By Richard Sandve
Cary N. C.
January 17, 2013
Tight lies Titanium Driver
Thought it would be bigger , seems to work well! Not sure it's much different then my old Big Ben Driver?
ProsLight weight and well balanced ! Great price!
ConsNot much different then old !
By Bud Reed
Kent, OH
October 30, 2012
Love the club
Hit it straight and picked up about 20 yards per drive.
By rtizzle
Peralta, NM
May 22, 2012
Great price, good driver
Good driver, fast delivery, thanks Rockbottom
By George
Brighton, Mi
April 29, 2012
New Adams Driver
All of my Adams equipment performs great. My new driver performe wonderful in the 47 degree weather my first time using it.
By bill
venice fl
April 28, 2012
helps my golf game
Happy with service, price, delivery and performance of club...thanks
Prosweight and feeling of club
By Troy Kessler
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
April 28, 2012
Great Club
Nice club, good distance and dont sound like a empty beer can when hitting! Nice titanium "ting" sound!
By Bill S.
April 27, 2012
Above-average quality at a bargain price
ProsValue Color of clubhead (coordinates with my bag!) Moderately-forgiving of off-center hits
ConsStill adjusting to the flex
By charley
forest city, nc
April 24, 2012
Great Club For The Money
Right out of the box the driver was maybe 5 yards longer. After several trips to the range and playing 10 rounds or so on the course. 10 yards longer, good control and feel.
Prosprice great quality good looks
By Pete
March 5, 2012
Another Solid Club From Adams Golf
I have been playing Adams Tight Lies for years. My old driver was a 440cc Tight Lies and always performed well. I finally upgraded to the 460cc Tight Lies Driver and I am not disappointed. It is another solid offering from Adams. Okay it is not the Speedline Driver but it is $50. I concede you might find a better driver for 4 - 8 times the price but what does better really mean? Extra 5-10 yards on the drive? For $200 - 400? I'd rather use the extra money to play more golf. Solid club, great price, easy decision.
Pros460 cc , lightweight, easy to hit, and the PRICE!
By john
Woods, Idaho
December 11, 2011
By James P Crumlish
New York
November 28, 2011
Great Value for a Great Driver
Last year's model and technology are good enough for me. Here you have the quality and performance of an established brand and not the inconsistency and flaws of 'knock off' brands.
Prosquality and performance
By Erik
Livermore, CA
November 19, 2011
Good Driver
Before I pick up a more premium driver, this one definitely works just fine. Not very sexy but it gets the job done. I came close several times to my typical driver distance and control seems to be a higher priority for this driver than distance. If you are looking for an introductory driver, this should be your pick.
ProsDecent driver
ConsNot a big fan of the sound it makes
By jason
hobart, indiana
August 3, 2011
great for price
club hits solid
Prosgood for price
By John
Nashville, TN
July 11, 2011
Great Club
Bought this club for my son. He is 26 and I'm trying to get him more interested in playing golf. We took it to the driving range and he hit better than he was hitting his old Taylormade. Ball flies real nice and makes a great sound when he hit it right.
ProsNice grip, Light weight easy to swing
By Gary Friedman
Syracuse, NY
February 18, 2011
Tight Lies Driver
Great club, light, smooth, highly recommend this club.
Birmingham, AL
September 23, 2010
Inexspensive but effective
I bought this because I wanted a new driver and didn't want to shell out big bucks. Works great for what I paid. I definitely gained distance, about 15-20 yards.
ProsPrice Distance
ConsLoud, but not the loudest I've had.
By Ben
Shawano, WI
August 17, 2010
Nice club but what happend?
Well, my first swing ever while using this club I heard a ting like something came loose in the head. Not sure? But, it does hit the ball solid and is a nice beginner club with the 460cc head. Still working on the slice with it. Should come around. The noise I heard only happened once and then disappeared. Anyone have that happen to them on a new club?
By Trent
Woodstock, VA
December 21, 2009
Comfortable and Natural
I bought this driver to replace a Tour Edge Bazooka and I must tell you that this thing has a very comfortable swing. With the Bazooka driver I had, my swing just did not feel right off the tee, but that is not the case with this beauty. I hope to complete the set in the New Year.
ProsGood weight distribution Forgiving Head Design
ConsNone that I can think of
By Pat
August 17, 2009
Finally completed the family... this was the last Adams to complete the set of Tight Lies 1.3.5.and 11 wood. Great club great price...
By Tyler
July 29, 2009
I gained 25-30 yards on my drive it is awesome! Every one buy this club.
By Scott
May 21, 2009
Smart Purchase
I am extremely pleased with this driver. The other clubs in my bag are Adams GT2 Irons. I purchased the 1/3/5 wood set from and I could not be more pleased with my decision. Adams is a great company that makes wonderful products. This will most definitely NOT be the last Adams Golf product I purchase. If you are in the market for a driver and don\'t have alot of money to burn this is an excellent option.
By Bryan
August 29, 2008
Big Bang, Little Bucks
After playing a 20 year old driver for about a year I decided I wanted to try some of the \"new hot\" without killing my bank account. I decided for less than $100 I wouldn\'t be out much if I hated this driver and gave it a try. I\'m a firm believer in a club only being as good as the person using it. If I swing correctly I get good results with an increase of about 20-30 yards over the old wood I was using. Hit it badly and it does just like any other club I have hit does unexpected things. I haven\'t noticed any tendencies to do anything wierd \"on it\'s own\". The one draw back is the finish is not so great. I left the cover off and walked from the tee box to the ball and promptly noticed some chips in the paint where it had touched the other clubs on the 200ish yard walk. Aside from the finish It does what it is supposed to do. I wish I had splurged a bit and got the 1/3/5 driver combo from Rock Bottom Golf.

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