By John B.
Best single club purchase I’ve made.
November 11, 2020
My new Tour Edge (pre-owned) 3 wood has made a big difference in my enjoyment of the game and frankly, it was difficult to see where it possibly could have been used at all. What an excellent price and a swift delivery. I’m now getting down the fairway at a reasonable clip and having more fun golfing. I will always look at what is available “used” from RBG from now on. This is my second club purchased this way. First was a Tour Edge iron wood #5. Before that, purchased two new golf bags from RBG at a fantastic savings. Had a delivery glitch but eventually, the order was re-sent successfully. Thank you Customer Services. I trust this company since their performance has lived up to their promises.
ProsYou owe it to yourself and your wallet to always do your research and then check the available pre-owned stock at RBG.
By Greg
New Mexico
Awesome Preowned Club Condition
November 10, 2020
This is the 2nd set of preowned clubs I've purchased (Callaway Mavrik irons). The condition descriptions are right on and you can trust them. I will definitely look here first for preowned clubs.
By updateCategoryParent
Sounds and distance
November 10, 2020
Over all I love all of them but this one the sound it makes when you hit the ball to just not hitting it like I can my other driver will be returning
ProsNice looking
ConsThe Sound when contact is made sounds like the driver is dead when I hit it. Not hitting as far as my other driver. Just doesn’t have the distance to launch ball too.
By David
Tour Edge Hybrid - SOLID and LONG
November 10, 2020
This Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid (20*) was delivered in a timely fashion and is a super solid feeling club. True to form - Tour Edge nailed the design and the distance is outstanding. I can't say enough about RBG and Tour Edge. If you are unsure or have not tried Tour Edge ..... they are not sleepers, get them in your bag - you won't be disappointed at all!
ProsGreat design and feel, easy to hit and super solid and loooonnnggggg!
By Jack
November 9, 2020
I didn't know Mizuno made a sand wedge in the JPX-800. This is a great wedge if you can find one. It's not for bunkers but perfect for bump & run players.
ProsGreat look down by the ball. Good distance and acceptable spin.
ConsCan't find a matching lob wedge.
By Jack
November 9, 2020
I played the HiBore woods and hybrid years ago. This new hybrid is longer and more forgiving. It just wants to go straight.
ProsForgiving and provides directional help.
By Hall
Oakville, Ontario
Tour Edge to Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦
November 8, 2020
My first order from RBG, purchased a Tour Edge hybrid and had it shipped to me in Ontario Canada. Impressed by how I was able to track on UPS where my club was in shipping. A couple of charges my fellow Canadians golfers have to factor in . 1- Exchange rate 31% 2- GST on Canadian value price 13% 3- UPS broker charge $21.00 My Tour Edge hybrid "like New" arrived as BRAND NEW with a head cover. Club is performing well, saved around $50.00 vs buying from my pro shop. Very happy with service from RBG and the Tour Edge club purchased !!
ProsGreat service Great price Great performing product from Tour Edge
ConsLots of shipping cost associated in shipping a golf club to Canada.
By John H.
Great price and great club.
November 7, 2020
I have had the chance to hit my new club several times during my most recent round of golf. Outcome for both shots was green in regulation. Looks like I have a go to club that was a great deal.
By Robert
Annandale, Virginia
Solid club. As expected.
November 7, 2020
Still working on my accuracy with this club. Bought to try out the hybrid irons.
By Mie
Solid club
November 7, 2020
Was looking for something to replace that 4-5 iron.. this club worked out well. Solid club and accurate yardage for my distance
ProsFeel and price
By Paul
Great Club
November 6, 2020
Used Club, Looks New. Great Price
By Ray
Fayetteville , North Carolina
Good club
November 5, 2020
Purchased for my daughter. Head in better shape than anticipated. Grip was horrible and had to be replaced before she could use it.
By Muftau
CBX 199 3 Wood is long & Straight
November 5, 2020
Everything in my golf bag is by Tour Edge, except my putter. They make some of the best clubs in the industry. I have the Exotic EX-10, great club. Now comes the CBX 119, it is beautiful and a "beast" of a club that explodes on contact delivering long & straight distances. With this wood on long par 5s, I am now getting on the green more in regulation. This " baby" will reside in my bag for many years to come. Folks, get it why they last.
ProsLow spin and long distance. Glides through the tough
By Muftau
Best Hybrid Ever-CBX 119. Wow!!
November 5, 2020
Everything in my golf bag is by Tour Edge, except my putter. They make some of the best clubs in the industry. I had the CB Pro hybrid with Kura Kage shaft, great club that pierce the sky. Now comes the CBX 119, it is beautiful and a "beast" of a club that explodes on contact delivering long & straight distances. With this hybrid on long par 4s or par 5s, I am now getting on the green more in regulation. This hybrid will reside in my bag for many years to come. Folks, get it why they last.
ProsGlides through rough or tight lies. Very narrow band shot dispersion. Beautiful head design. High quality shaft.
By Burt
Bella Vista, AR
Love this club
November 4, 2020
Have watch many ads about drivers and checked prices on many drivers. I absolutely refuse to spend $500+ on a driver, I’m not trying to get on the Tour. After seeing this club at this price from Rock Bottom, seeing it advertised, I thought I’d give it a try. Surprise, surprise hit a few on the range, went to the course, first three holes I hit driver on were just OK. Next hole I could use it on was a par 5, wind at my back, plus 35 yards. WOW, is that possible?? Next hole, par 4, wind at my back plus 30 yards. I’m liking this. Next hole back into the wind, par 4 dogleg left, in the past I could barely see around the trees for a shot to the right side of the green. Unbelievable, plus 20 yards on a shot into the wind??? Looking at 75 yards, and can see the entire green. Huge difference in my game. Highly recommended.
ProsRead my review, that extra yardage makes a huge difference.
ConsNone I can see!
By John C.
Doylestown, PA
Love this club
November 3, 2020
I know that it is an older piece, but I have been having great success with it. Recently purchased a new set of irons and had been looking for something to fill a void. Found this club and have been enjoying it ever since. I like the iron look and feel and it has saved me a few times after a disappointing drive. Can't argue with the price and Rock Bottom has been a great source of used clubs for me.
ProsVersatile: great off the tee, fairway, or rough. Ping clubs are very forgiving and even if I miss the sweet spot and I can get strong results.
ConsI have no complaints. It's kind of ugly, but I like that too.
By john
great club
November 3, 2020
easy to hit
Prosgreat preformance
Louisville KY
Way better than expected
November 2, 2020
Great price, Fast shipping. Putter was purchased as used in a “like new” condition. I will tell you that the putter was as good as new. I couldn’t see anything used about it. It was in perfect condition! Additionally, it was advertised without a headcover but when it arrived there was a brand new headcover on the putter. What a great bonus!
By updateCategoryParent
Iowa City, Iowa
LH Epic Flash driver
November 1, 2020
I was very pleased with the almost new condition of this club. It looks very good, but not sure I like this driver when compared to my Rogue driver. However, I have not had a chance to try to adjust this driver as I would like. I did have a big issue with the guaranteed two-day delivery as it took five days to be delivered.
ProsNice appealing look at setup Ability to adjust this driver (loft and ball flight)
ConsSweet spot doesn't seem as forgivable as m Rogue driver
By Toeballboy
Jacksonville, FL
November 1, 2020
The clubs were just as advertised. Although a 2004 model they looked and feel impeccable. I feel fortunate to have found these for a mere $170. 👍
ProsThe set!
By Richard
Solid club for a good price
October 31, 2020
PIcked up the used 3 iron T-MB for a driving iron. I hit it a bit shorter than expected distance wise, but this is due to imperfect performance of the player not the club. Pleased by how straight shots fly, and great wind-cutting trajectory. I tend to hit my driver high so a good substitute on windy days to hit this club off the tee and a 7I approach on holes I'd normally be driving to within a PW.
ProsNICE look to it. Inspires confidence, something I need from a long iron. Has a great responsive feel and wonderful balance for a 39" club
ConsYou need to pure it to get the distance you would assume for a 20? club. I am a mid-high handicap and probably need to improve my striking to really maximize the utility of this club. It gaps above my 7I and below my 25? 5H in terms of average distance & probably even with my 5H on a lower trajectory if I find the sweet spot.
By Gary
Great deal
October 31, 2020
Great product at a great price and great service
By Blake
Marion, North Carolina
Better than I could have hoped for
October 31, 2020
This driver is every thing I've ever looked for in a driver. I like to play a power cut so I wanted a driver that wasnt draw biased and kept the spin low. This head paired with the Hzrdus black shaft has been a dream for me!
ProsGreat traditional look Shaft is the real deal Amazing price.
ConsNone whatsoever
By Wlippin
Berlin NJ
Extremely consistent
October 30, 2020
Purchased 3w 15degree and while i was looking for more distance of the deck and a fairway finder off the tee this club delivered. Can't say I'm bombing 3wood tee shots like a rare straight 250 drive but after 4 rounds im finding 12 of 14 shots off tee finding short grass 200-210 out. Off the deck or rough same result 190-200 straight down middle. Extremely pleased with performance of this club so far. Btw reglular flex 50 tensi blue shaft is a performer. Nice club Tour Edge!
By Rickymac
Las Vegas, NV
Great value!
October 30, 2020
Putter was brand new and for $40 bucks it works as good as any $200+ over advertised brand name putter.
By Leonard
Bloomington, Minnesota
October 30, 2020
Now I had complete set of Tour Edge fairway wood 15•, 18• and Hi bird 22• from RBG. They were good price, all from RBG. Thx
By Steven
Frankford, Delaware
Great driver, Great value
October 30, 2020
Great feel and adjustability. I tend to hit high fades. By adjusting this driver to 8.5 and upright, I am able to hit lower longer drives with less fade and more roll. Great value and quality product. Very pleased.
By Randal F.
Buffalo, New York
Very Happy
October 29, 2020
Received the clubs and they were in very good condition other than two of the clubs. They had some scratches on the sole but the rest looked as if they had never been played. I left Rock Bottom know and they gave me a small refund for the two clubs. I have been playing them now for 4 or 5 rounds and so far I really like them. They have added some distance as expected. For the money, I would say it was a great deal.
Prosgood clubs, 5 of 7 were in like new condition. Playing great so far...
Cons2 clubs were a bit scratched but Rock Bottom made it right.
By Paul
great price great club
October 29, 2020
amazing club for almost no money, i doubt you can get better value
Prosthis is a such a great club no cons
By EddieSouthport
Could not believe it was pre-owned
October 28, 2020
Driver came in excellent, like new, condition. Better than advertised
By Chuck
Cinti, OH
Long and Straight
October 28, 2020
Listed as like new and was as advertised. Shaft is solid thru swing and gives just right amount of kick. Another great deal from RBG.
By Ed
Excellent club
October 27, 2020
I had previously bought an Exotics 4 wood and was very pleased with it. I had been looking for a driver, since I did not feel I was getting any real distance with my old one. This driver is excellent. It has added about 20 yards to my drives. If you do an internet search of reviews for this driver, you will find a lot of very favorable reviews. The club was described as "like new." It was. It looked like it had never been used at all. It came with the adjustment wrench and a head cover. I am extremely pleased with the club and with my decision to purchase it from Rock Bottom.
By Jack
October 27, 2020
This is one of the best sets of irons ever made. I received them in the condition described when I purchased them, and they arrived on time. The three star rating is for the missing 8 iron in the set. I'm still searching for an 8 iron.
By Jake
Derby, KS
October 26, 2020
Club has an amazing feel and does exactly what I was looking for! Great Hybrid!
By Daniel E.
Mcallen, Texas
Amazing wedge
October 24, 2020
Club was in mint condition, super satisfied with the club and the speedy delivery. The club has helped a lot in my chipping and lob game.
By Daniel E.
The tool I was missing
October 24, 2020
The club was in excellent condition and exactly how it was described. I have since used the wedge a few times and realized it was what my game was missing. Super valuable tool.
By Misrabill
Great driver value Z585
October 24, 2020
Current driver cobra bio cell, was getting tired. Ordered the Z585 - wow. Ball flight is a consistent tight draw with ideal trajectory. Slight distance increase but the dispersion is much tighter. Awesome condition that included the head cover.
ProsNice sound Perfect shaft for my swing Love that it?s not adjustable- no tinkering
By Tim
Seattle, Washington
Great 3 wood
October 24, 2020
Works as advertised , no suprises
ConsSolid black appearance on top when addressing the ball, some type of definition is needed to aid in alignment on uneven surfaces
By Derek
Saint Louis, Missouri
Its all in the Chips!
October 23, 2020
Wow talk about a game changer. This club felt heavy when i first got it, i have never had anything for chipping on short yardages before. Typically i would use my 9 iron in a putting stroke to gain the extra loft for a bump and run. That would 60% of the time cause me to roll a long ways away from the pin. This club took a little getting used to but once i understood it and felt comfortable using the club, my bump and runs now left me with reasonable putts, vastly improving my game. I may upgrade this to the 4 that Cleveland just released but this club really helped my game out.
ProsEasy to use, from about 50 yards out and in.
Constakes a little getting used to
By Derek R.
Saint Louis, Missouri
Bunker Escape on Easy Mode
October 23, 2020
Bunker shots were always one of the toughest shots that i face. Open the face, dig your feet, etc. After replacing my previous sand wedge with this one, bunkers are now one of the easiest shots out of the bag for me. Square up and swing and pops out easily on the green every time. I have even used this on some thick rough to find it launching high and straight. This club is just plain awesome!.
ProsEasy setup and no need to overthink the swing
ConsNone that i have found
By Michael C.
Cicero, NY
Taylor Made Hi Toe lob wedge-left handed
October 23, 2020
Great lob web. Works great for shots 60 yards and in to the green along with greenside bunkers.
By Capricorn98
Too much bounce
October 22, 2020
The listing for this club did not show the bounce as a number. I knew that the 3 dots signified more bounce, but I was thinking maybe 10 degrees. It's got 14 degrees. The club literally won't hit clean shots off of tight lies - the bounce cause the club to strike the ball just below the equator, not allowing the leading edge to brush the ground. Probably good for a tour pro, but not my skill level.
Merchant Response:Thank you for the feedback! The customer service crew has been notified of your issue and will be reaching out to help. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
ConsBounce was not clear from listing. Waste of money for me. Can't use the club
By Paul
DUBAI, Dubai
Super price great quality
October 22, 2020
this is not only a great club but the price was vastly lower than anywhere else and the condition is excellent
By Jun
Good irons
October 21, 2020
These clubs have lightweight shafts that are easy to swing and gives good distance.
Awesome Club
October 20, 2020
Good distance compared to others
By Steve
EXS Hybrid
October 20, 2020
Excellent, as good or better than any out there at a very fair price
By Joe
Great Value
October 18, 2020
Great club just what I ordered. You can't beat the price.
Loveland, CO
Great clubs
October 18, 2020
The club has a great sound and performs very well for me. Long with a great trajectory.
ProsGreat sound, small head size with very good performance.
ConsCame without a head cover or adjustment tool.
By Sergio
Murrieta CA
October 18, 2020
Great club at a great price. Overall much better condition than expected for a used club.
ProsGreat club and extremely difficult to find for a great price.
By Patrick
Apex, NC
Great Hybrid
October 17, 2020
TEE CBX 119 is just flat out long. Tour Edge continues to put out clubs that compete with the big manufacturers at a lower price. You won’t go wrong with this club.
ProsDistance Accuracy Feel

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