By Brandon
Arlington, MA
Great clubs for a great price
May 31, 2014
The clubs are very forgiving, but controllable. The clubs are also being sold for a great price that even shocked the golf pro when I told him the price. Can't get much better for someone who is becoming more serious about playing golf.
By Mike
Randolph, NE
Great Clubs! Great RB Price!
May 21, 2014
Great upgrade for the price. The hybrids are awesome and the irons with the kbs shafts hit the ball long and strait. Get your hands on a gw to fill the loft gap. The irons are lofted to the strong side.
ProsThe hybrids make the set. Decent velvet grip.
ConsWhite hybrid heads but that's nitpicky. Irons play lil longer but what a problem to have.
By Travis
New Albany, Indiana
Great Clubs...definite UPGRADE.
May 20, 2014
I upgraded to these clubs from an older set of Ping Zing 2's. I took them to the Driving Range last night and noticed a HUGE difference on my first swing. The ball really takes off well and the flight is amazing. I found myself hitting straighter and more accurate than I ever have. I am still getting used to the distance increase with these irons and I did move the ball forward a tiny bit in my stance in order to get the most from the Hybrids. I wish I would have upgraded years ago. ADAMS really knows what they are doing...I am a BIG FAN!!!
ProsFeel, Distance, Look, Sweet Spot.
ConsNone yet.
By Sam
I'm 62, 18 handicap
May 4, 2014
I replaced my 6 year old Adams Hybrid set with the above set from scratch at a great price. 1st round with them. 9th hole, 200 to the front. pin at 220 normally my 3 wood shot but a tree in the way so elected my new 4 Adams Hybrid to have the elevation to clear the tree thinking I might have a trusty rusty chip into the green My old Adams 4 hybrid was my 185 yard club. .Holy Crap, I not only cleared the tree but landed on the back of the green and was putting for a bird .230 yards. are you kidding me, with a 4 hybrid. Missed the 15 ft birdy putt but made a nice par.. Comments after a few more rounds later, these clubs are long and straight if anything I am getting a little draw on the irons which has taken a bit to get used to but now is actually a little fun. Gonna play this one with a little draw into the green. Really? Yup and there it goes. I think my 18 handicap will be cut,
By M
Great Clubs
April 30, 2014
Order arrived quicker than expected. I found these clubs easy to hit. I would recommend them to anyone.
Proseasy to hit, good look, nice feel
By Don
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Adams Super S Irons
April 23, 2014
The weather in Michigan in now golf friendly and I have been able to play a few rounds with my new Adams iron. This clubs are easy the hit. I have gained several yards from my previous set primarily because they are lofted stronger than my old set. I am able to draw or fade the ball. I don't understand why these clubs were not a better seller for Adams. The clubs arrived within five days of my order and were as described. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf.
ProsEasy to hit.
By Phil
greymouth, nz
Good value
March 29, 2014
First few rounds I was hitting the irons thin. Hybrids are easy to hit out if the box. A club longer than my Ifea tech a4rs. 85 in first competition. No reasons for compaint.
March 6, 2014
By Jason
Houston, TX
Perfect set for the golfer wanting more
March 4, 2014
More control, more accuracy, more distance (10-15yd) and more confidence! For the price, this set is a must buy for someone who was in a situation like mine. 17 year old clubs, got back into the game and wanted bang for my buck. Large sweet spot, when you find it, its like butter. When you miss it you can tell but it goes straighter and longer than other clubs I have tried. Love the weight, love the look. I have zero complaints about them. Although I have not received my set yet. I have tested them extensively at my local gouge your wallet shop. Every club was at least 10 yards longer.
Proslonger, straighter and sleek. Solid solid feel. huge sweet spot. 10+ yards per club minimum . AWESOME SET
By Kevin
Proof Was In The Pudding
February 28, 2014
I purchased these Irons on RBG based off the reviews of the added length. I took my Big Bertha X-12 and X-14 Steelhead 6 irons to Golfsmith to hit side by side with the Super S 6 iron. There was an instant 15 yard jump in the simulator. It wasn't close. I love the thwack that the hybrids in the set make on contact with the golf ball. I purchased the entire set for 239.00. I am a 15 handicap with 20 years of experience. These are worth a look.
ProsLength. Soft feel. Will let you know if you miss.
ConsGrips needs to be replaced immediately upon purchase.
By Mitch
Monroe, Louisiana
Great Clubs!
February 26, 2014
Upgraded from R7's to the Super S's. The hybrids are easy to hit and long. The irons are giving me a more consistent ball flight. This set gives you a lot of bang for your buck!
By John
Bronx, New York
Adams is the BEST
February 24, 2014
Took these clubs to the range and can't wait for the snow to melt. Hitting these clubs 10 to 15 yards longer than my last Adams clubs. Do yourself a favor and get a set of clubs that will get you out of the rough with power and precision. Reach the green more consistently and lower your scores.
ProsBottom weighted for easy swing, grooves speed up your swing
ConsWhite tops of hybrids can be a little distracting
By Aris
New Brunswick, canada
February 21, 2014
Best hybrid irons I hit.longer and straight.
By Jorge
Milpitas, CA
Nice look
February 20, 2014
Just bought this and I'm pleased with them. Head size is great, not clunky irons. Travels far when you hit them well.
ProsGreat look. Price!
ConsMishits could be a bit more forgiving
By Ryan
Philadelphia, PA
Incredible Service & Price from ROCK BOTTOM GOLF
February 15, 2014
Clubs arrived 100% Authentic and pristine as well as very fast! I've tested these clubs at my local store and loved them for their performance and Price. Yet to use them though because it won't stop snowing in Philadelphia. My first time dealing with ROCK BOTTOM GOLF, it certainly won't be my last.
By Kirk
Great clubs
February 14, 2014
Hybrids very easy to hot out of various lies in rough and fairways. Irons have the kind of head weighting that I was looking for very pleased
ProsGood qualityroducts
By Jeremy
Okc, OK
Awesome clubs and service as always!
January 21, 2014
I had idea a7s that I loved until they were stolen. I bought these to replace them and these are even better. I even had a club missing and rock bottom fixed the problem dast and on their dime. Love the clubs and the service here!
ProsEasy to hit and forgiving.
By Larry
Chattanooga, TN
Super S = awesome
January 11, 2014
I wanted a little extra distance that I wasn't getting from my Ping S55's. I bought the stiff graphite shaft model and let me tell you they are Long and straight. Not some big clunky looking GI model either. Love these. Give them a try and I think you'll love them to.
Proslook good , nice size head, hit straight (struggle with a hook) and they are long and consistent.
Conscan't find a matching gap wedge
By Justin Taylor
Brisbane Australia
So long and easy to hit
December 26, 2013
They arrived in Oz in a week! I have ordered 3 sets of clubs in the last 2.5 years with Scratch and they always are the cheapest, fastest and 100% authentic. I check the product codes with the manufacturer. Their stock can be low sometimes but they are always the best price. These clubs are long and forgiving but not as forgiving as the idea A12os or a max GI club. Their soles are narrower, a little similar to a players iron but the top line is thicker like a GI iron. The head of the irons are also smaller than a GI iron. At address they look fantastic if you don't mind a thicker top line and they are easier to play half or pitch shots with as the sole isn't crazy wide. The shafts are quality KBS steel which feel very smooth. Unlike a players iron they are super easy to hit straight out of the box, like all Adams irons are in my experience. They are also longer than my current gamers (redlines which are very long already) more workable and forgiving. They are a great club for the mid handicapper which is most of us who play golf. The hybrids feel lighter and tinier than past adams hybrids so they feel a bit tingy but man do they go! It's just a sound and feel thing that I have already gotten used to, especially as the go a club or two longer than both my adams a7 and adams redline hybrids. They have a thinner face so that's why I think they feel different but have never hit a 3 hybrid that far ever. The LS versions would be even longer but could mess with your gaps. They feel a little narrower in the grips than usual so you might want to add some tape but not that much of an issue. Overall a great set of clubs , I have demoed all brands every week at the driving range demo nights for the last 2.5 years and these are the first irons to beat my current irons for distance and accuracy. Awesome just like Scratch and the team. Thanks gang you are the ones I can trust to always deliver !
ProsLong, workable and forgiving. A real combination of player and GI qualities.
ConsThe std grip feels a little narrower.
By troy
fridley, mn
Awesome clubs
November 29, 2013
I gained 10-15 yards with every club compared to my old irons wich has led to many more pars and birdies!!
By Ryan
Green Cove Springs, FL
Best Hybrid set out there
August 14, 2013
I tested all the new set to find which ones were for me. I found the Hybrids to be so easy to hit and love the added length they provide. I think I might have a go for some par 5's and go for the green in 2 with these in my bag. TaylorMade quality with a much lower price tag.
Prosprice, hybrids are Super easy to hit, very forgiving even on miss hits.
Consnone that I have found
By Colin
great set
May 12, 2013
Perfect set for a golfer used to oversized clubs and wanting to find a slightly smaller alternative to improve their game. I didn't even notice the transition. These clubs are very easy to hit and I'm hitting each iron 10yds longer. The hybrids are effortless.
ProsEase of use Extra distance and control compared to oversize
By George
Adams Golf Idea Supper S Hybrid
April 11, 2013
Supper clubs! The ease of adjusting to the new clubs was unbelievable. It's like I've been playing with the clubs all along, except for the improvement in my iron distance and accuracy.

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