid impact feel and sound even on the miss hits.
By Steve
Stoneville NC
Great distance and forgiveness
March 18, 2021
Club gives great distance even on shots that were off the sweet spot.
ProsGreat forgiveness
ConsShaft was a little long for my taste, I just choked down a bit and was fine
By Bogey B.
central Florida
Fits The Bill!
December 27, 2020
Found I needed to "move down" to a senior flex. Tried 4 different models and guess what??? Average distances (carry & carry + roll) were all within 5 yards of each other! The EXS 220 actually came in second place but the winning club was $213 more! Really like this model & I simply decided I could not justify this increase in bucks for a couple of yards! Thanks RBG!! (PS- going to a senior flex from regular flex saw my driver carry increase an average of 11 yards - sure am enjoying my RBG purchase!)
ProsCost Name brand company Appearance Adjustable Quality head cover
ConsShaft a bit long (better for me when I choke down 3/4")
By Kevin
My trip to Myrtle Beach
December 4, 2020
Recently went to Myrtle Beach and used my Tour Edge EXs 220 driver for the first time. Got to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Did not feel real solid off the face and did not notice any forgiveness on Miss hits
ConsExpecting better feel off the face of the club. When I did hit it solid, I just really didn't enjoy the sound or the feel of the ball off the face. Tried a few different brands of golf balls and didn't seem to notice any of them being better than the other, which is something I have noticed with other drivers that I have had
Newport News, VA
Solid Feel, Great Price
October 24, 2020
After a bit of time figuring out the correct tee height, the ball blasts off the face with good sound and feel. Can’t beat the price.
By Zach
Long Drive City
May 19, 2020
Absolutely incredibly driver and the x-stiff Proj X is definitely a nice stock shaft. I'm a better player and have played smaller drivers but this driver is just perfect. Great sound and even better results
ProsDistance Forgiveness Sound Looks
By Josh
NW Ohio
Great value, great club
May 1, 2020
Tour Edge continues to shine with the EXS 220. I gamed the EXS last year and this 220 is a nice upgrade. Love the way it sits at address, the elongated head, and the ball jumps off the face. And for $150 less than competition this is a great value.
ProsConfident look at address with elongated head Low spin with CG moved way back Solid shaft options Customizable loft
By Grant
Chicago suburbs
Small Sample SIze
April 3, 2020
I only had the opportunity to hit this twice, once on the simulator and one round on the course, before everything got shut down due to COVID-19. All signs were encouraging. The EXS 220 has a great feel to it, a good sound and plenty of pop. I was in the process of making the proper adjustments to it, when everything closed, so I'll need a few sessions with it, to dial it in, when we all get back to golf. So far, I've noticed a higher launch than I typically get with a 10.5 driver. I might have to adjust it down a degree or two. I've been a Tour Edge Exotics player for a few years now. I'm on my second set of hybrids and also have a fairway, but this is the first TEE driver that I've tried and liked well enough to buy.
ProsI like the adjustability, and so far, this driver seems very forgiving. I mishit a couple of balls, and they still traveled. The club looks great at set up. Looking forward to getting out and playing around with it.
By John
Chelan, WA
EXS 220 driver
February 11, 2020
The new driver fits right in with the exotic 3 & 5 woods in my bag. At 78 years young and only playing 3 1/2 years, they give me the distance and accuracy I need. The new driver is light to swing and finds the fairways.

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