By George
North Carolina
Great Ball
September 15, 2023
Excellent golf ball. Fits my game very well. Has the same feel to me as the TourSoft's I was playing before at roughly half the price.
June 29, 2023
I've been playing this ball for years. Originally as a winter ball. Now that I'm's the only ball I play. It may not be the longest ball out there but it's the best feeling ball to me.
By Jeff
Good price
February 24, 2023
Good golf balls and at a good price
By Jay
Coral Springs, Florida
Best option for the money
February 20, 2023
Been using these for quite a while. For a high handicapper they don't hurt when you lose them and compared to other brands in the range, they perform great for both distance and around the green.
By Bob
Great ball
August 4, 2022
Very pleased with the visibility. Good spin for a non-urethane ball.
By Barry
Louisville, KY
Great for money
July 8, 2022
Great for money
  • Great for money
By Chas
Mobile al
Good ball
June 21, 2022
Good ball very good around green . Lacks some distance.
By Mike
Great ball for the money
June 17, 2022
great performance and feel i would not be happier with these. I will be buying again and again. By choice and because i still cant keep the ball on the fairway.
By Paul
Laguna Vista TX
June 8, 2022
Pick up a dozen of these for a friend. Had them personalized. He is always playing the bright green ball. He was so stoked to get these.
By Pete
Washington Twp
Easy to see
June 8, 2022
Great price and easy to see
By Monty
Martinsville VA
Srixon Soft Feel
October 28, 2021
I have played this ball in the past and will not hesitate to play it going forward. It is not only good coming into the green, but I am pleased how it comes off the tee with the driver and metals. Sneaky long and dependable around the green.
By Matthew
Old Hickory, Tennessee
Great Ball
September 14, 2021
Wife loves these. Super soft, but don't get as dirty throughout the round as others.
  • Colors, durable, stay fairly clean.
  • None
By Bobby
Willowbrook, IL
Srixon Soft Feel golf balls
September 8, 2021
Great ball for a good price.
  • Performs well.
  • Not too expensive.
  • None.
By Roger
Columbus, Kansas
Srixon soft feel golf balls
July 15, 2021
good balls use them a lot
  • they are good
  • none
By Stowbilly
2 for 1 not too shabby
July 13, 2021
Great ball for a great value
  • price
  • brand
  • none
By Marty
Srixon golf balls
June 29, 2021
A good ball for slower swing speeds. Took advantage of special, buy 2 dozen get 1 dozen free.
  • I've been an RBG customer for years, buying everything from golf balls to clubs and have been generally satisfied with their service. I spent over $150.00 on this last order and was supposed to get a $25.00 discount on my order but was only credited $11.96. I called and left message about the matter but haven't heard back.
  • I didn't get the full $25.00 discount on order.
By Ron
Canonsburg, PA
June 28, 2021
Great prize good ball
By Dan
St. Regis, Montana
June 26, 2021
Srixon makes a good ball for golf and the colors are very bright
By Dean
Pittsburgh, Pa
Good ball, horrible color
June 25, 2021
Good ball, performs well, great distance ball.Easy to watch off the swing, but not easy to find in the rough. I would definitely repurchase this ball, but not the color. Wish this ball came in a bright yellow.
  • Putts well,
  • Bad color
By Jim F.
My wife’s favorite
February 19, 2021
Ball has a great feel and comes at a great price.
  • Soft feel
  • Very good distance
  • Durable
  • None
Jordan, MN
Great Value
February 6, 2021
Took advantage of logo offer. Very pleased
By updateCategoryParentBoomer
Sri on soft feel golf balls
February 5, 2021
Can’t wait to get on course with these golf balls. My golf buddy gave me a sleeve of these to try last season. I played much more consistently with these balls. Made up my mind it was the perfect match for me and my golf swing.
  • Longer and straighter shots are now the norm instead of the fade or occasional slice I was normally getting on my wood shots.
By WalterupdateCategoryParent
The Villages
Great price
January 13, 2021
Best bang for the buck!
By Woim 1.
Liverpool NY
Great Deal
January 6, 2021
3 for1, can’t beat that. Great ball.
  • Fast delivery, great product and price
  • None
By Nicholas
Great ball for slower swing speed
November 30, 2020
My dad loves these it’s a Christmas gift every year. Add the 2 get 1 free and customizable can’t go wrong.
  • Super soft feel, added distance
By James
Alabaster, Alabama
My golf ball.
November 27, 2020
I started using the Srixon Soft Ball a short time ago. It fits my swing speed very well as I am old and slow. Nice feel off the club, and it does have some spin on the greens. I recommend it for others who have slower swing speeds.
great deal
November 26, 2020
Like the feel of this golf ball and can't resist the 3 for the price of 2 deal
  • performs well at a great price
By Skip
Brooksville, FL
Great ball flight
November 25, 2020
I am 75 years old and love the Srixon soft feel. I hit it long, straight and high. It has increased my distance by 20 yards or more. Great ball.....
By RKMike
Great balls at an inexpensive price
October 30, 2020
The title says it all. Great feel coming off any club in your bag.
By Ron
Crete, Nebraska
Srixon Ladies Golf Balls
September 16, 2020
These were purchased for prizes for our 21st Annual Crete Lions Club Golf Tournament. I have played Srixon golf balls before and know that they are quality golf balls. The ladies who received them were happy to get them.
  • Quality golf balls
  • None
By Alyson
great distance for inexpensive ball
September 15, 2020
added 10 to 15 yards to drive I'll take that
By Fb
Srixon Balls
September 9, 2020
For some reason I hit these better than other balls.
By JlaBombard
Plattsburgh NY
Great all around ball for distance, feel, and spin
August 29, 2020
I wasn't certain about how I would feel about using this ball as most balls that add distance sacrifice spin on approach shots. However, on the very first hole I played with this ball, the ball held the green nicely and had a good amount of spin. It also added distance, so with that, this is a terrific all around ball to replace whatever ball you may be presently using and at a very good price point.
  • Good distance and good spin on approach shots to hold the green
  • None yet.
By Eric
Marysville Ohio
Great feel and nice distance
August 24, 2020
This ball is a combination of length off of the tee and stopping power on the green!
Amherst, NY
Nice ball
August 19, 2020
One of my friends play these and loves them. They went in sale so I got him a couple dozen. He's happy as a clam.
  • Good distance and nice feel. Great price too
By Terry
Port Orange, FL
Can't beat the price
July 8, 2020
Great ball, plays long and for a medium power hitter like me that helps a lot.
By StGeorge
Newport News, Virginia
Like them a lot, far and straight
July 8, 2020
Like them a lot, far and straight
South Jersey
Golf Balls
July 7, 2020
Good overall performance and great value
South Jersey
Golf Balls
July 7, 2020
Good overall performance and value for price
North Jersey
July 3, 2020
Great price , play a lot of golf and will keep using these , no need to spend 45 bucks , not sure how durable these will be but will keep them in my bag.
  • Great value
By Nicole
Lady Srixon
July 3, 2020
Favorite ball!!!!
By Suzan
Srixon balls
July 2, 2020
Nice ball Soft feel Goes the distance
By Mark
Lockport, Illinois
Good price
July 2, 2020
Prior generation golf balls are not that big of a deal. So this was a great price for 2 dozen balls.
  • Wish the shipping cost was a bit cheaper in order to real feel like a good deal
By Dan
St. Regis, Montana
June 29, 2020
Good golf balls for a variety of skill levels, bright colors
By john
June 29, 2020
Bogo can't bet that also like the color
  • bogo
  • none
By Doug S.
Srixon Soft Feel
June 28, 2020
Have been using them for two weeks now and enjoy being in center of fairway and having 6 iron or less to the green. Nice.
By Stephen
San Diego, CA
Great Balls at a great price
June 28, 2020
These balls have great visibility I purchased a dozen of each color and I like the Orange ones best. Great feel around the green and these certainly travel farther than the balls I used to use.
  • Colors make them stand out and I think make them easier to hit
By Ben
Go green?
June 28, 2020
Had hoped to buy yellow or orange. Just makes the ball easier to see. My choice was white or green. Likely will not buy green again. More importantly is that the Srixon ball is a good ball at a great price.
Sri on soft feel
June 28, 2020
Some balls feel like you are hitting a stone but not this one.
By Dallas
Aiken, SC
Great Ball
June 27, 2020
I'm a senior golfer (very senior) with diminished skills.It's been a long time since I've had the swing speed or talent to notice a difference between the cheapest ball on the market - or the most expensive. That's likely true for anyone that doesn't have a single-digit handicap when playing from the back tees. So, the only difference in balls for 90% of us comes down to vanity and ego. Some prefer playing 'the latest & greatest ball', simply to impress others - and don't care how much that costs. The rest of us aren't good enough, or rich enough, to know the difference. That's why I love this ball, which I can personalize for 8 cents a ball. It don't get no better than that. However, that's also true for whichever brand & model it is that Rock Bottom offers the best price on.
  • Price and inexpensive personalization.
  • None.

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